Acts of affection ( shippy/ fluff edition )

💝 - your muse says “I love you” to mine

❤ - our muses stay up all night talking

💔 - your muse gives up _____ for mine

💓 - our muses have their first kiss and its not exactly perfect

💗 - our muses are wrestling playfully and yours suddenly kisses mine

💕- your muse cares for mine while ill

💘 - our muses have been friends for quite a while, and yours suddenly realized they have deeper feelings for mine

💋 - my muse covers yours in lipstick kisses

💄- your muse covers mine in lipstick kisses

😍 - your muse notices mine for the first time, and its love at first sight

💏- our muses have been “friends with benefits” up until now and they are both realizing they want more than that

🌸 - your muse puts a flower behind mine’s ear

🎊 - my muse is pregnant and yours is ecstatic upon hearing the good news

🍟 - your muse steals a fry from mine and says “You’re cute when you’re mad.”

💯 - our muses wake up together after a one night stand


Agent Washington throughout the seasons

Bonus + 

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The goal of Fic Writers Week is to share the love for all of the wonderful writers in all of our fandoms. That means we’ll be highlighting the work they’ve already shared with us and encouraging writers to share the parts of their work they’re most proud of!


  • Day 1: Words Of Validation - Fic Readers, take some time to leave new comments / Fic Writers, share some of the comments that stuck with you the most.
  • Day 2: The Muses - Fan art? Edits? Playlists? Draw some inspiration from the fics you love and share some new content with the fandom!
  • Day 3: Small But Mighty - Shine a spotlight on the new/underrated fics you’ve read or written.
  • Day 4: The Devil’s In The Details - Highlight small details you loved in the fics you’ve read or written.
  • Day 5: Verbatim - Share some of your favorite quotes from the fics you’ve read or written.
  • Day 6: Unsung Heroes - A day to give shout outs to the writers/readers you love.
  • Day 7: Spread the Word - Fic Readers, time to rec some fics. Give us a list! / Fic Writers, time to brag about some of your favorite works. Time for some self-recs!

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Symbol starters: Nap Edition

💆- Your muse falls asleep while mine is petting/massaging them.
👏- Your muse is napping when mine decides to suddenly wake them up!
🦊- Your muse finds mine snuggling with a stuffed toy in their sleep!
🏥- Your muse visits my bedridden muse at the hospital..
🤠- Your muse falls asleep while watching TV/ a movie
🦐- Your muse finds mine napping off a large meal/feast
🚗- Your muse falls asleep in the car/bus
🎼- Your muse finds mine asleep after listening to some soft music
🥇- Your muse finds mine asleep after a long day of play/sports
🛏- Your muse finds my muse napping in their bed
🛋- Your muse finds mine napping on the couch
🚪- Your muse finds mine napping on the floor
🛒- Your muse finds mine napping in an unusual spot…