better ways to meet

tired of bumping into each other in the coffee shop? try these:

  • muse a tries to stand up for muse b in a bar but unfortunately cannot fight for shit. 
  • muse a is having plumbing troubles in their new house and muse b says they can fix it: except they can’t, they just wanted to spend more time with the cute neighbor. (bonus if muse a has to spend the night at muse b’s place because of it)
  • muse a works somewhere that’s open late and muse b comes in to take shelter from the storm. 
  • muse a is assigned to be muse b’s partner in an undercover assignment. 
  • muse a needs money and signs up to be in muse b’s clinical trials. (bonus if some kind of accident gives muse a superpowers and unwittingly makes muse b their accomplice in their goals)
  • muse b is a siren and muse a is one of the few people immune to their song, so after drowning the rest of the crew the two are stuck together. 
  • muse b accidentally creates muse a, the world’s very first AI. (Can work with or without a body for muse a, or muse b can struggle to build a body for muse a)
  • muse a and muse b as Olympic athletes forced to do PR together, photo shoots, interviews, cheese montages. 
  • muse b is an anent for a time travel protection agency and has been assigned to protect muse a after they have been targeted by another time traveler. 
  • muse b is in love with muse a, but muse doesn’t love them back. At some point the two have a one night stand and makes matters more complex (via rachel). 

I have a mighty desire for RE7/Outlast crossovers. Like, can you imagine Miles sitting at a bar, musing on like, “Dude, I had two fingers chopped off.”

And Ethan just sort of scoffs and goes, “Man, that’s nothin’! My wife stabbed me and then sawed off my entire left hand.”

Miles, with a super stoic expression, looks over at Ethan and says, “I was possessed and shot multiple times in the chest.”

Then a light illuminates Blake in the background. He laughs weakly and swirls a glass of alcohol in one hand. “Your pains are nothing in comparison to mine!” he sneers, taking a drink in order to steel himself before standing awkwardly from his seat to reveal a large bandage over his groin.

Miles just makes a pained expression and Ethan utters a quiet, “That’s rough, buddy.”

More Symbol Starters!

🎉 Our muses have a vegas wedding!

💎 Our muses accidentally ( or purposely ) steal a valuable object!

🏫 Our muses are high-schoolers!

👶 Our muses meet as children!

💀 Our muses are held hostage!

💤 Our muses fall into a deep sleep and are stuck in the same dream!

🌆 Our muses escape the city to start a new life together!

💋 Our muses appear on the ‘Kiss Cam’ at a sports game!

🎁 Our muses exchange special gifts to each-other!

🛀 Our muses take a bath together!

🎱 Our muses play pool together and make bets!

🎠 Our muses visit the fair!

🎈 Our muses crash a party together!

🐷 Our muses visit a zoo!

🎾 Our muses get into a competitive sports battle 

🎤 Our muses do a little karaoke together! 

🚀 Our muses try to find another planet to live on because earth is dying!

⚉ Our muses go bowling together!

☣ Our muses play with an Ouija board! 

🔍 Our muses try to solve a crime together!

💰 Our muses win the lottery!

🚢 Our muses go on a cruise! 

❄ Our muses are stranded outside during a snow storm!

☬ Our muses try to survive a ‘purge’ night together!

⚓ Our muses lost out at sea together!

📖 Our muses are story-book characters!

🎃 Our muses go trick-or-treating… when it’s not Halloween!

🎥 Our muses are movie/t.v show characters!

💥 Our muses are transported to a different world / time!

🔪 Our muses are trapped in a building with a killer!

♖ Our muses live poor lives in the 19th century!

⚒ Our muses build things in wood-shop class together!

🍤 Our muses get curious and visit an ‘adult’ store!

☕ Our muses meet and share a table at a cafe together!

☏ Our muses talk on the phone to each-other in the middle of the night!

⌲ Our muses pass notes during class / work !

✎ Our muses model and draw for each other!

🏰 Our muses in the time of knights, princes, dragons, ect!

🐢  Our muses visit an aquarium !

🌠 Our muses watch the stars together and see a shooting star!

💢  Our muses get into a heated argument about something stupid!

🍻  Our muses go to a bar together!

🍺  Our muses go clubbing together!

💅  Our muses give each-other makeovers!

🔮 Our muses visit a psychic to tell their future!

🎭 Our muses go to a masked ball!

🎮 Our muses play video-games together!

🔦 Our muses are lost in a forest with only a flashlight! 

💣 Our muses must escape a building before a bomb goes off!

🎰 Our muses gamble away at a casino! 

♥ Our muses meet for the first time!

☞ Our muses in a romance related RP!

✌ Our muses in an action related RP!

☹ Our muses in a drama related RP!

× Our muses in a survival related RP!

¿ Send this symbol for a randomized option!

Romantic Starter Pack

❤️ - Our Muses are on vacation in a Log Cabin. As it gets dark, they decide to turn on a movie, get some snacks, get a nice big blanket and cuddle. Fit with a lit fireplace for extra warmth.

