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great korra/kuvira analysis. based on what you said (and your thoughts on korrasami), what do you think korra's relationship with kuvira would be post-finale/during her sentencing? and how would asami feel about it, considering kuvira killed her dad?

Well, I was kind of getting at it in my last paragraph (plus saw the opportunity to use Sondheim’s lyrics), but I don’t personally see Korra and Kuvira having that much of a relationship. I’m not saying Kuvira’s beyond redemption at all, but I think any sort of redemptive arc will require Suyin to be taking a more active role. This analysis by scottpaladin brilliantly highlights just how deeply personal Kuvira’s motivations were, which is quite separate from anything to do with Korra.

For Korra’s part, we saw her ability to empathize with both Kuvira and Zaheer, and that’s important. But it’s not like that erases their negative impacts. Korra still saw Kuvira destroy the city. We saw how Korra reacted to Hiroshi’s death too: she looked upset for Asami and then fiercely determined to take Kuvira down. That’s not something she’s just going to forget, and given that she’s supporting her grieving girlfriend, it’s not like establishing a relationship with Kuvira would be something she’d do flippantly.

Because Korra “sees a lot of herself” in Kuvira, I guess it’s possible she’d want to help her out, but keep in mind Kuvira doesn’t really need to “heal” or anything (unless you want to say she has to recover from a bout of meglomania, which is a bit woolly). I think any “redemption” would be more about Kuvira coming to a point of full remorse, sort of what I think they tried to show with Hiroshi.

Actually interestingly both Hiroshi and Kuvira only apologized for that which was very personal to them…Hiroshi was sorry for hurting Asami specifically, but never actually indicated any remorse for buying into Amon’s cause (maybe that was off-“camera” or implied??). Kuvira apologized to Suyin for the “anguish” she caused the Beifongs, but never really admits wrongdoing for like, the destruction and oppression. Just that she’ll “accept” the punishment because The Avatar has greater power than she could ever “hope to achieve.” I think it’s clear Kuvira understood she went to far and was acting out of an insecurity, but I’m not sure it’s clear that she knows where she crossed the line or at what point her goals became muddied by her personal agenda. Frankly that’s something that still alludes us.

Annnyyyway, if Kuvira does come around on that last point, Suyin’s likely going to play a crucial role. If it so happens that Korra wants to help her (maybe even at Suyin’s behest), which is far from a certain thing, you can bet your ass she’d talk to Asami beforehand. I don’t see anything like that coming between them. Also Hiroshi’s murder, though personally affecting to Asami, wasn’t a personal act against him by Kuvira. To Kuvira, it was an enemy killed in the battlefield. It’s a small and maybe meaningless distinction, but I don’t see Asami harboring an excessive grudge against Kuvira for that reason. She’s not going to be Kuvira’s fan obviously–but who is, really? Look at Republic City. IMO she and Korra might have a very similar view on Kuvira, especially assuming Korra told her about their Spirit World conversation. One thing that’s clear about Korrasami is that they go to great lengths to understand each other’s emotions and viewpoints. I don’t think Kuvira is any exception.