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Just Beautiful

He Can Play Football, And Christian McCaffrey Can Also Make Music.

Woof, Baby!

muse a is the preacher’s kid and muse b comes to church high

muse a works at a theme park and muse b throws up after riding the roller coaster they’re running

muse a works at a drug store and muse b comes in and buys condoms

muse a is the drug dealer and muse b is buying some for their friend but “oh no no it’s not for me, i don’t smoke”

muse a is one of santa’s elves and muse b brings their kid to see santa. a few times

muse a is a judge in a contest and muse b can’t sing for shit but fuck you’re really hot

muse a posts an ad on craigslist wanting to lose their virginity and muse b replies and oh shit you’re my best friend

muse a plays football for the opposing team of muse b and they hook up and fall in love and nobody can know

muse a is dating muse b’s sibling and they hook up secretly

muse a works at a movie theatre and muse b keeps coming to see movies… even though they’ve seen them all. twice


Thursdays In Tights!

Joel Selwood Looks So Sexy In His Tights!

Woof, Baby!

but a plot inspired by these photos like, muse a is a college football player living his dream playing for his family college, and muse b has finally managed to gain a coveted spot at a performance arts college for ballet. after muse a’s team loses game after game, their coach pulls a couple strings to get them to go old school and learn ballet to help them be more swift on the field, and muse b is apart of the group chosen at her school to help them. for the next month, muse a and muse b are partnered up, coaching muse a through the steps and the two growing closer and okay like muse a is super clumsy and always stepping on muse b’s feet and he’s like “sorry i’m so sorry” and she smiles through the pain and they do it again and again and then muse a has to learn better posture and how to move his feet and teaches muse b about football (which she doesn’t get) and she goes to his games and all this cute shit who doesn’t love cute fluffy tear your heart out fluffballs

Send ❧ for a  fall based thread
  1. Our muses go apple picking to make an apple pie together.
  2. Our muses go costume shopping for a upcoming Halloween party
  3. Our muses are in a party store looking for Halloween/Thanksgiving decorations
  4. Muse A is raking leaves and Muse B is the one to jump in the middle of the pile
  5. Our muses go to a homecoming football game 10 years after graduating. Bonus points if they were enemies or broke each others heart in high school.
  6. Our muses stay up late watching scary movies.
  7. It’s Halloween night and our muses are looking to have a good night of fun and spookiness.
  8. it’s Thanksgiving morning and the family is on their way to our house.
  9. our muses are children going trick r treating
  10. our muses decide to toilet paper someone’s house
  11. Muse A wears a pointy witch’s hat to lecture and Muse B cannot see the board and there’s no where else to sit.
  12. Our muses meet at a costume party and hook up without knowing each others identity
  13. Our muses and a group of friends play back yard football on a chilly Saturday
  14. Our muses carve pumpkins together
  15. Our muses pick out pumpkins at a pumpkin farm
  16. Muse A is alone for the Thanksgiving holidays, Muse B brings them home to meet the family where a misunderstanding occurs and they must pretend to be dating
  17. Our muses baking cookies together
  18. Our muses are determined to outdo the other in the Halloween decorations
  19. Our muses bake pies for a Thanksgiving dinner they are invited to.
  20. It’s the day after Thanksgiving and Muse A is dragging out the Christmas tree.

some cute aus to try

  • muse a is one of the math nerds who has a massive crush on muse b who is the lead in the school musical. so they go try to win the lead role so they can spend time together and kiss onstage
  • muse awants to prove that girls can just be as good as boys in a certain sport and goes to another school as their twin brother and falls for their roommate, muse b
  • muse ais one of the biggest goody two shoes ever and has to tutor muse b,the football superstar
  • muse a and muse b’s parents hate each other so they have to sneak around
  • muse a needs a job desperately and they work for this woman and her attractive kid, muse b at their bakery and they bond over cupcakes and frosting fights

Imagine a plot where MUSE A is in their third year at college and MUSE B is just starting her first year at the same college. MUSE A is a football player, meaning to go pro and is very social. Basically, everyone loves him. MUSE B is his best friend’s little sister. MUSE B’s older brother lives across the state and asked MUSE A to watch over her and make sure that no assholes hit on her and MUSE A does as he was asked to do. MUSE B however finds it annoying to be babysat and just wants to have fun, she enjoys being flirted with and so she makes it really difficult for MUSE A to keep his promise.

XF Writing Challenge - Sight


“Mulder, have you seen my glasses?” she asks, patting the surface of his desk as she squints over at him. “I knew I should’ve put my contacts in-”

“I don’t know,” he answers, then glances up at her and pauses. “Where did you leave them?”

“I don’t remember! Wouldn’t I be looking there if I did?”

He stands up and she watches his blurry form become slightly clearer as he gets closer. “Let’s retrace your steps. When do you remember having them last?”

“Just a few minutes ago, I was doing paperwork and I-”

She reaches up and pats the top of her head, glaring at him when she feels the wire frames of her glasses. His grinning face comes into focus when she slips them on and she shoves at his arm. “How long were you going to let me look?”

