xiuadore  asked:

♞; dragon!Kris taking care of you

Kris could be clumsy, he could be confused by the tiniest things, and he could be distracted so easily it made your head spin but, he always seemed to pull it together the moment you really needed his help. Teaching himself to cook paid off the most when you were sick. He knew exactly what soups to make to cure your cold or what kind of tea to make to take away your headache. Somehow the baby dragon became a master herbalist whenever you so much as sneezed. But the way his brows furrowed in concentration, and the way concern and love rang in his voice could have easily cured any ailments without the help of soups or teas.

sammsdreaming  asked:

Hi friend! I miss you! Can I play? ♡: with whoever your heart desires.

OF COURSE YOU CAN PLAY. I miss you too. ;n; But I think I’m back now. At least kinda.

Accidentally falling asleep with cupid!Sehun.

It didn’t matter that you had cups full of liquid caffeine. It didn’t matter that you were still weirded out by his best friend’s hand catching fire and coming out of the event completely unharmed. No matter how hard you tried to keep your eyes open, your lids defied you and your head drooped to the side. 

Sehun tried to wake you up, though mostly with just a short “hey” here and there. He wouldn’t shake you or touch you in any way that could actually help, so he was useless.

In fact, Sehun seemed to be avoiding you as best as he could, regardless of being in the backseat of the car with you. He wouldn’t even look at you. But when your body started to completely fail in your effort to stay sitting upright, he didn’t push you. He let your head rest on his shoulder. You might have heard a sigh from him, but you were asleep before you could make a judgement of it.