This woman? This speech? Inspiring and humbling. A strong woman and role model, to be sure.

Let’s all play the “What If” game and live our lives by it. 

Road to Muse 2013: Flashback to 1983

Meryl Streep rocks her embroidered NYWIFT jacket as a Muse Award nominee in 1983.

Who else thinks we should bring back the NYWIFT jacket?!

Fun fact: The early Muse Awards in the1980s often only had one honoree, sometimes two. It wasn’t until 1989 that there were three Muse honorees, and the number has grown ever since!

Catch up on your Muse Awards honoree history.

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Center for the Future of Museums: And the 2016 MUSE Awards Go To…

Thank you to the Center for the Future of Museums for this great wrap up - and to the AAM Media & Technology jurors for the appraisal of our collaboration and ever-growing connections between our dedicated volunteers and @smithsonian staff to improve collections. We do it together - and we learn together! 

Congratulations to the other winners - you can explore the full list of impressive, thoughtful, and engaging projects that won honors at the 2016 MUSE Awards in Washington, DC in May.


For the past few days, Minneapolis has been host to the American Association of Museums’ Annual Meeting 2012. Some of the Minnesota Historical Society’s work has been honored by AAM in the past and this year was no exception.

The 1968 Exhibit’s Huey Helicopter Vietnam Combat Stories, of which I edited the majority of the video pieces presented within, was honored with a MUSE Award this year by the Association. I’m really proud to have the hard work of myself and my colleagues recognized and showcased.

The 1968 Exhibit is now on view at the Oakland Museum of California, until August 19th.

Road to Muse: #ThrowbackThursday Videos

We hope you have your 2014 Muse Awards ticket in hand! If not, buy one now. You don’t want to miss the sure to be jaw-dropping, laughter-inducing Wanda Sykes’ acceptance speech, the industry insights from the stunning and talented Maggie Gyllenhaal, the thought-provoking, global-minded Abigail Disney’s Changemaker Award acceptance speech, or further wise words from industry veterans Dawn Ostroff and Mary Bailey.

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Now sit back, hit play and be prepared to be inspired, laugh and maybe even shed a tear:

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“ this just doesn’t add up, she says, shaking her head a bit. avalon refused to believe her best friend would choose to make an impromptu trip, it wasn’t how she functioned, her best friend was precise, always planning things to the last detail. “ i know her, she’d never up and leave like this. something is seriously wrong here, and i’m going to figure it out. you can either help me or get out of my way, but i refuse to believe this silly little note. so are you in or out? 

Sure, your company ultimately has the final say in how your career is going to go, but they still want to know where you see your future with the company – shockingly enough, sometimes they are willing to listen to what you have to say.

For this month’s evaluation, you’re asked to write a solo of your character visiting their favorite trainer for a one-on-one talk about how they see themselves, what they’re most confident in, what they’re weakest in, and what they have in mind for their future at the company. If you’re not very confident in writing for a company NPC, please feel free to approach any of the staff members for help, and we’ll gladly nudge you in the right direction!

You have until midnight at the end of Wednesday, August 31st to write your 200+ words solo about this evaluation. Please tag your post as #rkaug16eval. For completing this task, your muse will be awarded +3 POINTS TO DISTRIBUTE AS YOU WISH and +2 DEBUT POINTS.

AUGUST EVALUATION (for the September 7 verification form)

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