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ingo and ganondorf

So like what if Ingo likes Ganondorf and thinks he’s the shit because he sees himself in him? Ingo worked hard in his life and still he’s just an employee while Talon sits on his big fat bottom doing nothing and is the boss, probably because he inherited the farm, I think
so when some random pariah dude takes over the kingdom Ingo thinks “right on brother!!!” and probably sends some stupid letter congratulating the king of evil on his new rise and Ganondorf is so surprised and amused he decides to humor Ingo and kicks Talon out and probably immediately forgets about it
Ingo is acting pretty evil but he’s actually super naive and simple person, he honestly doesn’t understand the implications of Ganondorf taking over, his entire life is focused in one little ranch. It’s cute how he thinks they’re totally bffs with the gerudo and is so scared when Link frees Epona he gives up on a position. Honestly this is adorable, as if Ganondorf actually gives a single fuck about this farm and their horse anyway, he probably couldn’t even ride it. here’s helpful diagram of what it would probably look like

i didn’t depict epona kicking  him in the nuts but she’d do that, too
(but of course the worst thing is that her color scheme doesnt match the colors of his attire and we all know aestetic is his deciding factor in most of his life in this point)


“oh, my bad. am I intruding?” greeting with utmost insincerity, they come to meet the gem with an obnoxious grin. oh, were they curious on what the gem felt. were they startled? scared? the fusion was just desperate to know. 

first impressions were important, after all. invading property, on the other hand, no so much. really, they weren’t even aware that gems would inhabit such a remote area - so it’s not so much of their fault.

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“You know what would help this boy?” Demeter mused. “Farming.”
Persephone rolled her eyes. “Mother-”
“Six months behind a plow. Excellent character building.”
-Rick Riordan, The Last Olympian (Percy Jackson and the Olympians, #5)

Percy Jackson!AU Moodboard_Xiumin|시우민| of EXO as the child of Demeter
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Remember when Lewis Xephos was a hero and not some sort of Yoglabs clone/behind the scenes mastermind?
When he and Honeydew used to adventure, getting into all sorts of trouble, instead of him freezing his best buddy in ice?
When he just just a adorabru~ little babby spaceman?
I kind of miss that. But I kind of don’t.

You Can Predict The Season Finale Based On The Season Premiere

Season one - Started with Quinn Perkins, nobody understood why Olivia wanted Harrison to recruit her. It then ended with the question who is Quinn Perkins?

Season Two - Starts off with David losing his big case spectacularly, ends with David being the hero

Season Three - Starts off with Rowan trying to get his daughter on a plane. The season ends with his daughter on a plane.

So based on whatever the overarching story is in the season opener, we should be able to predict the outcome of the finale. It’s gonna be the opposite of what happens in the premiere. That should let people know whether to bail or not, lol.