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Roleplay Starters

Table for one? Table for two: With the weather getting colder, Muse A decided to go out for a cup of coffee. Though the coffee shop they had chosen ends up being a little more crowded then they expected it to be. With no other free tables open inside or outside, they are seated at a table in the far back where muse B is seated by themselves. Whither they’d like to or not, they are now forced to share the table together.

The ‘baby’ project: Muse A and B are both students in high-school who are partners in a project. The project is the cliche 'taking care of a baby’ assignment where both of them have to treat an egg as if it were a real baby. Only problem is muse A is taking the project way more serious than muse B is. Waking them up in the middle of the night saying the baby is 'crying’, buying things like toys and baby food for it - things get a little out of hand.

One drink too many: Hearing of a new club in town, Muse A asks muse B to attend with him. Only problem is must B says they’re not exactly a 'party person’. However with a bit of convincing, Muse A manages to convince muse B to go with him. Music, alcohol, dancing… they indulge in all the things the party has to offer; but must B has a little too much fun letting loose and becomes wasted. Muse B decides to wobble drunkenly out of the bar, and it’s up to muse A to take care of them and make sure that they don’t get into any kind of trouble.

Baby, it’s cold outside: Things don’t go too well for both muse A and B when they decide to go on a little vacation together. Resting in a cabin together, our muses wake up to find out that - they can’t leave? During their slumber, a snow-storm had hit and blocked both the windows and doors, locking them inside! Do they stay positive about this situation and keep warm inside? Or do they try and find a way to somehow escape?

A spoonful of sugar: Catching a high fever, Muse A is too sick to even move from their bed. Muse B, worries about the other makes their way to their house only to see what horrible condition they are in! Ignoring the stubbornness of Muse A who insists they’re fine, Muse B is now determined to nurse them back to good health! Blankets, Ice-packs, warm soup in bed… anything that’ll get them back on their feet and well again.

Stuck at the top: Muse A and Muse B decide to go to the Carnival together! After going on a couple of rides, Muse A wants Muse B to go on the faris wheel. Muse B is hesitant as they’re not all too fond of heights, but the comply to make Muse A happy. Though as the ride goes up, it suddenly stops at the top! What will they do while workers try to get the ride back up and running again? Will muse B be able to stay calm?

Childish fit: Deciding to spend the night together, Muse A goes over to Muse B’s house to have a sleepover together. Everything was going well until muse B pulled out the boardgames. Sitting down to play, Muse A can’t seem to get a single win; where as muse B has won every round now. What happens when Muse A starts getting really fussy about this?

A not so happy family: A perfectly normal day is interrupted when Muse A hears a knock at their door. Opening it, they see Muse B there who isn’t… acting like themselves. After listening to their rambling, you’ve come to the understanding that they believe the two of you are married to each other! No matter how hard Muse A tries to convince muse B that the two of them are not together, they don’t believe it, instead throwing marital arguments around like insisting they’’ll sleep on the couch tonight. Do they play along or try and knock some sense into the other?

Handful of flour: Muse A and Muse B decide to bake sweets in the kitchen! Muse A asks Muse B to get some flour from the cabinet, but instead of delivering it to them they instead take a handful and throw it right at Muse A - to which Muse A respond by throwing a handful right back at them!

Angry faces ; Muse A and Muse B get into a childish argument about nothing - and neither of them seem to admit that they were wrong and apologize. Will the two of them make up or will they keep fighting all night to the point where it ruins their relationship?

Rain Rain, Go away; While Muse A is at Muse B’s house, a thunderstorm soon sweeps in and ruins their peaceful day together. Now this wouldn’t be a problem because their indoors; but Muse A is terrified of thunderstorms. The storm only escalates to the point where the power turns off, leaving them in the darkness and and surrounded by the loud clashes of thunder. Muse A begins panicking, and it’s up to Muse B to keep them calm and get their mind off of what is going on until the storm passes.

Smile for me: Muse A is suffering from a personal problem and is having a bit of a break down, breaking out into tears in front of your muse. Muse B is determined to cheer them up - Silly faces, Hugs, or simply a shoulder to cry on. Muse B will do their best to confront Muse A and have them smiling once again.

