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ask me MUSE questions
  1. Favorite song?
  2. Least favorite song?
  3. Favorite album?
  4. Least favorite album?
  5. Favorite b-side?
  6. Least favorite b-side?
  7. Favorite CD release?
  8. Favorite DVD release?
  9. Top 10 songs
  10. Most underrated song?
  11. Most overrated song?
  12. Your most played song?
  13. Song you never skip?
  14. Rank the albums from best to worst
  15. Rank the songs from [album] from best to worst
  16. First song you heard?
  17. First album/song/merch you bought?
  18. What physical music/video releases do you own?
  19. What merch do you own?
  20. Favorite piece of merch that you own?
  21. Piece of merch that you’d like to own?
  22. What merch do you wish they sold?
  23. Have you seen them live?
  24. How many times have you seen them live?
  25. Rarest song you’ve seen live?
  26. Favorite song you’ve seen live?
  27. Song you want to see live?
  28. Seats or pit?
  29. Longest you’ve queued?
  30. Gig you wished you had been at?
  31. What’s your username?
  32. Met any friends through
  33. How long have you been a .mu member?
  34. Favorite band member?
  35. FMK: Matt, Dom, Chris?
  36. Have you ever met them?
  37. Random piece of trivia that you know?
  38. Favorite interview?
  39. Favorite pro-shot gig?
  40. Any other MUSE question