muse of swimming

Send in a word for a /detailed / headcanon~
  • Frog: Does your muse make any strange noises? Or do they do anything relatively strange with their mouth unknowingly?
  • Antler: Does your muse hunt? What do they hunt if they do? How often do they go hunting? Are they for or against it? Where do they go hunting?
  • Seaweed: Does your muse like the water? Can your muse swim? What temperature does your muse like the water to be?
  • Hornet: How patient is your muse? Are they easily perturbed? What sets them off the easiest?
  • Popsicle: What does your muse do to cool down in the heat? Does your muse overheat often?
  • Rhino: Is your muse wanted for something? What item do they value most? What is the bounty on your muse's head? (If they have one.)
  • Sandpaper: What does your muse's skin feel like? How about their hair? Is one part of their body a rougher texture than the other? Does your muse have any callouses?
  • Fire: What is your muse's temper like?
  • Stomach: What is your muse's health like? Are they missing any organs? Do they have extras of some organs? Any strange features your muse may possess that nobody knows of?
Send ✍️ and a Number and I’ll draw my Muse...
  1. In their swim wear!
  2. In a ball gown/suit!
  3. As a youth!
  4. As an elderly!
  5. In their sleep wear!
  6. In their under wear!
  7. In their job uniform!
  8. Drunk!
  9. Tired!
  10. Injured/Bleeding!
  11. In their Halloween costume!
  12. In a Santa suit!
  13. As an animal!
  14. Shirtless!
  15. In 80′s wear! (Hairstyle included!)
The Muse

I’ve been swimming in sunshine
Since he found me
A muse ,
but the poet
Somehow drowning

Yet I’ve reached the familiar
shores of darkness once

words pour out
and conflate

The true muse is

A road of trial and testing
Created upon crests
Of vulnerability.

The words flow stronger with
Deathly currents.

Then on paper
Sirens emerge
in my night

While mermaids play
the quiet
day away taking
cute selfies.

It’s possible one or two of the other Daughters of Aku survived. Jack’s fine (duh). Ashi’s probably fine too, considering how much more character development she has had than the others. The other two Jack fought in the tree might have survived the fall. Although I think the one he threw off the branch has a better chance than the one he punched. The scene made it look kind of like the latter had broken her neck, but considering it was a punch square in the face, she might have simply blacked out or slipped.

It's hot out, send in a symbol on how our muses beat the heat
  • 🍦: our muses go the nearest ice cream parlor
  • 🍧: our muses make shaved ice (whether they have syrup is optional)
  • 🍨: our muses raid the freezer for whatever tub of ice cream there is
  • 🌊: our muses take a trip to the beach
  • 🎦: our muses go to an air-conditioned theater
  • 🏊: our muses go swimming at the lake
  • 👙: our muses go the pool
  • 🌳: our muses look for some shade
  • 🍹: our muses make smoothies
  • 🍃: our muses wait for a good breeze

If you judge me for listening to One Direction then judge me for listening to The Killers, Arctic Monkeys, Nirvana, The NBHD, The Weeknd, Pink Floyd, The Doors, The 1975, Troye Sivan, Macklemore, Mac Miller, Blackbear, Muse, Justin Timberlake, Kings of Leon, Swim Deep, Oasis… Because I’m NOT defined by just one band. People need to realize that.

Send a symbol

@: a starter involving our muses in a car chase

♒: a starter involving our muses going swimming

✈: a starter involving our muses going on a trip

✯: a starter involving our muses stargazing

♡: a starter involving our muses going on a date

✽: a starter involving our muses picking flowers

☂: a starter involving our muses sitting in the rain

½: a starter involving our muses baking a desert

♫: a starter involving our muses singing together

♕: a starter involving our muses being kings/queens for a day

🔎: a starter involving our muses being detectives

☎: a starter involving our muses calling each other in the middle of the night


Albums released

  • February 9: Peace - Happy People 
  • February 23: Pond - Man, It Feels Like Space Again
  • February 25: Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds - Chasing Yesterday 

Scheduled for release

  • April 21: Miami Horror - All Possible Futures
  • April 21: Passion Pit - Kindred
  • April 21: Alabama Shakes - Sound & Color
  • April 27: Blur - The Magic Whip
  • May 4: Mumford & Sons - Wilder Mind.
  • May 4: Palma Violets - Danger in the Club
  • May 18: Brandon Flowers - The Desired Effect.
  • May 18: Hot Chip - Why Make Sense?
  • May 25: The Vaccines - English Graffiti.
  • May 26: Unknown Mortal Orchestra - Multi - Love
  • June 1: Florence + The Machine - How Big How Blue How Beautiful
  • June 5: Muse - Drones



Gay Roleplay plot trope: Getting Wet

Muse A is a merman, either through a curse/spell, or by birth, disguising himself as a normal person. Whenever his skin gets into contact with water, his body shifts into his merform. This can be either instantaneous, or gradually. In the latter case, he starts to grow fish-scales on the wet patches of skin, or swimming skin between his fingers, or his gills are opening. Muse B cannot swim, or can’t swim good (either because of lack of training, or because he wears too heavy armor, etc.) and doesn’t know that Muse A is a merman, or has his supsicions about Muse A being a merman, due to various incidents.
At one point Muse B gets into a situation where he almost drowns, pretends to be drowning and Muse A has to decide, whether or not he wants to jump into the water and reveal his true form in order to rescue Muse B.

Possible angst plot:

Muse B is searching for/ was ordered to search for a merman, because merfolk-blood is said to cure all illnesses/makes immortal and has to decide whether he is willing to kill Muse A for his blood, or not.

Possible Starter Sentence:

Muse A
- “Careful! Augh! You got me all wet! Shit! I gotta go!”
- “D-don’t come in! I’m bathing and naked!”
- “Scales? what scales!?”
- “Oh, you mean those lines on my necks? Those are tattoos. Neat, right?”
- “Sorry, but I… don’t really want to go swimming.”

Muse B
- “Whoops! Sorry, didn’t mean to get you wet!”
- “Are those scales?”
- “Whoah! what’s with that skin between your fingers!?”
- “You know, it almost seems, as if you’re afraid of water…”
- “What do you mean, you’re bathing? We’re both men! Let me in, I really need to piss!”

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Under the Rolling Waves // my-malleable-muse



Swimming was part of her nature. It was a way of survival, and being fin folk was all she had ever known. Her, her pod, the open ocean, this was her world. Her home.

One day, they migrated somewhere more tropical and Taylor went off to explore the corals, swimming with the giant turtles and playing with the brightly colored fish swimming around lazily.

A shadow drifted over her and she looked up curiously, seeing a strange shape of something she hasn’t seen before going across the surface. Intrigued, she followed after it, wondering what it was.