A life goes by,
Romantic dreams must die.
So I bid my goodbye
And never knew.
So close, was waiting,
Waiting here with you.
And now, forever, I know
All that I wanted
to hold you so close.
                           - “So Close” by: Jon Mclaughlin
                                 semi-based on the movie “The Deep Blue Sea”
                                 requested by awholemessofspoopy

Muse A is a therapist stuck in a marriage of ten years that had long since lost its spark. Muse B is an award winning novelist suffering from depression and trying to figure out what’s missing in their life. When Muse B’s editor notices, they demand Muse B see a therapist and the best one in town — who happens to be the very therapist who’s stuck in a loveless marriage.

The first session is rocky as Muse B doesn’t want to be there but the others make them more comfortable not just with the sessions but with each other. Muse A is almost starstruck the moment Muse B sits on the couch as they’ve always been a big fan of Muse B’s work. However, as the sessions go on, the untouched Muse A starts to become enraptured by the novelist and soon after so does Muse B with Muse A. The two start a passionate and deep affair that stays confined to the small office.

[★] → @windwitch-rin

【ϟ】 “Well, that’s real original. Looks like Sho’s got a new rival in the fight for the ‘weirdest hair at Duel Academy’ award.” Manjoume mused to himself, crossing his arms at the girl. With an appearance like that, he figured he would’ve at least noticed someone like her walking around the halls in between classes. “So, who are you supposed to be anyway?”