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Life….Lust….Fears….!And the courage to make up for it all.
Hope is not lost to the people it is the peoples ignorance and fear that stops them from believing in it. No matter what life deals you you must learn to take the time to read the cards life has dealt and play a winning hand. I am Bumi; a nonbender born to a family of incredible bending abilities yet I shall always make myself stand out with my own unique power and skill. Every day is a chance to make a difference but it is up to you how you decide to have that difference effect others.   


~Commander Bumi~


After the gig in St Petersburg, there are about 50 women waiting outside the dressing room. One of them comes up to me. She’s obviously a psychopath. She has a gift for me - should she go and get it? I’m used to Russian fans giving me roses and teddy bears, but she comes back with a huge, incredibly intricate oil painting, which she says took her five months to complete. It features me, naked and horribly emaciated, with birds on my shoulders. I am holding a glowing heart in front of my genitals… The next day, when we leave for home, I see Dom, our drummer, walking around the airport with the painting, showing it to complete strangers.
—  Matthew Bellamy
  • Matt:You know when you develop a kind of a...what do you call it? A closeness with a person of the opposite sex, it can, it can er, it can develop…
  • Dom:Are you talking about love?
  • Matt:Yeah well, maybe.
Funny, Chris of Coldplay is a guy open minded and super confident. Another day, he was in the house of Dom playing some of his most recent demos. He played and waited for our reaction, saying “So? What do you think?“. I would never do such a thing. I never play a song for my people, asking opinion about it, because if they did not like, I’d have to kill them all.
—  Matthew Bellamy