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Friday Foxes

Francesco Friedrich and Martin Grottkopp Of Bobsled Friedrich Among Other Foxes Are Teasing Teutonic Sliders Encased In Skin-Tight Lycra.

Sexy As Hell, Baby!


Tueton In Tights!

Robert Förstemann Bursts Through THe Opposition And The Seams Of His Kit!

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Manly Monday

Winter Sports Are In Full Spring As Sexy Sliders Slide In Königssee.

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The Pizza Debate

Pairing: Gabriel x Reader (Platonic / Friendship)
Word count: 507
Warnings: Fluff. Mentions of gross pizza.
Written for my 2,000 Followers Celebration
Requested by: @denim–wrapped–nightmares​. Prompt: Disney Movies / Quote: “Who puts pineapple on their pizza?.” / Extra Requests: Gender Neutral and Friendship.

Authors Note: Just a silly little drabble about Gabriel having to defend his interesting pizza choices.  I’d like to say thank you to J & D for inspiring this with the Great Pizza Debate of Friday Night.

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Smuggling Teutonic Knights

The DRV Squad Hits The Sand!

Wir Für Deutschland!

Sexy As Hell, Baby!

ask-trans-feliciano  asked:

*whoospers* wholesome gerita

[There ya go! Also I’m sorry that I drew Germany with his bed hair, I seriously can’t draw his usual hair rip x’D but hope you like it! owo)/  also *coughcoughGerItaismyvitaminsIlovethemESPECIALLYwhenItalyisthedominantone xD*]

[You all can request more if anyone wanna! ^w^]

⚔ which muse is the most likely to go to jail/prison: 2p america

☠ which muse is The Worst™: 2p Germany
👅 which muse is the kinkiest: 2p austria 
💑 who would make the best couple of two of your muses together: 2p prussia x belarus
💔 who would be the worst couple of two of your muses together: anyone and 2p germany
👑 which muse is most likely to take over the world 2o romano
👎 which muse secretly (or not so secretly) loves terrible movies 2p america
😍 which muse is the biggest heart breaker 2p ukraine
🌱 which muse is the most gullible 
💎 which muse is the biggest drama queen
🍒 which muse is the most innocent: 2p russia
🎭 which muse is the easiest to write: 2p china
🌛 which muse is the biggest dreamer: 2p belarus
🐢 which muse always runs late: 2p prussia
👛 which muse is the most frugal: 2p france
👠 which muse loves shopping sprees: 2p belarus
🎉 which muse loves planning parties: 2p ukraine
💕 which muse falls in love too easily 2p china
👍 which muse would you most likely get along with 2p china and 2p america
🔪 which muse would you most likely be enemies with
🍕 which muse is a terrible cook: 2p italy 
😔 which muse is the biggest spoilsport: 2p england
💘 which muse have you written the longest: 2p allies and 2p axis
💪 which muse is a health nut: 2p canada
🐷 which muse is most likely to win a pie eating contest: 2p germany
🎨 which muse is the most artistic: 2p france
🍁 what inspired you to write/create (specify muse) : i dunno all of them


The Beautiful Men Of Rio 2016!

The Games Will Well Be Worth Watching!

Sexy And Ready For Rio!

Woof, Baby!

Director/muse relationships: Margarethe von Trotta & Barbara Sukowa

Films together: Marianne and Juliane (1981), Rosa Luxembourg (1986), L'africana (1990), The Other Woman (2004), Vision (2010)Hannah Arendt (2012), The Misplaced World (2015)

I trust her so much and she trusts me; six films we’ve done together. That was like taking each other by hand and going through a tunnel together: you are very fearful from the beginning, we didn’t know if the film would come out and be successful or right, so it was like an adventure, intellectual but also in friendship to get through this invisible space to visibility.

Margarethe von Trotta