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Me: finds a new fic to read
Fic: has full blown conversation between the author and the characters in the authors notes at the end
Me: what the- when was this published?!
2003? Lol okay that makes sense

The Talks (Yoongi x Reader)

Yoongi talks a lot for someone who prefers solidarity over companionship.

a belated birthday present for the lovely @dvehyun aisjfdok i am so sorry gabs this is so rushed and rough fuck but happy belated birthday you lovely soul

fluff, 1.2k words, yoongi/reader, reaper!au

It begins with a train: clunky and steaming, weaving through the mountains, headed straight for the heartlands. Then–

A boulder.

Jagged, colossal, tumbling from the mountain peak. Fast. Ripping trees from roots, crushing the central car of the train. The train tips over, its weight lurching dangerously near the cliff, engine still running and wheels turning uselessly. Suspended in air.

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“Why is it when I’m having a good day, you’re in my chair.” Chato mused as he put his stuff down at his station. He didn’t even need to ask how the other got in or what he wanted he just started up the coffee maker and got his tools out. “So are we getting the hubbies name tatted or can I freestyle?”