Wait for me to come home: Muse A and Muse B haven’t seen each other in a very long time. Right when Muse A was going to give up on hoping they’d return one day, they hear a knock at their window in the middle of the night. Opening the window, they see Muse B standing there.

All washed up: When a cruise that was supposed to be a peaceful vacation for both Muse A and B, disaster strikes and sends the boat into flames. Muse A and B both dive into the water again, but the rough waves push them into the deep waters of the sea. Soon, both Muse A and B wash up on a deserted island. How do they cope with this situation and what do they do to survive until help arrives? Or do they simply sit down and do nothing?

Our secret place: Muse A and B go for a walk in the forest. However during their walk, they seemed to take a wrong turn and they can’t find their way back! Continuing to follow path after path and simply hoping for the best, Both Muse A and B stumble upon a little hidden paradise! A field of flowers, a waterfall - they claim this special little gem as their 'secret place’.

Bang!: Muse A gets into a little bit of trouble when out late one night. Unfortunately witnessing a crime, Muse A pulled out their phone to call the police. But when the criminal notices this, they hold up their gun and get ready to shoot Muse A. Muse B just so happened to be nearby when this happened and jumps in the way just in time to take the shot for Muse A. The criminal retreats and runs away as Muse B is now on the floor, bleeding.

Accidental kiss: Muse A is walking down the sidewalk, not paying attention to where they were going. Muse B is also doing the same and is walking the completely opposite direction. They both bump into each other and accidentally end up kissing! What is their reaction to this?

Singing in the rain: While looking out the window, Muse A notices that it has suddenly began raining! As it was a simple shower and there was no thunder, Muse A drags muse B outside with them where they both enjoy the weather by playing in the rain together.

Don’t scream: Muse A is spending the night at Muse B’s house and they decide to lay in bed and watch scary movies together until late hours. However, Muse A is convinced that they hear something outside. Muse B insists that they’re simply paranoid because of what they’ve been watching - that is until the power suddenly goes out and they hear the front door open from the living room. Somebody has broken into the house! Will they be able to sneak past the burglar and escape escape? Or will they get caught and meet a terrible fate?

A child of our own: Muse A and B stumble upon a child who seems to be abandoned. Muse A and B decide to take the child to a homeless shelter, but the child refuses and instead proclaims both of them as his/her new parent! Muse A and B try to take him to authorities despite what the child has to say, but the child manages to convince everyone they talk to that they are indeed their child. Are they stuck with the child? Do they keep them? Or do they find another way to get the child off of their hands?

What happened?: Muse A and Muse B wake up after a long night of partying in bed naked with no memory of what happened the night before.

Shall we dance?: Muse A goes to a ball! But being too shy, they stand on the sidelines and watch everyone else dance, staying to themselves instead of actually approaching someone. That is until Muse B, who is also all alone decides to ask Muse A to dance with them. If they accept or not and how the dance goes is up to you.

Drunken texts: Muse A begins texting Muse B drunken nonsense in the middle of the night! Do they play along with their texts or ignore them?

Not a place for normal people: Falsely accused of insanity, Muse A gets dragged away to an asylum and it’s up to Muse B to break them out– before they do go crazy.

Undisclosed Desires

Disclaimer: This started as an idea, which turned into a rewrite of the interrogation scene from TFA. I did take certain liberties, so please just enjoy it as it is! Thanks ❤️


He crouched in front of her. The girl. His breathing was nothing more than a metallic distortion through his mask.

He gazed at her intently, wondering why he felt such a pull to her.

‘Who are you?’ He mused. He wanted to dive into her head, he needed to know everything about her. He craved her. It was shameful the way he could feel his body responding to her. ‘The Supreme Leader won’t stand for it’, he thought to himself, his gloved hands clenched into a tight first.

“Enough,” he said out loud, his voice ragged through the modulator, “Awaken.” His outstretched hand aimed towards her, calling upon the Force to do his bidding.

The girl was abruptly awoken, her eyes adjusting to the room. He felt her panic rising as she glanced around and down at her shackled arms and legs.

He watched her play of emotions, fed off of her fear. ‘She’s noticed me,’ he thinks to himself as her tearful eyes meet his mask.

“Where am I?” She asks him, dread tainting her voice.

