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Sins of the Flesh | Jungkook Werewolf AU | SMUT/angst | part 1?

A/n: … I have no shame… sexual content. Some choking. Not much werewolf stuff, but I’m thinking of doing a part 2. Let me know what you think~
Words: 2, 918

Your phone ringing woke you up, but it wasn’t unexpected. Glancing at the caller ID, you saw it was Jungkook. This was nothing new, he would call you any hour of the day, if he had something to say to you, with no consideration of if you were working, sleeping, or on a date.

Speaking of your problematic best friend, you’d been having the nicest dream of his head between your thighs. Over the past month or so you’d been having fantasies about him, but you assumed they would fade with time if you didn’t act on them. So, you put your phone under your pillow and huffed, hoping to fall back into your deep sleep, and the dream that had your mind groggy with arousal.

Until you heard the pounding on the front door.

“What the fuck?” You sat up, reaching under your pillow for your phone, right as it lit up once again with Jungkook’s name. You quickly answered his call as the beating on the door got louder.

“Kookie, there’s someone-” Your quiet tone was cut off.

“Open the door, Y/n,” Jungkook nearly growled into the phone, causing your breath to catch. What was going on? The beating on the door had stopped when you answered the phone.

“What is happening? Is that you beating down my door? What the fuck is wrong with you?” You heard him sigh and take a deep breath before speaking.

“Will you just come open the door? Please? I need to talk to you.” You started to answer him before realizing he’d hung up. Grumbling, you threw the blankets off of you and stood up, checking the time. 2:18 AM. You rolled your eyes and began walking towards the door, flipping on the lamp in your living room, filling the room up with dim yellow lighting. At the door, you threw it open to reveal your sweaty best friend, panting and leaning on the door frame for support.

“Jungkook, what-” Once again you were cut off by Jungkook, but this time in a different way. As soon as you’d made eye contact you saw his pupils grow very large, to the point that they were a bit scary. He charged into your home, shutting the door and pushing you up against it and before you knew what was happening he was in your face, angry.

“You have got to be fucking joking,” he spat at you, his dark eyes meeting yours. “I came here to ask for your help. I was going to- fuck!” He ran a hand through his hair, looking up to the ceiling before meeting your eyes again. Jungkook took a shaky breath, starting again. “I was going to explain some things to you, but I get here and you smell like this?”

“Were you asleep?” He stuck his face into the crook of your neck, one hand on the door beside your head. He inhaled deeply a few times, and without moving from his position, began speaking again. “What were you dreaming about?” His hot breath on your neck made you shudder, which in turn made him chuckle darkly. You were still frozen in place, your eyes wide.

“W-what are you doing? What’s gotten into you?” Your voice sounded breathless and weak. He lifted his head and made eye contact with you once more.

“Y/n,” he murmured, tucking your hair behind your ear. He was watching your face under heavy lids. “I’m going to kiss you,” he whispered, his lips just centimeters from your own. Before you could say anything he pressed his mouth to yours, his hand leaving the door to grip the back of your neck firmly, the other hand resting on the small of your back.

For just a moment, you reciprocated. For a moment, you let yourself get lost in one of your fantasies, lost in the way he was pressing his body closer and closer to yours, seemingly desperate for your touch. When your hands tangled in his hair and tugged, he groaned into your mouth. Somehow, that sound brought you back into the present moment. You caught him off guard, shoving him off you and glaring at him. He took a step toward you, agitation clear on his face, but you jogged away, putting distance between you.

“Jeon Jungkook! What has gotten into you? Why.. why are you acting this way?” You’d regained some amount of sanity, assessing him from across the room. He stopped stalking towards you like some kind of predator, instead opting to rake his eyes all the way down your body. He started with your messy hair, moved down over your heaving chest, and stopped where your large black t-shirt met the top of your thighs. “Jungkook!” His dark gaze went back up to yours. “Care to tell me what yhe hell is going on?” He blinked a few times and then looked away from you, his jaw clenched.

He ran a hand over his face, groaning loudly. Without looking at you, he walked to the couch and sat down, still refusing to make eye contact. You took a moment to assess him, now that he wasn’t looking at you. Some of his hair was stuck to his sweaty forehead, the same sweat that made his black, silky button up shirt cling to his muscular frame in the best way imaginable. Of course this was tucked into skin tight black jeans. Those were the only pants he seemed to own, ones that accentuated his muscular thighs. Bringing it all together, a pair of black combat boots. You tried to remember when he started wearing all black all the time, but you couldn’t. It wasn’t an issue though, because he looked good enough to eat.

Shaking your head, you started to make your way over to him. As soon as your legs began moving, his head turned towards you and he frowned, stopping you in your tracks.

“Go put some pants on, please,” he said in a gravelly tone.

“Oh… right. Okay,” you mumbled, turning and rushing out of the room. “What the fuuuuuuck,” you whispered once your door was shut behind you. Your hands were a little shaky as you slid on some leggings, taking a deep breath before returning to the living room. Jungkook was like a statue, staring straight ahead with his hands in his lap. You sat beside him, giving him about a foot of space between you. “So, erm,” you began awkwardly, unsure of where to look. “You said there was something you wanted to talk about?”

He didn’t respond, instead he continued to stare straight ahead, refusing to acknowledge you. You shifted towards him, placing a hand on his thigh to draw his attention to you. He went rigid, his eyes going down to your hand. He stared at it, and you stared at him, thoroughly confused.

“Jungko-” He grabbed your wrist with one hand, using the other to push you down into the couch. He brought your other wrist above your head, holding them there with one hand and using his other arm to hold himself above you. His body was pressed against yours and the air was thick with tension as he stared down at your flushed face. That’s when he unexpectedly let out a loud whine, pushing his face back into your neck.

“Why are you doing this to me?” He murmured into your neck, sounding defeated. He was quiet for a moment, just breathing. Then you felt his tongue on your neck, working in small circles. Then his teeth, nipping gently. When he bit a certain spot you let out a small moan, your body arching up into his. He pulled back to grin at you. “Who knew you were so responsive, Y/n?”

“Shut up and let go of my arms,” you grumbled, pinching his arm as soon as your hands were free. He only laughed, moving back into your neck. You didn’t stop to think about the repercussions of your actions as you slid one hand into his hair, the other onto his arm to grip his bicep. When your nails dug into his arm he moaned, the sound making your lace underwear grow damp with arousal. He froze for just a second, taking a deep breath and shuddering against you. You moved so that your legs were on either side of his, the hem of his jeans pressing against your core. On your thigh you felt his hard length, so you teased him by lifting your hips up to press against his.

“Y/n-ah,” he groaned out your name. Your plan to tease him backfired when he began dry humping you with slow, hard thrusts against your core. You gasped loudly before your mouth was covered with his own, working hotly against your lips. His tongue was in your mouth, roughly exploring before tangling against yours wildly. The kiss was animalistic, with him pressing into you as close as he could, his hips rocking in tiny thrusts, just enough to stimulate your clit. To say he had thoroughly wrecked you would be an understatement.

“J-Jungkook,” you mumbled, separating your lips and turning away from his face to try and break away for a moment. He only moved back to your neck, one hand coming up to play with your sensitive chest through your t shirt. He pinched one of the sensitive buds, thrusting against you particularly roughly at the same time. “Fuck! Jungkook, please,” you yelled out before remembering why you broke away from him in the first place. “Wait.” He stopped on your command, looking at you with hooded eyes. “Let’s go to the bedroom.” He smirked, not saying anything in return as he stood up. You let out a squeal as you felt yourself lifted into the air and thrown over his shoulder.

“I’ve never told you this, but I’ve thought it many times. You have a fantastic ass,” he said, slapping it on the way to your room. He tossed you onto the bed like you weighed nothing, beginning to unbutton his shirt. “Strip,” he ordered, snapping you out of your stare that was fixed on his muscular abdomen. You made quick work of lifting your shirt above your head and lying back to wiggle out of your leggings. As soon as you tossed your panties away he was on you again, running his hands over any part of you he could reach. “Do you know how long I’ve wanted to do this? You smell so fucking good right now. I want to eat you up… but that’ll have to wait for another time,” he growled in your ear, sliding off of you and flipping you onto your side.

Jungkook had always been extra gentle with you, this side of your friend was totally new to you. He just tossed you however he liked, moving you to fit his needs. He was behind you, lifting one of your legs up and resting it over his own. To be honest, you’d never been in this position, his chest flush to your back, his breath hot in your ear. You were totally exposed, breath coming in quick gasps.

“Are you ready for me?” His voice was a whisper, one hand running from the knee that was propped up on his legs to your inner thigh, pausing before moving where you needed him most. “So wet, just for me.” He rubbed your clit in slow circles, reveling in the way you groaned out his name. “You were already wet when I got here, I could smell it.” Smell it? You were confused, but before you could voice your question he continued. “Why? Weren’t you sleeping?”

