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Arcadia (fReyder)


Challenge mode activated! This one’s a long-un, so I included a read-more break.

“Sara? Sara. Meridian to Pathfinder. You awake?”

Sara muttered something filthy. She reached down over the edge of the couch until she found one of her boots on the floor - then hurled it across the room. Scott ducked out of the way, grinning like the smug morning person he was.

“Wouldn’t have offered you my couch if I knew you were going to be so sore about it. Three days planet-side too much for you?”

“I’m not used to Port Meridian time,” Sara grumbled. She rolled over and buried her face in the cushion she’d been using as a pillow. “Just let me get some fucking sleep.”

“You’ll never get used to it if you sleep through every day.”

Sara growled as viciously as she could manage with a tongue that felt like cotton wool. “Just. Go. Away.”


Scott must have hit the button that controlled the window dimmers, because the room was suddenly full of pale light. Sara screwed her eyes up as tightly as she could, but she still couldn’t keep it out. “You are a terrible human being.”

“I know. Come on. There’s coffee in the kitchen.”

Sara would have liked to say that she crawled off the couch with good grace, but it would have been a total lie. Nestled in the leafy valley just beyond Port Meridian, Scott’s house didn’t see sunlight until quite late in the morning. That meant it was probably mid-afternoon right now. Sara was grateful for the quiet floors and soft-edged décor as she stumbled after her brother, even if his fondness for tall windows was beginning to make her hate him - and she could have cried into his shirt when he guided her into a chair at the kitchen table and plonked a cup of coffee in front of her.

Scott claimed a seat opposite and wrapped his hands tight around his own mug. The table was made of wood - real wood, just like the window frames and the floors. Sara had to admit to more than a little jealousy. Scott was a liaison to the human colonial efforts now, and his job allowed him a good deal more comforts than Sara’s did.

A predictable schedule. A peaceful home. Maybe a family, too - eventually.

The ceilings were high, the neutral furniture was low, and Sara began to level out somewhere in the middle when she took her first sips of coffee.

“I feel for you,” Scott said. “Dry dock is just water torture without the water.”

Sara nodded. “You’re so right.”

“How long to go now?”

“Seven days. Counting.”

Maybe Sara should have been pleased to get some time to herself in humanity’s new home, but it felt like she was wasting ten precious days of downtime. She kept wondering what she’d be doing if she still had wings beneath her; just how happy she’d be if she was waking up somewhere better than her brother’s couch.

She missed Reyes. Downtime was meant to be their time.

“Well, you’re out of bed before nightfall. That’s a good start.” Scott was tapping a beat on the tabletop. “Hey - we should go out tonight! That’ll help.”

Sara took another gulp of hot, bitter coffee - and pressed her forehead flat against the table. She groaned. “The last thing I want to do is go out drinking, Scott.”

“We can grab Peebee, Liam, Gil - and whoever else wants to come.” He nudged her sharply, knuckles briefly digging into her wrist. “It’ll be good for you. Trust me.”

Sara didn’t reply. If she pressed her skull against the varnished wood at just the right angle, tiny threads of cool relief skittered down over her temple.

“Actually,” Scott mused, chair creaking as it slid back over the floor, “there’s a little bar up near the spaceport that you might like. It’s called Arcadia. You won’t guess who I saw there the other night.”

“Who?” Sara didn’t really care, but this was the kind of conversation it was easy to pretend to be involved in. Her eyelids felt like they’d been lined with lead. She wondered if -

“Reyes was there.” Sara’s head snapped up. “He saw me at the bar and bought me a drink - or I thought he did, anyway. I wound up having to pay for it.”

Sara could only blink at him. “What?”

“I know, right? Not sure what he was doing in Meridian.”

“You didn’t ask him?”

Scott shrugged, eyes as wide and innocent as only Scott’s could be. “What, you’re curious?”

“Scott -”

He raised his mug to his lips, grinning against the rim. “Don’t you guys ever talk?”

