A Russian ballet choreographer is planning to create a ballet using 11 Muse songs

This is official. Muse has allowed it to happen. All they need are funds now. Please, contribute any way you can so we can have an amazing show with amazing music to see. I love ballet. I love Muse. This is amazing. 

Heck, even if you’re not a Muser but simply like rock music, this would be interesting to you. Come on, let’s all help them out! Please let’s make this happen!

The link to the campaign is x


The waiting that makes the desire rise. 

I took these photos in the morning, when it was about 9 o’ clock. Even if the gig would have started in twelve hours, there was an impressive quantity of people. I felt like we were a big, single family. And we were there, from every piece of Italy, only for them. 

Memories of 28/06/2013 pt 7.

Muse - Live in Turin.