torn book pages scattered on the street

she threw her guitar in an alley

and sighed against the grafitti

why was no one listening?


in a busy coffee shop in soho

the crowd ignores her song

she runs out of the room

no one will respect her


she was supposed to speak of love

of triumph, of marriage

but how hard that could be

when no one will love you


a midnight comedy club

full of lonely, drugged people

after collecting her tip, she disappears

if no one laughs, are you even there?


tears, always tears

an effect of the drugs and the vodka

she knew that tragedy was true

but no one listens to a hospital patient


ballet studio in the day, parties in the night

maybe if she kept her feet moving

she wouldn’t slow down enough to feel

and would be hurt by no one


an angry protester on the street

singing songs of right and wrong

trying to prove the universe’s secrets

but no one cares


celestial daughter

she moves from man to woman to man

like the cycle of the planets she once watched

will no one stop her?


once the greatest, she has fallen far

she sits at the counter and orders another round

for the house, the only people who will listen to her song

but is no one hearing?


go home, daughters

you have descended and seen

you have kissed mortals and tasted ecstasy

will none of you return?

—  speak, o muse
Sometimes, you wonder if it was the way her mouth curled up when she smiled, or the glint of starlight in her eyes, or the light she never seemed to leave behind.
Sometimes, you wonder if it started when she stared into your eyes, or when your fingers got tangled with hers, or when you closed your eyes and could only see her.
Sometimes, you wonder if it felt like love because of the way your voice never caught in your throat when you said her name, or your every heartbeat aching for nothing but her her her, or how the rest of the world faded to black when she was around.
Sometimes, you wonder.
Oh, how you love her.
—  The Little Things

This is such a small interaction, but really so wonderful.

"You seem quite composed," Zoisite says. Like who opens with that, except someone who really wants to tack on "AND I DON’T LIKE IT".

Then Nephrite’s response, which is translated to “You again”, but which is actually “kisama”, and I’ve seen enough anime in my time to that’s not very polite.

So what we have here is basically:

Zoisite: I hate that you’re enjoying yourself.
Nephrite: Fuck off.



New Jurassic World viral video shows off the Hammond Creation Lab!

A new viral marketing video for Jurassic World has hit the web, this time focusing on showing off the Hammond Creation Lab - the place where the Dinosaurs for Jurassic World are grown! Very similar in fashion to the lab seen in Jurassic Park during the tour in the beginning of the film, this video shows off the various steps it takes to extract the DNA required to create a living, breathing Dinosaur. Then, we’re shown the various processes the lab technicians take to preserve and grow the embryos

friendly neighborhood gravity falls fan pointing out two things

By signing this official document, you are hereby agreeing to dedicate your life, your afterlife, and any potential clone-lives to the discovery, uncovery (Is that a word?), and exploration of the paranormal, the alter-average, and the extra-usual. When friends ask you to stop being paranoid, you will scoff. When they say that you’ve been acting really weird since you read that book and they don’t even recognize you anymore, that means they’re jealous/you are like me now. We are part a higher calling. We will meet one day and on that glorious day we will show the small-minded doubters we were right all along, and are also really cool, and they should have been nicer to us. Okay that’s about it. This sort of sounds like a supervillain manifesto in retrospect. But you get the gist.

dipper pines wants to expose the paranormal, alter-average, and extra-usual, which qualifies as abnormal

no puppet strings can hold me down
so patiently i watch this town
abnormal soon will be the norm
so please enjoy the calm before the storm

bill cipher wants to make abnormal the norm, the average, and the usual

these two characters share a goal.

They Heard Me Singing: Songs that are too beautiful for their own good.

Matilda – Alt-J // Prince Johnny – St. Vincent // Only Ones Who Know – Arctic Monkeys // Never Tear Us Apart – INXS // Days Are Gone – Haim // Map of the Problematique – Muse // Sprawl ii (Mountains Beyond Mountains) – Arcade Fire // Ya Hey – Vampire Weekend // I Know It’s Over – the Smiths

Listen to it HERE.