muse addict

            Look, I’ve had a shit day.

                              Just give me my 𝔴𝔥𝔦𝔰𝑘𝔢𝑦
                                         and ɴᴏʙᴏᴅʏ ɢᴇᴛs ʜᴜʀᴛ.


✿: What is your muses favourite scent?

☼: What is your muses favourite kind of weather?

☤: Is your muse allergic to anything?

♫: Does your muse like music? What kind?

✉: What is something your muse would write about?

✈: How far has your muse travelled away from their home?

💕: Does your muse have any crushes?

★: What is your muse’s zodiac?

✞: Does your muse have an religious beliefs? What are they?

∞: Is there something about your muse that has been constant throughout their life?

✘: What are your muses pet peeves?

💲: What is your muse like with their money? What’s their financial situation?

⚽: What’s your muse’s favourite sport?

✔: What is your muse’s sexuality?

✋: Is your muse left or right handed?

👓: Does your muse need reading aids? Contacts or glasses?

🎒: What does your muse normally keep in their bag?

🚑: Does your muse have any disabilities/impairments?

👕: What is your muse’s fashion sense like?

🎲: Does your muse like to gamble?

🍕: What’s your muses favourite food?

🍸: Does your muse like to consume alcohol? What’s their favourite kind?

💉: Does your muse have a substance addiction? To what?

I hate watching you destroy yourself. I can see it, the drugs are wrecking you from the inside out. You won’t listen to me, they’ve closed your ears off to the sound of the voice you claimed to love. I know this isn’t you, I know that the person I’m seeing is a shell of who you really are, but that doesn’t alleviate the pain that tears through my body as I watch you break down in pursuit of your next hit. I wonder whose pain is worse? I wish I could fix you. I can’t. I know I can’t. Don’t push me away, please. At least let me do this much, at least let me catch the pieces of you that I can.
—  Maxwell Diawuoh, Request: I’m in love with a drug addict and I just have to watch him suffer because he won’t accept help. He really is an amazing person but he’s just clouded right now and it’s honestly shattering watching him destroy himself. He’s pushing me away.
  •  sex hotline au where muse a is a phone sex operator and muse b is an awkward freshman in college who wants a taste before stepping out into the real world. what’s meant to be a five minute phone call turns into an hour long fest, featuring several mind-blowing orgasms and learning more about each other than professionally appropriate. muse b gets a part time job just to pay for their possibly harmful sex addiction (or just addiction to muse a’s voice) and the two converse regularly for months. one day, muse b hears an oh-so-familiar voice ordering coffee in the line in front of them.
  • cliché best friend’s older brother plot where muse a is infatuated with their best friend’s older brother muse b, who they see occasionally when they’re over to study or for a sleepover. when muse a is a freshman and at their first high school party, they have their first kiss who’s later discovered to be muse b. muse b rejects muse a as soon as they’re confronted, which leaves muse a heartbroken until muse b goes off to college. three years later muse a gets accepted to the same college as muse b, and they see each other once again.
  • classical musician au? like muse a is a highly acclaimed classical musician (piano/violin/etc) who’s lost sight of their love for music, where their entire life revolves around their profession and being technically flawless but bland. muse b is a busker barely making rent every month, and when muse a hears muse b playing outside a coffee shop one day they’re completely captivated by muse b’s music. it’s a love for music they haven’t felt in ages, which is why muse a makes a quick move to get to know this struggling street musician.
  • private school au where it’s the holidays and muse a and muse b are the only two students staying at school during the break. it’s quite awkward as they’ve never so much as talked before, but their secret admiring glances at each other haven’t gone unnoticed by other students. their first conversation results in a snowball fight and they spend the entire break glued at the hip.
  • celebrity plot where muse a and muse b are both successful musicians with humongous fan-bases. muse a tweets an insult about muse b’s favorite movie and muse b decides to take a jab at muse a’s music. what starts as a fun feud gets blown up by the fans, to the point where there’s blogs and accounts dedicated to the two of them getting together.
  • radio host au where muse a is the familiar voice of reason on the university’s popular radio station. muse b admires from afar, from the ace music choices to the heartfelt advice that muse a always seems to have for their listeners. muse b is harshly dumped by their girlfriend/boyfriend one night, and decides to call in to their favorite radio station to whine. the conversation lasts longer than the allotted time for a single caller. on air flirting is a legitimate thing, right?
  • hospital au where muse a is a volunteer at the local hospital because they like to help out, reading children stories and helping them color. muse b is spoiled and bratty with a set of famous parents, and after getting arrested for their reckless behavior muse b’s parents order them to help out with the hospital in order to improve their reputation. at first muse b walks around like they own the place because of their parent’s significant donations to the hospital, but muse a refuses to give in to muse b’s absurd demands. muse b learns sympathy and muse a learns that people really can change.

