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Okay a sudden thought about the copier machine paper clones…

They’re individually conscious, right? All of Dipper’s clones in Double Dipper were able to operate on their own desires and emotions despite being iterations of the same person.

So sometimes I wonder… if any of Ford’s paper clones ever went rogue. Were these Fords still susceptible to Bill’s possession? Since they’re paper, and not technically the same entity in which Bill made his deal with, I’d assume they wouldn’t be. So what if one of these versions of Ford- suddenly not directly affected by Bill’s manipulation, possession, and flattery, began to sense him for the scam he is? What if he tried bringing this up to Ford prime and got rejected for it?

What if this paper clone set off on his own to avoid being put “out of commission” by water and to try and derive some way to rescue Ford prime from himself?

What if- when he finally figured out what to do and returned to his house- Ford was already gone? And instead it was Stan…

Stan, coming face to face with what he thinks is his brother and thinking it’s all only a dream?

there signs and planets that seem to nurture each other not related to rulership or exalt. like capricorn can establish profound mental qualities in mercury. it gives mercury the stability and focus to exhibit his golden mind. venus is blissful in gemini. gemini is all
about establishing relationships between ideas and people, forming harmony between oppositions. it gives a tremendous love of conversation and literature. the moon is potent in pisces, it swirls into the high emotional frequency of this pair, it gives rise to the creative texture and intuitive function. mars glows in sagittarius. it adds jet fuel to the spell of wanderlust, emphasizes the energetic components of both elements, and gives endless territory within the mind to explore. the exaggerated and exuberant hysterics of jupiter respond well in larger than life leo. it’s like diving headfirst into an icecream cake at the top of a rollercoaster. it’s all jovial and novel. saturn could express well in virgo because there is that severe sense of discipline, calculation, and logic. the outer planets i am not so sure about. exalting planets are yet to be established. there is much confusion and debate. uranus is very focused on transformation and intuitive focus like scorpio. neptune infuses with the motherly creativity of cancer. after the dead of winter, to burn into dawn light and bring forth new life as aries does resonate with the renewal and rebirth theme explored in pluto

And I think it’s really going to be okay. Sure, it doesn’t feel like it now, but honestly, does it ever? We always have these ups and downs with the downs lasting longer than the ups most days, but we always make it out alright. Maybe with a few scars, maybe a few bad memories, maybe a few regrets but alright. And this will be another one of those times. You and I, we’re gonna be fine.
—   Maxwell Diawuoh, For the anon that felt “hopeless and lost and quite alone.”
I lost potential love, that is to say, I lost you. And like anyone would when they lose something important, they go searching. So I went searching for love. I thought I found it in the flings I had, but it would be fleeting. A spark, but nothing like the fire you lit in me. So I kept trying, thinking that love hid in the spaces in between fingers, in mouths that just wanted to taste mine. I was wrong. Love came from the same place it was always supposed to come from, within me. What a waste of time this search has been. I wish I could recycle it, use it for a better cause, but I can’t. I guess it’s okay, though. I know now what to do with the rest.
—  Love yourself. // Maxwell Diawuoh, Request: A poem about having thought to have found love, only for it to end in heartbreak and constantly go from fling to fling, hoping to find love again before realizing true love comes from within and that’s the only reason OP can’t truly be happy.

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“Hold still,” Montparnasse muttered around the pins in his mouth, his forehead against the space between Jehan’s shoulder blades to keep them from slouching quite so much while he fixed the hem of the waistcoat. “You’re so tiny.”

“Hush.” Jehan rocked back and rolled their shoulders. “You’ve always liked my body. Why complain now?”

Montparnasse stuck the last few pins in the pincushion on the desk beside him. “Complain? Who’s complaining? Certainly not me, no, I would never.” He wrapped his arm around their middle and pressed a kiss to the back of their neck. “You are walking perfection, my love, you know that.”

Jehan laced their fingers through his. “Are you done?”

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