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ingo and ganondorf

So like what if Ingo likes Ganondorf and thinks he’s the shit because he sees himself in him? Ingo worked hard in his life and still he’s just an employee while Talon sits on his big fat bottom doing nothing and is the boss, probably because he inherited the farm, I think
so when some random pariah dude takes over the kingdom Ingo thinks “right on brother!!!” and probably sends some stupid letter congratulating the king of evil on his new rise and Ganondorf is so surprised and amused he decides to humor Ingo and kicks Talon out and probably immediately forgets about it
Ingo is acting pretty evil but he’s actually super naive and simple person, he honestly doesn’t understand the implications of Ganondorf taking over, his entire life is focused in one little ranch. It’s cute how he thinks they’re totally bffs with the gerudo and is so scared when Link frees Epona he gives up on a position. Honestly this is adorable, as if Ganondorf actually gives a single fuck about this farm and their horse anyway, he probably couldn’t even ride it. here’s helpful diagram of what it would probably look like

i didn’t depict epona kicking  him in the nuts but she’d do that, too
(but of course the worst thing is that her color scheme doesnt match the colors of his attire and we all know aestetic is his deciding factor in most of his life in this point)

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Would you choose to have had your brother survive with you but never have met and liberated Nasir?

A fucking difficult question. One that I can not make. To wish for my brother to remain alive would mean I condemn Nasir to a life of slavery; leave him at the hands of enemies. To wish my brother dead is a thought I would never hold, sooner to rip heart from chest. I wish for them both. A part of me died with Duro, and what was left, saved by Nasir.

Inspiration : Southern Gentleman 

Okay but I really want a plot where Muse A is like this city girl and her boyfriend is the shittest shit you’ve ever seen and so one day she gets on a bus, with everything she has and just heads south. She ends up in some small town in Texas where she uses all her savings to rent this little house that’s down a quiet lane where she can just be herself and it’s all great until she get’s there and realizes she actually has another neighbor.  Muse A doesn’t see them for a while as so assumes it’s some little old lady that she can deal with but low and behold one hot night when she is outside drinking her tea and she sees the most gorgeous creature she has ever laid eyes on doing some work on the small farm Muse B but nope  Muse A has sworn of men and then god he opens his mouth and this gorgeous southern drawl comes out and he is the sweetest gentleman she has ever met and he calls her ma’am.  Muse B thinks  Muse A is gorgeous but he never pushes for anything he wasn’t raised that way, soon enough  Muse A is outside with her tea every night watching  Muse B as he works away and eventually Muse B does ask her on a date and despite her reluctance  Muse  A agrees and damn it’s perfect and he walks her home and kisses her cheek and tells her goodnight and then he’s gone and he does the same every time until it’s date five and Muse A demands to know when he’s going to come inside and kiss her dammit. Muse A didn’t think it was possible for men to be like this but Muse B is fixing what she didn’t even know what broken. He sings to her, helps old ladies across the road, takes her dancing and makes her laugh and her heart has never felt so good.  

BONUS: Muse A is also a new mom and Muse B often hears the baby crying at night, it’s gone on for so long one night he finds himself popping over to see if she needs a hand and so exhausted Muse A is willing to try anything and hell if the second Muse B picks the baby up and starts humming to them they don’t fall asleep straight away and Muse A just melts. It becomes a regular thing and them booooom her baby daddy shows up looking for what’s hit only to find Muse B right in his place. 

I really want like ‘fish out of water’ type plots ya feel??