                                                            I  h o p e  that these drinks
                                                            have a  sʜᴏᴛ  at  replacing
                                                            the things that I   𝚕𝚘𝚜𝚝  }
                                                            along the way.

Sense Pleasure vs Joy

by Saṃsāran 

This discussion is not based on morality. It is based exclusively upon observation of the human mind. Our mental states are solely chemical based. We are just machines after all. Nature has provided us with various means of reaching states which may be called pleasurable. Animals seek pleasure and wish to avoid pain. The things which in nature give us pleasure are those things which are generally good for us. We take pleasure in sex, food, rest, drink and even things less tangible such as success at the things we do. 

Humans, being the clever little apes that we are soon learned ways to short-circuit the pleasure systems in our brain through the use of chemicals which mimic natural pleasures such as alcohol, opium, and cocaine. The problem with sense pleasures of these kinds is that we are designed to become accustomed to these sensations and to build tolerances to them requiring more. The reason is purely electrochemical. 

The upshot of this is that if we attempt to chase pleasure without balance and moderation the system breaks down and we fall into addiction and our health suffers and the pleasure becomes harder and harder to attain. Moreover, on a psychological level, we cease to find contentment and we find ourselves increasingly depressed and anxious which leads to further attempts to cure this with sense pleasures which lead to a further degradation of the system.

There is a different source of pleasure which we may call joy. Joy cannot be attained through artificial means. Joy comes from leading a life of the spirit. This joy does not tear our body down rather it increases our overall health and contentment. We do not build a tolerance to joy. The more we have the greater our sense of contentment and well-being.

Book Reviews : Strange The Dreamer by Laini Taylor

This was such a beautiful book for people who love books and reading. As I expected, the author’s lyrical way of writing set the tone beautifully. The world the created was so deep and dark and I have no complaints about the characters.