“You’re my guest,” he states flatly, his mask slightly titling to the right.

“Where are the others?” She demands. She puffs out her chest, and tries to muster a brave face.

‘Ah, some courage.’ He thinks to himself as he stands.

“Do you mean the murderers, traitors and thieves you call friends? You’ll be relieved to hear I have no idea,” he answers nonchalantly as he looks off into the distance.

‘You’re dead, you bastard,’ she promises herself through gritted teeth.

His masks snaps back to her as he senses her change of emotions.

“You still want to kill me.” He reads her mind. Disbelief coursing through him.

“That happens when you’re being hunted by a creature in a mask,” she spits at him, hatred seething from her pores.

He stares at her in shock from behind his mask. ‘Well,’ he considers her again, before reaching up to unlatch and remove his mask.

She gazes at his face. ‘Handsome’, flits through her mind before she quickly looks away.

He smirks to himself slightly as he continues, “Tell me about the droid.”

She feigns ignorance as she says, “He’s a BB unit with a selenium drive and a thermal hyperscan vindicator.”

‘Clever thing,’ he muses. “It’s carrying a section of a navigational chart. And we have the rest. Recovered from the archives of the Empire, but we need the last piece. And, somehow, you convinced the droid to show it to you. You. A scavenger.” He tastes satisfaction as her eyes widen and narrow at the insult.

He has to calm himself. The scavenger, Rey, is proving more interesting than he originally thought.

He leans into her, his hand a hair’s breadth from her face. He eases into her mind. He swallows a sigh as he delves into her.

“You’re so lonely… So afraid to leave… At night, desperate to sleep… You imagine an ocean… I see it… I see the island… And Han Solo… You feel like he’s the father you never had. He would have disappointed you,” he tells her, anger and jealously threatening to boil over.

“Get out of my head,” Rey demands, tearfully.

He pulls away slightly, sympathy tightening his throat. ‘She’s just like me.’ He considers her a moment more,

“ I know you’ve seen the map. It’s in there… and now you’ll give it to me.” He leans closer to her, breathing her in.

“I’m not giving you anything,” she says resolutely.

“We’ll see.” His promise hangs in the air between them. Rey can’t help but feel a slight clench deep inside of her. She tries to push the feeling away. It only helps to ignite it more, causing her to involuntarily rub her thighs together.

Kylo pushes back into her mind. They lock gazes. Rey’s face begins to contort with effort as she tries to keep him out. Kylo’s focus falters, his face beginning to fill with uncertainty. She takes his moment of weakness and gains the upper hand, sinking into his mind.

“… You… you’re afraid… that you will never be as strong as… Darth Vader!” She hisses at him, venomously.

“No,” he whispers as he backs away from her.

She looks at him triumphantly.

He stands in front of her, noses almost touching. His hands slam against the metal on either side of her face.

“You know I can take whatever I want,” he threatens her, his eyes dark pools.

She gazes at him, her eyes flickering to his lips. She closes the distance between them and kisses him roughly. Kylo yelps in surprise.

“What are you doing, Scavenger?” He asks trying to mask his alarm.

“Enjoying myself,” she replies smugly.

He stares at her in shock, manages to reclaim some sort of control, and points at her.

“Make no mistake of who’s in charge here,” he says as he looms over her. “Why don’t we see how much you can enjoy.” He releases the bindings around her ankles.

She promptly wraps her legs around him, squeezing tightly. He growls at her, as he pulls at the ties of his pants.

Rey pulls against her bindings at her wrists, “If you’d undo these, I could help,” she offers innocently.

“Not a chance,” he huffs as he frees himself.

Rey glances down at his length, eyes widening. She quickly meets his gaze, blush creeping across her face.

Kylo smirks at her, “Let go,” he orders.

She squeezes her legs harder in response.

“The hard way, then,” he decides for her. He grips the waistband of her pants, watching her as he makes to yank them down.

“No, no wait!” She says as she releases him. He tries not to chuckle at her sudden compliance.

He gazes at her as he pulls them down and tosses the off to the side.

She tries to stifle a moan, but it’s no use, and he does chuckle now.

Kylo runs his gloved hand up the length of her leg, stopping at her thigh, and hoisting it up around his waist. Rey moves her other leg around him, holding her weight on her arms.

