Whys, Hows, and Wherefores aka More Random Shipper Questions

In no particular order…(all my own opinions. YMMV. yadda, yadda, yadda)

1. With the Great Fashion Show Picture Dissection going on (for the record, I really don’t think it’s Sam. I thought it did look very like him originally, but the gentleman looks a bit too skinny. I can explain the differences in the appearance between the picture and the video with lighting. We’ve all seen the ‘blue/black or is it white/gold dress’ and the ‘mint/grey or are they pink/white sneakers’.)…Why does it matter to anyone enough to post the video, conveniently to multiple shipper blogs? Is being “right” (about that, anyway) THAT important to take the time? Oh well. To each their own, I guess, I say as I’m typing out a tome here.

2. About Cait’s interview with her boyfriend texting her from the lobby. Why wasn’t he in the room with her? He obviously didn’t care about interrupting the interview because he was texting her. Why didn’t he hang around? If her boyfriend was some rando, there’s nothing to hide. But, if her boyfriend is say, her costar, that might gum some things up. <wink wink>

3. I touched on this in my other post. Why are ALL of the references to Sam and Cait’s SOs ONLY in print. There are LITERALLY (I’m not even being hyperbolic!) NO mentions of their SOs by them in video interviews, on their SM, by their friends or associates. Nothing. That goes WAY beyond trying to be private. How can you NEVER acknowledge someone you’re supposed to be in love with? Even in the instances where they’re seen together, there’s very little personal acknowledgement and, again, absolutely NO indication of a romantic relationship.

4. If Cait and Sam are involved with other people, why haven’t they, even ONCE, let something slip outside of a print article? Cait’s supposedly been with this guy for YEARS. Nothin. And since the person she’s reported to be with doesn’t have an SM presence and wouldn’t be subject to any ridicule there (side note: why do people slam the SOs? Leave the poor people alone ffs.), why would she hide him? Just a simple after-the-fact post about how she enjoyed her vacation with her wonderful man, showing the back of his dark-haired head would suffice. It wouldn’t invade his privacy, wouldn’t give away her location, but it WOULD stop a lot of the speculation. And Sam actually did post pictures with Mackenzie, why not put even a little caption about having a fun time with his one and only? And if she’s your SO, maybe show a 100th of the affection you show for your supposedly platonic-friend costar, mmkay?

5. On a related note - If Cait’s so tired of answering the “Are you dating Sam Heughan?” question like she stated in an article, why doesn’t she post something  - ANYTHING - that will definitively show that her boyfriend is NOT Sam? As stated in #4, this can be done very simply, and without even really taking away his privacy.

6. Speaking of THAT article - How did the Tony/Cait shippers reconcile Tony McGill - Talent Agent/Manager/Bar Owner orwhateverheis, who moved back to Glasgow for his one true love and magically has the time to travel everywhere with Cait, that we’ve been hearing about ad nauseam for years with Brian McGill - Financial/Banker-type who lives in London from the article? I’m betting there was some advanced yoga involved.

7. And WHERE would Cait get the time to even meet, much less develop a relationship with a dude from London who’s in finance? The mind boggles.

8. If they have these SOs, why don’t they at least cut back on the physical contact during events and maybe not post so many pictures of them doing things together outside of work. It would go a looooong way toward shutting down the rumors and questions. They’ve so far managed to not show any affection to their supposed SOs, in person or on SM, it shouldn’t be too hard for them to dial it back since they’re just friends. Right?

8. How can fans be mad at Sam and Cait for raising money for charity? I saw a few posts where people were bitching that they thought the shrimp sexting was only to get people’s attention so they could ask for more money for their charities. Seriously? It’s for FUCKING CHARITY? If you’re mad at two people you don’t know for trying to raise money for charity, you need to rethink your priorities. FYI - No matter what, Sam and Cait are not “playing” any of us on either side. WE choose to be here and what we pay attention to. It’s a distraction for us…but it’s their LIFE. Because of their celebrity and the fandom interest in their personal lives, they pretty much have to use some smoke and mirrors. What they’re hiding is obviously a matter of opinion, but why is a product of our actions, we need to own it.

9. Wherefore art thou, Romeo?

Her body is not your bedroom, it is not a place for you to rest your weary head and then leave in a mess in search of greater adventures. Her body is a home, but not for you, it is a sanctuary for her and her alone.
—  Nikita Gill

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I would've liked Riposte more if it weren't for the fact that Marinette now caused THREE AKUMAS IN A ROW. Seriously, if she keeps this up, she may as well become the new Chloe.

Okay I’m going to stop you right there Anon. I understand what you’re trying to get at, but I just don’t agree with it at all. Not with Marinette being the cause for Riposte, or any of the akumas we’ve had thus far. In some way, I can see how you came to that conclusion, but I honestly feel like you and a lot of other fans who have made claims like yours, are too eager to persecute Marinette, too much to the point of actually deeming her the “new Chloe,” when there’s a world of difference between them.

