muse is so frustrated

stop assuming how you interpret a canon character is how an rper plays that character 2k16

being a roleplayer means you have the ability to play your favourite characters just how you see them, or sometimes even in an au sense. what’s fanon isn’t necessarily going to be how an rper plays their character! Don’t assume that just because someone’s muse is a canon character you know them, how they think, how they feel, how they act. read the bios of characters, canon or not, read the rules, talk to the muns! everyone has a different view of a character and they will play these characters different to how you see them, different to how other muns of the same muse see them. it is so frustrating when people make these assumptions. my friend wants to stop playing her character because of fanon assumptions that she doesn’t agree with keep getting pushed onto her in threads. please respect everyone’s individual portrayal of characters, if you want a fanon version of a particular character, find a mun that plays it that way.

“I feel so frustrated. The series my muse belongs to is known for dark (bittersweet at best) themes, but it seems like the majority of muns want to do only light-hearted threads. I’ve done so many of them that I’m getting sick of them with the mantra of “it’s just character development” in my head. I want to do some dark threads, but I fear if I say that I want to do them, I’ll be called out by the ‘swj brigade’ and doxxed at best. I might have to go private and look outside of the series. :(”

muse a is a sports star at a big college and everyone knows his name and hes hella good looking and athletic but oh no his grades are slipping because (insert reason here) and if his grades dont get better then he can’t play football and if he can’t play football he’ll lose his only chance to go to college because otherwise there’s no way he can afford it so he gets set up with muse b who he’s never noticed but is apparently in one of his classes and she’s hella smart like hella smart but also really quiet and shy and cuTE and i want this plot bc imagine how cute it would be to have muse b blushing while trying to tutor muse a and muse a just smirking to himself or muse a purposely pretending not to understand something so muse b has to explain it again (and simultaneously gets frustrated at the fact that muse a is acting so dumb honestly)  and muse a trying to charm muse b into going to a frat party and muse b trying to figure out why muse a is even interested in her pls

Shamelessly Underwhelming

So…Season 5. Huh.


I toyed with many different words to describe this seasonand since Garbage sounded a little too harsh, I went with underwhelming. They tried so hard to be interesting and invest us in these stories but I was bored. And since everything was pointless anyway (i.e. no follow through or consequences) there really wasn’t a reason to be invested in anything. Of course that didn’t stop me from stanning for Ian Gallagher all season, but hey, I wasn’t invested in anything else.

I said last night that I was trying to write this, but I literally could not be even remotely constructive with my criticism so I had to stop. This is my second attempt. We’ll see how it goes.

Spoilers for the finale under the cut. Trigger Warnings: Mentions of rape. 

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yo can i just say i’m so sick and tired of this community’s bullshit. you all preach and scream about how you need more poc to play with but then these perfect people who have amazing poc muses come into play and you fucking ignore them. it’s so frustrating especially because there are so many good and well thought out muses in the community who are poc and when you sit here and ignore them or feel “UNCOMFORTABLE” by them i get so fucking irritated. you insist we need more poc in the community – but you ban kpop. you insist we need more females in the community – but you ignore them. you insist we need more ‘underused fcs’ in the community – but you put ‘people i don’t know’ on your banned list. there’s no FUCKING pleasing you people.