I finally made some jeanmarco art that wasn’t complete scribbles! :-U

This picture just so happens to be for my sweet lover, Jacki!! :-) (Since she introduced me to jeanmarco and the wonderful snk fandom) hope you like it sweetie (and I tried to draw the smiths shirt)!! 😘

This is based of the wonderful fic Forget Me Not! :-) ♡

To my dearest friend, Ashley! (aka muse09) :D

Happy Birthday, Ashley! You will forever be the Blaine to my Kurt and I absolutely adore you to tiny rainbow bits!! <333 I ADORE YOU TO SPRINKLES! That’s right! Hahah!!

Thank you for your friendship, my dapper love. Have a very happy, wonderful birthday!

Fic : Early Morning Future

Disclaimer: I do not own Glee or any of it’s recognizable characters or plot lines.
Pairing: Blaine/Kurt
Rating: PG 
Warnings: Flangst (fluff/ansgst) but only a smidge of the latter half, being up too early in the morning
Notes: Written as a gift for Muse09, inspired by our discussion of how much fun grocery shopping is. I lovelovelove getting to the supermarket way before anybody else and having the place to myself, it’s just so peaceful. I didn’t mean for this to be so sad, Kurt just… says things to me sometimes and I have to let him say them.
Summary: Blaine tags along when Kurt goes grocery shopping on a Saturday during their summer vacation.
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Fic : Light for the Travelers in the Dark.

Fandom: Glee
Disclaimer:: I do not own Glee or any of it’s recognizable characters or plot lines.
Pairing: Blaine/Kurt
Rating: PG-13-ish?
Warnings: Fluff, mild implied sex, random cosmological babbling.
Notes: Inspired by this picture by Muse09 on DA and Tumblr. She’s one of my favorite artists and I’ve wanted to write something for her for a while, just didn’t know which picture to choose, so I finally asked. This was in her top three. Also posted to my livejournal and
Summary: Kurt and Blaine finally understand the enormity of their lives.

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  • Light for the Travelers in the Dark
  • Samsamtastic
  • Sam Reads Things

Title: Light for the Travelers in the Dark.
Medium: Podfic (3:25)
Fandom: Glee
Disclaimer: I do not own Glee or any recognizable characters or plots.
Pairing: Blaine/Kurt
Rating: PG-13-ish?
Warnings: Fluff, implied sex, random cosmological babbling
Notes: This project is a present for Muse09’s birthday. This fic was the first I ever wrote for her and is pretty much what started our friendship. I wanted her to have the very first podfic I ever recorded to celebrate her special day. Thank you for being an amazing person and for being a wonderful friend.


If I asked really nicely, would an artist be willing to draw my original characters for my writing workshop? I just sort of would love to give a visual with my final manuscript for the class. But obviously I can’t draw. 

But yeah, if anyone would be interested in lending me their artistic abilities, I would be very grateful. :)

(((And I’m gonna tag a few artists I know but don’t feel pressed into a corner - I just want you to see this and maybe think on it. I understand if you have zero interest in this, though, since it doesn’t have anything to do with fandom. No hard feelings :P)))

muse09 asked:

I dunno if you already foumd out, but that gifset is from a "game of thrones musical" that Coldplay's Chris Martin created. If you search it up you can find it on youtube pretty easily! ;-)

muse09 haha yeah I found out a little bit after I stuck those gif sets in my queue!! Thank you though!

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since I never remember to do follow Fridays, I’m finally posting this after keeping it in my drafts for ages.

Lii - We may or may not control the universe. I’ll never tell. But if we did, she would be the Messenger and I would be the enforcer and we would be awesome. This girl is literally the reason I say swear words.
Glenna - Glenna and I got married one day while I was in my Econ lecture. We are Team I Like To Eat Ponies - or ILTEP - and we will win at everything, even your life. She is my spirit animal.
Caitlin - My hetero life mate, simple as that. There won’t be a day when we’re not friends. In seven years we have never fought - ever. We already have a song picked out to dance to with each other at our respective weddings to other people.
Ashley - How do I describe Ashley? Ashley is flawless. I hear her hands are insured for $10,000… seriously though I love this girl She’s sweet as hell and talented out her ears. Go look at her art and try not to fall madly in love with her, I dare you. Here’s a hint: it is impossible to do this, because she’s wonderful.
Gaelen - We are the Porn Twins. We have fancy decoder rings and when the world needs us, we jump to attention faster than Blaine’s cock when he sees Kurt in tight pants. She’s quite awesome.
Rose - Gah, Rose is just so sweet and awesome! She’s an amazing person and a really fantastic writer and a joy to know.
Emily - She doesn’t even go here. Well, she used to. But she stopped using her tumblr a while ago. But she’s still over on LJ and fabulous as fuck and full of everything a proper lesbian should be, namely vodka and feelings.
Morgan - If Morgan were sweeter, the world might crust over in a coating of sugar. Always there with comforting words if I’m not doing too hot, ready to geek out over happy things, and has the perfect reaction gif for every occasion.