His desire is rolling off of him in waves, he can barely breath. The Scavenger’s breathing is ragged as she watches him with wide eyes.

‘Please let this be pleasant,’ she thinks to herself.

“It won’t be unpleasant,” he reassures her. ‘Dammit,’ he chastises himself, compassion is weakness.

He registers that she didn’t actually speak those words as an afterthought. He stares, contemplating her, but she doesn’t seem to notice.

“I can handle it,” she snarls.

He enters her in one sharp thrust. He grinds his teeth, smothering a moan.

Rey’s mouth widens into an open ‘O’. He rests his forehead against hers, and readjusts their position. He lifts his head and watches her, senses her pleasure and anxiety, a heady combination.

“Don’t be afraid, I feel it too,” he confirms as he begins to move. He thrusts into her completely again, before withdrawing, causing her to moan and snap her hips up to reclaim him. “Kriff,” he chokes out. She groans in response, her hips undulating harshly, trying to gain any friction she can.

He grips her waist hard to the point of bruising. He continues to move into her at a rapid pace.

“Kiss me,” Rey demands. He releases one of her thighs to grip her face, and crushes his lips to hers. Their tongues collide, as their pace quickens. Hips moving to meet, wetness pooling at her thighs. Kylo can feel her arousal mounting.

“You will remove these restraints,” she orders calmly, calling on the same unknown power she had before when she entered Kylo’s mind.

His thrusts slow as he looks at her in panic.

“What did you say?” He growls.

“You will remove these restraints,” she tries again.

Kylo considers her before doing as she commands.

They watch as both metal cuffs pop open with an audible click. The room grows silent as they meet one another’s eye. Their senses heightened and the tension at a breaking point.

‘She’s going to make her escape,’ he speculates to himself.

She grins at him, as he quickly realizes his mistake.

He grips her hard just as she grabs a handful of his hair. She pulls with all her strength causing them to teeter dangerously to one side.

He roars as he rights them, and pushes her up against the wall. Trapping her wrists in his large hands, and her hips against his.

They both breath heavily, chests rising and falling quickly, as they glare at one another.

“Go on then,” she snaps at him.

He’s more painfully hard than he was when they first started, and he takes the opportunity to show her, pulling out and thrusting in.

She cries out, as he continues his onslaught. He thrusts into her, biting her neck, and kissing down to her shoulder blade.

He release one wrist, which she promptly tangles into his hair. He glares at her and gives her a warning growl. She moans in response, pushing his face down to her chest.

He rips open her shirt, pulling down to reveal a hard, pink nipple. He hums, with approval, at the back of his throat. Bending his head, he takes her nipple into his mouth, licking and sucking.

“Kylo,” Rey moans breathily. He grazes her with his teeth and she cries out.

“I’m going to…” she starts to say. “Yes,” he groans, reaching his hand between them, rubbing circles around her tight knot.

They move together thrusting upwards, the sound of wet skin and moans filling the room.

Rey comes loudly, pulsing around his cock. Their minds connect uncontrollably, allowing Kylo to feel her orgasm. He bursts into her in jerky waves of pleasure.

Kylo holds her, suspended in a momentary truce, his head leaning against her chest. Rey tries to calm her breathing, one wrist still being held by Ren and the other still holding on limply to his hair.

He looks up at her and meets her gaze. Neither knowing what to say. He realizes he’s still holding her wrist, and lets go as she moves her hand from his hair.

Kylo looks as if he’s about to say something when Rey suddenly and violently head butts him.

He curses as he drops her, and falls to the ground holding his face. Rey scrambles up, and reaches for her pants, attempting to pull them on quickly.

Kylo grabs for her foot, and latches on to her. She squeals in surprise and kicks at him as he tries to protect his already broken nose.

“Stop,” he yells at her.

“Let go,” she screams. She kicks again, hitting him right in the face again. He curls in on himself, cursing.

She makes it to the door and opens it.

“Stop, Rey!” He calls out again, his vision blurring as blood gushes from his nose.