  1. Muse A was a rich city boy/girl and they’ve basically lived their whole life in their New York penthouse, with their parents. Muse B is a country guy/gal, living in a small town and who works for a living at a local farm. Muse A finds out that one day, their grandparent dies and leaves them a huge piece of land, which happens to be the farm that Muse B worked at. Muse A comes to town for the funeral and checks out the farm they now own. Muse B is mad that they didn’t get the land and doesn’t think Muse A is fit to run the farm. Muse A tries to prove them wrong by deciding to stay in town longer to work on the farm. Angst/Rivalry/Friendship/Romance?/fighting ensues.
  2. Muse A is a fancy shopaholic, drives nice cars, goes to expensive restaurants every night, goes to celebrity parties every weekend, type of person. Muse B is a free spirit, always traveling, going on adventures in the wilderness, not really staying in one place kind of guy/girl. Muse A is used to getting everything they like, so when they see Muse B in a coffee shop, they approach them. Unfortunately for Muse A, Muse B doesn’t really seem into them and explains that they’re leaving for a trip to climb Everest very soon. Muse A doesn’t understand how extreme this trip is and offers to ‘tag along’ (since they have the money for it). Muse B explains that it takes years to practice climbing mountains, especially one of the tallest mountains on earth. But Muse A isn’t deterred. They lie to Muse B, telling them that they’ve been mountain climbing plenty of times (though most of that is just hiking up small mountain trails). Muse B shrugs it off and allows Muse A to come along with them and their friends. On the mountain, lots of Muse B getting angry with Muse A, Muse A beginning to fall for Muse B for more than just looks, Muse A’s overpacked bags come in handy when Muse B is feeling down and those treats that were ‘extra baggage’ and ‘stupid’ really come in as good comfort food. The two learn a lot about each other and maybe fall in love on this epic adventure?
  3. Muse A is studying abroad! They come to Muse B’s country and go to school there, getting their education, while also learning about Muse B’s culture. Lots of Muse B showing Muse A around to the tourist sights, while also bringing them to the places tourists never think to go. (bonus points if both muns are from different countries, so we can actually learn about each other’s cultures!)
  4. Muse A is the most popular girl/guy in school. Muse B is one of the smartest people in the county. While most fawn over Muse A, Muse B really didn’t care much. Muse B had a bright future ahead of them and they didn’t really care for the party/popular scene in the school. In their senior year, Muse A had come back from a summer long vacation, on a cruise ship, then a penthouse hotel on an island, so they’ve come back pretty happy and content, as per every year. Muse B had been on a science trip, going to islands and observing wildlife with some of the best scientists around. Needless to say, Muse B’s adventures in the wilderness left them looking AMAZING. They were hot. Muse A definitely took notice. When Muse A tries to ask out Muse B, Muse B denies them of a date. Mostly because Muse B didn’t like that ‘popular kids’ were always assholes. Muse A isn’t ready to accept this, so they join all the academic clubs, meeting all of Muse B’s friends, and basically tries to climb a new social ladder. In the process, Muse A gets a new understanding of what a person can be, going beyond social status and looks, Muse B sees that they were pretty hypocritical, since they were quick to deny Muse A, because of their social status (even though that’s what they thought ‘popular kids’ did). They even see that Muse A is a good person, willing to go through all this for them. And maybe Muse A finds out they’re actually extremely smart in a certain subject? (Bonus points if Muse A finds this out during an academic competition, where Muse B is stumbling on the answers a little, then Muse A swoops in and saves the day).

I went to a honey farm today. And that’s where the ducks are from. But also the man was just showing us around. And so much green land, trees, and a large but very cute house.

And there’s a lot of farms in this area. Fruit farms mostly. And they are all just so so beautiful. And I’d love to live there cos it’s not too far from the city either…. Though ofc these have been with them for generation. Imagine purchasing much of land now

“You know what would help this boy?” Demeter mused. “Farming.”
Persephone rolled her eyes. “Mother-”
“Six months behind a plow. Excellent character building.”
-Rick Riordan, The Last Olympian (Percy Jackson and the Olympians, #5)

Percy Jackson!AU Moodboard_Xiumin|시우민| of EXO as the child of Demeter
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Remember when Lewis Xephos was a hero and not some sort of Yoglabs clone/behind the scenes mastermind?
When he and Honeydew used to adventure, getting into all sorts of trouble, instead of him freezing his best buddy in ice?
When he just just a adorabru~ little babby spaceman?
I kind of miss that. But I kind of don’t.

You Can Predict The Season Finale Based On The Season Premiere

Season one - Started with Quinn Perkins, nobody understood why Olivia wanted Harrison to recruit her. It then ended with the question who is Quinn Perkins?

Season Two - Starts off with David losing his big case spectacularly, ends with David being the hero

Season Three - Starts off with Rowan trying to get his daughter on a plane. The season ends with his daughter on a plane.

So based on whatever the overarching story is in the season opener, we should be able to predict the outcome of the finale. It’s gonna be the opposite of what happens in the premiere. That should let people know whether to bail or not, lol.