💛 - Muse A is a servant who works under the wing of a very wealthy woman, as Muse B is a poor folk who happened to win a trip to said womans grand home! Upon arrival, Muse A is assigned to be Muse B’s personal service servant. Treating them to professional meals, clothes, special treatment and baths. At the end of the night, once Muse B thanks Muse A for their services, it is discovered that Muse A was never assigned to do everything they had, and they did it because Muse B was unreasonably charming to them.

💚 - Our Muses met on a dating app and barely know one another, scheduling a simple date at a karaoke bar. Once Muse A had arrived, they were disappointed to know that they had gotten stood up. Before they leave, however, Muse A discovers that it’s Muse B who is currently up on stage, preforming almost as a professional.

💙 - Our Muses don’t know one another, however, both of them earn a spot together in the same cart on the It’s A Small World ride at Disneyworld. Chatting each other up, they discover they get along pretty well, and accidentally fall in love by the end of the ride.

💜 - Muse A is found in a cemetery sitting by a grave on the verge of tears, speaking to it alone. Their voice is heard by Muse B who happened to be there at the same time, coming over and taking a seat with them once introduced, each of them vent and talk to each other about who they’re there to see. It turns out Muse A was unable to afford flowers for the grave stone, and, sadly, this is their first time seeing this loved one as a grave. Muse B can’t stand that idea and treats Muse A to a small trip to the store for some flowers. This night ends with each of their numbers in one anothers phone.

🖤 - Our Muses had a rough argument and Muse A is ready to leave. Muse B claims that they would prefer if Muse A left anyway. So, Muse A decides to break it off and pack their things. It takes over a day, but, everything is packed up and they’re ready to leave. Before they go, however, they check in on Muse B and ask if there’s anything else to say. All Muse B does is stand up, walk over and hug Muse A in a small fit of quiet tears. They sit there a while before Muse A drops their luggage and hugs Muse B back, calling them an idiot for making them pack all their stuff for nothing.

💔 - Our Muses are in an unhappy relationship. All they do is fight, they sleep facing away from each other. They bicker all day when they get up, and they argue all night before bed, there’s no winning. They both love one another dearly, but, are afraid to start any casual conversations, as they’re afraid of more fights breaking out. This is why they’re still together.

Kink Food M!As Part Deux

Send any of these to a muse (specify for multimuses!) for the effects to apply. Multiples can be used at the mun’s disgression! Credit goes to this post for being the original, I’m just compiling some of the more popular options from the original post and adding others that I’ve seen people want to do!

Pound Cake: The Muse gains ten (10) pounds every time a trigger word is said. Asker specifies the word.

Peanutbutter Swirl: The Muse changes sexes for as long as the mun wishes.

Chocolate Milk: The Muse is now busty! Lactation optional

Gummy Snake: The muse is pear shaped!

Blueberry Muffins: The muse is now growing, Wonka-style!

Pocky: The Muse is now in costume. Askers can specify, otherwise mun choice.

Licorice Vines: The muse is now bound with an edible rope!

Jelly Beans: The muse is now a slime person

Chocolate Bars: The muse is now having intense cravings for anything they can get their hands on!

Candy Buttons: The muse grows out of any clothes they put on

Whoppers: The muse gains four (4) times their current weight (or however much the mun decides)

Candy Cigarettes: The muse’s clothing is now skin-tight. Applies to anything they change into as well.

Giant Lollipop: The muse is now growing! (mun’s decide the height)

Double Bubble Gum: The muse is now swelling up!

Soda Pop: The muse is now feeling heavy and bubbly, carbonation gassiness optional

Steamed Buns: The muse is now very pregnant! Amount of kids based on number of buns eaten/mun’s decisions

Corn Flakes: Reset the muse to a previous state

Please feel absolutely free to add your own suggestions or send them to me and I’ll add them to the main list!

Your Hand Next to Mine

“Where t-there’s life there’s…hope, and n-need for…v-vi-vit-”

“Vittles,” Will Byers whispered into the darkness of the cabin. “It means food…I think. It’s a really old word.”

El’s lips rounded in understanding. Their shared flashlight illuminated the page of Will’s worn copy of Lord of the Rings, and somewhere in the other room Dustin’s loud snores could be heard through the tiny crack in the door. “Oh, and they need v-vittles to help them on their journey?”

“Yeah,” Will nodded. “You always need food before a long trip. If you don’t you could starve and you’d never get anywhere.”

“Dustin likes Nutty Bars,” El mused, a far-off look in her eyes as she replayed a memory in her head. “And…putting?”

Her companion snorted, good-natured like that told El he wasn’t making fun of her but was still amused by whatever blunder she had inadvertently made. “Pudding,” he corrected, “specifically chocolate pudding. Never vanilla. He hates vanilla.”

“Vanilla is bad?”

“No. Well,” he shrugged, “I don’t think so. Don’t tell Dustin, but I think it’s better.”

