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Been seeing some Fallon Fox things recently and it gives me this thought. If you think Fallon has no biological advantage like upper arm structure or bone density ect, are you for the complete elimination of gender divided sports leagues? (Now I think about it I can say the fallout of it would be interesting.)

No.  Your logic doesn’t really follow here.  The biggest thing that provides advantages in athletic competition is the presence or absence of testosterone, which increases hematocrit (red blood cell count, and thus oxygen carrying capacity and waste elimination) as well as increases in muscle mass.  In the absence of testosterone Fallon doesn’t have an advantage.  The NCAA and the IOCC back this up.  I think your ‘ask’ here is predicated on the assumption that a trans woman maintains some sort of athletic advantage from having been shaped by testosterone, but science shows that once the testosterone is gone, the advantages are gone.  When athletes and bodybuilders use huge amounts of steroids, they get bigger and more muscular than is possible without it, and when they stop taking it they lose all of that unnaturally large muscle mass.  Without the presence of the excess testosterone the body can’t keep that advantageous musculature.  Same with a trans woman who undergoes HRT–once her hormones have shifted to the cisgender female range, her physiology does as well, and those ranges are averages.  Arguments that trans women have denser bones than cisgender women have been debunked (and I believe the same bone density argument was used in the past to prevent black women from competing with white women in athletics as well).  Claims that trans women have longer bones, different muscle insertions, and different leverage are similarly silly as those attributes have a wide range of variety across all human beings regardless of gender and the differences in male and female skeletons are so minute that determining sex (birth or assigned sex in this case) on the shape, size, density, and appearance of a skeleton is not an exact science.  Many skeletons known to archaeology are assumed to belong to people of one sex or another until dna testing reveals them to be of others.  A recent example in the news were some of the “maidens” from the excavations at Pompeii.

Anecdotally, I am myself am still a very strong and fairly athletic woman (physically), but I believe that has more to do with quirks of my genetics and upbringing than my birth assigned sex.  When I started HRT I lost thirty pounds of lean muscle.  My endurance has decreased.  My strength has decreased.  I might be strong, but I can’t deadlift the back end of a car anymore.  I was a natural athlete as a child and I had a childhood that involved what is now not a socially acceptable level of hard labor, and even after transitioning I was a blacksmith for a year and a half, and I attribute my relatively high levels of strength and athleticism to a lifetime of being a runner, laborer, weight lifter, and special forces soldier.  I’m trying to get back into more athletic shape and I will say now that pre-transition working out was easier and I had far less difficulty in shedding body fat.  I’ve also always had relatively wide hips and narrow shoulders (in terms of skeletal structure), though my heavy musculature pre-transition concealed that fact.

I do support men and women competing directly in most athletic competitions to be honest, but at the absolute highest levels of sports that depend on muscular strength and endurance men and folks with levels of testosterone in the standard cisgender male range (or above) tend to have an advantage.  

That being said, I think women’s athletics still have a lot of room to improve and find greater heights of performance than can be achieved due largely to social factors.  I think men are encouraged to pursue athletics and sport and physically vigorous activity from birth and women are actively discouraged from these pursuits.  Even when women are encouraged in athletics, their culturally perceived femininity is seen as more important than their pursuit of athletics.  Without the enormous amount of money, science, technology, and active cultural pursuit of female athletic performance potential that we see in men’s athletics, I think it’s going to be a while before women (as an overarching group) actually maximize their athletic potential at the absolute pinnacle of sports because there is so much cultural pushback against it (example:  the recent elimination of women’s bodybuilding from the Arnold classic and the Olympia) .  I think we have a long time to go before we can definitively say what the peak of female performance is and whether or not sports should be segregated by gender in the long run, but for now I would say gender segregation should remain in place. 

(Although the presence of weight classes in combat sports does seem to mitigate some of the advantage issues–an episode of ‘fight science’ a few years ago showed Lucia Rijker–a female championship boxer weighing 140 pounds at 5′6″ tall, punched harder than Moe Ganyu–a male olympic boxer of identical height and weight.  Additionally, she punched as hard as the 6′ tall, 203 pound mixed martial artist Houston Alexander who was known for his knockout power).

At any rate, I’m not an expert, but I would suggest you look at the IOCC’s guidance and studies on gender, performance, and trans inclusion.

