I have a lot of feelings I don’t really know what to do with nowadays. I don’t want them. I wish I could store them somewhere until they were useful. The words ‘I’m okay’ seem like a foreign language when they’re together without the word not in between them. Foreign to me, anyway. I don’t feel like I can use them without feeling like a horrible liar. They’re just words to me. There’s no emotion behind them - unless you count the fear that someone will realize I’m not and ask why. It’s always been better for me to break in silence. That way, no one sees it. That way, no one breaks with me if they care enough to be moved. Seems kind of twisted when you think about it. I want to be there for everyone else, but don’t want anyone to waste even a second on me. I want to read everyone, but when it comes to me, there are days I want to be read thoroughly and days when I don’t even want people to see my cover. I’m a hypocrite, a walking contradiction, a mess. If I could, I’d fast forward into the future. Maybe there, I’m not like this.

                             I’ll  d i s s o l v e  when the rain pours in
                                      When the 𝔫𝔦𝔤𝔥𝔱𝔪𝔞𝔯𝔢𝔰 take me

                                I will SCREAM with the howling wind,
                     'Cause it’s a b i t t e r  world and I’d rather dream.

So. SDCC happened and I’m just. YES. 

Lotor being manipulative swordfighting halfbreed-loving, harem-keeping badass? YES MY HCs.

Keith going 0 to 90 WRECKED over Shiro? YES.

Keith saying “No, i will find him. Shiro is the only person who didn’t give up on me. i won’t give up on him.”  YEAH.

Idk about you guys but I’d say Sheith made out like a bandit with the canon material- it’s never been more apparent that no matter who Keith gets with? They’ll only ever be second place to Shiro. They’ll always have to compete with him, platonic or not. :’) This boy’s mind is 100% Shiro all the time even when he’s doing things to make him proud. Shiro was the first and Shiro was the only. He changed Keith’s life and that is an indelible bond. 

Y’all oh my god. 

I’m going through some old USB drives and deleting a bunch of old shit and I found an idea for a Phantom of the Opera re-write where Erik is actually Christine’s father’s ghost and the entire thing is just him being passive aggressive to Raoul because “No one is good enough to my little song bird, especially not this pompous twit”. 

And there’s a totally different villain that eventually Erik and Raoul work together to defend Christine from and it ends with Erik being like “Okay yeah sure you can marry my daughter but I swear to god boy you do one thing wrong and I will not hesitate to hang you.”

…..Guys I kind of want to try actually writing this. 

                                                     I am a ghost
                                                     I want to feel

                                                 Please take my hand
                                                 Teach me how to live


idle rich sub-tropes: you know this woman. The Socialite is cultured and rich, and she knows how to handle any situation (or at least upper-class ones). her rich husband or father adores her, and never tires of supplying her with a constant stream of gucci and armani. she lives in a paradise of a mansion, usually in california, or a penthouse in manhattan. you might find her hanging out at various social events, with a glass of champagne in her hand. often she doesn’t have a job, but sometimes she can be working in a high-end job, such as that of a celebrity publicist, which nets her a very high salary.

yona-chan for the next... year(?)

Aka: Tomorrow morning I get on a plane to go and work in Japan for at least a year and things on this blog change a little… 

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