She giggled into her hand, flashlight shaking and causing the book on her lap to jostle just enough for them to lose the page. It put an immediate stop to their mirth, and El’s eyes widened despondently at her mistake. “No,” she murmured, fingers instantly moving to flip through the pages in an effort to find the lost spot.

“Hey, it’s okay,” the bowl-headed boy soothed. He reached across to grab at the tome and pulled it gently from her grasp with a smile. “I do it all the time.”

She slid him a side-glance that said she didn’t quite believe him.

“I do!” He defended. “Usually it’s ‘cause I’m trying to draw something and I always lose the page, but it happens.” He gave another little shrug to show her it really was alright, and this time she allowed herself to believe it. There was just something so completely earnest in the way he spoke that it was impossible not to. “Though,” and here his face took on a more apologetic expression: brow furrowed and nose twisted, “it is getting late. Hopper said he wanted to leave early tomorrow. We probably should have been asleep hours ago.”

“Oh.” She looked down at her lap, grey pajama pants only visible through the light of their torch, and pulled her knees to her chest. “Right.” The warmth emanating from the fire pit didn’t reach in here and their scant emergency blankets just weren’t enough to keep in the type of heat necessary for comfort.

They shivered.

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alright so i need a plot where muse a is this laid-back college professor, and one night they decide to go out to the bar for a drink in honor of summer ending and the new school year beginning. at the bar, muse a sees muse b the most beautiful thing they have ever seen in their life ! muse a is just like WOW ,, , i need to know muse b i need to make the move . muse a goes over to muse b and they hit it off INSTANTLY , and then they agree to meet up the next day after the first day of classes. wait a second is that muse b in muse a’s class ? ? what are they doing here ? ? why are they on my ATTENDANCE SHEET ? ? what they’re doing is so wrong but nothing has ever felt more right ! i just need college prof/student in my life pls ! bonus points if u let me use a sebastian stan, chris evans, chris pine, matthew daddario or bill skarsgard fc !

Bar Napkin Draft

minutes slur their words

slamming seconds

from a shot glass

until sentences

become decades,

one long run on sentence

scrawled on a napkin

a draft of humanity

written by an Author

drowning apathy in Whiskey –

it turns out to be

a mediocre story

and the plot sucks

but the metaphors

and irony

are pure genius.

Plot 154: Vacation Plots (Happy Summer 2.0!)

a) Muse A and friends rent a room at a beachfront hotel. It’s super convenient that said room is on the first floor because they can simply toss the beach umbrellas and chairs over the balcony rail after a long day of baking in the sun and sand. Muse A gets back to the room first and plays catcher as friends toss up items over the balcony rail, but they can’t account for their friends’ poor aim. When a frisbee sails over to the neighbor’s balcony, Muse A decides to climb over and retrieve it before anyone notices. Of course, as Muse A gets halfway over the rail, Muse B, the hottie next door, steps out onto their balcony and catches Muse A trespassing. 

b) Muse A finally cashed in their adventure fund for the road trip they’ve been dying to take. After a few hours of cruising, they stop at the last gas station for several miles. As they’re heading to the register to pay for the fuel and snacks, they realize that they forgot the pump number and head to the glass door to peek outside. To Muse A’s shock, someone is stealing their car. Muse A runs out of the convenience store, but it’s too late to stop the thief from getting away. Muse A calls the police to make a report, but the nearest station is 3 hours away; there’s no telling how long it will take for an officer to arrive. Muse B, a truck driver, overhears Muse A’s story and kindly offers to give them a lift. Muse A isn’t sure about accepting a ride from a stranger, but Muse B seems nice and they really don’t want to hang around the gas station til nightfall.

c) Muse A and Muse B are best friends on a road trip for several weeks. The pair are faithfully following their favorite band on an 8 city tour culminating in an epic music festival at the end of the summer. Muse A, exhausted from a long leg of night driving takes a nap once Muse B gets behind the wheel. Unfortunately, out of the two, Muse A is the better navigator. Even with GPS, Muse B manages to miss a crucial exit. Rather than confess their mistake to Muse A right away, Muse B keeps driving, hoping the GPS will lead them back to the right path soon enough. With every mile Muse B drives, they get further and further away from the tour route and further out of range of the GPS satellite. By the time Muse A wakes from their nap, they’re pretty lost.

d) While on a trip overseas, Muse A can’t help but act like a typical tourist. They sign up for a sight seeing tour and whip out the fancy camera they brought along for this special occasion to take dozens of hi-res photos they can share on their blog later. Muse A accidentally bumps into Muse B, a fellow photographer, as they’re getting off the tour bus and their cameras mistakenly get swapped as they part ways. Muse A doesn’t notice that they have the wrong camera until they develop the film/check the thumbnails on computer. Muse A is appalled by what they see in the pictures– graphic evidence of brutal crimes– and starts to fear what will happen when Muse B realizes that they have their camera along with the incriminating photos on it; Muse B must get those photos back at any cost.