You are only as strong as your WEAKEST link…
I’ve been working on this posture for the past few months, and whilst I have the muscular strength to support my body, it has humbled me to realise that the key to this posture is actually creating FLEXIBILITY in the wrists. 🙏
Whilst strength can be important, it is useless unless you have sufficient balance and flexibility to APPLY it.
Encorporate some gentle but thorough wrist stretches into your daily practise and you’ll notice a big difference in the stability of your hand balances!
- George 😊🙏💜

Beg For It- Taehyung(Smut)

Get him beneath you and he’ll be begging for release…


A/N: The Sub!Taehyung smut I know all of you are so excited for, grab the usual of water and a fan. Fighting for this rough smut nonnies, much love~

What in the hell are you doing?” My door hits the back wall from the force I’d used to slam it open, watching Taehyung as he flips through the porn magazine I’d hidden in my desk drawer.

“Well, well, look who’s finally home.” Taehyung holds the magazine up, waving its erotic cover in front of my face. “Look what I found.”

“Why are you here?” I seethe, more embarrassed than mad.

“Do you not remember giving your best friend a key to your apartment? Besides it was supposed to be movie night, but I got nosy and found this interesting piece of reading in your desk. Care to share what this is all about?”

I put my hands on my hips. “What, you don’t watch porn?”

“I watch it.” He nods. “But I don’t buy magazines about it.”

“Oh, don’t give me that look, it’s the same thing.” I narrow my eyes and watch as he continues to absently flip through the pages.

“Who knew you were this dirty?” He gives me a teasing grin.

“Oh, please, Tae, we’ve best best friends for five years. You should know me well enough by now.”

He laughs, shrugging. “I suppose I do.”

We eclipse into a second of silence as I watch Taehyung with interest, wondering what he’s going to do or say in response to finding my secret fantasies practically laid out for him. All in the worn, creased pages of a magazine I’d thought was hidden safe and well.   

“Have you ever done any of these?” He holds up a picture of a naked girl tied down to the bed, her face contorted in pleasure as a plug is seated deep inside of her dripping core.

I shake my head, watching him turn the page to find another girl, straddling above a guy who is blindfolded, wrists behind his back and unable to move as she rode him. You can tell from the angle she is completely dominating him and you can also tell from the worn inner spine and dog eared corners that I’ve looked at this page a lot.

Taehyung looks up at me. “What about this?”

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Quick fact. Ready?
There are two different forms are strength that can be developed; absolute strength and elastic strength. Absolute strength involves lifting 80-100% of your 1 rep max, with physical hypertrophy of the muscle. Elastic strength focuses more on speed and explosive power, which lifting at 70-80% of 1 rep max.

Soul sample, anyone?

Are you ready to savour
some ethereal soul flavours?

I tell you, ain’t nothin’ like it!
You might find this tidbit
of peculiar interest-
It’s a slightly sticky nib-
ble, but ever so worth it-
Tastes a tad like laughy taffy, don’t it?
Trace of pickle-ish punch
With hidden heart to surprise
Truly a sincere treat to munch
With a soupçon of ginger-honeyed spice
(Makes for contrast, quite nice!)
Piquant personality, this…

Oo, and you WON’T want to miss
your chance to taste-test
this limited-edition bodyless bliss:
It’s (almost?) a spiritual experience,
Virtually vibrant no less-
Touch of mystical ferment
swirled with wisdom of worlds’
cinnamon-citrus blent w’ incense-
sparkling, bright bubbling breadth
with subtle jasmine notes of richer depths

Sip slow & be sure to breathe in the myriad myrrh-laced scent-sensations unfurled…

Mouthfeel: liminal shift illumined as if taste enlightened!

Ah, and as for savour-
Try this for appeal more pungent
With a vinegar hint, true,
but just a trace to buoy up the brewing flavour
of an earthy, salt-tang full-strength stew
Muscular muscadine must
A slight tinge of blood-rust,
but only just enough to be robust
This- ah, yes, this has the true warrior touch!

Yet don’t rush-
It’s got gentleness marbled through
to soften the seeming rough
for the discerning palate,
requisite balance
Of tenderness to the bolder resilient tough…

For a lighter finish,
How about something sweet?
simplicity itself - contentment’s clarity
Never cloying
Strong, yes, yet better known by characteristic consistency
Enduring equilibrium of sage-ish resolve set steady
Smoothly segues into its iridescent satiating
effervescent rush of time- & trial-deepened dulcet relief-
ever ready to relish as to release,
Soothing to self as to souls who taste & then seek
more than samples’ elusive momentary tease,
now to share its timeless replenishing peace…

(Thanks to @cruxymox for permission & inspiration for the theme from the tag ’#what do souls taste like?’ from their ‘wor(l)ds’ poem/piece)

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"All right, all right! If you’re so against it, then we can work together to sabotage our own wedding!” USUK! XD

Title: Match Made 
Pairing: USUK
AU: Human, arranged marriage
Summary: Arthur Kirkland detests the idea of an arranged marriage enough to make his fiancee help him sabotage their wedding. However, Arthur can’t seem to help falling for the man he’s trying to break away from. 
Rating: T
Word Count: 3,301
A/N: Thanks for the prompt sweetheart! 