“I- I was dreaming,” you managed to get out, your hips trying to push forward into his hand. You shut your eyes tight, embarrassed at the words leaving your mouth. “I was dreaming about you- about your mouth- Jungkook please!” He was moving his hand faster, pressing his hard cock against your ass, trying to find some kind of friction. “I need you inside me, please,” you moaned out and he froze, removing his hand from your clit.

He grabbed his erection and you felt him pump it a few times before sliding it up against your slit, the head resting against your clit. He was teasing you.

“What did you say you wanted? I didn’t hear you.”

“You- your cock inside me. Please, Jungkook. Don’t tease me. I need you so badly.” You were on the verge of tears. Your words had some affect on him because he stopped all movement, then his hand went back to his dick, lining it up with your entrance. He pushed in slowly, moaning loudly at the sensation. Your breath was caught in your throat, the pleasure overwhelming. “Oh, Kookie.”

“Fuck, y/n. You’re so tight,” he whined, moving slowly, letting you get used to his size. He was filling you up perfectly, and you felt each slow thrust down to your toes. He started to speed up, his mouth going back to your ear. “Is it good? Is this what you want?”

“Yes, Jungkook. S-so good.” His forearm pressed against your thigh, holding you in place, and you felt his hand sliding down from your belly, over your mound, before pressing two fingers against your clit. You yelled out his name, making him grunt and move faster. The way he was pounding into you was jarring your body, creating friction where his hand was pressing down on you. “It’s too much- I- ah!” He started thrusting into you ever faster, his breath hot on your ear.

“Are you close? Do you want to come all over my cock?” You let out a loud moan, nodding. His other arm that had been under you began to move, coming around so that his hand was on your neck. He started to squeeze lightly, constricting your air flow. You were jerking wildly agsinst him, the pleasure too much to handle. Jungkook gripped your neck tighter and you closed your eyes, something inside you snapping.

Your orgasm rocked through you and you let out a silent scream, Jungkook still pounding into you. Your walls clenched his cock over and over as you rode out your orgasm. When he released your neck you gasped for air, seeing stars. He pulled out of you, climbing over you and flipping you onto your back. You watched in a daze and he pumped himself with quick strokes, occasionally digging his thumb into the tip.

“Spread your legs, let me see you.” You just nodded, spreading your thighs so he could see the mess he’d made of you. “Oh, fuck. Fuck!” His eyes rolled back into his head and you sat up quickly, swatting his hand away and taking him into your mouth. “Jesus, y/n! Just like that,” he moaned, grabbing a fist full of your hair and thrusting into your mouth. Tears started falling from your eyes and you gagged, but you ignored the pain and focused on your breathing. He came hard, rocking his hips into your abused throat. You swallowed the bitter, salty liquid as it shot out. He finally pulled out and bent down, pulling you into a sweet kiss. “Wow.”

He pulled you down onto the bed with him, pulling you into his chest.

“We need to get cleaned up,” he murmured, but your eyes were alrwady closed.

Jungkook shook you awake, and you opened your eyes, shutting them immediately and groaning at the bright light. You heard him curse and then gently push you off him. He got up off the bed and you opened your eyes and smiled at the sight of him getting dressed. Something was wrong, though. Your smile slipped away as you noticed his body language and his angry muttering.

“Kookie? What’s wrong?” You wrapped the bedsheet around you, standing up and walking behind him, placing a hand on his shoulder. He shoved it away angrily. “Jungkook?”

“How could I have done something so stupid? I can’t stop fucking up. All I do is make mistakes,” he grunted angrily. He buttoned his shirt and turned to face you. “Why did I do it? I’m such an idiot.”

To say you felt hurt by his words would be an understatement. A mistake? Stupid? You turned away when you felt tears gathering in your eyes. He called to you but you ignored him, picking up your clothes and getting dressed in the bathroom. A few tears slipped out and you took a deep breath, wiping them away. He was standing where you left him, looking utterly miserable beside the bed.

“I want you to leave Jungkook.” You wouldn’t look at him.

“Leave? Why? I still need to talk to you.” He sounded confused but you didn’t bother to explain, instead pushing him backwards, making him almost lose his footing.

“Just go. I get it. You made a mistake. It was stupid. Now leave. I don’t want to look at your face.” You’d started to cry. “Damn it. Just go.”

“Wait! That’s not-”

“Get out, Jungkook!” You were almost screeching. It was silent for a few seconds.

“Fucking fine. I’ll go. But we’re not done here,” Jungkook said angrily. He spun on his heel, slamming your front door on his way out.

You took a deep breath, sitting down on your bed with a sigh. The crying started slowly, progressing into violent sobs that racked your frame. How the fuck had you let this happen?

…should I do a part 2? I want to… I want it to have more werewolf-y stuff in it
new york


word count: 1,856

A/N: this was requested a couple weeks ago but I can’t remember by who (I know I’m terrible.) but I hope you enjoy!!

**warning: SMUT**

New York, the city that never sleeps. The city that was home to broadway plays. I never imagined I’d be able to visit here. Yet here I was, spending spring break with the rest of my drama class who chose to go, which consisted of mostly everyone who had nothing better to do for the week. A majority of the class was there just for extra credit and something to do over break. I, however, had always dreamed of going to see plays on broadway.

There were very few of us that actually cared about the trip: a boy, another girl, and I. The girl, Abigail, was quiet, reserved. She kept to herself most times and I respected that. I was nice to her, didn’t try to bother her too much. I knew she didn’t enjoy conversations.

The boy’s name was Shawn. He was the type you’d expect to see playing baseball or basketball, not in drama club. He was tall with a slim build but muscles prominent where they should be. His hair was a dark brunette color and was often pushed off his forehead, a wavy mess. His eyes were the color of warm honey.

I’d known him most of my high school life. We’d taken drama classes together since I could remember so it was hard for us to not know each other. He was always sweet, seemed super intelligent. We talked occasionally but nothing too in depth. He was always nice to me as was I to him. He was good looking, no doubt.

When we had arrived, everyone else had already picked who they would share a hotel room with. All the other rooms were filled and with only one other room left, Shawn and I ended up sharing a room. Our teacher didn’t mind, she knew we were both trustworthy kids. Since we were sharing a room, I decided to spark up more conversation with Shawn. I was spending the rest of this week with him, after all. Might as well get to know him better.

“So what part of the trip are you most excited about?” I asked Shawn.

“Overall, going to see Wicked on broadway. But right now it’s getting something to eat. I’m starving.” He laughed. We’d been walking through Central Park for nearly an hour now and all of us hadn’t eaten anything since breakfast. I checked my watch, 2:35. My stomach growled once I realized how long it had been since the last time I ate.

“Now that you mention it, I’m pretty hungry too.” I said. My eyes searched for any nearby food vendors in the park. I saw one out in the distance, nearly two blocks away. I nudged Shawn’s arm. “There’s some type of food stand up there.” I pointed in the direction of what looked to be the typical New York hot dog stand.

Shawn’s eyes got wide and I giggled lightly at how excited he got over food. Our group slowly made its way towards where the food was. Shawn and I bought pretzels and soda. We talked for hours more, hardly paying any attention to everyone else on the trip and the beautiful city around us.

My alarm went off at 7:00 the next morning. I don’t remember setting it that early, but there was probably some reason why so I went ahead and got out of the uncomfortable hotel bed. I stretched and made my way to the shower, grabbing clothes on the way. I did my normal shower routine: shampoo and condition my hair, wash my body, then my face. When I dried myself off I realized I hadn’t grabbed any underwear out of my suitcase. Shit.

I tiptoed out of the bathroom, trying to not wake Shawn up. I squatted down beside my suitcase and struggled to keep my towel wrapped around me. With one hand, I let my towel go so I could search for my underwear. I knew Shawn was asleep still so it didn’t matter. I dug through my suitcase, sitting there completely bare.

I stood back up after wrapping the towel back around my still damp body. I checked to see if Shawn was still asleep, which he wasn’t. My mouth dropped open in shock, I didn’t know what to say.

“I’m- I’m so sorry I didn’t know you were awake.” I apologized.

“No it’s all good. We just won’t tell anyone about this, okay?” He said. I nodded my head in agreement and made my way back to the bathroom. I got ready and tried to continue the day like normal but it was too awkward between Shawn and I. I could barely even look at him and there were still six more days left of this trip. Our group walked through the streets of New York, barely even two blocks from our hotel.

“Look just because I saw you naked doesn’t mean you have to be weird with me.” Shawn spoke quietly so only I could hear. “Besides, you shouldn’t be embarrassed. You looked pretty good.” I felt my cheeks heat up and I playfully hit him.