e) When Muse A is dared by a friend to dine and dash at a five-star restaurant while on vacation, risk-taking Muse A accepts. After ordering the most expensive dishes on the menu,  including a thousand-dollar desert plate, Muse A smiles and politely collects the check when the waiter leaves it on the table. The bill is astronomical– more than Muse A could afford even if they scrape 3 paychecks together. At this point, they really have no choice but to dine and dash even if they’re having second thoughts. Muse A heads to the bathroom as their friend casually exits through the main doors. It takes some cat-like maneuvering, but Muse A slips out through the bathroom window and reunites with their friend to escape and bask in the incredible high of their wrongdoing. The following evening, Muse A is mingling with attractive Muse B at a bar near their hotel. Muse B offers to take Muse A to dinner the next night and to Muse A’s surprise, it’s the same restaurant that they dine and dashed .. and to make matters worse, Muse B is related to the restaurant’s owner.  

f) While vacationing in the Caribbean, newlyweds Muse A and Muse B sign up to take a half-day boat excursion to a private island with several other tourists. Being so in love and unable to keep their hands off one another, the amorous couple hatch a plan to sneak away from the group when the opportunity arises to do their own “sight-seeing”. They discover a romantic, little cove about 2 miles from the shoreline and indulge, losing track of time. When Muse A and Muse B return to the coast, the tour boat is gone. Thinking they simply got turned around somewhere, the hopeful couple treks to the other end of the island in search of their tour boat but they can’t find it or any sign of their fellow tourists or guide. They’re stranded with nothing but the clothes on their back and the contents of their pockets until the next tour boat comes around.   

g) In the year 2080, people are finally able to travel through space and time rather than just being limited to travel to a geographical location. Time travel is the best vacation money can buy and it’s surprisingly inexpensive. There are restrictions, of course, that must be followed to ensure the integrity of the space-time continuum. A time traveler must learn the historical background, customs, manner of speaking and dress of the era before booking a trip; there is an exam to ensure such conditions are met. Most importantly, they must not interfere in the events of an era native’s life in any significant way. Muse A time travels for the first time after passing their exam and is ready to explore. They meet Muse B, an era-native, almost right away, encountering them in trouble. Muse A knows that they aren’t allowed to interfere, but they can’t in good conscience turn a blind eye to someone in trouble.. because Muse A interferes, they are barred from returning to their present day. It’s in the fine print of their time travel itinerary, which they failed to read.        

h) Muse A and a handful of friends take a much-needed trip down to a popular beach destination once school is out for the summer. With stressful finals and assorted messy breakups to recover from, several days of partying on the resort grounds is just what the doctor ordered. Muse A and pals make a concerted effort to dedicate their vacation to the fine arts of drinking and debauchery. Muse A gets off to an early start of it when they meet Muse B on the beach. Since both parties are looking for a no-strings good time, no one bats an eye when the acquaintances head back to the hotel together. In the morning, Muse B quietly slips out to avoid any awkward lingering and Muse A is content with that minus the fact that they don’t know how to contact Muse B to hang out again. Not too bummed about it however, Muse A moves on with their day and goes out with friends later on. Muse A’s pleasantly surprised to encounter Muse B as they’re walking to dinner and Muse A figures it’s their chance to ask for a number. Muse B seems a little confused by Muse A’s approach at first, but after several minutes of flirtatious banter, they give up the digits. When Muse A shows up at Muse B’s hotel room door that night for drinks, Muse A is shocked to learn that Muse B has an identical twin (Muse C). Muse A isn’t sure which twin they hooked up with, but they are sure that things have just gotten more interesting. 

okay but consider this… supeRHERO/crimefighter au’s.

