House Call

“Uwaah… It’s so warm today.” Reisen sat out on the porch, finished with her chores today. It was an odd occurrence for the lunar rabbit, having free time this early in her day, but Eirin’s chores and Kaguya’s requests were sparse today.

Not that Reisen was complaining any. It just meant she had some time to relax and contemplate her insignificant place in the universe. She also wondered if anyone was going to come by.

musecarnival replied to your post:“Ko-Kourin!?” Keine gasps upon seeing the familiar little boy, “It can’t be… you… you’ve regressed…”

Keine forgot for a minute that she was under a spell that kept her in her hakutaku form… a fact that made her sigh for a moment before speaking, “No, I won’t eat you… I do not harm children.”

Hearing what the other said. He slowly removes his hands,Tears could be seen falling from the boy’s cheeks as he looks up at the were-hakutaku. 


musecarnival replied to your post“˜†~”

Keine would blush before straddling Yuyuko’s sides, her fingertips gently brushing along her pale skin, “Are you comfortable? I didn’t tie you too tight, did I?” She asked, “If something needs adjusting, let me know, okay?”

“Ah, sweetie, it’s just fine. I was merely surprised..~” Yuyuko nodded softly as she would look up at the Hakutaku with big, curious eyes. This whole thing was quite exiting and new to the ghost, but nothing she would mind. “What will happen now..~?” She asked curiously, her eyes remaining big of curiousity.



“You’ve heard’a me, then? Huh. And here I thought I was onna the more obscure Devas…”

“Well, I figure you’re obviously her, as I’ve heard Suika talk about you,” she says, giving a greeting bow, “I am Kamishirasawa Keine. And as you can assume, I am the schoolteacher here. What can I do for you?”

“Yer a lot more civil than I expected. Heard rumors that folks round these parts despised Youkai. Nice to meetcha anyway. Ah, I’m just here to look around, really. See if the surface world changed much, yanno?”


“I-I see… thank you. Still, I think the other girls in the Human Village are better looking. Hijiri-sama and Kamishirasawa-sensei both have radiant beauty… e-even her friend Mokou is beautiful. I am just… average.”

“I disagree, if I might be so bold.  I think your beauty is a quiet one rather than a more loud and in your face one like theirs.  You should be proud of it, Lady Toramaru, not so humble.”

Day with a hakutaku (Closed starter for musecarnival)

Rinnosuke had been fretting about his appointment with Keine for a good part of the day. On one hand, he was glad he’d be able to spend some time with her, but on the other there was still the fact that he’d seen something he shouldn’t. Well, not showing up at all would only exponentially compound his problem, so he placed a few of the things that Mokou had told him about in his pouch to bring her. Sighing to himself, he walked out of Kourindou’s door and locked it behind him.

Thankfully, while it was a bit of a trek to the human village, it would only take him an hour or so to get there if he didn’t dally. 

Considering that he’d been there earlier that day, it was easy to locate Keine’s house among the other buildings. Well, this was it. Hopefully he wouldn’t botch another meeting with her. He knocked on the door.