“I can’t believe you.” I joked. His cheeks were now red too, realizing he had actually said that. I had seen him almost naked this morning too, only his boxers when he had gotten out of bed. And oh man, was he a sight to see. His arms were strong and muscular. His abdomen was toned, no flaw to be found whatsoever.

“I wouldn’t mind seeing you naked again.” He smirked, knowing I knew what he was suggesting. I couldn’t believe it but I wanted it too.

“Excuse me?” I said.

“You know what I said.” He boasted. I was surprised at his sudden confidence. I knew what the answer was. Of course it was yes. After seeing his so carefully sculpted body earlier this morning, there was no way possible I could turn this down. I looked Shawn in the eyes and nodded my head yes.

“Ma'am,” Shawn spoke to our teacher, “my roommate left her phone in our room and she was really wanting to make some pictures. Can we go back to the hotel to get it?” Lie on top of more lies. I was weirdly okay with it though. After getting permission, Shawn and I walked back to our hotel.

The two blocks seemed like miles now that Shawn and I both were anticipating something. I knew we wouldn’t have much time once we got back to the hotel room. I began fantasizing about what was to come. Shawn hovering over me, his muscular arms on either side of me, his breathing unsteady and soft moans escaping his lips. Oh gosh.

Shawn grabbed my hand to help guide me through the crowded sidewalk, not wasting any time as he was walking briskly. We were finally outside the hotel. We rushed in the doors and onto the elevator. The lobby of the hotel was completely empty and nobody else had gotten on the elevator with us. I took the chance to kiss Shawn. I grabbed the denim fabric of his jacket and pulled him down to press my lips against his.

The kiss was delicate until Shawn began to bite my bottom lip. My hand ran through his thick brown hair. His grasped around my waist. I was sent into a blissful high until I heard the elevator doors open. We rushed into the room. Shawn fumbled with the room card. I could sense his eagerness.

I hurriedly stripped off my shirt and began to unbutton my jeans. I left my bra and panties on, leaving those on for Shawn to take off. I glanced up at him to see he was still wearing pants.

“Hurry, Shawn.” I said, the impatience apparent in my voice. He took his pants off, his bulge obvious through his tight fitting boxers. He took me by surprise when he picked me up, sitting me on his lap after sitting down on the edge of the bed. His lips soon attached to my neck and I threw my head back to give him better access. He started to suck at the crook of my neck.

“Please no hickeys.” I begged. He stopped sucking at my skin to unclasp my bra. He bit his lip slightly, looking more alluring to me than ever before. I took his face into my hands and kissed his lips roughly, wanting him to know how badly I needed him. He stood up, placing his arm at the small of my back to support me then laid me onto the bed. His fingers hooked into my underwear and pulled them off slowly.

“Get on your stomach.” He muttered. I did as he wished and got onto my stomach, letting my forearms rest on the bed. I heard him searching through his pants pockets for his wallet then the tear of a condom wrapper. I soon felt the warmth of his body behind me again.

“You ready?” Shawn asked. I replied with an ‘mhm’ then felt his hands spreading my legs further apart. He entered me and I gasped. He wasn’t my first, but he was much bigger than the other two guys I’d been with. I waited for him to start thrusting, I was impatient after a few seconds. He took himself out completely and I felt empty, only to be filled again. He repeated this action over and over, making my legs shake. I moaned out his name.

His hands gripped onto my hips now. He thruster deeper into me but no longer took himself out completely. His thrusts were at a pace enjoyable for both of us and hard enough to make me moan out profanities. The small hotel room grew hotter as time went on. I could feel sweat dripping down my neck.

“You’re so tight, oh god.” Shawn groaned. He stopped fucking me and turned me onto my back. I was more pleased with this position than the previous one, I could now look at him. He slipped into me once again, continuing the pace he’d had before. His arms were on either side of me and his face right above mine. Sweat droplets ran down his forehead and his cheeks were flushed.

“Shawn, I’m gonna come.” I moaned, my voice getting slightly higher pitched. His eyes flickered up to mine, no longer watching my breasts bounce gently or watching himself thrust into me. He wore a smirk on his face. His mouth went to my boobs, leaving wet kisses everywhere. The extra pleasure sent me into euphoria. My back arched and I lightly tugged at Shawn’s hair. Soft moans escaped my parted lips as my orgasm washed over my entire body.

He soon pulled out and went to throw the condom away. He walked back into the room, still completely naked and definitely a sight to see. I sat up and began to put my clothes back on as did Shawn.

“I can tell this trip is going to be fucking great.” He laughed. I nodded my head in agreement. It definitely will be.

Another prompt requested by @averca featuring trans!Will. Please know that I’m not taking prompts right now, I’m just trying to get through the ones that are sitting in my inbox and messages. 

Prompt: “I’m not good enough for you.”

It wasn’t the first time Will found himself laying on his back at two in the morning, staring hopelessly up at the ceiling. The tightness in his chest was unbearable. He could hear the sounds of a thousand screaming voices telling him that he was disgusting, a mistake. Anger, fear, sadness, and hatred blended into a hideous ball inside him. He ran his hands over his chest and stomach, wishing for flat pecs that turned into a muscular abdomen and evened out into narrow hips attached to a pair of long legs.

Will was pulled from his thoughts by Nico stirring beside him. “Will?” Nico mumbled. He rolled on his side to face Will. “What are you doing awake?”

“Nothing,” Will muttered, avoiding Nico’s eyes.

Nico wrapped his arms around Will and pulled him closer, “Don’t lie to me, Will.” Will pressed his face into Nico’s shoulder and murmured incoherently. “What was that?” Nico said.

“Dysphoria,” Will repeated.

“Do you want to talk about it?” Nico offered.

“Talking would be nice,” Will replied.

Nico tightened his embrace and sat upright, tugging Will into his lap. “What’s making you feel bad?”

“I don’t feel like a real man,” Will explained. “I feel like I’m just some kind of frankenstein creature pretending to be something I’m not.”

Nico hummed in understanding and stroked Will’s hair. “You know that’s not true though, don’t you?”

“I-I know,” Will stammered, “But sometimes I forget.”

“You’re a strong, handsome man no matter what anyone else thinks. More importantly, you’re my strong, handsome man,” Nico said.

Will closed his eyes and sighed. “Sometimes I think I’m not good enough for you.”

Nico’s expression suddenly morphed into one of concern. “Will, that’s the biggest load of bullshit I’ve ever heard,” he answered.

“You deserve a real man. I can never be that for you,” Will said.

“Will, I don’t give a fuck if you have a penis or a vagina or breasts or whatever else you may have. You’re the manliest man I’ve ever met, and I don’t care what other people think. I love you no matter what, and don’t you ever think otherwise,” Nico scolded him.

Silence settled between them. Will opened his mouth to respond, but somehow words escaped him.

“Was that too much?” Nico asked in a sheepish tone.

“No, no, thank you for reminding me,” Will replied. He smiled, “I love you, too.”

“Good, now let’s get back to sleep,” Nico said. He held Will against his chest as settled onto his back. Will reached down and tugged the sheets over them before snuggling into Nico’s body.

“Hey, Nico?” Will whispered.

Nico turned his head to face him, “Hm?”

“Would you still love me if I had horns?” Will asked with a lighthearted glimmer in his eyes. Nico rolled onto his side and groaned.

Slippery (Phillip Hamilton x Reader)


this was fun to write. It’s been ages since I’ve posted smut. I had many requests for Phillip fluff/smut, so I hope this covers all of them. Props to @theimaginesofhamilton (Mother Monarch) (go follow her) for the really lit prompt. Love you all. Enjoy ;)

“Can’t we just get pizza?” you asked, beginning to get annoyed with trying to slice the meat with knives that were obviously too dull.

You did not cook a lot, and based on the look of Phillip, he hadn’t a clue what he was doing either.

“Come on, (Y/N) let’s just give this a try.” Phillip pleaded, abandoning his task and striding towards you.

You smiled as his arms wrapped around you and pulled your back into his chest.

“Besides, it gives us some time together.” he happily mumbled as he pressed soft kisses to the side of your head.

“Still, we can spend time together without having to make….what is it called again?”

He snatched the small recipe card off the counter, squinted and read the title.

“Marjoram-Grilled Lamb with Arugula and Port-Mustard Dressing.” he robotically read.

“Phillip, that’s the most pretentious thing I’ve ever heard in my life.” 

“Come on, it’ll be great!” He exclaimed, releasing you. He returned to his task of making a salad, and read off the recipe card.



“Where do we keep the olive oil?” he asked.

“It should be in the pantry, on the top shelf.” you responded, now desperately hacking at the meat which refused to be cut. Stupid lamb. Surrender already.