  • muse a and muse b going to a random house party. they’d never met before, but after feeling unwell, they both step outside for air… its only then that muse a drunkenly wanders into the road, almost to be hit by a car, but instead, sticking an arm out and propelling it into oblivion. meanwhile, muse b is standing on the side of the road crying hysterically and trying to figure out why everyone is ignoring them, only to realize they’re invisible. muse a is freaking out that they may have killed someone, and now thinks theyre going crazy when they hear muse b crying and asking why this is happening, thinking its voice in their head, until they realize its not their voice. after muse a talks muse b to a calm state, muse b now in sight, the pair realize something very bad has happened to them, and pair up for the night. once they wake up muse a is on the news for what happened and muse b decides they need to get out of town, both of them
  • muse a wandering into a bar after having the worst headaches for months when suddenly their vision gets blurry and they can hear what everyone is thinking. from their drink orders, to their sexual tension, and they cant make it stop. muse b, the bar tender, sees the conflicted and panicked muse a  and tries to calm them down. thats when muse a realizes the only mind they cant read is muse b and decide to drag them home to try and understand whats going on.
    optional: muse b having some kind of superpower, and helping muse a figure out how to handle it
  • muse a waking up one morning floating above their bed, and in a panic reach for the phone that in turn flies across the room. out of no where, they can move objects, and themselves without the lift of a finger. its all going well until their roommate, muse b walks in on the other floating and making breakfast from the couch without moving, and proceeds to scream and throw the floating food at muse a
  • two newfound vigilante superheros are likely rivals, and try to fight and race one another to crime scenes. muse a and muse b have contradicting powers, and personalities. it doesnt take long for their rivalry to turn into admiration and muse a finds themselves saving muse b’s ass more than they should, and muse b finds themselves cleaning up muse a’s wounds more than they like to. of course, this rivalry turns to friendship, and the ultimate dynamic duo. (or trio/quartet if you want it to be poly) and now instead of muse a focusing on if they knocked out a villian, they find themselves making sure that muse b is getting up after that hard hit and muse b is spending too much time calculating muse a’s moves to kill than their own and ending up on the floor more than they usually do. 
  • muse a  and muse b  are both seen as heros in the public eye, but to one another as villains. muse a thinks that muse b  is too violent and muse b thinks that muse a is too reckless. while the pair try to undermine one another, and reveal their ‘bad’ sides to everyone else, they actually end up complimenting one another, the public now ‘shippjng’ them and wondering if they work together. of course both muse a and muse b are appalled at this idea, until muse a finds themselves saving muse b’s life and noticing just how beautiful their eyes are, and now muse a is leaving clues and hints around the city for muse b to come find them until they wear them down and convince them to date, but not before revealing themselves
    optional 1: muse a and muse b were already lovers and now realize they wasted all their time hating one another when they could have worked together
    optional 2: muse a and muse b are best friends, and have been since childhood… how did they not notice this before? and why are they sort of in love now?
  • muse a and muse b have been protecting their city together for years. they train together, live together, fight together, and know one another better than they know themselves. its all fun and games until one training session that gets them in close contact makes muse a realize that they might have been in love with muse b this whole time.. and they’re torn if they should tell them and risk having a wonderful romance, and keep saving all the good people of their city
    option 1: muse b has been in love with muse a for longer, and everyone on their team knew but muse a and when muse a tells the team, they all laugh and shake their heads
    option 2: muse b is already dating someone on their team, and muse a knows that admitting their feelings could break their entire team up, which in essence would put their city at risk… but is their heart worth it?
    option 3: muse b is already in a relationship, and is unhappy, but only muse a knows that they’re unhappy. so, muse a finally confesses their feelings only to find out that muse b is engaged/eloped/pregnant, and made things incredibly awkward, and they’re incredibly heartbroken too
  • muse a and muse b on the same superhero team, and have been for years. they go out every day together and save the city from evil, or save cat’s from burning buildings. its what they do, its who they are. over time muse b falls in love with muse a, and after a particularly hard fight when they’re cleaning up and close together, finally confess their feelings and kiss muse a. besides muse a’s shock, they suddenly feel different, and run out afraid. it’s not until the next morning, when they go to fight that muse b realizes they lost their powers, and somehow, muse a managed to get them. muse b doesn’t say anything, just says they feel sick, and muse a doesnt notice the new power, assuming that muse b is just avoiding them. its not until weeks of blowing them off, that muse a finally shows up angry and hurt, having not seen one another since they kissed that they see muse b who is distraught, run down, and clearly different. muse b finally tells them what happened, and when muse a asks why they didn’t tell them sooner, muse b tells them its because they were better, the both of them combined and doing such a wonderful job. muse b didn’t feel needed by anyone anymore, and making an assumption that their feelings werent reciprocated, that they were too embarrassed to come around. muse a kissed muse b, giving them their powers back, and asking them out. of course, after calling them a ‘dummy’
  • muse a finding a struggling and confused muse b as they try to figure their powers out. of course, muse a being a local hero, and having a whole team behind them takes muse b under their wing. teaching them the tricks, training, and bringing them into the team. muse b feels like they’d found a whole new family, one where they fit in now. muse a and muse b become the dynamic duo, until of course muse b starts taking risks that muse a  absolutely  did not train muse b  to be so reckless and do, and muse b fires back that they dont have to listen to all their rules, what does it matter anyways? and of course, being met with muse a yelling at them about how much they care, kissing them and running out. muse b doesnt necessarily have to feel the same, but now realizes why they’re so protective. does this ruin the partnership? does muse b feel the same? do they go on to be even better? or does romance get in the way?
  • muse a is maybe one of the worst superheros ever. while they always manage to catch bad guys, they almost always suffer worse damage. they may catch the guy who kidnapped a bunch of kids, but accidentally got impaled. they may stop superhuman bank robbers, but they totally didnt mean to break both of their legs. muse b, however, knows what theyre doing. they got the job fast, and well, and they always catch who they need too. they’re ideal, and the kids love them, while the kids love muse a as more of an underdog. muse b finds muse a’s clumsiness endearing, and finds themselves helping muse a from getting hurt, but not stealing their thunder. eventually muse b  is helping muse a be more stealthy, and balanced, and teaches them to use their powers better. this just pushes muse a into more and more danger, and muse b can’t figure out why that feels like a bad thing, of course, until they realize they are in love with muse a, and all of their stupid, and unnecessary injuries
    option 1: muse a catches on quick to the training, but worries they’ll lose muse b if they get good. so, they might put themselves in the face of danger more often than they should 
    option 2: muse b getting sick and tired of muse a being so god damn reckless when all they have to do is listen to them and dont you even care how much i love you why are you trying to get yourself killed?
7th Sea: Khitai
John Wick expands the award-winning world of 7th Sea into the Pacific Rim with a brand new 300-page, full color core rulebook!

