Listen Up

You are under NO OBLIGATION to make excuses for your abuser

No matter what is going on in their personal life, they have NO RIGHT to use you as an outlet, emotionally, physically, psychologically, or sexually

No matter what they may have done for you in the past, YOU OWE THEM NOTHING now



To your recovery

To saying to yourself every day, over and over until you believe it

That you did not deserve what they did to you

That you are valid

That you are allowed to feel this way

That you do not have to get better overnight

That you are perfect and deserve to take your time to believe in yourself again

That you will get better

That you will get stronger

Until one day you can look them in the eye and tell them that



Don’t ever allow anything to disrupt your inner stillness. It’s not worth it. Life is so short as it is; so we must live each moment with peace in our hearts and happiness in our soul.
—  Nicole Addison @thepowerwithin
When events present themselves in your life, try to see them for what they are. Yes, problems may arise, however do not make them any bigger than they really are, for this makes them ample times harder to overcome. So take a breath, truthfully evaluate what it is you’re faced with, and move forward with courage.
Problems do not overcome you, for you are stronger than each and every one of them.
—  Nicole Addison @thepowerwithin

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so I was just fucking with hue sliders on a gif and got this;

which, like, fuck yes demon!roan?? And then it got me thinking about an angel and demon AU.

Angels removed themselves from Earth when demons began to rise up. They assumed it would take three centuries for demons to grow bored of their games or to kill off the humans, and then the angels would be able to return and re-cultivate the land, raising humanity back from the ashes. But their society wasn’t mean to be so removed, and it began to collapse. The Delinquents, lower level angels, rebelled against the Archangels, and were cast to Earth because of it. It was assumed that the world would still be overrun with demons who would destroy any angelic presence, but instead, they found it inhabited by the offspring of demons and humans.

The angels view these hybrids as the enemy, but in time, they begin to see that they’re actually far more tolerant and reasonable than the puritanical hierarchy of Heaven that they had been cast out from. When the Archangels make their will to return known, the fallen angels ally with the demon hybrids to save them from the impending “purification”.

As much as I love seeing posts about people being accepted​ by their families I can’t help but feel incredibly jealous. I just wish I could live without being afraid or ridiculized

Workout Log 4-29-17

Oh, man. This morning was a bit amazeballs. Woke up, straight to the gym and a power hour of legs! Does anyone else mouth the lyrics to their music? I do–sort of makes it hard to breathe correctly! I’m feeling so much better this morning–just toward the end of the week overall. 

Treadmill Warm Up: 10 minutes
Lunges: 3 x 12 
Sumo Squats w/ dumbbell 20 lbs: 3 x 12
Calve Raises w/ dumbbells 20 lbs: 3 x 12
Squats w/ dumbbells 20 lbs: 3 x 12
Bridges w/ dumbbells 20 lbs: 3 x 12
Leg Press: 160 lbs: 3 x 12 
Hip Abduction 85 lbs: 3 x 12 
Hip Adduction 70 lbs: 3 x 12
Leg Curl 70 lbs 3 x 12:
Leg Extension 60 lbs: 3 x 12
Stretch: 10 minutes

Playlist Picks: Last night I looked up a ton of new metal. This one really caught my attention. Animals as Creature’s “Physical Education.” Absolutely love how plucky and almost funky the bass sounds in this. To me, a really cool blend of styles! Was also pointed toward Sonata Arctica, who has this great progressive sound. “Wolves Die Young” has this really upbeat sound to it with some great chord progressions that keep uplifting the melody.

These are my flippers. Thanks, Mom. Don’t even try to pin this shit on Dad.

Pre-Mage Gauntlet Thoughts

The next Gauntlet is going to be a battle of the books, aka, Mage Gauntlet (they seriously couldn’t wait until Lute for this gauntlet?). It will be divided between Female (Linde, Tharja, Julia, Sanaki) vs. Male (Henry, Leo, M!Robin, Merric) mages. I’ve already chosen to go with M!Robin, but I would still like to list out my thoughts on this gauntlet. 

Position refers to the character’s placement on the Choose Your Legends Poll. Prediction is how I think the character will do in the gauntlet. Personal is purely my opinions.