“Not about business.” It was a rule that Sara liked. It was a rule that Sara needed.

“Well, you never know.” Scott finally took another sip. “He mentioned something about knowing the place pretty well. Maybe we might see him there tonight?”

Sara glowered at him. “I swear to god, Scott, if you’re winding me up -”

“I’m not!”

Sara could still hear him laughing as she headed for the bathroom - and a much needed shower. “SAM?”

“Yes, Pathfinder.”

“Send a message to Reyes for me, would you? Ask him where he is.”

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This Changes Everything.

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Titled: ‘This Changes Everything.’ 

Pairing: Sam x reader

A/N: This is for @idreamofhazel Sam quote writing challenge which I was so happy to partake in! My prompt was number 6 which was,  “I’m not supposed to laugh, right?” 

A/N: I also contributed a request into this fic as well from, @belictioner-tothemax I obviously chose Sam so I really hope you like this as well and this was what you were looking for. 

Warnings: Slight mentions of angst, light language, a sprinkle of fluff here and there, and Daddy!Sam 

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This was the last thing you expected. This was the last thing you needed right  now. There was no way this was happening. These were the thoughts that were running through your mind as you stared down at the pregnancy that tested with positive results. This was definitely happening. You didn’t know what to do. You didn’t know if you should cry or what. A baby was the farthest thing from your mind, and you weren’t even sure how Sam would react. You never even really talked about having kids to begin with. Things in your’s and Sam’s life were about to take a drastic turn down a road you never thought you would take. 

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Take the Edge Off

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Title: Take the Edge Off

Pairing: John Winchester x Reader

Words: 1,216

Summary: Reader is left shaken after a close call on a hunt, so John invites her back to his hotel room for a drink.

Warnings: Reader and John get drunk. Suggested naughtiness.

Take the Edge Off

The ride back to the motel was laden with a heavy silence as you fought to control the trembling in your hands, staring as you willed them to finally still. While close calls were something far from uncommon, they always left you shaken, this one in particular as you tried in vain to block the recent  memories from resurfacing.

John watched you wearily from the corner of his eye as he navigated the darkened and deserted highway, reaching over to give your knee a light squeeze, causing you to jump back to reality.

“Sorry” he grumbled by way of apology, retracting his hand and keeping his gaze focused on the highway.

“You doing okay?” he asked after a pause, the amusement coming back into his voice as you leaned your head back onto the headrest of the seat.

“I’m fine” you muttered back, staring at the lining on the roof of the car above your head.

John chuckled lightly, “Sure you are, sweetheart.” His voice was light and while he witnessed the near fatal incident, he was quick to dismiss it as you were still alive and the threat was not.

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// tbh, i worry about my muse seeming… unapproachable, to put it nicely

i’d love to get new interactions going, but he absolutely despises talking to new people, unless there’s something that he can get out of it.  that’s the thing with him– he feigns niceness if there’s something in it for him, otherwise he’s a complete and utter asshole

@depechexmood tagged me to do this, Thank You! :) ❤️

Rules: We’re snooping on your playlist. Set your entire music library to shuffle and report the first ten tracks that pop up! Then choose ten additional victims!

1. Depeche Mode - Everything Counts

2. Arctic Monkeys - Don’t Sit Down ‘Cause I’ve Moved Your Chair

3. Muse - Hysteria

4. The Clash - London Calling

5. The Cure - Boys Don’t Cry

6. Blur - Stereotypes

7. Kasabian - You’re In Love With A Psycho

8. David Bowie - Heroes 

9. Gorillaz - 19-2000

10. Radiohead - Let Down

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  5. My muse gagged, blindfolded and tied spread-eagle
  6. My muse tied and vulnerable in any way you wish
  7. My muse in handcuffs, blindfolded
  8. Your muse tied up in any way mine chooses~

I have’t posted in two weeks omg I feel so bad!!
Also I’ve started all the requests I’ve accepted but they’re way too rough to post lol
I wanted to post something though so here’s one from my Peter phase :-)

Title: Queens
Pairing: Peter Parker x reader
Summary: Peter awkwardly admires you from a distance and you don’t talk until Tony pulls some dumb shit
Word Count: 1,151
Warnings: alcohol mention (kind of), slight gambling

Your name: submit What is this?