She looks back at him, before running out and away.

title: between the stacks
pairing: sasusaku
prompt: We’re studying in the library and there are two people very obviously fucking in the stacks and we keep sharing embarrassed glances
rating: T
a/n: THANK YOU xxlovendreamsxx for the prompt and the “at least somebody is having fun.” if I am the moon and stars you are the sun and the clear blue skies. three stories in two weeks is a record for me so ENJOY

The bottom floor of the library is sometimes too quiet, but Sakura isn’t one to complain. They find an empty table close to the sociological journals, within walking distance of the databases, and set up base. There isn’t a single soul around, and Sakura much prefers it this way.

She hikes her feet up on the empty chair across from her, leans her head back and sighs, loudly.

“Bored already?” Sasuke asks, and casts her an amused glance. “It’s barely been an hour.”

“Yeah, well,” she whines, and throws down her pencil, effectively breaking the led. She frowns. “This research paper is stupid.”

“Perhaps you should have followed the timeline the professor gave us,” he says, removing his hands from the keyboard and folding them in front of him. “Maybe you wouldn’t be so behind, then.”

She scoffs. “I’m not behind,” she lies. “Just bored.”

He runs his hand over his face, brushing his hangs out of his eyes, and sighs. “I’m nearly finished with the first body paragraph. I can help you research when I’m done, if you’d like.”

Her lips twitch into a smile. “Thank you, Sasuke-kun.”

He casts her a withering glance—a glance that tells her he knows exactly what she wants, knows exactly what she’s trying to do—before returning to his laptop. She hears the keyboard click away, the only sound save for a few conversations drifting in and out from the distance.

Sakura reaches for her pencil and pumps out new led. She aimlessly begins jotting notes down, things she remembers, things that could help a thesis she should have formulated weeks ago. When her page is nearly full, she reads it over once, twice, and glowers when she finds nothing in the wreckage of her chicken scratch.

Deciding she’ll wait for Sasuke, she leans back in her chair, puts her pencil down gently, and stretches her hands to the ceiling with a groan. Sasuke looks up at her, annoyed more than amused, and she flashes him a winning smile he rolls his eyes at before looking back to his work. She crosses her legs, and leans her head back, closing her eyes to rest.

That is when she hears it.

Sasuke looks up again, sighing loudly, exasperated. “Do you have to make so many noises? The longer it takes for me to do this, the longer it takes for me to help you.”

Sakura’s lips curl into a coy smile. “That wasn’t me.”

“Well then, who was it?” he asks. “We’re the only one’s here, Sakura.”

Sakura is about to open her mouth to respond, telling him she doesn’t have the faintest idea when another loud, passionate moan rips through the open area. When she sees Sasuke’s cheeks turn red, she says, “See? Told you.”

“They can’t possibly be…” he says, trailing off at the sound of a giggle.

“Oh, I think they are,” she says, and laughs when she hears a particularly raunchy groan from their mystery moaner’s counterpart.

He fixes her with an embarrassed glare. “Whatever,” he says, and turns back to his computer, thoroughly flushed, when he hears a very loud whimper. “At least somebody’s have fun,” he muses, before diving back into his essay.

Sakura laughs. “What did you just say?”

A tiny smirk flickers on his lips. “Let me finish, Sakura,” he says, and she hears him begin typing again.

She thinks for a moment before an idea pops into her head; clear in the quirk of her lips into a smirk of her own. She leans across the table, stretching, trying to ignore what she’s sure are very, very loud pants. “Can’t you just help me now, Sasuke-kun?” she whines, and bats her eyelashes when he flickers his gaze towards her. “If you help me, you can get back to your essay much quicker, Sasuke-kun.”

“Not now, Sakura,” he warns.

She leans closer, pressing her breasts against the desk table to create cleavage tempting enough to get him to look. When he doesn’t, she pouts. “Please, Sasuke-kun?” she asks, maybe too sweetly. “Just help me find a journal, something to read while you work. Pretty please, Sasuke-kun?”

He sighs, loudly, before turning his glare from his computer screen, to her. He purses his lips, and says, “Fine.” She smiles. “I’ll help you find one damn journal, okay? But then I have to finish this paragraph.”

“Thank you, Sasuke-kun,” she says, and stands. She reaches across the table and takes his hand in hers, yanking him out of his chair to follow her.