Dig into my muse's life | headcanons
  • 1: When did your muse lose their virginity?
  • 2: Who was your muse's first kiss?
  • 3: Which parent(or guardian) does your muse prefer?
  • 4: Who are your muse's closest friends?
  • 5: Does your muse have any phobias?
  • 6: Which sibling is your muse closest to? If they have no siblings, which family member?
  • 7: If your muse had the opportunity to turn into the opposite sex for a day, would they take it? If so, what would they do?
  • 8: Who was your muse's first crush?
  • 9: What is your muse's sexual preference?
  • 10: Most problematic thing your muse has ever done?
  • 11: How important is family to your muse?
  • 12: What is your muse's happiest memory from their childhood?
  • 13: What is your muse's saddest memory from their childhood?
  • 14: What is your muse's deadly sin?
  • 15: What would your muse say to their younger self if they could go back in time?
  • 16: How does your muse see themselves in 5 years? What about 10?
  • 17: How does your muse deal with their anger?
  • 18: How does your muse feel about religion?
  • 19: Is your muse more self loving or self loathing?
  • 20: What is your muse's addiction?
Magic Anon List! Anon sets duration!
  • Tsundere: Muse will be a tsundere for ______. If they're already a tsundere, then no tsundere.
  • Neko Paradise: Muse becomes a catgirl/neko for ______. If they're already a neko, then they become a human.
  • Cosplay: Muse dresses exactly like a specified character for ______.
  • Sing: Muse can only sing, no matter what for ______.
  • No Voice: Muse loses their voice for ______.
  • WHAT?!: Muse is unable to hear for ______.
  • Marriage: Muse will be married to a specified muse for ______. (Other mun must agree.)
  • Love Potion: Muse is in love with a specified muse for ______.
  • Psychic: Muse has the ability to predict the future for ______.
  • Hyperactive: Muse becomes hyper and is never tired for ______. Take it even further if they're already hyper.
  • Mermaid: Muse becomes a mermaid for ______. If they're already a mermaid, then they become human.
  • I'm watching you!~: Muse becomes a stalker for ______.
  • Invisibility: Muse becomes invisible for ______.
  • Meido: Muse will become another muse's maid for ______. (Other mun must agree)
  • Friendship: Muse wants to be friends with anyone, no matter who they are, for ______.
  • Fairy: Muse becomes a fairy for ______.
  • Witch: Muse becomes a witch for ______.
  • #SELFIE: Muse is addicted to selfies for ______.
  • Body Swap: Muse swaps bodies with another muse for ______. (Other mun must agree)
  • Dark Side: Muse becomes evil for ______. If they're already evil, then it's the opposite.
  • Frozen: Muse has ice powers that they can't control for ______.
  • Scorched: Muse has fire powers that they can't control for ______.
  • Amnesia: Muse doesn't remember anything for ______.
  • Immortal: Muse becomes immortal for ______.
  • Pregnant: Muse is [specify month] pregnant.
  • Laughing Gas: Muse laughs at literally everything others say and cannot stop laughing for _______.
  • Comedian: Terrible or not, muse keeps coming up with puns every second for _______.
  • Ghost Chili: For _______, muse feels like their mouth is on fire.
  • Sleeping Beauty: Muse will be in deep slumber for _______.
  • Animal Noises: Muse can only make animal noises [specify animal] for _______.
  • Freaky Eaters: Muse will be addicted to eating [specify food or... anything...?] for _______.

I have a lot of books on my to-read list. It’s a list I might never get to finish because I’m always adding more and more and more books.

But to be completely honest, I’m okay with that because even if I never get to them, I know I’ve acknowledged that those books once interested me enough to add them to my list. 

Long TBRs create anxiety, but I also remember the joy I felt when I first heard of the books I’ve added to my possibly impossible list. For that fleeting moment, as I read a promising synopsis, I was intrigued and excited. That’s a feeling I’m okay reliving. 

(Spoiler)First Impressions of Ardyn

Galdin Quay: WTF? (turns head) Who was that guy?

Lestallum: This freakin guy again! Kind of a smart ass. Very suspicious, the imperials listen to him?

Cauthess Disc: Go figure, the freakin Imperial Chancellor. He maybe helping, but shifty, didn’t deem it important to give me my car. Ass.

Aracheole Stronghold: He just keeps popping up! What is his game?! Not sure if he saved us from Ravus, mixed feelings. I don’t think I feel comfortable with him around Luna :-/

Steyliff Grove: Wait, wasn’t he supposed to be in Altissia? He has definitely been spying on me, creepy. He is definitely a bad guy (maybe?) but he keeps on helping. 

Altissia: I don’t like his tone with Ravus, is he in control? Oh great, he is going to take the ring, make it even harder to ge–FUCK!! He just killed Luna and flew away! That bastard!

Train 1: (chase him down)Cheeky asshole, acts like he has done nothing wrong. Yes! Pushed him off…wait..shit. 

Train 2: Yes, Shiva for the assist! (what was Ardyn going to say?)….Nooo he is immortal, and has Prompto. (Shocked into stupid) He is much worse than anticipated. 

Zegnautus Keep 1: I hate you Ardyn, you are such an asshole, stop talking to me, I don’t want to hear it. Let Me Fight YOU!

Zegnautus Keep/Crystal: ………he is related to me, was a healer, full of daemons, he wanted me to get to the crystal, (mind blown) not sure how I feel….

Insomnia: First hiding behind Ifrit,(Anger resurfaces, only logical emotion) and now his smug looking ass is on my throne, hanging Luna up in chains! Lets fight!

The fight: I have been dying to get my hands on you! Bring it! Yes, take down! Rest forever x-P and then be obliterated in the beyond…that was kind of sad. 

Second Play through

All scenes with Ardyn: I love you, and totally understand where you are coming from now <3 Please, there has to be another way other than death!! ;-;