museum brisbane

Unknown artist, Pair of gold earrings with Ganymede and the eagle (330-300 BCE), gold, height 6 cm, The Metropolitan Museum of Art (Harris Brisbane Dick Fund, 1937), New York, NY. Courtesy of The Metropolitan Museum of Art


Since the big boys aren’t in school yet and I am pretty much the worst home schooling mom ever, we took a field trip to Brisbane City Hall. I was so impressed and surprised about the history of the building and the area. We visited the Brisbane Museum inside City Hall and took tours of both the building and clock tower. Between tours we peeked inside The Uniting Church, view courtesy of the clock tower tour.

The highlight of the building tour for all of us was the WW2 signature wall. During remodeling a worker found writing on a wall which turned out to be soldiers writing their name and serial number on the wall above the urinal I. The bathroom after signing up for Red Cross packages. Turns out 100% of the Australian soldiers from he wall returned alive from the war. The man who drew the picture was on the building tour once and said he remembered drawing it. He was 106 years old on the tour.