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2 Reasons I Love/Hate Tuesdays

The ‘Love’ Part: I get to praise this lovely scout in all of his wonderful glory to the fullest (pft like everyday already isnt like that, Hah)

The ‘Hate’ Part: Chores a.k.a-

Up close and personal Meme

Rules! Send either “Mun” or “Muse” plus a question if you want to know the answer from either from the intimate, TMI questions below!

웃    Last thing you remembering thinking before you fell asleep last night. 

☿     Something that scares you to your core. 

♒    A memory that still makes you cry. 

☑    The biggest regret of your life. 

❣     Tell us about your fist kiss. 

♥     Tell us about your first time. 

❥     The first time you had your heart broke/ detail your first major break up. 

✄    Something about yourself you’re really embarrassed or ashamed about. 

☺    A memory that always makes you laugh out loud

♪     Your OTP and what do you think it says about you and the love you want/think you deserve?

♫    Style icon? Who do you wish you looked like?

♋    Secret, guilty pleasure

☯    Strangest turn on. 

✐    Tell us a bit about your first writing project you can remember. 

✒     Tell us about your favorite book

✑    The worst book you have ever read. 

ϡ     Have you ever lied or cheated to get something you wanted, whether a lover, a grade, a toy, ect?

۵    Random piece of love advice

❂  Tell us your three wishes for yourself

✬   Do you hate anything about yourself

✣   What do you think your muse says about you?/ Your mun says about you?

✌    Something you would change of the fandom/character’s universe?

✚   Religious views? Paths to said views?

❇   Tell the truth about _____ [ asker makes up question]

The Trickster's Mate Ch 2 (GabrielxReader)

Word Count: 3.2k

Warnings: Some violence, vampire deaths, I think that’s about it.

Author’s Note: Here’s chapter two everyone! Once again feedback is amazing and essential to my writing muses! Plus I love hearing (reading?) what you guys think!

And because some of you wanted tagged, here ya go! @mija-novella @fand0maniac @tiarna-spn @ackleholic96 @xpanicatthespnx @negansgrimes @jayde-waza7 @cantchoosejustonefandom @jaspesangriento @lunanightshade 

“Gabriel!” you shout to the sky. Waiting a minute, you look around. Nothing happens. “Fine, ignore me!” you mutter, slightly annoyed. Okay, more than slightly. You were downright pissed. “Infuriating angel.”

“Still nothing?” Sam asks you as you stomp back to the tables in the bunker.

“Sometimes the angels just stay away,” Dean tries to help. “Cas goes MIA all the time.”

Instead of responding, you pout slightly while trying to mentally will the angel to the bunker. It had been almost a week since he vanished from the bunker with Cas after you found out that you were his mate or whatever. Clearly it wasn’t all that impressive since he didn’t care to respond to your calls. You had thought there was something between the two of you, regardless of whatever the mate thing was about.

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thoughts about a +Anima anime

i went into the +Anima tag and i saw a lot of people talking about this and i feel the need to give my two cents into this topic

a lot of people are upset (and rightfully so) that +Anima will probably never turn into an anime since it was made in 2001, 15 years ago and because of that, it’s too old to be turned into an anime.

and this is my rebuttal

Parasyte - the maxim - very different from +Anima but it ran from 2014-2015. About two years ago.

HOW-FUCKING-EVER. When did the original manga come out and when did it run?!

1988 to 1995! This is an old ass manga and got an anime series 26 years after it’s original run.

My main point is that if they can make an anime series out of a manga that is 26 years old, I don’t think we need to write +Anima off so quickly, it just needs to get more popular.

why propose with a ring when you can propose with concert tickets and a limited edition cd boxset