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OKAY SO I STOLE THE ICON FROM @akito-sohma BC I WAS OH SHIT!!!! I GOT A HAIRCUT (FINALLY) AND NOW IT LOOKS LIKE CHILD BUTTFACE OVER HERE (at first I thought it looks more like The Prince tho)


Muse vs Mun

I wanted to draw the difference between us; because even though I think and feel we’re the same person - we’re not fully alike. In person I’m more reserved, a little more love-crazy in a private setting and cry a lot though often alone.

My muse is more likely to kind of bare it all and let you see all the bits and pieces of them, they’re still kind of bat shit crazy about love though but are such a fucking bitch about it. Admitting things is hard when you been burn too much you know.

Mun and Muse love

((There is nothing sweeter, Then when you create a Muse and that Muse becomes your precious baby!))

((After being on this blog for awhile, I’ve really grown to love my Bendy. So it started as a sketch of myself with Bendy and then it became a full blown drawing. Alot of muns should feel really close to whoever their Muse is.))

((and yes in real life i have really poofy hair and style it like ariel and my real name is Alexis))

mun related

send me one ( or more ) of the following.

  • ✮ ━ top three favorite muses that you’ve played
  • ♫ ━ a small playlist for a muse of your choice
  • ღ ━ favorite canon ships for your muse(s). are there any you dislike?
  • ✄ ━ do you have any artistic abilities? If so, what can you do?
  • ☀ ━ how long have you been roleplaying? how did you get into it?
  • ❤ ━ do you have any crackships for your muse?
  • ♕ ━ which fictional characters are your favorites?
  • 回 ━ what are your top four favorite shows?
  • ◈  ━ share some headcanons that you have for a muse of your choosing
  • ↓ ━ have you had any bad experiences with roleplaying?
  • ☾ ━ how many pets do you own? if none, what kind of animals do you like?
  • ♣ ━ share five random facts about yourself
Send a number for question that muse will answer about mun!

(These should be answered as if muse is talking about mun and giving their opinion about them)
1. Name
2. Nickname (or how muse “calls” them)
3. Best character traits
4. Worst character traits
5. Hobby (and muses opinion about it)
6. Pets? (and muses opinion about it)
7. Spirit animal?
8. If mun was one of four elements which one they would be?
9. 3 things mun couldn’t live without
10. 3 things mun would love to dissapear
11. Music taste? (and muses opinion on it)
12. Best thing about the mun
13. Worst thing about the mun
14. What annoys mun
15. Fandoms? (and muses opinion about it)
16. Sexuality?
17. Favourite food
18. Favourite beverage
19. Books or magazines?
20. Shopping or gaming?
21. Optimist, pessimist or realist?
22. Dream country?
23. Opinion on muns singing voice
24. Opinion on muns dance moves
25. Why this current muse? (muse gives their thoughts about why mun picked them)
26. What muse are jealous of mun?
27. What mun is jealous of muse? (muses thoughts about it)
28. If muse was real what they think they would be to mun (e.g. mom, big brother, lover, soul mate, enemy.. and etc.)
29. Best way to make mun feel better
30. What better not say/do in front of mun

Have fun!

i need ships where at least ONE of the people are just really pissed about how deeply inlove they are. like ‘god damnit i’m so fucking in love with you and i hate it and i hate how i feel when others hit on you and i hate how i lose appetite and i hate how much i smile around you and how you make me blush and my heart race and godAMMIT I’m so deeply in love with you it’s crazy’

Alfred: Happy Valentine’s Day guys, from Arthur and I! Hope y’all have an amazing day! Eat tons of chocolates and spend the day with loved ones!

Arthur: I hope all of you have a wonderful day!