Dungeon Elementary has started a new season for the fall. We’re playing Blades in the Dark, and yes I’m actually going to post this year. The kids are losing patience with the dearth of Internet ridicule they have received. But if you’re wondering why I’ve been distracted, here’s your answer.

I’m one of the lead developers for Khitai, 7th Sea’s Asian/Pacific setting. In addition to paying for my continued survival, Khitai takes Asian, Oceanian, and Pacific Islander representation to new places. It’s got samurai and horse-lords and Buddhist monks, yeah, but you can also play as in-setting equivalents of Moro pirates in the Sultanate of Sulu,  revolting slaves in Joseon Korea, and god-kings mounted on three-headed elephants in the former Khmer Empire, to name but a few. Some of the times and places we spotlight have never appeared in tabletop gaming before. Others are more familiar, but have never had an Asian developing them at this scale before. So identity-wise, this game means a great deal to me. It’s the game I wish I’d found as a lonely Pinoy middle schooler rooting around in the bookstore’s RPG section.

I’m really excited about this project, and the level of creative control John Wick has granted me here. I’m more than happy to answer questions about the game, although I caution anyone asking that my answers are on the “musings at the bar” level and are not to be taken as binding. If it’s financially viable for you to do so, backing this project would mean a lot to me—and even if not, I’d be grateful for your support and interest. Also, please re-share this post if you can! Maybe it’ll mean something to someone you know, the way it means something to me.

Princess of Gotham

Joker x Reader x Harley

Prompt: Can u pls write something where Harley and the joker fight over the reader thanks

{A/N} I wasn’t sure if you meant in a romantic way or not, so I went with romantic. If you thought of another way don’t hesitate to let me know! I’ll write another one for you!
xo Harley

Warnings: Some slight smut.

Masterlist | Requests

“C’mon puddin’, lemme get a turn with her! Ya always get ta have all tha fun!” Harley whines from the office. 

J was sitting down at his desk planning the week out for the two of you- a private island vacation for a change, courtesy of the man he killed just days ago. He knew you were dying to get out and relax, and for once decided to be thoughtful before you decided to skip out on him all together. You awkwardly sit on the couch in the large living room, gazing out at the beautiful penthouse view. Lights flickered on and off throughout the buildings and for a moment, you wondered what might be going on in another apartment. 

“Harley, doll, what did I tell ya about tryin’ to dishevel daddy’s plans…” The tone in his voice was stern, annoyed with Harley. You could tell this would not bode well for her if she carried on.

“It’s just not fair Mistah J, I wanna take her out. Dancin’ or somethin’! She’s tired’a killin’ people for laughs, ya can tell! Just look at her!”

And so she carried on as usual, cruisin’ for a bruisin’.

The corners of your mouth automatically pull into a questioning frown. Did I really look that upset? It wasn’t that you were upset with murders and heists, really. You just felt stressed between them on occasion. They both have a thing for you, and you’re still adjusting to the lunacy that comes with that. Had someone asked you a few months ago if you’d have been in a love triangle like this, you’d have laughed and denied it wholeheartedly. But after a run in with them on a dark street, you found yourself to be the King and Queen of Gotham’s princess. 

That is exactly what I’m trying to do,” he growls, and you can just about hear his eyes rolling from the other room. 

Suddenly, you hear a glass break, causing you to jolt out of the haze you had mentally put yourself into. You’re already picturing J’s amber liquid flowing across the opulent hardwood flooring in the office. You keep your eyes on the window, pretending to be utterly distracted as you hear heavy footsteps coming closer to you and a deep roar following behind it as you’re suddenly swept up into the blondes hands and being tugged out of the penthouse. 

“Harley.. Maybe we should just stay in, all three of us! You know, it’ll be easier, more laid bac-”

“Forget about it sugar! We’re goin’ out! I don’t care what Mistah J has ta’-”

A loud yelp leaves your lips as you feel a hand clutch your shoulder, yanking you backwards and into his tight grip around you. As rough as he is, you can’t help but revel in his possessiveness. Harley’s face turns red as he begins to pull you through the door now, getting into the elevator, pressing the ‘close door’ button and waving at her with a sarcastic, manic grin. You can hear her screaming as she presses the button to bring the elevator back up incessantly. The two of you keep sliding downwards as sound of her frustration fades. 

