so i was thinking.. and magnus and alec are perfect for each other because they began their journeys on opposite sides of the same path.
alec denied himself happiness because he was afraid of the future while magnus denied himself happiness because he was afraid of the past. 

and then, step by step, they got closer and closer until they reached the present, and thus love and happiness.

Don’t be afraid to let that precious bridge burn. I know, you’re used to being there for people, even the ones that take your heat and don’t even think of returning the favor, but you deserve to be just as warm.

i call persephone drowned comet
for falling into the sternum of earth &

then name every mourning dove after demeter.
you know, this isn’t how it’s supposed to be:

waking up waning beside the moonlight and
grief as antlers pulled deep through the gut

on the bed like operation table. they say your body
can lose two pints of blood before it goes into

shock. after that, everything else is fatal.
do you know how that is?

how does prometheus live then?
how do i?

—  astagesetforcatastropheepitaph
What muse should've been named

• Honoka Kousaka - Honk Cosack
• Kotori Minami - Klitoris Minimal
• Umi Sonoda - Um Soda?
• Hanayo Koizumi - Hannah Montana
• Rin Hoshizora - Run Hoe
• Maki Nishikino - Making NishKinks
• Nico Yazawa - Nicotine ya
• Nozomi Tojo - Hoezomi Homo
• Eli Ayase - Elisbian Gayase


by Samsaran

My friend and co-worker Mike came to visit from the head office. Mike, well, you know him as the Archangel Michael of the flaming sword, Destroyer of Worlds and Champion of Heaven, was here on business. He came for my report. It seems that the boss thinks that I have been dragging my feet. 

I took human birth in Ur of the Chaldees in 3217 BCE and was supposed to have had my recommendations on whether or not the Earth should be destroyed again. It seems the head office has been monitoring my progress and, well, are less than satisfied.

I had 5000 years originally and requested an extension which is now up. The hope was that mankind would mature in that time and learn to treat each other and the planet they were given with respect by this time. I was supposed to guide them along. So, I did. Appearing here and there. Advising kings. Teaching teachers. Advising presidents and prime ministers and so on. 

The problem was that I kept getting personally involved. I found that people in power were generally selfish and power mad. I had more luck with peasants and artisans. Farmers and workers. Scholars too were a problem. They spent all their time arguing trifles. Artists were mostly self-centered prima donnas. Oh, I made some progress here and there but, I must admit, my project has been a failure.

I noticed that Mike was wearing his armor and carrying his sword. Since this was Halloween season nobody much noticed except a kid with dreadlocks who said that Mike’s costume was “sick”.  We’re in the Starbucks in Santa Monica and I sense that Mike is here to pull the plug. 

I implored him saying that humans “aren’t that bad” and assuring him that they are making progress. Mike keeps toying with the hilt of his sword and it is making me nervous. I fidget. Apparently, the old man has been stationing watchers in the guise of homeless men to keep an eye on my progress.

I ask for a chance to present my case for another extension. I am given until 2037 to make a difference. After that, I will be called home. Since I am in human form that means I must die as a human along with everyone else before returning to my celestial form. Mike took his leave. I took a picture on my phone as Mike ascended.

We must do this. Time is running out. 

I honestly think the confession scene was when Andrew returned the hat to akko, cause that part in the episode was… so awkwardly cut, they didn’t even fix it a bit, like it looks like a windows movie maker video kfjdkdkf smh

Plants can “talk”

A peaceful mountain meadow fragrant with the scent of wildflowers is actually a very noisy place. It is just that the “noise” is chemical, not sound. Plants communicate with each other, warning of danger and prompting other plants to secrete defensive chemicals for protection. 

One plant, an African acacia tree feeds large plant eaters. While the plant eaters graze but do not eat too much the tree is fine with it. However, when the grazing gets to the point where it endangers the tree it secretes a chemical which selectively kills the animals. Not all of them. Just some. Then it emits a chemical messenger which carried on the wind warns others to start producing the chemical as well. 

Plants that deliberately kill large mammals cutting the herd sizes back Weird.

If you add all of the chemical messengers made by plants to those made by ants and other insects as well as mammals then you can see that the meadow is as noisy as a New York street at noon but with smell not sound. If we suddenly were able to detect scent like a dog can then we would be bombarded by odors which if we spoke their language would tell us a great deal.

So far my favorite head canons I’ve seen in the Love Live fandom are:

• Rin being allergic to cats but still playing with them/cuddling them/just being around them in general
• Eli being a whole foot taller than everyone else
• thicc/chubby Honoka, Nozomi, and Hanayo???? Yes please????
• muscular umi
• die hard shipper Kotori
• tiny Nico like I Mean TINY like she’s only one or two cm shorter than Rin canonly but I’m talking like a whole foot smaller than Rin

This has been A List.