muse (code name)

“Have you realized what you truly desire…? To show those who speak against you what you feel inside… That was the cry that called upon me… I am thou, thou art I… We shall become as one now! Fight, with the fire that dwells from inside you!”

Code name: Muse

Persona: Erik

Weapon: Halberd

I have only half of an idea of what exactly I’m doing when I draw, but, here we are! Lukas as a Persona 5 Phantom Thief for @dancing-aqua‘s FE:EchoesxPersona 5 Crossover project!

I thought the idea of his inner rebellion being his desire to express emotions would fit pretty well, which is why he has the drama masks and why he’s called Muse. And then somehow I thought the Phantom of the Opera worked for his persona but I can’t really explain myself on that one    s o

Hope you enjoy though!