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Friday Foxes

Francesco Friedrich and Martin Grottkopp Of Bobsled Friedrich Among Other Foxes Are Teasing Teutonic Sliders Encased In Skin-Tight Lycra.

Sexy As Hell, Baby!

ID #37207

Name: Anna-Maria
Age: 18
Country: Germany

Hello there! I’m 18 and trying to manage being an Official Adult now. I recently moved away from home in order to go to college and study museology. Now I live in a flat all by myself and it’s a really big change for me, so I’m looking for someone to talk to! :)

I’m a huge history nerd and also kinda obsessed with classic and not-so-classic literature (for example Harry Potter). I’m also a hobby artist and writer and suffer from the typical problem of having too many ideas at once. (And of course wanting and actually trying to bring them all to paper as fast as possible. No, of course that doesn’t work. But I never seem to learn…)
I also really like music and have a rather diverse taste, I guess. By that I mean that one can witness me listening to hard rock one moment and in the next I have somehow switched to 80s synth-pop. I basically listen to anything that catches my attention, but I’m usually more drawn to anything on the rock scale. My favorites are Muse, Pet Shop Boys, and Nephew. Other interests besides drawing, writing, reading and music are anime, puns, sarcasm, tea, delicious food, elephants (I love them so much) and Nintendo games. I’m especially passionate about Pokèmon and (even though some people I know seem to be convinced that you can’t like both) Digimon. “Passionate” means that I can rant about them for days if you let me. If not, it’s not like there aren’t any other topics we could talk about. I’m basically open for anything there. You can tell me your whole life story if you want to. I’ll probably do that, too. I must say though that I don’t watch tv series that much, so I don’t have a lot to say about that. ^-^

I’d love to learn more about other cultures and would like to learn more languages, but I’m usually lacking motivation for the latter. I speak English (duh), German, and know some bits of Latin that honestly don’t really count. If you’re learning German and want some help with that, I’d love to help! :)

Other things about me that might be interesting: I’m asexual, an INTJ, a Ravenclaw (with Slytherin tendencies), my Ilvermorny house is Wampus, my laugh sounds like a dying guinea pig and I really dislike coffee.

Preferences: Age 16-20, no preferred gender, religion, race, orientation etc. I’m looking for someone who’s open-minded and tolerant. I love writing letters, so I’d prefer good old snail mail :)


Manly Monday

Winter Sports Are In Full Spring As Sexy Sliders Slide In Königssee.

Woof, Baby!


The Beautiful Men Of Rio 2016!

The Games Will Well Be Worth Watching!

Sexy And Ready For Rio!

Woof, Baby!

Director/muse relationships: Margarethe von Trotta & Barbara Sukowa

Films together: Marianne and Juliane (1981), Rosa Luxembourg (1986), L'africana (1990), The Other Woman (2004), Vision (2010)Hannah Arendt (2012), The Misplaced World (2015)

I trust her so much and she trusts me; six films we’ve done together. That was like taking each other by hand and going through a tunnel together: you are very fearful from the beginning, we didn’t know if the film would come out and be successful or right, so it was like an adventure, intellectual but also in friendship to get through this invisible space to visibility.

Margarethe von Trotta


Wurst In Tight Casings!

Nothing Like Sexy Sliders, Like Francesco Friedrich And His Team, In Their Skin-Tight Uniforms.

Woof, Baby!

Snow-White and Rose-Red


His noises didn’t wake her, warm and comfortable as she was. Her dreams were warm, calm. And in the morning, she woke fully rested and recovered. Hopefully today would be a better balance of quiet and interest. Maybe she could get him to tell her the story from last night again as she spun thread. That would be nice. He’d go out and get his food and she’d eat hers, then she’d ask.

Ivan woke from his disheartening dreams but did not part from his despairing emotions. Seeing Louise has left his arms, he stood up, carrying the quilt in his mouth and carrying it to the bed. He messily laid it there, turning to his caretaker with a smile. “I hope you had a good rest, kind Louise. You seem as if you did and for that I am grateful.” Ivan considered running out into the cold to hide from his past but decided to remain a bit longer. “Louise, if you don’t mind, could I possibly stay for a while? I don’t feel too hungry today. That might come from the hibernating part of me.” This warm bliss would always be better than the cold tundra.