“Whadda’ya wanna do, honey?” J starts, taking your shoulders into his hands before sliding them seductively behind your back and holding you close. “Anything- we can do anything ya want. Just say the word, it’s done. Tell daddy, and it’s done, done, done.”

His tone was sultry, but pushy. You know he’s trying to get an answer out of you before Harley catches up, but the way he speaks to you paired with the look in his glacier blue eyes sets off grenades in your heart. 

“I do wanna go dancing, but maybe somewhere other than the club for a change.. You know…” You bite your lip, hoping what you were going to say next wouldn’t offend your clown prince. “Somewhere classy.”

His expression tenses as he peers into your soul now. You just did exactly what you weren’t trying to, it seems. Quickly his face changes as the doors open and the blue and red harlequin rips you from his hands. 

“See ya, puddin’!” She exclaims before skipping off with you in tow once again.

“I can’t take this whiplash!” You complain, following her as she, in a rough but still endearing way, pulls you out of the doors and into the bustling street. People begin eyeing the two of you, practically cowering as she drags you down the sidewalk. You smile at the passersby, attempting to assure them this wasn’t entirely against your will as she turns a corner into an alley that always leads you back to the club that J owns. You sigh, wishing silently for just a second that you could go back to the penthouse, slump into the couch and binge on {F/S}, your secret guilty pleasure that you only partake in when you’re completely alone.

J isn’t following as the two of you run between the doors of the club. It’s the middle of the day, so of course there’s no loud music, no drunk people touching each other and you, making J want to blow everyone’s brains out, and making Harley cringe. There’s just you, Harley and an open bar. 

“See, we could have a ball, just tha’ two of us, sugar! We don’t need some island with Mistah J.” Harley muses, walking behind the bar and picking up bottles of liquor and syrups. Her eyes fall upon a glass jar full of cocktail umbrellas, and she reaches for a blue parasol and then a pink one before even starting the drinks.

You shrug and sit down, at least your mother won’t think you’ve gone missing for months on end. She just adored Harley, who often came over for dinner dressed casually with her hair pulled back when your mother invited you over and J was nowhere to be found. ‘Just for a taste of normal’ she would say.

“I could go for a cocktail I guess.” 

“That’s the spirit!” The blonde perks up as she pours concoctions into two glasses and slides one your way, moving around to your side of the bar and sitting next to you. 

Her small smile was heart melting as she absentmindedly tried her drink. “Not bad, maybe I shoulda been a bartender!” 

You try your own, pleasantly surprised at the cherry and blue raspberry cocktail. You lick your lip and grin, “Maybe you should be!”

Harley giggles, leaning your way slightly and wrapping an arm around your waist. 

“I gotta admit,” she starts, “I’m gettin’ a lil more jealous than usual with you an’ puddin’.. No, I don’t like it. But I can’t help it!” She begins arguing with the voices that occupy her mind just momentarily before looking back to you. “Sorry.” 

Her crimson grin widens as she leans in, dragging a finger across your cheek as she pushes a strand of {H/C} back. You lick your lips again just for a second as she leans in further, pressing her plump lips against yours with ease. Harley’s kiss wasn’t like J’s. It wasn’t nearly as possessive or needy. But it was loving, caring. You could tell her insanity wasn’t fully in fruition the way it was with J. And though she certainly was insane, she still had some wits about her.

You nip into her lower lip, hearing a small sigh and feeling it’s warmth escaping from Harley’s mouth. Your thoughts drift to what she just said, and you entertained the idea of Harley for a moment as her hand pulls you closer and her lips meet your neck now. 

Harley. Just Harley. Without J in the picture. The theory was beautiful, but your heart begins to race in a sudden panic at the thought of losing either of them. The same theory with just J and not Harley was beautiful, and the anxiety begins to settle in as she works at your shoulder now. You couldn’t live without either of them. This was the one thing you knew for certain.


I should kill you!” J’s voice roared from the doors that just swung open, shutting loudly behind him as he steps in and walks towards the two of you.

You try to compose yourself again and Harley licks her lips with a smirk, like a kitten interrupted from her milk. 

“Ya been tryin’ for years sweetie, that ain’t gonna change now!” She snorts, twisting around on her barstool and taking another drink. 

“Please,” you plead as he steps closer to Harley and pulls her out of her seat. He looked like a rabid tiger, and she had just stolen the last of his food. “You don’t have to fight over my time like this, we can do something together, just the three of us.. I promise!” Your voice squeaks at the end, and you’ve found your place as the mouse in this wild food chain. 

He throws Harley back down into the seat and looks towards you. His eyes pierce through you as they do when he’s thinking of something ferocious. 

“And what do ya wanna do, sweetheart? With just the three of us?”

You swallow hard, breathing a bit staggered as you try to think of a master plan on a dime that would please everyone as he continues.

“Ya know we don’t share often, doll face, if ever. It’s just been her and I… you’ve thrown a little wrench into our system now..” 