muse09 prompted: spiderman!Klaine

So, what you need to know about this verse to understand what’s going on:

  • Blaine is a paramedic type thing that rides around on a bike to be a first responder in heavy traffic. 
  • He sometimes picks up extra shifts at the park
  • One night, Spider-Man broke into Kurt and Blaine’s apartment and bled all over the carpet because he knew Blaine was a paramedic
  • Blaine fixed the shit out of his wounds.
  • Blaine wears really tight bike shorts to work sometimes

Actually that last point is pretty irrelevant to this story, but I thought you might like to know.

Kurt reluctantly opened his eyes after several long minutes of trying to get back to sleep and checked the clock. Two in the morning. Why the hell was he awake? He lay still for a moment, doing a mental run down of the situation. Didn’t have to pee. Wasn’t thirsty. Blaine hadn’t woken him up for sex. Wait. Why hadn’t Blaine woken him up for sex? Kurt rolled over to make sure Blaine wasn’t sick or injured or - Blaine was gone. It was two in the morning and Blaine’s shift ended at eleven thirty. What the hell was going on?

That was when Kurt heard the clinking of dishes. He pulled on his bathrobe to cover his naked skin from the chill of winter - what? he’d been waiting for sleepy nighttime sex! - that the rumbling heater couldn’t quite beat and went to figure out why Blaine was still up. Kurt stepped into the kitchen and was immediately grateful for his robe. There was a half dressed man sitting on the counter, bleeding from the wound that Blaine was trying to stitch up. Unfortunately, this wasn’t too much of a surprise anymore.

“You’re here often enough that you should just pay rent,” Kurt said tiredly. The mask over the man’s face twitched in the way that Kurt had come to realize was a smirk. He yawned and flapped his hand at the mutant - Kurt’s way of asking what sort of villain had injured him this time.

“Doc Oc added some spinning blades to his arsenal that I wasn’t prepared for.”

“Did you bleed on my new carpet?”

“I am offended at the mere notion,” Spider-Man replied indignantly, putting a mocking hand to his chest and then wincing when Blaine smacked him in the chest for moving

“Well then I’m glad you’re safe,” Kurt said. He pulled a pizza out of the freezer and set the oven to pre-heating. What sort of host would he be if he didn’t feed injured super heroes when they showed up to exploit the goodness of Blaine’s heart? Granted, it was only ever the same stupid idiot who got himself hurt but those were semantics. Stupid idiot or not, Spider-Man was like a stray cat - you did not mean to leave food out for him more than just the once, but now it’s been a year and a half and you keep his favorite pizza in your kitchen. Or something like that.

They have seen his face - cannot check for concussions with a mask on. And Kurt had seen him on the subway or at the coffee shop or across campus. He knows Blaine had seen him, too. They tried not to talk about it, for posterities sake, but when you made awkward eye contact over the news stand with the mutant that had just been bleeding on your bathroom floor the night before, or saw him dripping mustard all down his shirt in the park - that’s the sort of crazy shit you had to laugh about over an entire bottle of wine. 

Kurt grabbed two beers and a bottle of water out of the fridge as Blaine finished the neat row of stitches that will need to be taken out in an hour. Super healing, pretty handy. That is why he sticks around for a while after being patched up. Mostly. Doctors tend to ask questions when there is no record of a patient getting stitches and yet there they were, needing them taken out. Kurt liked to think that they have grown on Stan - the fake name they have taken to calling him so that they do not have to deal with real ones - the way he had grown on them. He had taken to showing up for minor things that would clear up on their own, officially so that he makes sure he has a clean bill of health, But Kurt noticed that Blaine always seemed to have some sort of game on the DVR that he could not possibly watch alone. 

He did not want to think that they had been plotting those nights behind his back, but they totally were.