Within ten minutes of meeting Arthur, it became abundantly clear to Alfred that the man was determined to hate him. The Brit had barely said two words to him whilst their parents chatted, and what he had said was either sarcastic or consisted of one word. When they were finally instructed by their parents to spend some time alone, Alfred had resisted the urge to protest and instead lead his bitter fiancee to the garden.

They walked in silence for a few moments, Arthur with his thick brows furrowed and his arms folded across his chest, pointedly not looking at Alfred.

“…Was I not what you expected?” Alfred asked, glancing at the man with a bit of sadness in his eyes.

“I didn’t expect anything,” Arthur replied bitterly, “because I didn’t expect to be married.”

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Since I found out my Real life Power Level is 18 I'm going to try and raise it to 25 by December

My Real life power level:

Since I don’t access to Hyperbolic Time chambers, Sage training, Spirit wave orbs, or various complete Badass trainers.
Gotta do it the old fashioned way. By hitting the 

5 Physical Components of Fitness

1) Cardiovascular Endurance (HIIT and all cardio exercises)

2) Muscular Strength (lifting, heavy calisthenics)

3) Muscular Endurance (primarily calisthenics)

4) Flexibility (Yoga and stretching)

5) Body Fat Composition (Diet, training, consistency)

all 5 of these together help the Body become the best it can be so its time to focus. 

Lets get it


Requested. ((Its in first person so))

The breeze was awfully icy and i just wanted to get home, my mum was expecting me a long time ago and it was nearing 1am. I was still far from home and the only way i could get home quicker was to take the shortcut through the back of the Kasberg, a nightclub. My parents always warned me to not take shortcuts like this but i was very late and i was bound to get grounded sooner or later so what the heck.

As i neared a corner i saw a giant tour bus with its lights still on and a silhouette outlined on the bus. A cloud of smoke nearing me as i tried to escape the atmosphere. 

“Im not scary.” A familiar Birmingham accent drifted into my ears. I knew who it was but i was strong enough to ignore but i didnt succeed in getting away. 

“We have been through this, no Bradley.” I made my speed faster as i was almost on the street corner, my arm was then took behind my body. I was turned to face him beautiful features that i had managed to contain myself away from for months and months on end. As he let go of my arms, easing his grip, i was able to free my hands. I took my fingers and stroked them down his injured cheeks feeling every cut and lump. “What happened?” I felt myself feeling sick, he meant so much to me. Well he used to. 

“Im sorry.” I couldn’t bare the fact he had went behind my back again when we split up and took the vile powers and tablets i begged him to not contain. He was too precious. Before anything else i felt his hot breath on my lips, his upper lip scanned both of mine, his grip becomer tighter.

“I want you back. Im literally nothing without you.” His lips crashed onto mine without any guidance in the dark alley we were stood in. My hands explored his dark curls which cuddled his face with sweat, my fingers were caught up in the ringlets that i had found. His hands cupped my bum as my legs made themselves comfortable around his torso, it felt good to finally be around him again. The kiss becoming deeper and more passionate and serious, his tongue exploring the inside of my mouth. 

“I’ve waited months for this.” He carried me to the door of the tourbus and my back hit the door with such force. I fell from his grip and i could see the lust building in his eyes. We opened the door and he guided me to the lounge area, locking the door behind him. He guided me holding my hand as he slummed down and i straddled him. I could feel him underneath me, smiling like a twat he quickly nodded his head. My jacket was flung to the window along with my polo shirt leaving me in my bra and leggings. 

“Bradley.” I shied away from him, hiding my body. 

“No, you know i appreciate every part of you.” He took my arms from my stomach and removed my hands from hiding anything, sliding his arms around my waist kissing my nose. He started to slide down my leggings, leaving me in my underwear. He sat me down opening my thighs apart from eachother, leaving small warm kisses down my thighs, around my underwear lines. My moans being covered by his muscular hands and strength. He moved my underwear over a tiny bit more and started sending his kisses in the direction which sent a flood of sensation through my body. I could feel the touch inside of me and out as i grabbed onto the cushions around me, my legs becoming weaker. He made the flushes of sensation more frequent, i suddenly moved so i was stood up. 

“I’ve missed you.” I pushed him down to the sofa where i was previously lay in my state and unbuckled his belt. The dirty smirk plastered across his face made me remember the reason as to why i got off with him but then feelings and shit got involved and to this day i was still never over him. I ripped off his blue holister shirt which was drenched in sweat  from his previous show around about an hour ago i guess. My small hands ran down his smooth tanned body making circles as i got to his boxer line. He squirmed out of his tight black  jeans which could easily outline his bulge. I laughed a little as i trailed my finger across the band of his boxers once more before he pulled them down himself. 

