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Matt Bellamy’s Manson guitar M1D1 Black (or better known as Kaoss Manson) was first used live at Radio 1′s Big Weekend on 13th of May 2006, and last in August of 2011. As well as being used most during The Resistance tour, it was used during warm-ups for The 2nd Law tour and in studio when recording Drones.

It is featured in music videos of Invincible, Neutron Star Collision (Love Is Forever), the alternative live version of Supermassive Black Hole, and can be spotted from a clip called The Making Of Uprising (from The Resistance DVD). Notably, the guitar had been used live for songs like Dead Star, Forced In, Hyper Music, Unnatural Selection, MK Ultra, Nishe, and a cover of Man of Mystery by The Shadows (first performed in Luxembourg on 26th of May 2007).


So, tomorrow will be exactly 3 years since Muse have visited Poland on The 2nd Law Tour. As you maybe know, they won’t come to Poland on Drones Tour, so we want to make some noise about it and pray someone from Muse or any organisation which organise concerts here will note our desire.

So that’s what I’m asking for: tomorrow (23rd November) go on twitter, instagram and facebook and spam using #‎POLANDNEEDSDRONESWORLDTOUR‬. (u can add the selfie which guys did with us on Orange Warsaw Festival)

These are the accounts to mark:
@muse @MattBellamy @Dominic_Howard @CTWolstenholme @CaptMorganized @domanderson666 @Nowherethomas
@muse @domhoward77 @ctwolstenholme78 @nowherethomas @domanderson666

Please spread it out and help us!!!

Falling Down (Piano) (Bologna '12)
  • Falling Down (Piano) (Bologna '12)
  • Muse
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Muse // Falling Down (Piano version) // Bologna ‘12

This is a soundboard quality track of the reworked version of Falling Down that Muse played in 2012. The song came back in 2012 at Montpellier after not being played since 2000. It was only played ten times during The 2nd Law tour, all in 2012.