           "Boom! In your face, Barton,“ you gloated, slamming the cards down.

           Clint rolls his eyes, grumbling under his breath as you collect your poker winnings. Natasha teases the archer as Steve collects the cards, shuffling them a few times. The deck is dealt again, and a new round begins.

           As you’re busy playing, Peter sits off to the side by the table, slouching slightly in his chair. He smiles as you win once more, the other Avengers groaning in response. Peter avoids your eyes though, never looking at you for more than a few seconds.

           "Y/N, huh?” Tony muses, sliding into the chair besides the teen.

           Peter jumps in surprise, ice cubes clinking against his cup of soda. “I-I don’t know what you’re talking about,” he replies.

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The Talks (Yoongi x Reader)

Yoongi talks a lot for someone who prefers solidarity over companionship.

a belated birthday present for the lovely @dvehyun aisjfdok i am so sorry gabs this is so rushed and rough fuck but happy belated birthday you lovely soul

fluff, 1.2k words, yoongi/reader, reaper!au

It begins with a train: clunky and steaming, weaving through the mountains, headed straight for the heartlands. Then–

A boulder.

Jagged, colossal, tumbling from the mountain peak. Fast. Ripping trees from roots, crushing the central car of the train. The train tips over, its weight lurching dangerously near the cliff, engine still running and wheels turning uselessly. Suspended in air.

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Where'd We Go Wrong part.3 -George Weasley Imagine (requested)

Request: PART 3!!!

( and the million other part 3 request i got!)


George Weasley’s pov-

Everything felt frozen in time. It was like nothing mattered anymore… expect her. Y/n. My throat dried, my heart tripled its pace, my palms started to shake with nerves, and my mind was scattered like an unsolved puzzle. No pieces fit right and I couldn’t detect the outcome. 

Y/n presented herself as shocked as me. A harsh elbow jabbed itself into my side without a warning causing a loud yelp to sound from my end. Distancing my attention from y/n’s flustered self much to my inner protest, I turned my head giving Fred a stony glare. 

“What!” Now was not exactly the time for my focus to be on anything but the girl of my dreams… the one I hurt… the girl I desperately needed to fix…. the girl I was in love with more than the number of stars in the night sky. Fred raised his slim eyebrow nodding over to y/n. I reminded frozen in front of her table where Fred had been previously sitting. I had not a single clue of what to do.

 "Go talk to her… please. I know how much you miss her and believe she misses you too.“ Fred spoke softly with wise advise but I still couldn’t comprehend a word of apology to say. 

All the things I had been practicing to say to her, in case I ever was to run into her, which was more than anything likely, was all stuck on the tip of my tongue like a wall was holding it all back.

 "Why don’t you come sit down George!” Ginny mused, patting the open chair beside her. I shook my head lightly, taking in y/n’s uncomfortable posture as she shifted back and forth clearly avoiding direct eye contact. 

 "George Gideon Weasley… sit down right now.“ Venom laced every word Ginny spit dangerously locking her dark eyes with my own. "O-okay.” I felt pathetic. Everyone knew exactly what went down between y/n and I. 

Our relationship didn’t have the slightest bit of privacy when all of out friends were as close as they are. Hesitantly, I threw my leg over the side of the wooden sturdy bench, then lifted my other leg, lowering myself down to a stationary position directly across from y/n’s line of sight. Dammit Ginny. 

 The table remind so quiet I feared the whole group could read my thoughts and sense my eagerness to leave before I said the wrong thing. Ron cleared his throat loudly and excused himself from the table stating he had to “work on homework”. It would have been a more believable statement if they rest of the group hadn’t rushed after him using the same silly excuse. 

