I have no words to describe the sadness of this moment.
The oldest Museum of Brazil is now on flames, there were more than 20million itens from all around the world on its collection.
Not only that, but the building itself is part of Brazil’s history as the home for the Imperial family for almost 100 years, and in 2018 was the celebration of its 200years.

Sad day for Brazil’s memory, culture and knowledge. 

More about the collections and the museum here:


Hermitage Cats

The guardians of the Hermitage Museum in Saint Petersburg, Russian Federation. 

Originally brought to the museum in 1795 from Kazan by order of Elizabeth of Russia, following a plague of mice that had begun eating away her art collection, where only twice has the museum been left without its guardians, the first time in WW2 during the Siege of Leningrad, which decimated the population, and the second in the 60′s, where the museum decided to evict the cat population, only to revert the decision shortly after the mice problem returned. 

The world should be weeping today, such a loss of history is not only a disgrace for the people of Brazil, but should be a wake-up call for every country and every museum. Your government funding should be focused on preserving your future in order to help a future generation understand and connect to its ancestors, not war, not frivolous things that won’t matter 20 years from now. The fact that it took so long for people to rush to the museum is immoral. While replicas can be made, they will never come close to the true meaning, spirit, and reality that was held within each and every one of those objects.