Marcel Broodthaers, Musee d'Art Moderne, Department des Aigles, 1971

“’Museum,’ in this instance, was meant figuratively, to signify a place in which the most important things relating to the visual arts were occurring.  To name this particular meeting place a museum was a deliberate misnomer. […] While nothing in the display was a work of art, the display as a whole was. This is because it embodied Broodthaers’s intention: to ask, in the exhibiting of these things, in this way, and in this space, ’Can’t this place…exist as a museum and fiction at the same time, so that ultimately those visitors who are willing will be happy to simply take on this idea?’

-Terry Smith, “Artists as Curators/Curators as Artists”


Never say you understand art

For art people no matter you work in this industry or you just want to enjoy the works, this week in Paris will be a war. Under or with the help of the great power of the FIAC, Paris becomes a massive moving gallery. Middle and small art fairs take places in every venue possible, or even the most improbable venues. After so many years in Paris, I have seen a lot of arts, more than maybe some people can see in their lifetime. I can still get excited and moved, but more often I just feel so so, or i am used to a certain way of expression and not having too much feeling, i thought I began to understand them, even for the contemporary art.

But this one in musee d’art moderne is truly beyond me. After the whole expo, I didn’t know if I liked it or not. I just had no clue! Human hair, quartz, thread, fruits, animals specimens, huge glass cube… The artist created those massive works like a 3D puzzle but room size. Thanks to the craziness of the artist David Altmejd, It’s a rhapsody of the relationship between nature and human, and the ‘thin red line’ between the fantasy and nightmare. Take a look, if you feel like some curiosity challenge…

Nam June Paik
Video Fish, 1975 (1977 version)
Three-channel video installation with aquariums, water, live fish, and variable number of monitors; color, silent; dimensions vary with installation. Centre Georges Pompidou, Musee national d'art moderne, Paris. Installation view at Documenta 6, Kassel, June 24—October 2, 1977. Photo by Friederich Rosenstiel.