 Soon enough, y/n and I were left to ourselves with a tension as thick as the fog that covered the school grounds every October night. Lost for words and actions, I decided the best thing to do was try to start a conversation. “So… y/n, how are you? You look absolutely lovely." 

 3rd Person Pov- 

Y/n wanted nothing more than to scoff at George’s remark, assuming it was a punch of sarcasm. But as she drew her eyes up from the empty plate her fingers were tracing, she realized he was being dead serious. Y/n began to grow self conscious and reached her hand up to feel the ends of her ratty dirty hair that she had thrown up in a careless pony. 

She was now regretting not taking time to ready herself and assumed George was probably trying to be nice and pitied her. "Thanks but uh, you don’t have to lie its fine. I’m aware I look like crap-” George jumped in quickly and shook his head.

 "No, no! You really don’t! Maybe a little… tired? But honestly you look beautiful.“ A crimson red flushed y/n’s cheeks. Oh how she had missed his sweet words. Erasing all their conversations from her mind was more than impossible. Y/n couldn’t allow herself to forget all the good times they had shared and she wanted to make new ones.

She really did. Though something inside of her kept we from doing so. It kept her from running into his arms a day after their argument. It kept her from writing to him to meet up with her or relaying the message through their friends so they two could work their differences out and seek the truth. And out of all this, y/n still had no idea what it was that was holding her back. 

"That’s sweet of you, George.” The strain of distance shone straight through her. George knew she was still upset about the incidence, he knew he would be too if the roles were reversed. He wanted her to know he hadn’t meant a word he said to her that night but he just couldn’t find the right ones to explain it. 

“So… what have you been up to lately? Anything new?” The cluster of students eating in the Great Hall was significantly low in size and George was thankful for this. It gave him a better opportunity to actually have a conversation with y/n instead of just shouting over loud voices. Y/n on the other hand was praying for a crowd of rowdy students to enter. 

She wanted the ear bleeding talkers to enter and to ruin their conversation. She wanted some nosy and annoying students to come up and question them so she could find a way to escape and retreat back to the comforts of her own dorm. Of course then she would have to explain to Ginny and the others why she was without a certain red head but she didn’t mind. 

It was molded into y/n’s mind just how badly she wanted George back as her own and she couldn’t have that happen. Although it was hard to deny how nice it was to have him sitting in front of her looking as sloppy as ever. The thought alone pleased y/n in a twisted way. 

Oddly enough she was happy to see the break up was a struggle for him too. At least then she knew what they had was real. Her worst fear was that a week later George would be hooking up with Angelina but apparently he really hadn’t been. That part stung. It wasn’t that y/n wanted them to be snogging each other behind her back, but that was also one of the main reasons she had George got into such a heated argument. 

Y/n was wrong about the whole thing and her pride was what was holding her back from apologizing. She didn’t care anymore about him missing the date or not spending enough time with her. Y/n knew that George was affected greatly from their split as she examined his distraught self sitting in front of her eyes. 

“No not a thing really. I’ve been a little ill these past few days. I reckon it’s the flu but you never know.” George nodded his head hanging onto her every word. He was truly concerned that she coming down with something and only wanted the best for her. 

“Oh no that’s terrible! Have you talked to Madam-" 

"Yes. Hermione took me down to see her yesterday. She predicted the same thing… or maybe just a small bug but nothing to worry about. Listen I’m not too feeling good right now so I think I’ll just go up to my room and sleep it off. Good seeing you George.”

 Giving a wave of her hand, y/n darted out of the dinning hall and around the corner heading for the nearest stair case and quickest way to the dorm room so she could go sit alone and cry some more. Rounding the sharp wall, a hand wrapped itself around her upper arm pulling her back to a halt. Y/n didn’t have to look back to know it was George who held a grip on her. 

