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One of my favourite things in when Hogwarts rules can be traced back and blamed on the marauders

Like the girls dorm stair case turning into a slide when i boy tries to climb them? We all just know that charm was made because of none other than Sirius Black. 

Not being able to go to Hogsmeade until third year? They were probably trusted until Remus bought 50 chocolate frogs from Honeydukes and consumed them until he was sick

Dude i just love the Marauders

[ CONTINUE ] [ @drexm-eater ]

Sora grinned, watching his friend and his baby kitten interact, and he was forced to admit that they looked cute. Marshmallow was so sweet, purring into Riku’s hand — the brunet was glad she was such a friendly cat though he did realize she was beginning to be a bit sassy toward him sometimes, but perhaps that was just her kitty teen years acting.

“Ah!” He looked away, becoming shy all of a sudden at the question. “You- well, you seemed a bit— off…” Oh my stars, Sora, that wasn’t the right word?? Why did Riku make him so nervous, stars-frick. “Um… I mean, well, Marshmallow usually helps with.. things, so I figured…” The cat in question meowed loudly at that, earning a wide-eyed stare from the brunet. She snuffed and cocked her head up, rubbing back on Riku.