  • Julia
    • Position: 315
    • Prediction: Despite her low poll ranking, I think Julia will do rather well! She can kill dragons, who are getting increasingly more prevalent, and her art is amazing. She’s also just a really good green mage in general, so I’m sure she has a lot of fans by now. However, she is in the female mage branch, so if she’s up against the other girls, she’s going to have some tough competition.
    • Personal: I am a bit baffled on why Nino isn’t in this banner. Nino would probably do better than Julia in this gauntlet, but I still think Julia isn’t completely out of the running. But as I mentioned, if she’s only up against girls in the first couple of rounds, it will be rather hard for her to make it to the finals, although there is apparently a 3x bonus to being on the losing team now so who knows if there will be a Lucina/Camilla situation.
  • Tharja
    • Position: 4
    • Prediction: Amazing, another top 10 character in the gauntlet. This time, IS doesn’t have much of an excuse given that there are other female mages out there such as Nino or Lilina. She was also popular enough to warrant a Fates clone, so she’ll definitely go far or outright win. 
    • Personal: Right now, she’s thought to be this gauntlet’s Lucina/Camilla, and that’s not without a basis. She’s even a good unit in-game, so she definitely has fans from that. She’ll basically steamroll if she’s just fighting against all the other girls, and a lot of people will join her once they see her win by landslides. Or not, because apparently being in the losing team is much more advantageous now.
  • Linde
    • Position: 187
    • Prediction: Linde is one hell of a good unit and has really good art, so I’m sure she has gained quite a few fans since then. Yeah, she’s definitely not going to go down fighting, because she’s still a threat even with SI in play. She’s probably the second most popular girl next to Tharja given that she’s more common than Julia.
    • Personal: I don’t doubt that Linde would do well, but as I said, a lot of people will probably go with Tharja because not many people play to maximize feathers. A lot of people play to support their favorites and/ or to win, and from the poll, Tharja is the most popular. I do think Linde will do really well, and I’d love to see her go up against Julia actually.
  • Sanaki
    • Position: 198
    • Prediction: Bizarrely enough, I think she’ll be the girl mage to struggle the most despite having a higher poll position than Julia. She has Tellius fans behind her back, but who knows because Julia and Linde are also from older games and they’re considered more useful in the game than Sanaki. She’s also unfortunately going up against Tharja, who is considered the best red mage. 
    • Personal: I hope Sanaki does well, but I have a feeling that she’ll be out early. In general, I feel like if the girls were against each other, it’ll be a tough fight because of Tharja.


  • Merric
    • Position: 162
    • Prediction: He has a weird niche of being a bulky flier killer that is unfortunately green, meaning that he’s at the disadvantage from most of the cast. He’s not that good in the game, so I don’t think a lot of people will back him. He is voiced by Yuri Lowenthal and he is a stand-up guy, so who knows, he might surprise me.
    • Personal: I have a Merric and he’s okay, but he’s certainly not game-breaking. Unfortunately, he is in a competition against other game-breaking mages, so I don’t think he’ll do that well.
  • Henry
    • Position: 20
    • Prediction: Henry’s a weird case. He’s high up in the polls, but most people who play Heroes don’t have a high opinion of him mostly because he is a not a good red mage. So yeah, I’m sure a lot of people have become salty towards Henry for being a very common red pull. That, and some people are annoyed by his voice.
    • Personal: Henry and Merric are probably going to the least popular units in this gauntlet. It really is a pity Henry isn’t a good unit in Heroes because I quite liked him in Awakening.
  • Leo
    • Position: 19
    • Prediction: He’s back! Leo lost in the first round of the first gauntlet, but I think he’ll do better in this gauntlet if he’s paired with just guys. He’s not a bad unit, but I don’t see a lot of people running Leo, so can’t tell where he is in player’s eyes in Heroes. He does however, have exposure from being in the last Gauntlet, and that might help him a lot.
    • Personal: I really want Robin to go up against Leo. I want another good fight against Team Leo, and I just have a lot of respect from anyone in the First Gauntlet (I will admit that I’m a bit sour about Lucina winning though, but Team Leo is definitely a team I respect).
  • M!Robin
    • Position: 16
    • Prediction: He was in Smash, he’s top 20 in the polls, he’s a popular unit to run because he’s a Takumi bow and basically colorless killer, Robin is most likely going to go far. 
    • Personal: M!Robin all the way! He’s a mainstay in my team despite being -Atk, and I definitely love using him as I’m sure many other Robin fans do too. If the finals is him against Tharja, it will be really interesting to see who will win because even though he’s of a lower poll position, he has Smash notoriety, so casual fans are much more likely to recognize him.


IS is certainly mixing things up! Tharja’s projected to be the winner of this gauntlet, but I personally feel that M!Robin will give her a run for her money. Hell, the fact that Linde and Julia are such good units in the game makes me think that they’ll give her a run for her money too!

That being said, it’s a bit baffling why other mages were shafted for this gauntlet. Tharja could be replaced with Lilina for instance, and that might make things fairer. It’s a bit interesting though, because as I mentioned, apparently being in the losing team gets you 3x more feathers. I don’t play to min-max feathers, but maybe that will make a shift in where the numbers lie. Also, as I said, some of the less popular units are insanely useful in Heroes, so they’ll probably have gained fans by now. M!Robin and Leo are also very popular, so I can see quite a few people backing them. All in all, it will be rather interesting seeing how things play out.