(editing is not my cup of tea)

Okay, so, exactly one year ago (24-06-2016), my Muse obsession reached the point where I decided to dedicate an entire blog to these three dorks. As soon as I launched “musearemyresistance78” (yupp, that was my url back then), I got sucked into the supermassive black hole that is the Muse fandom.

This is not an insult - quite the opposite actually. The Muse fandom is, hands down, the best fandom I’ve ever been a part of. Everyone is so sweet, friendly, caring, and there is zero hate. We are definitely a dedicated bunch.

In the past year, I’ve made some wonderful friends and gained almost 600 followers. This is my way of thanking my favourite blogs for making the Muse side of tumblr a better place.

Here’s a list that simply includes blogs that I have talked to/am talking to, that create beautiful or just hilarious content, long-term mutuals that always show up in my notifications, and just some blogs that are always filling up my dash with their endless reblogs :).

I didn’t mean to exclude/forget anyone, so if you’re not listed here it doesn’t mean I don’t care about you. I love all my mutuals. every. single. one. of. you.

# - i

j - o

p - z

Thank you!