CS + Tears

Dedicated to  i–refuse–to–sink–xo   , museelo  and almister12

Emma may not be a tearful person, but she sure doesn’t have a problem breaking into tears in front of Hook. It really says a lot about their relationship because for someone as tough as Emma, who is constantly in control and standing behind her walls, crying in front of someone is really difficult. You know what, it’s even hard for me too.

Crying in front of someone is like revealing your deepest emotions, it’s taking off the mask and truly be yourself, not being afraid to show your fears and weaknesses. And you know what, it’s also hard to react so perfectly to someone crying next to you. It can sometimes be something really uncomfortable, but Hook always knows how to respond. If it’s giving her a hug, saying something that will make her smile, or wiping her tears. If there is something that Hook is good at it is comforting Emma and it is always being done flawlessly.

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