Little oft-forgotten Percy and Vex moments I think about a lot because they hint at how much Percy absolutely adores and cares for that woman:

The little sad look of surprise and heartfelt gratitude on Percy’s tear-streaked face when Vex insists on helping him pursue the Briarwoods.

Percy flinging himself off a wall to rescue Vex from the Ziggurat.

Percy calling Vex up to the top of Greyskull Keep with him when Vorugal attacked, saying “Vex, I need you on the roof with me”.  Because the world is ending and maybe he doesn’t want to be separated from her.  Maybe he’s thinking that if they’re gonna die, he wants it be at her side, within reach, where he can shield her with his own body if necessary.

Percy turning to Vex and asking “Fight or flight?”, trusting her to decide their fate.

Percy following her without a second thought when she jumps down to the ground.

Percy physically placing himself between Vex and Grog.

Percy comforting Vex when she’s reluctant to leave Greyskull Keep.

Percy trying to hurry to save Vex at the Gilded Run (only to faceplant into the water himself).

Percy mocking Saundor to cheer Vex up.

The Bear Baron

“Brother dear, I have a question…” Cassandra made her way through the open door of his workshop without so much as a peep beforehand. Percival had been all too used to people stopping and knocking, just in case he had been working on something… even when the door was ajar like it had been.

“What is it, Cassandra?” He slid the magnifiers away from his glasses as he turned in his seat, taking in the amused smirk on his little sister’s face.

“Do you want to tell me why you’ve got the city’s artist painting Vex’ahlia’s bear?” She asked, eyebrow raised, but the teasing purse of her lips somehow stayed in place.

“Well, I couldn’t think of what to get her for Winter’s Crest, until I recalled how disappointed she was when we didn’t allow her to have her official portrait with Trinket by her…” He explained, waving the tool in his hand towards her idly.

“… So you’re giving her bear his own portrait?” He didn’t understand quite what the fuss was about.

“Well yes…” He blinked at his sister before tilting his head and trying to ponder what her thoughts were about, why she thought it was so… funny perhaps?

“You’re having the artist script on the frame’s plate that he is the ‘Trinket the Baron Bear of the Third House of Whitestone’.” She seemed to narrow her eyes at him as he shrugged his shoulders.

“That’s whom he is…” Percival once again blinked as his sister.

“… Why does he have your coat around his shoulders?” She pressed, lips pursing all over again.

“I thought he looked rather smashing in blue, plus it’s a… throwback to a thing I once did, using Trinket as a coatrack, I thought it would get her to laugh…” Cassandra’s hand made it to her face just in time for her to shake her head.

“Just marry her, brother, for the sake of us all, have some real children and dress them up instead of a bear.” And like that she was off and Percival was left alone once more, this time a bit dumbfounded.

“… What’s wrong with Trinket’s portrait?” He called after her, but gained no response.

As promised (kinda), a birthday gift for the magnificent @bihexualpercyderolo
(congrats on your birthday, and on your OTP becoming canon!!)

Percival Fredrickstein Von Musel Klossowski de Rolo III , Lord of Whitestone, introducing Lady Vex’ahlia, Baroness of the Third House of Whitestone and Grand Mistress of the Grey Hunt, to The Court. 

I imagine that the conversation goes something like this:

Vex: “There’s an awful lot of fancy assholes in there, isn’t there?”

Percy: “Indeed”

Vex: “And they’re propably not gonna like me very much are they?”

Percy: “They’ll have no choice. Remember, you are pretty fancy youself!”

Vex: *sigh* “I suppose so…”

Percy: “So after we’re done showing off, I’ll show you the spot me and my siblings used to sit in and throw canapes at the dumbest hats.”

Vex: “Oh how I love you, you pompous bastard! Let’s have a marksmanship competition!”

headcanon: the entire de rolo family is (was) incredibly attractive. like, really ridiculously so. percy is obviously a looker, and now that cassandra’s grown into herself and left the shadow of the briarwoods she’s just as handsome. but then one day percy shows vax a family portrait, restored to the wall of the dining room.

“wow,” says vax, looking up at them.

“yeah,” says percy.

“i don’t mean to be rude, percival -”

“no, no, it’s fine.”

“- but did they actually look like that? all of them?”

“unfortunately, yes,” sighs percy.

“… wow.”

later vax goes back to his room and has an existential crisis because his little crush on percy was one thing, but how can an entire family be that attractive, it’s not fair…

“have you seen my brother?” vex asks percy.

“i have not,” percy responds. “also, i’ve just decided we’re never eating in the dining room ever again.”


First draft of the cabachons I made for Critical Role. I need a finer brush for details, but I am reasonably happy with most of them.

I really wish that I hadn’t broken my damn camera. There are small details that I just can’t show without better focus.

I still have no idea what to do for Matt. Painting detail backward and reverse layered is not an easy task, and I don’t have the best brushes for the task. Anyway, I hope that you all like the ideas, I will be refining them a bit more.

Is it Thursday yet?

Eridan knocked on the door in full Percival Fredrickstein Von Musel Klossowski de Rolo III goodness. His horns had disappeared somehow and his hair was white though his skin was still a healthy gray. Just give her a scare he put on the plague doctor gas mask as he waited for her to open the door.

your fav is problematic: taliesin jaffe

  • goth at over 30
  • wears eyeliner and nail polish and looks good doing it
  • is probably very nice irl
  • Percival Fredrickstein Von Musel Klossowski de Rolo III

In my usual fashion … I took something what originally was intended to be simple and made it more complicated!

Hence why this took me all damn day lol

But at last!! The aftermath of the most beautiful kiss of all time <3

I can’t wait until this episode is online, I really want to rewatch it already!!!

This was also originally one picture BUT just after I finished the lines for everything, Photoshop decided not to save it anymore because it seems to think I don’t have enough RAM

No matter what file size I tried to make it, it would not save…

Thanks to the Snipping tool though I was able to save all my hard work in three separate pictures… it’s been a stressful few hours…