He twists your seat so you’re facing Harley now and leans down, placing his chiseled jawline on your shoulder as his hand slides down between your breasts and to your core over your skirt. He leaves his hand there, and you can feel it’s warmth radiating as his other hand tangles itself up in your hair. 

The fire in Harley’s cerulean eyes flickers as she shifts in her seat, and you can tell he’s teasing her just as much as he’s teasing you, and pissing her off even more than that.

His hand slides past your skirt and onto your bare {S/T} thigh, and you can tell his eyes are on no one and nothing but his queen. You’ve become a pawn in their game now, a dirty toy, and you know there’s nothing you can do about it. You’d be lying though, if you said that you didn’t enjoy every single, aching second of it.

Harley’s legs shift open just slightly as she swivels in the stool, biting into her own lower lip. This causes him to slide his hand up your skirt now, not caring about exposing you as the fabric bunches over his wrist. You can feel something engorged on your back, and it doesn’t take even a few seconds to realize it isn’t his gun. 

The air is heavier it seems, as his fingers reach your wet core, causing it to grow even wetter at his touch. He pulls your {F/C} panties aside as he watches her coming undone before him. You can hear a moan leave her throat as she slides off of the stool and onto her knees. Her stretches his finger, grazing your folds slightly as he gestures for her to come closer. You bite your lip now as she sits up, bringing her face closer to your sweet spot. 

Go on, Harls,” he rasps, his own breath heavy on your neck. 

You whine slightly, wanting nothing more in this moment than to have somebody to something to you. She moves even closer, and your eyes dart to her blonde pigtails, then to her ruby lips that you’re about to share color with on a set of your own. You embrace the warmth of her breath now caressing your flesh, and you can almost feel what she’s about to do already. She parts her lips a little further as her tongue slides past them, gently flicking against the glistening wetness that now coats your folds. 

J’s hand grips onto the back of your head heartily, and you realize he’s waiting to see her taste you even more just as bad as you want her to. 

Moaning and already desperate for the attention they were about to pay you, your hips push just slightly toward her face, closing your eyes. You hear a short giggle, and much to your dismay, Harley suddenly pops up, now standing in front of you instead. You open your eyes as she places her hands on your shoulders as she squeezes them gently. J growls as he once again faces a defeat. 

From the corner of your eye you can see her lean in to peck J on the lips. You sigh, a frown tugging at your {F/C} lips as you reach for the drink she made you. His hand slides from your inner thigh to the small of her back as you close your legs again. You take another sip and try to come back down to earth. 

“Fine..” she coos at him, “We can go on your lil’ vacation." 

Harley was rarely the peacekeeper, but you can tell that the idea of endless cocktails and threesomes on a sunny getaway to a private beach had an effect on her as her eyes drifted towards the ceiling in an absentminded yet still thoughtful cloud. 

"We can always dance on the beach,” you say, pretending to be upset about your idea being thrown out all together. 

You have to admit, you hardly ever traveled, and the idea of a vacation got you excited just as well. I guess mom will just have to wait… 

They both look to you now, grinning their sinister grins as you stand up, smoothing down your skirt and rolling your eyes with a smile in return.

Plot # 51: Semester Abroad

Muse A has been studying abroad for their last semester of college and it’s finally the second to last day before everyone flies back home for graduation. Muse A meets up with a group of classmates for drinks before everyone must pack up and return to the states. While out at a bar/party, Muse A encounters Muse B, a charming local. Muse A and Muse B feel an instant chemistry between them. They talk for hours, even long after the rest of Muse A’s classmates have moved on to another location. Though Muse A is leaving in 24 hours, Muse B promises to show Muse A a time they will never forget if they spend the following day with them. Thinking it might be exhilarating to soak in the foreign city with an attractive native, Muse A agrees to spend the entire day with Muse B before they have to depart. The next day, Muse B is true to their word and shows Muse A an amazing time. Feelings blossom quickly. When the sun sets, neither one wants to part from the other, so they spend the night together too, eventually falling asleep in each other’s arms. On the morning of Muse A’s flight home, Muse A realizes that they’re not ready to leave yet. Despite the inevitable backlash they’ll face from their parents for blowing off graduation and the possibility that the spark between Muse A and Muse B will fizzle over time, Muse A purposely miss their flight to take a chance on a summer romance with Muse B.

Nude at Beach 🏖

Goa Butterfly Beach Shining sun Cold water Inviting tides Breezy air Unsettled sand Dancing trees Floating clouds Chasing birds Solid rocks Fluttering sunshades Rolling balls Noise coffee bar Musing people Gazing eyes Bikini Babes this was the moodset of the day.

Drinking coconut water :

The previous day night was so heated up inside our rooms. We had a naught night ever in the life time. So we wanted to cool down our jets and had a shot.

Performing yoga :

Taking our mind away from naughty sexy stuff had a great time doing yoga in bikini body.

Taking off our Bras :

Having fun decided to take off our bra and swing around naked. Doing some flashes we finally took of our bras and started to cling grab kiss and suck boobs openly.

One of the most naughtiest sexy daring moment of my life time !