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Recognize this face? The Museum’s Olmec head is a plaster replica of a sculpture that was discovered in Veracruz, Mexico, in 1945. Colossal carved heads found in Mesoamerica are thought to be portraits of powerful rulers from the ancient Olmec civilization. Only 17 such sculptures have been discovered. 

Fun fact: the Museum’s replica is based on a sculpture that is estimated to weigh 40,000 lbs, the equivalent of 16 hybrid cars, 133 manhole covers, or 40,000 heads of iceberg lettuce!

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Residents of the South Pacific island Rapa Nui carved hundreds of towering stone moai (“MO-eye”) statues like this one to honor ancestors. These statues were carved from volcanic rock, stood between 13 and 32 feet tall, and weighed an average of 14 tons! 

In 1935, the Museum sent an expedition to Rapa Nui. An artist on that trip made a plaster cast of a moai found on the inner slope of the volcanic crater Rano Raraku. The Museum’s moai is based on that cast. 

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Muumimuseo App Storessa
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Welcome to the Moomin Museum!

Citynomadi proudly presents the app for the world’s one and only Moomin Museum in Tampere, Finland!

Now the Moomin Museum app is available for iOS, too! Download the app on App Store and join in.

The app gives you additional information of the exhibition. You can choose from two lines: a narrative guide or a wikipedia type of guide. Both have audios, photos and graphics that will offer you more in depth experience of the exhibition.

The app locates you inside the museum and has the site map of the Tampere-talo.

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Containing bacteria, algae and tiny shrimp, this ecosphere, located in the Museum’s Cullman Hall of the Universe, was sealed in 1999 and hasn’t been opened since—it’s a self-sustaining habitat. 

No feeding, no overpopulation, no pollution! These organisms stay alive year after year. How does this sealed ecosphere actually work? Algae make food from sunlight. Shrimp take oxygen from the water and exhale carbon dioxide; algae take in CO2 and give off O2. Microbes feed the shrimp—and the CO2-rich shrimp poop helps the algae and microbes!

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“I hope that people will just sort of have an experience of it. It’s 11 by 8 feet, so it quickly stops being language, and you quickly have a much more material or touch-based relationship to it.” —Biennial artist Molly Zuckerman-Hartung on her painting, Notley, on view on the fourth floor.

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Molly Zuckerman-Hartung (b. 1975), Notley, 2013, Latex housepaint, enamel, and spray paint on dropcloth (hinged, in two attached parts), 96 × 132 inches, Courtesy of the artist and Corbett vs. Dempsey, Chicago. Photography by Tom Van Eynde

Sha Tin
by Andreas Gursky (German, b. 1955)
Collection photographic and permanent acquisition of the Museum of Modern Art; app. [“A…G…”] Exhibition Catalog, 2001 New York City, NY USA. Courtesy MoMA.

Guys, I’m desperately looking for links to the following Tumblr posts and can’t find them: 

  • there was a post going around that started with a picture of some teens browsing their phones in a museum; somebody who reblogged explained that it was actually from an article about a museum app, and rebloggers were angered about how everybody always assumes that teens only do useless things on phones
  • there was a really popular post about a restaurant with a deaf staff that requires you to use sign language to order (Google says there are multiple of those, but I’m pretty certain it’d be the one in Toronto or the one in NYC)

The thing is that I don’t need the original sources, but I need the actual Tumblr posts and I need it to be the viral, popular ones with the many notes, not the various reposts that died quickly. I need this for an article with a looming deadline. Tumblr tag search sucks and I can’t find these two that way. If you have the links, or a better idea than me on how to find them, or if you should encounter any of these in the next couple of days, please let me know. Or just reblog them and tag me. You’d be doing me a huge favor.