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Unknown artist, Pair of gold earrings with Ganymede and the eagle (330-300 BCE), gold, height 6 cm, The Metropolitan Museum of Art (Harris Brisbane Dick Fund, 1937), New York, NY. Courtesy of The Metropolitan Museum of Art

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Query: you're from Brisbane, yeah? Could you recommend things to do /see there? Like free public stuff, gardens, galleries or walks etc. Am visiting soon and have a couple days to spare, would be neat to get a locals perspective on relaxing stuff to do. Umm anyhow, hope you're well! Uh, if you get to this please pm me back. Thanks in advance amigo.

yo super sorry pal for the late reply! there’s south bank which is an inner city beach ! & the old museum has some cool stuff going on just google brisbane old museum. the state library of Queensland might have an exhibition on & qpac is Queensland performing arts centre its expensive but sometimes there is really cool stuff going on there. all four of those things are in basically the same place so that’s all easy to do in one day! the city is right across the bridge from that area & queen street mall has some nice shops & there’s some neat stores all around u just have to wander bc I don’t rly know what’s there I haven’t been in ages. You can go see a movie or there are plenty of food shops down along Southbank ! u could see if there is a moonlight session movie those are fun they’re outdoors on a big screen & u take a picnic blanket & snacks & watch a movie it’s nice & fun!! there are plenty of cool bars around Southbank too so yah idk have fun sorry if this is late :/