To clarify, these are the reasons why Nadja, Gina, and Kagami became akumatized:

Why Nadja became Prime Queen

Nadja had an agenda that she did not relay to Ladybug or Chat. She was primarily concerned with getting ratings and she continued to push Ladybug to admit that she had a relationship with Chat Noir, even when she repeatedly denied it and appeared very uncomfortable with it.

Ladybug saw through Nadja’s intentions and that she would not stop until she forced her to give her the answer she wanted. And primarily she came to the interview and left it because she was wholly and completely focused on her responsibility as a hero and only wanted to reassure Paris that she and Chat will continue to keep them safe.

And what’s more, was she supposed to give into pressure and lie about having a relationship with Chat Noir???

Why Gina became Befana

She was disconnected from the fact that her granddaughter is not a young child anymore, but a teenager with a life and friends of her own. At the end of the episode, she’s come to accept that Marinette had grown up.

Even when Marinette asked her if it was okay to leave for the party, Gina encourages her TWICE that she should go.

And is it really that wrong for a girl who JUST turned 14 years-old to want to go her own surprise party that her friends worked hard to plan for???

Why Kagami became Riposte

She lost to Adrien. That’s it. That’s why.

Maybe Marinette made the wrong call, but it was literally her very first day in a sport that she barely knows and in spite of that she was still put on the spot to make the final judgement. She admits upfront that she’s not sure, but she thinks that Adrien won, but D’Argencourt accepted her answer without question, only happy that his student won over the “insolent” girl. Even when Adrien tried to clarify Marinette’s answer and it’s very clear that she’s uncertain when she talked to him, D’Argencourt remains firm that her call was final.

source for translations on the scene of Marinette making the call

And in any case that still doesn’t make her responsible for Kagami’s reaction to losing. While it’s understandable why she took it hard (she felt that she let down her family) that’s an issue that’s completely separate from Marinette.

Plus towards the very end, none of the characters really learn who truly won. Adrien might’ve thought that Kagami got the point, but neither of them really know for sure. And ultimately let’s say that Marinette was correct all along, Adrien did win.

We would end up with the same results of Kagami getting akumatized, so would you STILL honestly pin the blame on her then???? And if you do, doesn’t that make Adrien just as responsible if not more than Marinette for akumatizing Kagami with him beating her???

Conclusion: all of the reasons for these characters’ akumatizations were due to their own pre-existing issues that they already had before Marinette came onto the scene.

  • Nadja was under the threat of having her show cancelled.
  • Gina hadn’t been involved for most of Marinette’s life and she was lamenting over it.
  • Kagami has a hard time accepting losing because there’s pressure in her family to always win.

TL;DR Marinette did nothing wrong in any of these episodes.

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Muse are you sure you’re okay ?

Her mother told her she could grow up to be anything she wanted be, so she grew up to become the strongest of the strong, the strangest of the strange, the wildest of the wild, the wolf leading wolves.
—  Nikita Gill, For The Red Riding Hood Who Was The Wolf

I wonder if anyone ever considered that the dragon guarding the princess was really a metaphor for the princess’s strength, power, fire, all the things the prince could not handle and that his killing the dragon was destroying the part of her that was truly magical just so he could possess her, he could own her, he could have her and her crown. Maybe if the dragon defeated the prince for a change, her true happiness in genuinely being herself could be found.

Nikita Gill, Excerpt From: Rethinking The Fairytale

I am teaching myself how to take up space. How to not apologise constantly for the way I live and breathe. How an apology isn’t something I am supposed to say before I speak in a conversation. How  I’m so sorry, isn’t something I have to say before I just allow myself the basic right of speaking about anything.

I am teaching myself that I am allowed to exist on this planet without thinking of myself as a burden. How to not apologise for things that are out of my control. How to understand when people are trying to manipulate me into thinking the worst of myself and most of all how to stop thinking the very worst of myself as I deserve better than that from myself.

I am teaching myself that humans can exist without assuming the very worst about themselves and how the people around them perceive them. How to not apologise when someone bumps into me and I immidiately assume it is my fault. How to not apologise when I ask a question because I think others will think I am stupid. How to love myself for these flawed bits of me no one has ever wanted to love before.

I am teaching myself that all the lies my abusers told me about myself were so very wrong. How I am allowed to make mistakes. How as long as I apologise and amend things, anything is fixable if I still have love in my heart for the other person. How not everything that has ever gone wrong in every relationship is my fault.

I am finally learning how to take up space as a human being. It’s taken a long, long road to get here. And I still have a very long way to go before I am done understanding that it is my job to take up space, that I am not just an afterthought or a secondary character in this gift of life I have been given. That who I am is not an apology, that who I am is not wrong.

—  Nikita Gill, On Learning How To Take Up Space