Lonely at the top

“Everything has room for improvement”? Here, let me prove it.
A playlist for the so-called Mastermind, constantly updated.

Uprising - Muse // Refuse To Follow - The Blue Dawns // Black Sheep - Gin Wigmore // Don’t Mess With Me - Poets Of The Fall // Roll With It - Oasis // Get Over It - The Eagles // I Hope, I Think, I Know - Oasis // Living Well Is The Best Revenge - R.E.M. // Stuck In A Moment You Can’t Get Out Of - U2 // Bittersweet Symphony - The Verve // It’s The End Of The World As We Know It (And I Feel Fine) - R.E.M. // There’s A Beast And We All Feed It - Jake Bugg // Centuries - Fall Out Boy

Have you seen her?

Of course you have,
how can one’s eye
be drawn to such

But have you seen
the glow of her
have you experienced
the power of her

Oh, that’s right,
excuse me,
I forgot 
don’t believe in things like that.

All you see is a fine piece of ass.

You’re selling this girl short,
there’s so much
to her.

I’ll explain
in a way you might
understand what I’m getting at.

Do you know how scientists
expose hidden planets?

They calculate and go after
their gravitational pull,
proving they exist,
even if
they’re not able to see them.

You can apply this knowledge.
Acknowledging her heart
and soul
doesn’t have to be
a matter of simply believing.

Now the next time you see her,
look at the people around her.

See how they look bigger,
more at peace.

She naturally emits invisible rays
of her loving nature,
a powerful
positive energy,
it causes the people around her
to grow in her presence.

They become the best version
of themselves, and to me
that –
is the embodiment of ‘good’.

To me, that is the essence of 'she’.

Remember this, the next time you
look at her, so the next time
we speak,
you won’t sell her short
when I ask you,

“Have you seen her?”

- M.A. Tempels © 2016