muse of farming

“You know what would help this boy?” Demeter mused. “Farming.”
Persephone rolled her eyes. “Mother-”
“Six months behind a plow. Excellent character building.”
-Rick Riordan, The Last Olympian (Percy Jackson and the Olympians, #5)

Percy Jackson!AU Moodboard_Xiumin|시우민| of EXO as the child of Demeter
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different worlds:

muse a is a posh, rich, spoilt business person who only has the best of everything. never seen without looking their best, they’re known as having a heart of stone. muse b is lives a simple life in the country, brought up on a farm they still live there after their parents death. To them money and looks don’t matter. However after muse a loses their job as well as their so called perfect partner, their parents tell them to stay with them for awhile. their parents live right next to muse b on a farm they recently brought to retire in and at first muse a isn’t interested in muse b but they are fascinated by muse a. muse a struggles with country life and lack of phone signal but muse b starts to show them the beauty of it causing them to fall for one another, two completely different worlds coming as one.

doesn’t have to be the posh one coming into the country, we could have it the poorer muse moving into the big city instead. we could also do it a little based on the proposal and muse a is pretending to be engaged to muse b as they go back to the country to meet their parents. this is just the basis and can be edited to suit our roleplay.

if you’re interested in doing this plot with me then just message me.