“Y/n darling, please just listen to me! That’s all. You don’t even have to agree or care about what I say but just please hear me out.”

 "George I really don’t have time-“ "Please… if you don’t want to see me ever again, I won’t bother you. That is only if you listen to me, only five minutes, love.” The pet names had a certain way with her heart. Whenever George called her; darling, love, babe, hun, etc. it just drove her bonkers. In a good way that is. 

They sped up her heart and made her weak in the knees with the simplest words. Y/n found herself falling for him again and she couldn’t find the emergency break to stop herself. Drawing a stray lock of hair behind her ear, she nodded solemnly and folded her arms prepared to listen with an open mind. 

“Thank you, sweetheart. I just want you to know how much I love you. I truly do. And these past few weeks without you have been like hell and back in a never ending cycle. I kept thinking about that time… I think it was last winter. I had taken you out to Zonko’s during the Hogsmeade trip and do you remember what I did?" 

A soft chuckle slipped through his words as he shot y/n a questioning glance followed by a goofy grin. She shook her head ‘yes’ knowing the exact situation he was explaining and covered her mouth to prevent a cute giggle from spilling out. 

"I ,uh, knock over the love potion display and made Lee Jordan accidentally fall in love with you. And the whole week he kept pestering you and showering you with hugs and gift and it was driving me mad! I ignored him for a whole week and wouldn’t let him near you! But then you asked me if I trusted you. I mean of course I said yes because why wouldn’t I trust you? There would be no logical answer for that. And do you remember what you said back?” The hallway was empty much to y/n’s luck. Her throat was closing in on her and she knew any second a water work of tears would flow freely. 

 "I told you… I told you that there was no reason to worry about Lee and I because you’re the only one for me. The only person I could trust to hold my life in their hands and not put it in jeopardy. The only person I knew well enough to care for me no matter where life might take us. The only one I could ever allow my heart to belong to… my George Weasley.“ Tears trickled down her rosy cheeks as George stepped forward and swiped his thumb along her delicate skin carefully blocking off the salty tears from traveling any farther. 

Leaning forward with caution, George placed his lips as lightly as a feather against her forehead, wrapping his arms around her waist. Y/n leaned her head directly on his chest clearly tired of the bickering and ignoring each other. She was desperate for the both of them just to make up and move on to bigger and better things. She knew their relationship was too good to have ended over a stupid fight. 

George cut the silence short and sighed softly, "Y/n there’s something you need to know and hear from me. I’m being one hundred percent honest with you when I say I never, not even once, ever hooked up with Angelina. I swear on my life I wasn’t doing anything with her. I wasn’t seeing her behind your back or anything. You’re my one and only, I would never abuse you’re trust and loyalty. I love you more than life itself.” He confessed truthfully diverting his eyes back into her own which twinkled with her glistening tears. 

She nodded quickly, reaching up on her tippy toes to take his face in between her hands. Glancing down at his plump lips, y/n wasted no time before interlocking her glossy lips upon his in a loving fashion. George gasped softly although reacted in a record breaking time as he moved his lips in sync with hers. His hands squeezed her sides gently while she locked her hands as one around his neck. 

Pulling back in order to catch a breath, the two love birds lent forward resting their foreheads against the others grinning like fools. “I believe you, Georgie. It was stupid for me to even doubt you. I love you more than you could imagine and I’m so so so sorry for being so rude to you.” The tears of sadness had ceased and were replaced with those of happiness. 

George traced his fingertips along her hips drawing small patterns as he smiled down at her, “I don’t think that’s possible because I love you far more than you could ever imagine my darling." 

 From behind the staircase; Ron, Ginny, Fred, Harry and Hermione all peeked their heads around the stone wall with a pleased smile looking at the happy couple. Fred reached his hand around his younger brother only to high five his little sister. 

Ginny grinned returning the high five to her brother and spoke softly, "Well I guess it worked then. They should be thankful they have us or they’d both still be stuck in their rooms drowning in ice cream and tears.” A chain of laughter followed. “You’ve got that right, little one. Let’s just hope we don’t ever have to do this again." 

