muses prevail

classic lit inspired plots
  • divine comedy: muse a has found themselves lost in purgatory, but yet has a chance to redeem themselves and be brought back to life. they are guided along their journey by muse b, another soul who has been lost in purgatory for centuries. will muse a redeem themselves? in helping muse a on ther journey, will muse b be set free as well? and what if both muses develop feelings for one another, will muse a give up their second chance at life to remain with muse b?
  • wuthering heights: muse a, an impoverished and orphaned child, is adopted by a wealth manor owner. muse a grows up alongside muse b, the child of the manor owner, and the two become dear friends who roam the countryside. however when muse b’s father dies and elder brother takes possession of the estate, he forces muse a to act as a servant. will hatred consume muse a? will muse b sucuumb to the advances of a dull, yet rich young suitor? will muse a and muse b’s friendship prevail?
  • the picture of dorian gray: muse a is an extremely handsome and wealth socialite. however, they have a dark secret. they’ve forfeited their souls for eternal youth and beauty, and rather than aging themselves, a mysterious portrait takes each sin they commit as a blemish upon it’s canvas. muse b is curious about muse a, intrigued by the scandal and mystery surrounding them, perhaps enchanted or disgusted by muse a. will they uncover muse a’s secret? will they fall under muse a’s spell? or will muse b’s investigation end in disaster? 
  • romeo & juliet: admittedly cliche romeo and juliet plot. muse a and muse b are from different rival families, forbidden love, tragedy, etc. can take place in shakespearean times or in modern era a la baz luhrman’s work.
  • the great gatsby: muse a is a poor, yet ambitious soldier in wwi. they fall in love with muse b, a wealthy socialite. however, circumstances force the two apart, and muse b is unwillingly married off to a rich suitor. five years later, muse a has acquired an unimaginable sum of wealth and is reunited with muse b. the two begin a secret affair. yet one’s past cannot be escaped, and a single question pervades in the air: where did all muse a’s money come from?

Top 10 Albums of 2014

  1. Language by The Contortionist
  2. Future Sequence: Live at the Fidelitorium by Between The Buried And Me
  3. Sun Eater by Job For A Cowboy
  4. The Flesh Prevails by Fallujah
  5. How We Both Wondrously Perish by Being As An Ocean
  6. Muse by Polyphia
  7. Phenomena by Within The Ruins
  8. The Joy of Motion by Animals As Leaders
  9. The Satanist by Behemoth
  10. The Night God Slept by Silent Planet