You immediately jumped and spun around, feeling liquid splatter onto your blouse.

“What was that?”

Phillip had no words as your eyes ran across the room, looking for he source of the commotion until your eyes fell on the vegetable oil bottle, laying on it’s side. Phillip must have dropped it, as the top of it had broken off and now the bottle made soft glugging sounds as it released the vat of oil onto your counter. 


“I’m sorry, it was really slippery!” he defended as he placed the bottle upright and tried scooping the substance back into it with his hands.

“You’ve got to be more careful,” you chastised as you looked down at your blouse, now blotched with patches of oil, making the material stick to your skin. It felt gross.

You undid all of your buttons before carefully sliding the top off, taking notice of the ingredient overflowing from the counter and now gathering into a pool on the floor. 

“I swear I tried to be careful, but you know how clumsy I am sometimes. I c-” Phillip stopped as he looked up, eyes gazing over your shirtless top half.

You began searching  the cabinets for the paper towels, and felt his eyes still locked on you.

“What’s the big deal, Phil? You’ve seen me without a shirt before.”

“Yeah but….” he trailed off. You looked over to him to see that he had a finger pointing to your chest. 

You looked down to see that the oil once splattered on your shirt had seeped through the fabric, and spread over your chest. Your full breasts glistened under the kitchen lighting, smooth and wet with the ingredient. Phillip had a hungry spark in his eyes. 

“They’re just boobs, dork. Get over it,” you giggled as you turned your back on him, continuing to look for paper towels to clean the mess.

Hmmm…not here… not here… not here either. Where could they have run off to? You could’ve sworn you left them in the-

Your thoughts were interrupted as cold oil was poured onto the base of your neck. A shiver ran through your body as the substance slowly traveled past the valley between your shoulder blades. The cool, thick substance ran in a stream down your spine, awakening all of your senses.

“Phillip…” you breathed, struggling to bite back a moan. It seemed silly, but the gesture was almost…well…sensual.

You heard his voice chuckle behind you.

“Did you like that?” he asked as he placed his large hands on your back, spreading the oil over your skin and massaging you gently.

“Yes…” you sighed in pleasure and you heard his shirt slide off, followed by him placing his bare chest on your oiled back.

“Dinner is ruined, you know.” you suddenly stated as your eyes glanced over the lamb, now soaking with oil.

“That’s okay.” he almost immediately responded. “I think I can figure out a way to make up for it.” he offered as he slipped one of his hands off of your back, and onto your thigh. His fingers were still soaked in the ingredient as he ran them up your leg, pushed past your panties, and firmly pressed them onto your clit.

You whined and tossed your head back onto his chest, desperate for more.

He chuckled as he began to rub in gentle circles, forcing pleasure to surge through your veins and moan as he picked up speed. 

“Phillip…p-please.” you begged as he roughly played with you, sending you into a spell of over stimulation.

“Only because you asked so nicely…” he teased as he two oily fingers slid into you, vigorously pumping in and out. 

Your moans grew as he pressed you harder into the counter, your back still align on his chest and his fingers curling up inside you. It was too much.

“Phillip…fuck… I’m gonna…” 

You couldn’t even finish your sentence before shock waves ripped through your body, a strangled scream rose from your lungs as you came onto his hand. 

You felt your body cripple beneath you with the release, but Phillip’s hold, along with the support of the counter, kept you from falling.

Phillip laughed.

“I’ve never seen you like that, (Y/N).”

You blushed.

“It just felt… really good. Great actually. Better than anything I’ve done before.” you admitted as you turned around. 

You ran you eyes over Phillip: strong hands, muscular abdomen, and veiny arms glistening with oil from both the incident and pressing you into the counter.

You cocked your head sweetly and raised your eyebrow. You innocently toyed with his belt.

“Do you mind if I return the favor?” you flirted.

A grin spread across his face as you slid his belt off with one hand and admired his glossy abdomen with the other. You undid his zipper, and rolled down his pants and briefs together to reveal his erect member, pulsing with eagerness. 

You smiled as you ran an oil-soaked hand over it, tugging lightly and running your thumb over his tip as he stifled a moan. 

He grew harder and deliciously larger with every wet pull. 

You felt his hands grab your waist as you began to pull his pants off, allowing him more movement and freedom. 

You stopped him as he began to kick them off.

“Phillip, you have to be careful. The floors are slippery now; I don’t want you to fall.” you advised.

He locked his eyes onto yours.

“Well I guess I’ll just have to fuck you stupid on the counter than.”

You couldn’t stifle a response before he crouched down, hooked his built arms around your thighs and lifted you onto the counter. He expertly slid your skirt and underwear off and tossed them carelessly onto the floor. Your pussy was shining and sleek with a concoction of vegetable oil and your own slick. You looked irresistible to him. 

He quickly lined up his cock to the space between your thighs and easily slid into you. 

He grunted as you arched your back and cried out with pleasure, reciprocating his rhythm and sliding onto him as he thrusted into you. He sunk his face into the nape of your neck, biting it gently as his dark, thick head of hair fell around you. 

He continued nibbling as he shoved into you, hands moving down to play with your breasts.

You felt your pussy stretch and clench around his hard, pulsing cock, eager for more as you took him deeper and deeper.

“Phillip…I’m gonna…”

“I know. Me too.” he said into your shoulder between grunts.

You began slamming himself directly into your g-spot, over and over and over again. You were stunned with pleasure as you saw stars and let out strangled moans. His teeth bit farther into your skin. His hand sunk between your thighs once more and his thumb toyed with your clit. It sent you over the top.

You shuddered as you released yourself all over him, tossing your head back and crying his name out.

Seeing you like that is what did it for him.

He let out one final, obnoxiously hot moan as he pumped his hot cum inside you. 

He then slid his hands off of you, removed himself from you and lifted his head up, looking directly into your eyes. You crashed your lips into his.

You hungrily made out; a sloppy mess of lips, tongues and satisfaction. You bit his lip one final time before you pulled away to steady your breathing.

You remained on the counter and he still stood before you, both unmoving as you sucked in air and tried to get your breathing rate down.

Your stomach then rumbled, reminding you both of the missed meal. You glanced over at the mess of the kitchen you had created.

“I’m sorry I ruined our food.” he apologized, smirking.

“It’s okay,” you said, pulling him into a hug. “This was much more fun anyways.”

You were silent for awhile, enjoying eachother’s presence before his stomach began to grumble as well.

He looked down at you and smiled.

“Soooo….. pizza?”


Warning: Smut, PWP?

Word Count: 2800

Notes: I felt that especially this one shot suffered from a bad case of Plot? What Plot? Haha. I hope you guys don’t mind. I also hope that the lovely anon that requested this doesn’t mind that I didn’t do the whole “forbidden love” thing. I’m really sorry if you do, though! :(
I hope y’all enjoy, nonetheless. <3

Thank you guys, by the way, for all the support you guys have shown me over the last month, you guys are amazing!!

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See You Again Part 1

Title: See You Again Part 1

part two  part three  part four

Pairing/Characters: Sam x Reader, Dean, Ellen, Jo

Summary: After Sam unexpectedly stormed out of college to find his father, he had forgotten to keep your promise. As the two of you met again in an extremely unpredictable circumstance nearly a year later, secrets unleashed.

Plot warnings: Jess was not a part of Sam’s life in this. Instead, you were. Except you’re alive. This takes place in the first and second season with the same cases. So, some of the lines shared between the original characters are actually from the show, so kudos to the show. 

Warnings: Angst, a bitchy Dean, a forgetful Sam, and a fuck load of fluff (eventually), first person point of view, cursing (if it isn’t obvious)

Word Count: 1785

Flashbacks are in italics

(gif credit to mishasteaparty)

Your name: submit What is this?


October 31st, 2005

I sat in Sam’s lap and giggled as I tugged on the hem of his T-shirt, trying to bring him closer to me.

“Baby, why’re you so tense?” I questioned him with a frown.

Sam sighed and placed both hands on my shoulders. Massaging them while tenderly kissing my jaw, he replied, “I’m just stressed about the interview on Monday.”

I laughed and shook my head, “I cannot believe you’re nervous about the interview! You’re going to get in! You got a one seventy-four on your LSAT. That exceeds the title of genius.” I placed kisses across his chin as a chuckle erupted from Sam’s lips.

“I love you so much, (Y/N).” Sam quipped as he grinned.

“Oh, I know ya do.” I replied and pulled his shirt over his head.

He pulled me in for a kiss and let his lips linger over mine before gingerly pulling away. His lips turned upwards once again as I trace his muscular abdomen.

“I promise you, (Y/N) Harvelle, I will never leave you. You mean the world to me.” He whispered as he lifted us off of the couch.