 -Daizy 💗

  • Touch Too Much: My muse’s entire body is an erogenous zone. The gentlest tap will make them want to collapse with ecstasy.
  • Sweet Nothings: My muse can only speak in a soft, sexy growl.
  • Dirty Talk: My muse is hearing voices, and they’re saying everything they want to hear.
  • Razor’s Edge: My muse will be stuck right on the edge of orgasm but unable to bring themselves over.
  • Button Box: Another muse (both mun’s must consent) has a remote control that can make my muse orgasm on command.
  • All Tied Up and No Place to Go: My muse is tied up in shibari-style bondage until someone finds and frees them.
  • Not The Chair: My muse is tied to a chair with instructions (anon specifies instructions) and a switched-off vibrator inside of them for anyone to find them.
  • Chaste Kisses: My muse is trapped in a chastity device, while another muse (again, both mun’s must consent) has the key.
  • Handyman: Muse feels like hundreds of hands are caressing them all over.
  • Think Kink: Muse has to wear an item (anon specifies) that unsubtly hints at one of their kinks. (I.E. Someone with a spanking kink wears red shorts / carries a whip, someone with a biting kink wears a turtleneck sweater, ETC.)
  • Tickle Touch: My muse has huge sexual urges, but their entire body becomes unbearably ticklish so they can’t relieve themselves.
  • Filthy Mind: My muse will have vivid dirty thoughts. Anon can specify about what / who.
  • Masochist: My muse is turned on by pain (Being spanked, bitten, slapped, pinched, burnt, ETC.)
  • Big Bad Handsome Man: Muse will thirst for / be turned on by / want to leap upon big, muscular characters.
  • Touch Word: Muse will orgasm every time a certain word is said.
  • Big Five: Muse is blindfolded, handcuffed, gagged, collared and clamped. They cant remove any of the items.
  • Freudian Slip: Muse will accidentally let their dirty thouhgts slip out in conversation.
  • Gender Shuffle: Muse is a different biological sex, and wants to test-drive their new equipment.

anonymous asked:

Can you write a prompt on the cliché jock and bad boy with sterek? Any half can be any side u want:)

HI NONNIE! Sorry this took a little while but I was inspired… 
Huge shout out to @runedsterek for the beta

Like James Dean, Only Sadder
Sterek Week 2016 - Day 4 Magic Stiles

The star of the Beacon Hills High School baseball team and Beacon Hills resident bad boy probably have nothing in common, right?

“I don’t understand why your sister hangs out with Stilinski,” Jackson said as he slid into the lunch table next to Lydia, his eyes on the table in the corner where Stiles Stilinski sat with Cora, Scott McCall, and Allison Argent.  “She’s hot, she could hang out with way better people.”

Derek’s voice was practically a growl when he replied, “Don’t talk about my sister Jackass.”

He looked over his shoulder and saw Cora with her head thrown back in a laugh at something Stiles had said. He hadn’t been listening to what they were saying over in the corner but when he looked over he saw Stiles was holding back a smile, something most people wouldn’t notice, but Derek did because he may have spent some time studying Stiles, not that he would ever admit that.

Stiles had changed a lot since high school started.  He had been an awkward kid who laughed too loudly and was second in their class until his dad died at the end of sophomore year.  Stiles, who now wore leather jackets and black jeans with motorcycle boots and obscure band shirts, who was covered in tattoos, who had a lip ring and a scar that went from his left temple through his eyebrow from an incident he refused to talk about. He was Beacon Hill’s resident bad boy these days, a reputation that he had gained in the two years since his dad died in the line of duty and seemed to wear with pride.

As if he could feel Derek’s gaze on him, Stiles turned around and winked at him.  Derek turned around quickly and tried to focus on the conversation at his table, but he could hear Stiles say, “See something you like Hale?”

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