Liam Payne at HQ

At today’s #MuserMingle at, Liam Payne was featured as our special guest! 😻🎶  At the mingle, Liam and our top musers were able to meet and create content together to Liam’s hit song Strip That Down. Make sure to check out the #StripThatDown campaign on now! 

@Mark Thomas & Liam

Muser squad!

@ AJ McLean of Backstreet Boys and @Iamkudzi posing for a flick!

@James Charles 😻

Funny face 😜 @Cristian Oliveras 

3/5 of Next Town Down & Liam!

Is this precious or what?? 

@Croes Bros and @Cristian Oliveras ⚡️

A RARE impromptu performance from AJ! 

& an impromptu performance from @Zach Clayton 😎

if you’re new to the muse fandom and you’re worried about arriving late to a joke, here’s a list of topics which we’ll never stop joking about:

  • the stress of being asked “what genre is muse?”
  • the fact that nobody actually knows what genre muse is
  • 1984
  • muse = just a bunch of geeks
  • muse fandom = also just a bunch of geeks
  • matt is an alien
  • space and aliens in general
  • matt’s on-and-off stage persona
  • matt’s before & after a new album era transformation
  • trying to sing along to micro cuts
  • “-the fuck is matt saying?”
  • “-the fuck is matt talking about?”
  • “-the fuck is matt singing?”
  • “-the fuck is matt wearing?”
  • -the fuck is dom wearing?”
  • chris the baby machine
  • matt the chicken killer
  • matt the farmer
  • matt’s laugh
  • matt’s sheep
  • poor chris
  • poor dom
  • tom kirk is evil
  • #soon
  • the apocalypse
  • brie = gay cheese
  • “sit the fuck down!”
  • dom’s faff bag
  • matt’s sock fetish
  • octopus
  • pedro
  • matt trying to kill dom on stage
  • the embarrassing ‘pwoper phase’ every muser goes through and tries, to no avail, to forget ever happened
  • never ask muse to mime
  • never believe anything tom says
  • never believe anything matt says
  • be suspicious of anything dom says
  • believe everything chris says
  • "the muse”

Matt said: “The name of the album, ’Origin Of Symmetry’, is from a book about geometry of the universe and how it’s all in beautiful balance, a perfect thing in ten dimensions. It explains all the mysterious forces we invented religions around.” According to Bellamy, "everyone’s been writing about the origin of life so now they’ll start looking at the origin of symmetry; there’s a certain amount of stability in the universe and to find out where it originates from would be to find out if God exists.”

There’s this theory I’ve head that Mars was once the same distance from the sun that Earth is now, and at that time, millions of years ago, it could sustain life and Earth couldn’t. Knights of Cydonia is based on the idea that millions of years ago, there was a complete civilisation that lived there. Then Venus came into the solar system as an enormous comet, sucking all the oceans away from Mars, destroying the civilisation and going into orbit around our sun. But, anyway, Knights of Cydonia is this fantasy that there were a bunch of knights, with phasers or whatever, fighting to the last moments when Venus came by and sucked the oceans away. It’s the idea that there’s something deep down within us, the human spirit if you want to call it that, that cannot be manipulated and is aware of what’s going on and will do everything in its power to fight it. There’s this other great theory about Earth. You know how people think that all the continents used to be one continent called Pangea and all the rest of it was water? Well, that’s bollocks. What really makes sense is that the Earth is expanding. All the continents fit together in a perfect globe, and it makes much more sense if you think that Earth was once about half the size that it is now. A lot of the stuff you get taught in schools, you’ve got to watch out for, it’s all a bit loose. Especially science because it changes all the time. It’s always in motion, it should never be fixed. That’s the whole thing about science. Religion is fixed but science is constantly in motion and searching. I think it’s a shame sometimes when certain things are presented in schools like fixed theories. Even the biggest theories are under threat from new ideas.
—  Matt Bellamy in 2006, when asked about the “story” behind Knights of Cydonia