“Pinky promise?” I replied and grabbed his hand. He linked his pinky with mine and shook them with a chuckle.

“Pinky promise, baby.”


Present Day

Trusting people came easily to me until the love of my life had casually disappeared during my last year of college.

Now, nearly a year later, I cannot fathom why a person would trust another with the sole purpose of having them around to keep promises. Trust has became a minor part of my life now that I do not see the same one person for more than a week.

Hunting has become a part of my life, once again. Going to college was an escape from the career, from my family. I hadn’t told anybody about hunting, not even Sam, not that he really told me anything about his life. But now that I’ve successfully graduated in law, I’ve decided that I need an escape from education.

“Honey, I’m home!” I announced as I entered Harvelle’s Roadhouse.

My mother, Ellen, pranced out from the kitchen of the diner, a grin plastered on her face. She set her bottles of beer aside and pulled her sopping wet apron off of her.

“My baby girl, (Y/N)!” She smiled as she wrapped her arms around my waist.

I laughed and nestled my head into her neck as I inhaled her natural, motherly scent. She pulled away to take a good look at me before pulling me into another hug.

Jo pushed the kitchen door open and glanced at me, not recognizing me at first. As she took a double take, her jaw dropped. “(Y/N)!” She yelled and joined in on the hug. I let out a little snicker as the two pulled away.

“What have you been up to?” Ellen asked with crossed arms as she noticed a long scratch along my neck. 

I covered the scratch hastily and gave her an awkward smile. “I’ve been hunting, mom. I killed a werewolf this week, vamp last week, wendigo the week before. I’m doing well.” I replied with pride.

Ellen stayed silent- obviously pissed. Jo piped up, sarcastically saying, “wow, you’re a hero. Wish I could be independent for once.”

Ellen walked into the back as I walked over to the bar and poured myself something to drink. After a few minutes of taste testing different drinks, the doorbells chimed. I immediately ducked and grabbed a hand gun, patiently waiting for someone to speak up.

“Oh god, please let that be a rifle.” A man announced. I felt the hairs rise in the back of my neck as I recognized the voice, but had no idea who the hell he was.

“No, I’m just real happy to see you. Don’t move” Jo bitterly replied.

“You know, you should know something, miss.. When you put a rifle on someone, you don’t want to put it right against their back. Because it makes it real easy to do,” I heard a swooshing noise and her rifle cocking. “That.”

I stood, adrenaline running through my body. Jo hastily punched the man in the face and took the gun back. He doubled over and winced.

“Sam, need some help in here!” The man hollered as he regained his posture.

As he muttered something to himself, I nearly winced at the name. Sam.

I recovered from the slight pang in my heart until an unforgettable voice called back from a few feet away.

“Sorry, Dean, I can’t right now. I’m a little tied up.”

It would be a lie to say I never wanted to hear that voice again, I just didn’t expect to hear him in this place, at this time. My head started to ache as I recollected my thoughts of who the man was. It was Dean Winchester. The other man was his brother, Sam, the guy I had in my mind for the past couple of months.

Sam walked out from the back room, hands on his head. Ellen stood behind him, gun pointed directly at him. I watched as he searched the room. When his eyes landed on me, my heart raced.

“(Y/N)?” Sam breathed out, eyebrows furrowed.

Ellen glanced at the two of us with an exasperated sigh. I smiled uncomfortably at my mother as I tried to think of what to say. She decided to speak after a long pause.

“Sam? Dean? Winchester?” She questioned.

Sam and Dean reply in unison, “yeah.”

“Son of a bitch.” Ellen muttered.

“Mom, (Y/N), you know these guys?” Jo questioned.

Ellen nodded and lowered her gun, allowing Sam to rest his arms. He grunted and placed his hands at his side. “Yeah, I think these are John Winchester’s boys. Hey, I’m Ellen, these two are my daughter’s (Y/N) and Jo, although Sam over here already knows (Y/N) somehow.” Ellen said with crossed arms.

I cleared my throat, “I-uh, we went to Stanford together, mom.”

Ellen nodded with a small smile on her lips, taking in the information.

I blocked out the conversation held between the four of them and walked over to Ash. I punched his shoulder and grumbled, “wake up,” until he jolted awake.

“(Y/N)!” He drunkenly yelled and flailed his body.

I laughed at the mess laid in front of me. His mullet-styled hair was disheveled and greasy, his eyes drooped and groggy. His stubble was unevenly grown across his face, patches missing. I shook my head at the man and greeted him.

As I caught up with Ash, I could feel Sam’s eyes bore into my back. I tried ignoring it, but it was difficult. I could distinctly hear them speaking of a yellow-eyed demon which got anger boiling inside of me as I realized that Sam must be a hunter as well, he had never told me. I didn’t tell him I was a hunter, either, but I had something against him already. Now I can pin him up as a liar and have two different experiences to prove. I grimaced as I let myself think so lowly of Sam and continued to speak with Ash. Suddenly, Ellen brought up the genius in the room.

“Ash’ll help you two.” She announced to the Winchester brothers.

“Who is Ash?” Dean questioned.

“Ash!” Ellen yelled.

Ash jumped and flew off of the bar, crashing onto the hard floor. I stifled a laugh as I helped him up.

“He’s a genius.” I told them.

Ash slammed a folder onto the table and sat beside Sam. Dean and Jo towered over the two men.

“You’ve gotta be kiddin’ me. This guy’s no genius. He’s a Lynyrd Skynyrd roadie.” Dean retorts.

“I like you.” Ash announced.

I scoff and fold my arms at Dean, “c’mon, give ‘em a chance.”

Dean sighed and sat beside Ash. He opened the folder with furrowed brows. They continued a conversation. Eventually, Ash gathered that he would need fifty-one hours to crack the case. Dean and Sam agreed to the amount of time given and went their separate ways.

As Dean and Jo walked across the bar to a table, I sat myself. I watched the two as they instantly hit it up. Jealousy boiled inside of me as they smiled and talked with each other. Jo always had a way of pulling people in right away. She’s the fun Harvelle, that’s for sure.

“Hey, Ellen, what is that?” Sam spoke up for the first time in a while.

Ellen turns her head to where Sam’s gaze was and responded, “It’s a police scanner. We keep tabs on things. We-”

“No, no, no, no, the um- the folder.” Sam questioned.

Ellen grabbed the folder and looked over it, “uh, I was gonna give this to a friend of mine. But take a look, if you want.”

I snatched the folder from Ellen and smiled down at it, earning a glare from her. 

“Hey, it looks like a good case for me!” I winked at my mother.

She shook her head and poured a drink for Sam, who thanked her quietly and sat on the stool beside me. I cleared my throat and glanced over the documents before walking away from the bar and grabbing my laptop from the backpack I brought home. When I returned, I sat a few chairs down from Sam, earning a loud sigh from him.

I pulled up research for the case and laughed as the information displayed the screen, memories flooding in.


May 2nd, 2003

“What’s one thing you’re deathly afraid of?” I urged my boyfriend of nine months as I laid next to him in our shared bed. 

We decided that on his birthday we would just lie in bed all day. It was my idea for my birthday but Sam loved the idea, too. So we stayed in bed all say, asking each other questions and watching dumb movies.

Sam sighed, sitting up as he caressed my thigh. “You first,” he responded with reddened cheeks.

I rolled my eyes but obliged, sitting up as well. “I’m… Not afraid of much. I’ve seen a lot.” I gulped.

Sam nodded, “I understand.”

This response made me giggle. “Oh, you have no idea.” I whispered and rubbed circles into his bare chest. 

He sighed and looked down at me, biting his lower lip. I tilted my head upwards and pecked him on the lips. 

“I-I’m afraid of clowns. It’s lame, really. I have hated them ever since I was a child. Really, my brother used to say that I would scream every time we passed a McDonald’s. But who can blame me? I mean, hell, Ronald McDonald is freaky looking.” Sam rambled after a minute or two of comfortable silence.

My eyes widened at his burst of honesty. I stopped rubbing circles into his chest and leaned into the bed frame with widened eyes, worrying Sam.

“What’s wrong?” He asked. 

I shook my head with a small smile. Taking his hands in mine, I said, “I was expecting you to say you’re not afraid of anything because you’re a man and men shouldn’t be scared of anything. It just makes me happy, I don’t know why. I guess it just makes me realize that you aren’t like other guys. You have a heart.”

Sam smiled at my confession and gingerly kissed my hand.

“That is a good thing, right? Or do you think I am some kinda freak?” He asked with eyes full of worry.

I leaned into him until our foreheads touched. “It’s perfect. You’re perfect.”

Sam placed both of his toughened hands on my cheeks and let him press his lips against mine. Sam grinned in the kiss and laid us down while lingering over me. 