“Im not into the whole teasing business.” His smirk was overpowering and i quickly slid them down to his ankles. I took his size into my small palms and started giving him the pleasure he had gave me not long ago, his hand placed onto the back of my head making me take in the inches i could. I finished off while brads breathing starting becoming erratic. He rolled me over and ended up with his body heat against mine, he left small kisses up and down my neck sucking at the innocent skin which hadn’t been touch like this since our last get together months and months ago. His hand trailed down my thigh, his finger also trailing my underwear along with it. He took each wrist and held them above my head as his hip bones moved in sync as the flood of sensation took over and my moans became louder. The only silence was the force kisses Bradley would constantly do to shut me up,we were panting in sync until i could feel a flood of relief finish off our intercourse. His body flopped next to me as we dressed ourself decently again.

“Do i get another chance?” He grabbed my lower back and brought me closer to him kissing my nose with his plum pink lips.

“Do i have a choice?” I dug my head into his neck and slowly drifted off into a sleep.  

Think of each rep as a bank investment- you are increasing in something on purpose. As you feel the muscular strength tension of each rep, align with it your choice of thought. For example, let’s consider an arm curl: the weight in your hand represents something wanted, something you’ve said ‘yes ’ to. Increase in gratitude rep by rep as you lift the weight (gift) to your heart and feel your arm strength. This is an example of training/investing harmoniously - arm tone, gratitude and the good feeling of alignment…talk about being rich already!

“The steel faithfully taught me the correspondence between the spirit and the body: thus feeble emotions, it seemed to me, corresponded to flaccid muscles, sentimentality to a sagging stomach, and over-impressionability to an over-sensitive, white skin. Bulging muscles, a taut stomach, and a tough skin, I reasoned, would correspond respectively to an intrepid fighting spirit, the power of dispassionate intellectual judgement, and a robust disposition.”

- Yukio Mishima

The fascist man must build his body as he builds his mind; the two are never separated. And as he gains muscular strength, he must gain the hardness of mind required to use it - in battle against the enemy, or with peaceful projects in service to his people.

Time for gym class!

Rolf is floating around in the background looking for the creatures which have been bothering him all day.

Kevin gives Rolf a side eye, silently mocking him. Although they’re best friends he will never understand Rolf. 

This is very different compared to the Ed’s. They don’t understand one another until the movie. And they took the time to get to know one another. Have the kids gotten to know one another? My theory about the kids friendship is that they’re only hanging out to make the kids jealous. 

Jonny reveals that Kevin is the assistant gym teacher. He’s the hall monitor and the assistant gym teacher. What else does this boy do?

his gym clothes are rather small and shredded. Are those the coconut earmuffs he ‘won’ in Brother, Can you Spare an Ed?

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Inhuman Powers & Attributes Generator

What would happen if you were an Inhuman and exposed to the Terrigen Mists?

Terigenesis is a random crap-shoot and there’s really no way of know what effect it is going to bring about. What would happen to you, how might your physical form change, and what powers and abilities might you be endowed with?  Well, wonder no further.  This crack-pot mathematic formula has all the answers.

  • All you have to do is take your birthdate in four digits (month, day, and last two digits of the year) and add it together to get a sum value.
  • If you were born on an odd numbered day, then divide this sum value by two; if you were born on an even numbered day then divide the sum by three (round to the nearest whole number if you get a value with a decimal).  
  • If you were born in the Winter add 1 to the new value; 
  • if you were born in the Spring add 10 to the vale;
  • If you were born in the Summer add 20 to the value 
  • And if you were born in Fall add 30 to the value.
  • Then look for this final value on the below list of Inhuman powers and attributes.  

For example, Jack Kirby, the co-creator of The Inhumans, was born on August 28th, 1917.  For him the equation would be 8 + 28 + 17 = 53 divided by three (since he was born on an even numbered day) which equals 17.6 (round up to 18); plus 20 (because he was born in the summer) which equals a final value of 38.
Corresponding to the below list, Kirby’s Inhuman attributes are that he possesses an anthropomorphic rabbit-like form, with the head and torso of a human and the legs and ears of a rabbit.  He can run extraordinarily fast, leap vast distances, and possesses extraordinary eyesight.  And that’s who Kirby would have been were he an Inhuman and had been exposed to Terrigenesis.  

Again, it’s the summation of your birthdate, divided by two if you were born on an odd numbered day, by three if you were born on an even numbered day, plus 1, 10, 20, or 30 depending on whether you were born in the winter, spring, summer, or fall.  
Then take the final number and see which attributes and power-set it corresponds to on the list following jump…

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