Best Wingman Phichit like
  • Phichit:Hey Viktor! You've got a great ass! I bet it'd look even better with Yuuri's hands cupping it!!
  • Viktor:I agree!
  • Yuri:Are you...flirting with Viktor for Katsudon?
  • Yuuri:*screeching into the next century*
Share a sunset with me, let’s lay together intertwined underneath the kaleidoscope sky while you tell me about your day.
When the warm colors fade  and the moon graces us with her presence, we can give her the attention she deserves, making sure to do the same for the stars that flank her.
In the midst of gazing into the night, I’ll turn my attention to you in hopes that you’ll let me pore over your mind.
You can tell me your fears, your dreams - anything that takes the weight off your soul.
Even if it’s just for that evening, let’s just exist.
—  Maxwell Diawuoh, Once A Day (300/366)

ace-gh0st  asked:

DID YOU SEE WHAT MATT JUST POSTED ON INSTAGRAM JUST NOW???? it looks like a new music video, maybe a new song????

For anyone wondering, this is the photo that Matt posted on Instagram:

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It could be anything really: a secret (halloween themed) gig, a video, a livestream, a new cover song etc.
I don’t think it’s a new song though but it could very well be a cover.

This just looks like a photoshopped screenshot from the Psycho music video though…

Anyways, I’m not even going to speculate because when it comes to Muse anything could happen. But at least they’re active on social media again!

Lots of hugs to you my darling and have a lovely day/night<3

About those scissors...

This brings forward to the light a meta that has existed in my head for a while, one that I almost forgot because I never thought it would become pertinent. 

The three leading ladies of OUAT (arguably) are Regina, Snow, and Emma. Without them, we wouldn’t have our story. None of this would have happened. 

And, due to the curse, they are all (roughly) of the same age. But, Regina is (at the VERY least) 8 years older than Snow (18 years by the most) and Emma is assuredly younger than her mother. 

With the three of them, though, we have represented the three fates: 
Maiden, Mother, and Crone. (May Regina NEVER find out I called her that!) The maiden is often a Blonde, naive in many ways, and alluringly attractive. 
The mother is often pregnant and is the leader in morality and kindness. 
The crone is often dark haired, somewhat sinister, but not without kindness.
(check out the trope) 

I just find it very interesting/amusing that the Fate’s scissors should appear now, because the Fates have been here all along! 

(I had to. Sorry I’m not sorry!)

The point is, I wonder if somehow this will all tie together…
Especially since it’s ALWAYS the CRONE who holds the scissors….

I like how every killer and survivor looks so messy and tousled in Dead By Daylight, dirt and blood covering them like they’ve been in this endless loop for god knows how long- and then there is Micheal Myres, looking like he walked out of a dry cleaners 30 seconds ago. The trapper is caked in scratches, metal and blood, the wraith is covered in dirty bandages and ripped cloth along with the nurse, and the hillbilly has half a shirt, just casually ripped on one entire side.

I’m pretty sure the only dirty thing on Myres is the bloody handprint on his shoulder, and the blood on his knife. Like, damn son, Michael is a clean freak, and I find that absolutely hilarious. Do you think if he rips his suit he pauses the whole match just so he can stitch it up again? Then proceed to murder the thing that caused the rip- say that lovely tree he happened to stalk by, which has now been turned into a pile of woodchippings.

Wild, man.