“I love you, (Y/N) Harvelle.” Sam mumbled to me for the first time. 

My heart hammered in my chest as I pulled away. Sam stared at me intently, waiting for a reply. I smiled up at him as he straddled me. “I love you too, Sam Winchester.”  


Present Day

“So, what is the case about?” Sam questioned.

“Killer clowns.” I replied.

Sam gulped, awkwardly re-situated himself in his seat, and called Dean over to inform him.


Rutina de cuerpo completo

Haz 5 series alternando cada ejercicio. Descansa lo menos posible entre series (máximo 30 segundos).


Sentadilla con elevación frontal de brazos

Alinea tus pies con la anchura de tus hombros.

Tus manos (con o sin mancuernas) están en la parte frontal de muslo, sin tocarlo.

Inhala profundo por la nariz y al exhalar lleva tu cadera hacia atrás y hacia abajo, como si te fueras a sentar y al mismo tiempo eleva tus brazos al frente hasta que tus manos queden alineadas con tus hombros.

Cuida que tus talones se mantengan alineados con tus rodillas.

Mantén la barbilla separada del pecho, los hombros de las orejas y el ombligo dirigido hacia la espina.

Regresa nuevamente a la posición inicial manteniendo una ligera flexión en las rodillas y repite.

Abdominal sobre pelota

Siéntate en el centro de la pelota manteniendo el equilibrio. Tus talones se alinean con tus rodillas y las mancuernas están en tus manos (en caso de que vayas a utilizarlas).

Camina hacia el frente con tus pies, deslizándote hacia el frente sobre la pelota. Detente cuando tu espalda baja esté sobre la pelota; espalda alta y cabeza quedan fuera de ésta. Evita que tu cabeza cuelgue hacia atrás. Esta es la posición inicial del ejercicio.


Tu ombligo se dirige hacia la espalda todo el tiempo, es decir, “aprieta” el abdomen para proteger tus lumbares.

Tu barbilla está separada del pecho y tus hombros alejados de las orejas.

Tus pies no se moverán en ningún momento.

Eleva los brazos, manteniendo las manos y mancuernas alineadas con tus hombros. Tus brazos se quedarán en esta posición todo el tiempo.

Inhala profundo y al exhalar siéntate sobre la pelota. Cuida que tu torso no rebase la línea de tu cadera y que tus brazos sigan alineados con tus hombros.

Vuelve a inhalar mientras regresas a la posición inicial y repite el movimiento.

Puente sobre pelota

Siéntate en el centro de la pelota manteniendo el equilibrio. Tus talones se alinean con tus rodillas.

Camina hacia el frente con tus pies, deslizándote hacia adelante sobre la pelota. Detente cuando tu espalda alta y cabeza descansen sobre la pelota. Tu espalda baja y glúteos no tocan la pelota.

Lleva tu cadera hacia abajo en dirección al piso. Puedes apoyar las palmas de tus manos en el piso para que tengas mejor equilibrio.

Inhala por la nariz y exhala por la boca mientras empujas tu cadera hacia arriba. Contrae los glúteos en este movimiento.

Regresa la cadera hacia abajo inhalando y repite.

Lagartijas sobre pelota

Colócate sobre tus rodillas y pega la pelota a la parte frontal de tu muslo. Después apoya el abdomen sobre la pelota, tus manos en el piso y camina hacia el frente con ellas hasta que la pelota quede bajo tus rodillas.


Tus muñecas se alinean con los hombros.

La cadera está alineada con la espalda y la cabeza. No dejes que la cadera cuelgue, pues podrías lastimar tus lumbares.

Mantén tu vista hacia el piso y evita que tu cabeza cuelgue.

Tu obligo se dirige a la espalda todo el tiempo.

Separa tus manos lo necesario para que al hacer una flexión de codos, éstos formen un ángulo de 90°.

Inhala profundo por la nariz y al exhalar por la boca realiza una flexión de codos, manteniéndolos hacia afuera y enfocando toda la fuerza en tus brazos y pecho.

Regresa a la posición inicial inhalado y manteniendo una ligera flexión en tus codos y repite.

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Full Body Workout

Make 5 sets alternating each exercise. Rest as little as possible between sets (maximum 30 seconds).


1. Squat with front arm lift

- Align your feet to the width of your shoulders.

- Your hands (with or without dumbbells) are in the front of the thigh, not touching.

- Inhale deeply through your nose and exhale while bringing your hips back and down, as if you were sitting down; at the same time raise your arms forward until your hands are aligned with your shoulders.

- Watch that your heels remain aligned with your knees.

- Keep your chin separated from the chest, your shoulders from your ears and your navel directed to the spine.

- Return back to the starting position, keeping a slight bend in the knees and repeat.

2. Abdominal on stability ball

- Sit on the center of the ball keeping the balance. Your heels are aligned with your knees and the dumbbells are in your hands (if you are going to use them).

- Walk forward with your feet slipping forward on the ball. Stop when your low back is on the ball; high back and head left out of it. Avoid that your head hangs back. This is the starting position of the exercise.


Your navel is directed toward the back all the time, ie, “squeezes” the abdomen to protect your lower back.

Your chin is separated from the chest and your shoulders away from your ears.

Your feet will not move at any time.

- Lift your arms, keeping your hands and dumbbells aligned with your shoulders. Your arms will remain in this position all the time.

- Inhale deeply and while exhaling sit on the ball. Watch that your torso does not exceed the line of your hip and your arms remain aligned with your shoulders.

- Inhale as you return to the starting position and repeat the movement.

3. Bridge on stability ball

- Sit on the center of the ball keeping the balance. Your heels are aligned with your knees.

- Walk forward with your feet slipping forward on the ball. Stop when your upper back and head are resting on the ball. Your lower back and glutes do not touch the ball.

- Take your hips down toward the floor. You can put your palms on the floor so you have better balance.

- Inhale through your nose and exhale through your mouth while pushing your hips upward. Squeeze the glutes in this movement.

- Returns the hip down while inhaling and repeat.

4. Push-ups on stability ball

- Put on your knees and put the ball at the front of your thigh. Supporting the abdomen on the ball, your hands on the floor and walk forward with them until the ball is placed under your knees.


Your wrists are aligned with the shoulders.

The hip is aligned with the back and head. Do not let the hip hang, because you could hurt your lower back.

Keep your eyes to the floor and keeps your head hang.

Your navel is directed to the back all the time.

- Separate your hands in order that you elbows form an angle of 90 ° when bended.

- Inhale deeply through your nose and exhale through the mouth bending your elbows, keeping them out and focusing all the strength in your arms and chest.

- Return to the starting position inhaleing and keeping a slight bend in your elbows. Repeat.

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A BTS/ Kim Seokjin Fanfiction

Summary: He looked like an angel, and spoke like a singer. Next to you, a university student surviving on 5 hours sleep a night, and holes in your shoes, he seemed to have it all. But at the end of the day, you were both just Existing. You just cant help but think, it might be more fun to Exist together…

Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3 Chapter 4 Chapter 5 Chapter 6 Chapter 7 Chapter 8 Chapter 9 Chapter 10 Chapter 11 Chapter 12 Chapter 13Chapter 14 Chapter 15 Chapter 16 Chapter 17 Chapter 18 Chapter 19 Chapter 20 Chapter 21 Chapter 22 Chapter 23 Chapter 24

Chapter 24

You cant stop your palm from getting clammy as you pull him up the stairs to your dorm, the two of you having teased each other with kisses as you’d packed up your stuff in the library, before dropping into silence as you’d guided him across campus to your dorm building, carefully watching out for any security who would question you on smuggling Jin to your room.

Neither of you say anything as you quietly open the door, both having been held in suspense since the moment you walked through the main door of the building and had realized that this was actually happening. You’d felt it in the tightness of his hand around yours, the subtle yet audible way his breaths had sped up, and the little differences had caused you to become nervous too as your fingers had fumbled over the keypad as you’d typed in the code for your dorm.

You turn to smile shyly at him when you push the door open quietly, walking in ahead of him and kicking your shoes off as you go, smiling subconsciously to yourself when you hear him do the same after you, still clutching your hand.

Turning your head to look at him over your shoulder you catch sight of the way his eyes dance over the entryway and the short corridor that lead to the open lounge, eyes slightly widened in curiosity before they meet yours, and a shy expression comes over him.

‘It’s a lot cleaner than my dorm.’ He murmurs in a whisper, the awkward comment making you laugh quietly to yourself, as you squeeze his hand, before beginning to pull him toward your room, being extra careful to listen out for anyone potentially approaching, but relaxing once you’d shut your bedroom door behind the two of you.