“You should really do your own work,” he tells her, following her to a particularly far off stack of journals in a corner barely in seeing—or hearing—distance from their desk. “What do you think you’ll find in these old files?” he asks, raising an eyebrow. Nevertheless, he follows her down the old stack of yellowed, smelly journals, and stops when she does.

She reaches for a random journal before passing it to him. “What do you think of this, Sasuke-kun?”

He frowns. “This has nothing to do with any of the recommended topics,” he tells her, and replaces it on the shelf. “None of these do, Sakura.”

“What a bother,” she says, before turning and smiling up at him. Trailing her fingers up his chest, she wraps her arms around his neck before pressing a kiss to his jaw. “Well, now that we’re here…”

“Sakura,” he warns, but it only makes her smile widen. She takes a step closer, pressing herself against his chest. “What are you doing?”

“I just thought we could have a little fun, too,” she says, pressing another kiss to his cheek. “Like you said.” She pushes her lips against the corners of his mouth, trails kisses down his neck, to the hem of his t-shirt.

He shivers, but presses his hands to her shoulders, pushing her away gently. “No, Sakura,” he tells her, shaking his head. “We have work to do.”

“I’m sure they do, too,” she says, and reaches back to wrap her arms around him. He doesn’t look happy, but he doesn’t push her away, either. “Come on, Sasuke-kun. What’s the worst that could happen?”

“We could fail those stupid essays and not get the credit for introduction to sociology?” he asks, but lets her kiss his cheeks, his jaw, his throat. “We could get caught?”

She snorts. “I doubt that,” she says, and presses a particularly long kiss to the base of his throat, a kiss that elicits a tiny sound, a soft groan that sounds a little like victory. “And there’s no one down here. It’s so quiet, we’ll know if someone’s coming.”

“I don’t know…” he says, hands wandering to her hips. She smiles against his neck, and sucks on a sensitive spot. “Someone could hear us,” he claims between growing breaths. “We heard them.”

“They just weren’t hiding well enough,” she explains, and pulls him into a heated kiss before he can say otherwise.

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So, I just watched LL Sunshine

I kinda want to point out the similarities

In Love Live! we see Honoka dancing and dodging running cars in the middle street

In Love Live! Sunshine (although with only three eps) we see dem fans following Honk’s footsteps

by dodging a frickkin’ helicopter

i. chorus of the loving [Hinata]

ii. musings of the loved

Diving head first without a thought, dubbed as Naruto-way of doing things– jokingly said by his friends, of course.

But all jokes had a shred of truth… which in this case, less of a shred and accepted as common knowledge.

Thinking first always lead to stumbling. Instincts screamed loud, propelling him further and far, his thoughts scrambling behind.

His desires on the horizon, and out of sheer will power or foolishness, he steered his potential for impossibles laid ahead– hokage, acknowledgement, love. For a child who grew with lonely memories and bitter nights, things that he craved and wanted were like the tale of the man dreaming to touch the sun. But where he failed, his wax wings melting away, Naruto continued pass the limit.

His eyes always kept ahead, crawl if he must, to obtain what he believed he needed. Name synonymous to stubbornness. Doubt does try to wiggle itself in but in the grand scheme of things, he doesn’t give.

But as soft lips pressed against his knuckles of his hand, her gentle eyes reminded him… a moment appreciation was needed, to look around. Slow his steps, think carefully, savour this warmth.

Without regrets, he dove into unfamiliar territory, hand clasped around Hinata’s as they turned a new page.

The wedding came and went. Adjusting to the new weight on his left ring finger and to the sweet yawns of ‘good morning’, followed by a kiss, meals for two, retiring to their bed with whispers of sweet-nothings and welcoming touches.

Talks of having a child turned reality (and a reality quicker than he expect, heh).

Lists and preparation.

Colors to pick, books, friends’ congratulations, tears from himself and Hinata.

Questions, questions, questions. Would I be a good father? Of course, Hinata would assure him without a beat. She shushed the ‘b-but’s and ran her dainty, soothing fingers through his hair, murmuring promises neither knew if they’d come true but at that moment eased their doubts.

And here she laid. Sweat made her bangs stick to her face, drained yet beaming with life. She cradled close to her breast, a whiskered cheek child swaddled carefully in a blue blanket. The peaceful expression of content, sleeping away and unaware the nervous flurry his mere face sent his father into.

