I finally made some jeanmarco art that wasn’t complete scribbles! :-U

This picture just so happens to be for my sweet lover, Jacki!! :-) (Since she introduced me to jeanmarco and the wonderful snk fandom) hope you like it sweetie (and I tried to draw the smiths shirt)!! 😘

This is based of the wonderful fic Forget Me Not! :-) ♡

If I asked really nicely, would an artist be willing to draw my original characters for my writing workshop? I just sort of would love to give a visual with my final manuscript for the class. But obviously I can’t draw. 

But yeah, if anyone would be interested in lending me their artistic abilities, I would be very grateful. :)

(((And I’m gonna tag a few artists I know but don’t feel pressed into a corner - I just want you to see this and maybe think on it. I understand if you have zero interest in this, though, since it doesn’t have anything to do with fandom. No hard feelings :P)))


I know you’ve suffered 

But I don’t want you to hide

It’s cold and loveless

I won’t let you be denied.

“Undisclosed Desires” – MUSE

THIS FIC, man. It’s a vampire soulmate!au and is absolutely wonderful! So besides blaming Rose for all of this, I definitely recommend reading this! (And I just saw that part II was posted!)

But ahhh. I’m no good with comic-thingies. So I hope this is okay! haha

But Vampire au’s and soulmate au’s are like my ultimate weakness. So this was like DOUBLE THE TROUBLE u feel me? ;) haha

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The other night, I’m slaving away, making a beautiful dinner for my family. My youngest boy comes in and says he wants to order a pizza. I said, “No, we’re not ordering pizza tonight.” He goes, “Mom, why don’t you go and fuck yourself?” He’s nine.