‘Are you sure its okay for me to be here?’ he asks as you drop your bag onto your desk, a note of nervousness in his voice which matched the butterflies in your stomach, and the sound makes you smile as you look up at him stood beside you, swallowing thickly as he looks around your room, before you move to stand in front of him, causing him to look down at you with widened eyes.

‘I want you to be here, therefore its okay for you to be here…unless, you don’t want to be-‘

‘No!-‘ he suddenly goes to stop you, but the single word comes out so loud that you quickly reach up to slap a hand over his mouth, the two of you proceeding to stand in silence as you wait to see if you’d woken anyone else up, before you grin and chuckle quietly when you catch sight of his stunned expression.

‘I definitely want to be here.’ He mutters almost silently once your remove your hand, and all you can do is chuckle quietly before tiptoeing to touch your lips to his.

The second your mouths meet, the atmosphere in the room changes, its not dramatic at first, with you both keeping the pace slow, testing the boundaries to check you were on the same train of thought. But the second his hand comes up to cradle your head, and your hands fist in his shirt sides, you both become all too aware of what you want.

‘We’ve got to be quiet.’ You murmur into his mouth before he suddenly lifts you into his arms and you tie your own around his neck, stroking your tongue over his as your breaths begin to get harsher, threading your fingers into his hair as he begins to slowly move, after a minute dropping you onto your bed and immediately leaning over you.

‘Mh…you’re amazing.’ He mutters, as his mouth begins to drift away from yours, crafting a slick, tingling trail to your throat, and coating your skin in tiny bites and lust evoking kisses. Your fingers are clawing at his neck and back as you slowly pull your knees up on either side of his waist, your ankles winding around his back to pull him subconsciously closer to you, as you drown in the darkness of your room filling with the sound of him whimpering quietly at the taste of your skin.

The feel of his hand sliding over your body leaves heat ricocheting through you, and when his fingers curl around your outer thigh, you think you’re going to combust where you couldn’t catch your breath, a thought that you’re quickly getting distracted from when his mouth is suddenly caressing yours once more, and he nibbles on your lip.

‘Jin…’ you breathe, limbs tightening around his shoulders as he subtly begins grinding down into you, climbing onto the bed with you properly and shuffling you up till your head was on the pillow, the passion mellowing in his movements slightly as he seems to restart his progress with the new position.

‘Just…tell me if you want to stop, Beautiful.’ He breathes, the way his breath ghosts over your neck making you tremble beneath him, before he flickers his gaze up to meet yours and the two of you share a moment of suspended silence, the unspoken communication confirming your need for one another without the use of words.

Its when he drifts his lips over yours, the movement slow but meaningful, and you draw in a breath of his fruity, yet warm, masculine smell, that you feel yourself buckling under him, the need for him being so deep that you cant help but clasp him desperately to you in every way you could, your breaths beginning to crash together as you slip your hand under the back of his collar to feel the smooth skin of his shoulders. Your next breath comes out shaky as he quickly begins to push the bottom of your sweater up your body, groaning gently into your mouth when he splays his hands over your stomach, and the move causes a shiver to ripple through you as you eagerly bunch his own tshirt up in your hands, needing to get rid of it so that you could feel the rest of him.

Its like a greek god presents himself to you as he sits back on his knees to pull the piece of clothing off of himself, the broadness of his chest and shoulders, and the muscular frame of his abdomen as its revealed to you making your heart freeze for all of 3 seconds before it once again kickstarts into a sprint when you see the predatory gaze he was watching you with, leaning down to crawl over you once more, and immediately resuming where he left off.

‘Are you sure you want this?’ he breathes against the skin below your chin, glancing up at you with hooded eyes as he pauses in his movements, and it’s the slight quirk of his lips into a smile as you watch one another, that has your answer falling from your lips with surety.

‘I’ve never wanted anything more…’




The elevator doors open and I step onto the floor of the penthouse elevator. I take out my room key and unlock the door before stepping inside and locking the door. I take off my jacket and hold it over my arm as I walk down the narrow hall. “I’m back!”

I hear nothing and think that maybe Shawn was still at the photo shoot with Italian Vogue and continue to walk and turn to the kitchen entryway. I place my jacket on top of a stool before grabbing a glass of water and grab some ice cubes from the freezer. With my water in my hand, I walk out to the living room. As I take a sip of my water, I see Shawn and choke on an ice cube before swallowing it. He smirks at me and I bite on my lip.

Shawn lies back on the loveseat, his arm out and resting against the back cushion and his other hand by his face with a finger resting against his smirking lips. He’s in a maroon suit with the front open and exposing his toned and muscular abdomen. I open my mouth to speak but no words come out. “It’s from the shoot,” he says. He gets up from the couch and walks over to me. Shawn towers over me and I tilt my head back slightly and look up at him. He takes the glass from my hand and takes a sip. He puts the glass back in my hand and walks to the coffee table and picks up a yellow envelope and hands it to me. I take the envelope and he takes the water.

“They’re the developed ones from the shoot today,” Shawn explains to me as he walks to the bedroom. I open the envelope and slide the photographs out. They fall onto my hand and I look at them.

The first is a picture of Shawn lying on a dark blue couch. He wears dark blue pants and a matching navy blue old style military jacket. The jacket is open and reveals his abs while he looks seductively at the camera. His hand is draped teasingly over his crotch. “How was it?” I ask him.

“It was good,” he replies. “What do you think of the photos?”

“Papi,” I say to myself.

“What?” He replied.

“Nothing,” I reply. “I like the photos!” I slide over to the next photo. Shawn lies on the same couch in black pants and nothing else. His arm is over his chest and he looks away with a smile on his face. I go to the next photo and he wears the same maroon suit with a blue silk shirt under the jacket. The front is open and his hands are in his pockets as he looks at the camera. “Papi,” I say to myself again.

“There was supposed to be a tie for that one,” Shawn says as he walks back to the living room. The cup is still in his hand and his other hand is in his pocket. “A maroon velvet one.”

“Why isn’t it in there?” I ask.

“They couldn’t find it,” he shrugs. Shawn sets the glass down on the coaster and in front of me. “But they let me keep something from the set.”

“Besides the suit?” I reply.

“Yeah,” he says.

“What’d they let you keep?” I ask him as I move onto the next photo. Shawn holds his fist on top of the photograph I was currently looking at. I look up at him and he raises an eyebrow and glances back down to his hand. I look back down and see a maroon velvet tie in the palm of his hand. I open my mouth to speak and Shawn seizes the moment to place his lips on top of mine. He slides his tongue into my mouth and the pictures scatter onto the coffee table as he grabs my hands in his and leads me over to the couch. I fall back and he straddles me.

I bite onto my lip as he binds my wrists together with the tie. He weaves the fabric up and under my skin before tying it into a knot. He puts my arms above my head and leans down to kiss hungrily at my lips. I moan into his mouth once I feel his fingers creep under my pants.

Shawn presses his thumb against my clit and begins to rub against it. I arch my back onto his body and he places his other hand in my hair and begins to tug at it. “Shawn,” I moan.

I want to badly to touch him. To run my hands through his hair and even get to touch his skin. But I can’t. All I can do is watch as he teases me.

He smirked, biting down on his lip, and watching me as he rubbed a bit harder at my clit. I continued to moan under his touch. My breath hitched and my chest heaved up and down as he dipped in another finger. “Shawn,” I pant, “Shawn, oh, papi.”

He kissed at my neck and pulled out his fingers slowly. Shawn pulled back and made direct eye contact with me and sucked on his fingers, tasting me. “Oh, fuck,” I pant.

Shawn unbuttons my pants and slides them off my legs before tossing them to the floor. He kisses at my thighs and slowly creeps up to my waist and then tugs at the band of my underwear with his teeth. I close my eyes and feel him slide them off my legs. I hear the familiar sound of the ice clinking against the glass. Shawn lifts my legs onto his shoulders and I feel an ice cube grazing against the skin of my inner thigh. I open my eyes and see him looking at me. The ice cube rests between his teeth and he winks at me before taking the cube in his mouth.

“Don’t move your hands, baby girl,” he says. I whimper as he kisses sweetly at my labia. Shawn keeps direct eye contact with me as he glides his tongue into me. I arch my back and open my mouth the moment I feel the ice cube at my clit.

“Shawn,” I moan. With his tongue, he glides the cube inside me and against my clit. I throw my head back and arch my back.

His tongue is warm, the ice cube cold, and they both glide against my clit. Shawn presses my hips back down onto the couch and I bring my hands to his hair. “Shawn!” He grabs my hands and holds them against my chest. “Th-There,” I pant. “Shawn, fuck, there. There, there, papi, there.” He continues to tongue at my clit and rubs at my inner labia with his thumb. “Shawn,” I moan over and over. “Shawn, oh, god, Shawn.”