“…he’s so small…”


“He has my… um… he has…” Naruto bit his bottom lip, his voice dropping to a whisper, Hinata giving his hand a squeeze and intertwined their fingers.

“Quite handsome, don’t you think?” Hinata giggled, shutting her eyes as a soft smile played on her lips, “Boruto also has your eyes. And call it mother’s intuition but I have a feeling he’ll be a mischievous one.”

He smiled despite tears that edged the corner of his eyes threatening to spill over at any moment. “Seeing that I’m his father… I guess that’s unavoidable,” he said in amusement and slight shake to his voice. Bringing her hand to his mouth, he pressed a chaste kiss to the knuckles and bowed his head, clasping her dainty hand with his larger, calloused ones.

“I look forward to it,” she murmured, cracking an eye open to glance at him, “To everything. Because I’m with you.”

Naruto sniffled, his shoulder shook. “Hinata… w-why did you have to go and s-sa…” the rest of his words were lost to a hiccup of a sob, lifting his watery blue eyes.

His eyes landing on their son then to his beautiful wife before going back to Boruto, he wiped his eyes with his sleeve and sniffed. “I must look like a cry baby in front of him.”

“I don’t think Boruto mind his cry baby papa.”

“He shouldn’t– nothing wrong w-with a little tears here or there.”

“Or a lot,” she laughed, wiggling her hand free from his grasp and cupping his cheek.

Naruto leaned into her touch, smiling softly, “…or a lot.” He pressed a kiss to her palm, humming. “Either way, Cry Baby Papa is a title I accept with pride.”

And they laughed, a sound of content and pure bliss flowed easily from the two.

A/N: WOAH. A second naruhina thing in a mere hour??? Okay but seriously, I doubt this would be as good as the other– I always been more in tune with Hinata than Naruto, mostly because I relate to her more. Hahaha, also tonight is the night of Naruto cliches it seems. It felt… well I always had headcanons about this and while I didn’t go in depth, I got to at least write a bit of cry baby papa??? ; w ;

inspiration: Fluorite by Kenshi Yonezu

psa ;

     OUT OF.   i never really thought i’d be using these words, but i have a small PSA for you guys! this is something that i actually began contemplating yesterday, ever since a friend of mine made her own post in regards to a decision she reached and i think it’s something that i myself need to do. i do encourage as many people to read this as possible because at the very core of things, it does have to do with my followers.

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Diving To Sochi???

There Are some Sports That Should Be In Both Olympic Games!!

Tom Daley Epitomizes The Olympic Spirit!

Sexy As Hell, Baby!

Sheer Beauty!

Not Only Is The Artistry Of Patrick Hausding and Sascha Klein Obvious Here, But The Artistry Of The Photographer Francois Nel For Getty Images Is Exquisite!

Woof, Baby!


White Russians 

Would Love To Shake Andrei Pawluk and Yauheni Karaliou, Strain Them With Ice, And Add Some Cream And Sprinkle Of Nutmeg!

Sexy As Hell, Baby!

Feeling gloomy? [loyaltoxthebxne]

Pit had no idea why he was back here again, oh wait no he did. He was down in the dumps and Alexios wasn’t available at the moment to help him get out of it. So he went off to find Blank to try and calm himself, despite what had happened the last time he was here, he wanted to try and at least get out of the dumps. 

And that’s what brings him here, to Blank’s Skyworld. Trying to figure out how he’d actually approach the Raven.

“Okay, maybe this wasn’t such a good idea…” he let out a sigh, now was not the time to be like this, he had to be confident! Oh who was he kidding, he’s too down in the dumps to do so. 

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What does it mean if you like this? It mostly means
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                                             pre!serum steve edition ).

What does it mean if you like this? It mostly means
you want to interact and develop our muses together
with pre-serum Steve. This doesn’t HAVE to be set
only in the 30s/40s, things can be timey wimey with it.

You’re giving me free reign to:

• put up random starters when I have the muse.
• send in multiple memes.
• dive into your opens.
• send squealing asks/ims.
• all the headcanons & flailing.
• hit you up to create verses, plots or whatever else.
• become best friends.
• throw all the smol Steve love and snark your way.

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