muse of swimming

It's hot out, send in a symbol on how our muses beat the heat
  • 🍦: our muses go the nearest ice cream parlor
  • 🍧: our muses make shaved ice (whether they have syrup is optional)
  • 🍨: our muses raid the freezer for whatever tub of ice cream there is
  • 🌊: our muses take a trip to the beach
  • 🎦: our muses go to an air-conditioned theater
  • 🏊: our muses go swimming at the lake
  • 👙: our muses go the pool
  • 🌳: our muses look for some shade
  • 🍹: our muses make smoothies
  • 🍃: our muses wait for a good breeze

— soooo yeah…
Since I’ve finally been able to get myself a drawing
tablet I started drawing some free! horses again..
This I drew for @sougre, Sousuke (the light one) and
Haruka (dark one). 

Still teaching myself how to shade and highlight properly,
so you won’t see anything of that in this drawing.. FYI

🗣 No Words Needed Starters 🗣

These were requested via messaging from someone who thought it was a good idea to have starters for characters who didn’t interact like humans did, like animals, or characters more centered in a Paleolithic-ish sort of setting/universe.


🌌 to go stargazing with my muse

👤 to groom/physically comfort my muse

🍪 to share food with my muse

🌧 to find shelter from bad weather with my muse

🌲 to climb a tree with my muse

💐 to give my muse flowers

🌞 to watch my muse from afar

🌊 to go swimming with my muse

🏹 to hunt with my muse

💤 to fall asleep next to my muse

🔗 to build something with my muse

💡 to stir up mischief with my muse

Multi-Muse Meme
  1. Which muses have their driver’s license?
  2. And how many can drive stick shift?
  3. Which muse would make the best parent?
  4. Which muse cries the most?
  5. Which muse never cries?
  6. Which muse is the most ticklish?
  7. Which muse is the best singer?
  8. Which muses live on their own? (Don’t live with their parents anymore.)
  9. Which muse is the bravest?
  10. Which muse is the biggest scaredycat?
  11. Which muse is best at sports?
  12. Which muse is the smartest?
  13. Which muse is the dumbest?
  14. Which muse has the biggest dick?
  15. Which muse has the biggest breasts?
  16. Which muse is the strongest?
  17. Which muse is the weakest?
  18. Which muses can’t whistle?
  19. Which muses need glasses to some extent? (All the time/for reading, etc.)
  20. Which muses have sent nudes before?
  21. Which muses are left-handed? 
  22. Which muses prefer bathing over showering?
  23. Which muses belong to a religion?
  24. Which muses bite their nails?
  25. Which muses can’t ride a bike?
  26. Which muses can change a tire? 
  27. Which muses can’t swim?
  28. Which muse is the clumsiest?
  29. And which is the most elegant?
  30. Which muses are parents?
  31. Which muses speak another language than English? Which language(s)?
  32. Which muses can cook?
  33. Which muses rely on frozen dinners and take-out?
  34. Which muses can play an instrument?
  35. Which muses have had surgery before?

Someone made a post in the tag today about how they want creators to stop making trans Fenris content. On an unrelated note, here’s a drabble I just wrote where Fenris is trans


“Oh, thank the Maker,” Isabela moans, undoing the clasps on her shirt and dropping it in the dry grass.

“You know what, that’s a perfect idea.” Hawke sheds his pack, grasping the hem of his own shirt and stripping it off over his head.

“What are you doing?!” Aveline squawks.

Fenris is inclined to ask the same thing. Isabela’s brassiere is next, and she flings it gaily behind her. It lands on top of Aveline’s head. She has excellent aim, Fenris muses.

“Going for a swim,” Hawke answers, opening up the tie on his trousers. “I’m bloody melting.”

Evident by how his tan, freckled back shines with sweat, droplets running down his spine, winding in rivulets between his taut, powerful muscles…Fenris fixes his gaze instead on the wide, blue-black lake opening up from the stream they’ve been following. It is impolite to stare. He is also quite hot, but after the chokingly humid, mosquito-clouded jungles of Seheron, heat like this hardly merits notice.

Isabela kicks her smallclothes off and runs, bare feet dashing through the grass, letting out a whoop as she flings herself off a rock and splashes into the water below.

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Send A Symbol - Scenario Starters

☂ Our muses cross paths taking cover from the rain
☃ Our muses compete to build the best snowman
♙ Our muses play a game together
✮ One of our muses teaches the others about constellations
⊙ Our muses cook or bake together
≊ One of our muses teaches the other to swim
♬ Our muses wind up as dance partners
△ Our muses climb a mountain together


