muses collection

Unusual questions for your muse

🛌- Does your muse prefer to sleep under many layers of blankets or only under a few?
🎀- Does your muse like to accessorize? What are their favorite pieces of accessories?
🎐- Does your muse like to collect/hoard anything?
🛋- Does your muse like to have company over?
📱- Is your muse the “oversharing” type?
🐰- Does your muse prefer soft, plush textures or smooth and glossy textures?
💎- Is your muse drawn to things that sparkle?
🔖- Is your muse a daydreamer? What do they tend to think about? Have they ever caught themselves while lost in thought?
📰- Does your muse like to read the news?
📇- Is your muse a gossiper?
🕹- What does your muse do to occupy themselves when bored?
🏚- Does your muse like to explore dangerous places?
🌋- Has your muse done something stupid and not regret it?
⛪️- Does your muse enjoy attending churches they don’t belong to?
🛣- Is your muse considered a wanderer?
🐺- Would your muse consider themselves a lone wolf or a social butterfly?
🤝- Does your muse forgive others easily?
🖖- What “Fandoms” would your muse belong to?
🎖- Does your muse enjoy praise?
🎟- Do they like “so bad it’s good” movies?
🎠- Does your muse like amusement parks/carnivals/festivals?
🏝- Could your muse survive on an uninhabited island all by themselves?

The DCBB now has official AO3 collections for each year the challenge has run. If you’ve participated in a past DCBB, please double check the year and feel free to add your fic and/or art to the corresponding collection.

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Parent collection

She is the girl who would laugh at simple things,
but you may find it hard to make her cry.
A collection of thoughts and ideas,
which still cannot be put into words.

She is the girl who would dress in her finest clothes,
wear make up and be beautiful,
and yet she would laugh so loud that people,
would think that she is not classy.

She is the girl who would be her best,
and yet inside, what she truly feels is,
she would always be the second best,
and she would always be a failure to herself.

She is the girl who is a collection of negativity and positivity,
a beautiful mess that could not be fixed,
someone so intricate that cannot be understood,
but as beautiful as the abstract paintings of a fine painter.

—  she is everything // a.j.
graveyard scenarios! send -

😢 + a reaction: to find my muse crying.

👻 + a setup: to spook my muse.

💐 + a reaction: to see my muse put flowers on a grave.

❔ + a reaction: to spot my muse being obviously lost.

🔥 + a reaction: to see my muse light a candle.

👤 + a reaction: to meet my muse wearing black.

🌆 + a reaction: to find my muse just sit on a bench.

💥 + a reaction: to see my muse play Pokémon Go there.

💨 + a reaction: to find my muse run through the place.

Root of the Root, Bud of the Bud

Here’s a secret nobody knows;
I’ll tell you and everybody too:

My muse is not a person,
not a single idea, not an entity 
at any given time, just one;

She’s a myriad of concepts,
a plethora of characteristics,
a summation of life,
but more than that…

She is a moment,
a feeling encapsulate,
an emotion in motion
dancing, enticing, 
twirling with words
and images;

Sometimes, she is laughter,
sometimes, she is sorrow
a tear unshed, a memory lost
yet reformed; She is a furlough 
from the quagmires of reality;
She is a sojourn across a meadow
under the sun, galloping towards
the limn on the ocean
where the light glistens like diamonds

My muse is a collection;
shape-shifting lightness,
shape-shifting darkness,
sharpening wits 
whetting appetites.

She is a home-cooked meal
at the end of a laborious day;
the mental fortitude when 
the day drags along dust.
She is what pours in 
through the cracks,
She is what fills
the emptiness…

She is not always amiable,
not always available,
not always approachable;
she knows when to make
an entrance, and how!
She takes her leave
gracefully, ungracefully –
when she is gone
she cleaves me in half;
a feisty firebird, a foreign dialect,
the way water pulses 
through the spaces between your fingers. 

She is he, he is me,
me is you, the shape of you:
she is all of encounter,
she is none of this world,
she is a musical note
entwined in arms of silence
asleep at the feet of God. 

Guys, I’m freaking out. I just caught a random Shiny Ponyta in Pokémon Platinum. Several years after I caught another one in the same generation, but accidentally deleted it. It has an Adamant nature, which might be good for it, I’m unsure. But I’m just AMAZED to get this, especially since Ponyta was going to be the first Pokémon I caught through Pokeradar Chaining once I got it.