send one to see how my muse reacts  /  soft edition.
  • [ trail ] for your muse to start a trail of kisses down my muses neck. 
  • [ shift ] for your muse to move hair off my muses face.
  • [ stroke] for your muse to gently stoke my muse’s face.
  • [ chin ] for your muse to gently grab my muses chin.
  • [ tuck ] to place a blanket on my muse.
  • [ wrap ] for your muse to walk into the room and say nothing before wrapping their arms around my muse. 
  • [ fidget ] for your muse to comfort mine during a bad dream.
  • [ braid ] for your muse to braid mines hair.
  • [ sponge ] for your muse to give my muse a sponge bath.
  • [ drape ] for your muse to help pull off / unzip my muses clothing
Acts of affection ( shippy/ fluff edition )

💝 - your muse says “I love you” to mine

❤ - our muses stay up all night talking

💔 - your muse gives up _____ for mine

💓 - our muses have their first kiss and its not exactly perfect

💗 - our muses are wrestling playfully and yours suddenly kisses mine

💕- your muse cares for mine while ill

💘 - our muses have been friends for quite a while, and yours suddenly realized they have deeper feelings for mine

💋 - my muse covers yours in lipstick kisses

💄- your muse covers mine in lipstick kisses

😍 - your muse notices mine for the first time, and its love at first sight

💏- our muses have been “friends with benefits” up until now and they are both realizing they want more than that

🌸 - your muse puts a flower behind mine’s ear

🎊 - my muse is pregnant and yours is ecstatic upon hearing the good news

🍟 - your muse steals a fry from mine and says “You’re cute when you’re mad.”

💯 - our muses wake up together after a one night stand


Agent Washington throughout the seasons

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