He shrugs, and bites back a smile as she turns away.

The next time she loses her glasses, it’s because he’s wearing them.

“Did you know our prescriptions are relatively the same, Scully?” he asks, pinching the edge of the frames as he looks at the small print on one of his slides. “Must be fate.”

“You don’t even believe in fate,” she says, hands on her hips as she tries to make out his facial features to determine if he’s serious or not. “Do you?”

“Mm,” he answers, nodding vaguely at her, then pulls the glasses off and appears suddenly right in front of her and slides them gently onto her face. The world is suddenly crisp and clear and clean looking and he winks at her now that he knows she’ll see it.


Skinner looks over at them expectantly, pausing in his briefing of the team of agents. “Mulder, can you read that report for us?”

“Hold on,” Mulder says, casting around for his glasses and landing on hers.

“God, Scully, you’re blind,” he says loudly as he puts them on. Heads turn.

“Our prescriptions are the same,” she hisses, kicking him lightly under the table. He traps her foot between his ankles and she holds in a gasp, trying to wiggle out, but he crosses his legs and keeps her from escape.

She grips the edges of her chair and tries to keep a pleasant expression on her face as she braces her other foot against his leg, trying to pry them apart. He’s reading the report coolly and evenly, the only voice in the room, and she realizes they’re playing footsie in the middle of an FBI case briefing.

She feels herself go warm, and then even warmer when Mulder places her glasses on her face when he finishes reading.


She falls asleep with her glasses on all the time, in hospital beds, and wakes up to find them folded carefully on the table next to her. Eventually she stops wearing them, because seeing too clearly makes her feel too hopeful. If the world is blurry, it doesn’t seem such a shame to leave it.

When he’s there, though, she thinks it is a shame to not be able to see. But he gets close enough that it doesn’t matter.

She wonders if he knows, if he’s compensating for her. Coming closer to let her see him more clearly.

He kisses her cheek and she thinks that maybe she doesn’t even need to see at all.

“People who have been blinded can use their other senses much more strongly,” she tells him once, closing her eyes. “They can hear better, feel more intensely.”

He squeezes her hand and she feels it all over her aching body.

“That’s kind of kinky,” he says, and she laughs.

Who needs glasses when you can laugh in hospital beds? Who needs much of anything when life is so full even as it draws to a close?


Sometimes, in motel rooms, they’re buzzing with adrenaline or anger or determinstion to solve a case. That’s when she can feel the tenuous tightrope stretched between them, waiting for someone to be brave enough to walk across it. He never wears his glasses then. When he’s angry, his face is bare and it fills that empty space with a red flush and a frustrated squint.

He wears his glasses when he’s sleepy. When they sit quietly in the motel rooms and read case files over and over until the words are painted on the backs of their eyelids and feel their bones sinking through their skin. Then the tightrope is a tidepool, lapping lightly at their edges until they slowly run together.

She looks up from a file to see him lift his glasses and rub his eyes.

“What time is it?” she asks quietly, and he glances at the clock by the bed and groans.

“Two fifteen.”

She lifts her glasses too, copies him. “I should get to my room.”

But the file is rearranging itself the longer she stares at it, the longer it pastes itself onto her visual cortex, and she feels that itch that means something is about to make sense.

It does, when the clock blinks 3:00 at her. She turns triumphantly to tell Mulder but finds him asleep over his file, glasses askew and crushed between his face and the mattress. He looks like a child and she remembers suddenly that she used to fall asleep while reading all the time when she was a girl.

Slowly, slowly, she stands and pads over to the bed. She wiggles his glasses off and realizes that he has not looked so young in a long time.


She’s glad of it, after a few years. That their prescriptions are the same. She likes the idea that their eyes see the world the same way. Of course, he sees magic and conspiracies and she sees formulas and facts, but in the end they see the same things.

She gets shot by a man who sees what no one else does, who she can’t believe she is even seeing, and Mulder reads Tom Sawyer to her while she pretends to be asleep. He pushes up his glasses with his index finger and cleans them on her sheets.

“Why are you always in hospital beds?” he asks, when she has successfully convinced him of her unconsciousness. “You look so small.”

His voice wavers, no longer steady like it always has been, like she has begun to expect and rely on. That tightrope pulls, shivers across the distance between his knee and her side. There is so much to see when she opens her eyes.


Next Stop The Meadowlands!

Wes Welker Got His Game On!

Drive That Baby, Home!


Missing The Gods Of The Grid Iron!

As The Weather Gets Warmer, My Thoughts Turn To Mini-Camps. Jeez Louise! Do I Miss Jason Witten!

Sexy As Hell, Baby!


Another Closet Door Opens!

Thomas Hitzlsperger, the German Midfielder, who retired from football four months ago, has revealed that he is gay

Hitzlsperger, “Der Hammer,” is “the most high-profile player” to come out in the world of football.

Danke Schoen, Herr Hitzlsperger! Du bist ein Held!

A True Sports Stud, Cowboy!