🍧 – share a sno cone with my muse
🍦 – put ice cream on my muse’s nose
💦 – splash my muse
💪 – push/toss my muse into the water ( specify! )
🌊 – watch the waves with my muse
🏊 – go swimming with my muse
🏄 – take surfing lessons with my muse
🏐 – challenge my muse to a game
🐟 – go fishing with my muse
🚤 – take a leisure row with my muse
🌿 – take a nature walk with my muse
🐎 – go for a horse ride with my muse
🏰 – build a sandcastle with my muse
– sunbathe with my muse
– lounge under an umbrella with my muse
🛀 – relax in a hot tub with my muse
🍹 – buy my muse a drink  
📖 – tell my muse a story
☀️ –  enjoy a sunrise with my muse
🌅 – enjoy a sunset with my muse
🌠 – do some beach stargazing with my muse
🎁 – buy my muse a gift 
🎡 – ride the ferris wheel with my muse

Send in a word for a /detailed / headcanon~
  • Frog: Does your muse make any strange noises? Or do they do anything relatively strange with their mouth unknowingly?
  • Antler: Does your muse hunt? What do they hunt if they do? How often do they go hunting? Are they for or against it? Where do they go hunting?
  • Seaweed: Does your muse like the water? Can your muse swim? What temperature does your muse like the water to be?
  • Hornet: How patient is your muse? Are they easily perturbed? What sets them off the easiest?
  • Popsicle: What does your muse do to cool down in the heat? Does your muse overheat often?
  • Rhino: Is your muse wanted for something? What item do they value most? What is the bounty on your muse's head? (If they have one.)
  • Sandpaper: What does your muse's skin feel like? How about their hair? Is one part of their body a rougher texture than the other? Does your muse have any callouses?
  • Fire: What is your muse's temper like?
  • Stomach: What is your muse's health like? Are they missing any organs? Do they have extras of some organs? Any strange features your muse may possess that nobody knows of?
Summer time ask meme


👙 Our muses go to the pool to cool down
🏄🏻 Our muses go surfing
🐧 Our muses go to the zoo and stare at the penguins
🌴 Our muses go on a romantic vacation
🔥 Our muses try to stay cool when the power goes out due to a thunderstorm
🍳 Our muses attempt to fry an egg on the driveway or car
🍉 Our muses host or attend a summer cookout
🍓 Our muses go strawberry picking
🍻 Our muses have nothing to do so they go out and get drunk
⚽️ Our muses are playing soccer and your muse gets hit in the head with the ball
🚣 Our muses go canoeing and capsize
🎸 Our muses go to a crappy music festival
🚗 Our muses go on a road trip
🐊 Our muses find an alligator blocking their front door
🚤 Our muses go on a summer cruise
⛽️ Our muses are on a road trip and their car breaks down, leaving them stranded
🛌 Our muses can’t fall asleep on a very hot summer night
🌟 Our muses stargaze on a hot summer night
🚿 One of our muses takes a really cold shower to cool off, the other muse tries to join them
🍅 One of our muses forgot to put on sunscreen and now they’re in pain and all red
🌞 One of our muses gets heatstroke and ends up in the ER
🐝 One of our muses gets stung by a bee
🐚 One of our muses picks up a seashell and gets pinched by the critter inside
🦈 One of our muses touches something while swimming in the ocean and gets scared
🏊🏻 One of our muses learns how to swim
🦋 One of our muses has a butterfly land on their head
🐦 One of our muses gets pooped on by a bird


“I’m going to melt.”
“Don’t go barefoot on the driveway, you idiot.”
“Sex on the beach is the worst idea I have ever heard of.”
“A hot drink? Do you even know what the temperature is outside?”
“I can’t believe we ran out of gas, you absolute fuck.”
“This is as bad as the Fyre Festival.”
“No, this is worse than the Fyre Festival.”
“This wouldn’t have happened if you just drank more water.”
“A cruise? Are you serious? We have no money.”
“There aren’t any great white sharks in these waters, don’t worry.”
“Please tell me we have a generator.”
“I can’t sleep without blankets on but it’s too hot for that so I can’t sleep.”
“How hot does someone have to be for spontaneous combustion to happen?”
“Dude, you were so dehydrated the nurses almost had to put the IV in your jugular.”
“Oh my god, it bit me. It bit me. Am I going to die?”
“Don’t move, there’s a bug on you.”
”The humidity is ruining my hair.”
“We should have just stayed home.”
“I can’t see anything through this telescope.”
“Is it possible for an ant to crawl into your butt?”
“Where are the coconut trees?”
“If you put more of that oil on, you’re going to cook like a turkey.”
“To be honest, I expected more topless sunbathers.”
“We are not going to a nude beach.”
“Let’s go steal someone’s yacht.”
“I think you put a little too much tanning lotion on.”
“I think my make up is running down my face.”
“Why can’t we go on vacation?”
“It’s beach weather and you’re wearing a hoodie and sweatpants?”

       okay but like. for all that I talk about Jack’s aversion to fire and the fact that he doesn’t like to be around them when they’re raging and out of control, I sometimes wonder what would happen if he was faced with the prospect of a burning house or building with people trapped inside and I realise that Jack would probably rush in and try to get them out because that’s just the sort of person he is. he might go into shock afterwards but he’d push past his fear since he can’t help himself when it comes to his Spontaneous Hero Syndrome™