I want to grip onto his hair but his hand is holding my bound wrists to my chest. Instead I squeeze my thighs around his head. My chest heaves up and down as he continues to glide up and down with his tongue. The cold of the ice cube is gone, leading me to believe that it had melted.

“Say it again,” Shawn says. He licks his lips and continues to finger me.

“Papi,” I moan. He smirked before ducking his head back down and fulfilling me with the sensation of his tongue. I squirm under him and feel my voice go sore. “Shawn, I’m gonna cum. I’m gonna, oh, god, I’m gonna cum.” I arch my back and orgasm, but Shawn doesn’t stop. He continues to eat me out and finger me until I managed to compose myself. He kissed at my thighs before slowly coming up to kiss at my lips. He ran his tongue across my lip and I opened my mouth to allow him access.

He kisses me and untied the fabric from my wrist. Shawn pulls back from the kiss to take my shirt off. I sit up and get ready to take my bra off, but Shawn stops me. “No,” he shakes his head. Shawn takes my hands again and ties them once more. He pushes me back to the couch and he unbuttoned his pants. I bend my knees as he gets back onto the couch. He places a hand above my shoulder on the cushion under me and we’re face to face. With his other hand he rubs himself hard. “Tell me you want me,” Shawn says as he leans down and kisses me. “Say it.”

“Daddy I want you,” I say. He bites on his lip and shakes his head.

“You know what I mean.” He pulls out his hard erection and with he rubs his head against my clit and teases me. “Tell me you want me.”

“Papi, te quero.” I moan.

Without a warning, Shawn slams himself inside me. His hand is holding my bound wrists above my head and with his other he holds my knee to my chest. I pant as he painfully slowly pulls out. He goes inside me all the way and my body twitches under him. Shawn leans down and bites at my bottom lip and begins to form a fast and rough rhythm to his thrusts. I moan into his mouth and he slides his tongue inside mine.

“Do you want me?” Shawn asks.
“Ah huh.” I nod.

“Say it. Say you want me.”
“Shawn, I want you.”

“Say it out loud.” The couch gives a small squeak as he thrusts faster and harder. “Say that you want me out loud.”

“I want you,” I moan.

“How bad do you want me?” I bite my lip as he makes eye contact with me. “Tell me how bad you want me.”

“So bad,” I moan. “Shawn, I want you so bad.”

He grunts before leaning down and kissing me. “God, you’re so fucking tight.”

“Shawn,” I moan. My voice quivered and my breast bounced each time he roughly thrusted into me. I wrap my leg around his waist and he lets go of my arms and holds onto my thigh.

Taking me by surprise, Shawn pulls out and flips me over onto my stomach. He slaps my ass before thrusting himself back inside.

“Fuck,” I moan into the cushion. He places his hands at my waist and I arch my back. “Faster!”

Shawn moans from behind me and I bite on my lip. “Princess, you feel so fucking good.” He grabs my hair and pulls it. My head yanks back and I’m looking up at the ceiling.

“Shawn,” I moan. “Oh, fuck.” He places a hand on my waist and with his other he slowly brings it up from my back to my shoulder and slowly pushing me down towards the cushion. His thrusts are more slow but he manages to continue going deep into me.

“So tight,” he pants, “so fucking tight.”
“I want you,” I moan. “Shawn I want you.”

Both of his hands are now resting on my waist and, while still inside, he turns me on my back again. Shawn lies down on me and I wrap both of my legs around his waist. He continues to thrust into me and had even picked up the pace. My wrists are still bound, but I run my fingers up and down his toned abdomen.

“Fuck,” Shawn grunts. He grips onto my arms as he pumps in and out of me faster and harder.

“Oh fuck,” I moan, “I’m gonna cum.”

My legs feel weak and my breath hitches with every thrust Shawn gives me. He kisses at my jawline and trails his kiss up to my mouth. Shawn bites at my bottom lip, tugging at it before he kisses me with his tongue.

His thrusts gets a little sloppy and I know he’s near his orgasm. “Faster,” I pant.

“Say it again.” Shawn grunts. His hand goes to my neck as he goes faster. “Tell me you want me.”

“Papi, papi te quero,” I moan into his ear before biting his earlobe. He presses his thumb against my neck and my eyes flutter closed.

“Oh fuck!” Shawn grunts as he cums inside me. He, sloppily, continues to thrust into me until I orgasm a few seconds later.

“Shawn!” I moan out loud and arch my back. Shawn pulls out and collapses on top of me.

He untied the tie from my wrists and I immediately touch his face. He gives me a weak smirk before leaning up to kiss me. I run my fingers through his sweaty and somewhat curly hair as he rests on top of me.

“Do me a favor?” I say.
“What?” He replies.
“On the next photo shoot you have, steal another tie.”
“Say the magic word.”

I playfully roll my eyes before bringing my mouth to his ear, “Papí.”

Black Lines of Distraction Ch. 5

You can also read it on Archive of Our Own.

*☆*:.。. ✧.。.:*☆*:.。. ✧.。.:*☆*

Pairing: LawLu

Rating: Explicit

*☆*:.。. ✧.。.:*☆*:.。. ✧.。.:*☆*

Luffy ’s POV:

“I don’t really get it but I still want to touch you.” Luffy spoke as he trailed his fingers down Law’s chest. “Don’t you ever want to touch me too?”

“That’s something I’ve been trying not to think about,” Law spoke, rubbing the bridge of his nose. “You’re far too distracting.”

“But why?” Luffy raised an eyebrow at him. Distracting? Law thought he was the distracting one?

Luffy pushed himself up from the bed to look down at the man, taking in the sight before him. God, his Torao was so gorgeous lying there, chest bare beneath his open shirt. He was the purest definition of distraction with those tantalizing black lines that accented his tanned skin so perfectly as they curled over his chest, and curved smoothly down his abdomen.

Those black lines were dangerous. Just thinking about them was threatening to make Luffy a slave to his desires. The more he thought about them the more he needed to feel Law’s skin beneath his fingertips- to taste him- to know his body in every conceivable way.

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Suit and Tie

Shockingly enough, I’ve surprised myself by how much I want to write smut. It’s awkward.. I’m still going to take requests for non-smutty imagines and I’m still going to write them, don’t worry.


Sam x Reader

Sam sits across the dance floor from me, his legs stretched out in front of him with his tie loose. Dean has just gotten married and surprisingly, I think half the hunter population showed up. And a ton of angels, seeing as it was Castiel’s wedding, too. I’ve not gotten used to Hannah, I can’t really say I ever will.

She’s so.. I don’t know. Annoying?

Claire is sitting next to me, chatting with Balthazar about how great the wedding looks and how much she’d wish she had gotten here earlier. She missed the actual marriage part, but Dean and Castiel didn’t seem to mind at all. Balthazar, on the other hand, showed up too early and drunk. I had to wrestle him into a bed and make him stay there until the wedding started.

I wasn’t going to have him ruin the wedding by being the drunk of the crowd.

Sam has been ignoring me since he got here, it’s heart wrenching, but I don’t dwell on it for too long. I was, in fact, Castiel’s Best Maid of Honour. There wasn’t really much I could do, except get the wedding the way it is. Dean and Castiel are doing some weird, too-painful-to-watch dance.

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anonymous asked:

Could you do a m!ss version of that lap dance prompt?

You just wanted more smut didn’t you my little sinner….well, here you go! ;)

PS – I’ve never written guy on guy smut before so that’s why this one took a little while.


Cait – She didn’t like dancing, let alone Sole dancing for her just to teasingly make her wait for a good fucking. She sat impatiently on the bed, watching Sole’s provocative movements and using all the willpower she had to make herself wait because she knew for some damn reason this was important to Sole. Five minutes is all she can hold out for and Cait had enough. Mid-dance Sole was shoved back against the wall where a warm, wet mouth came around the head of his cock and surprisingly smooth hands began gently squeezing and pumping his shaft. Cait continued until she sensed him getting close to the edge, then deciding to have her own bit of fun. “Get on the bed, Sole.” She demanded. Once he was on his back and waiting for her, his cock standing at attention, Cait decided to sit on his face instead. “Ya like teasin’ so much? Well I think it’s my turn.” She’d ride his tongue right up until she almost climaxed when she finally relented and took him back inside her mouth, letting him cum in periodic bursts and sucking him dry until she herself orgasmed in his mouth.

Curie – The little synth was fascinated by Sole’s movements and the kind of response it elicited from her now very sensitive body. She felt flushed, eager and more than a little turned on from the show Sole put on right in front of her which was accompanied by his cheeky grin. He was dressed in his vault suit which he slowly zipped down to reveal the muscles hard earned out in the Commonwealth, the sight of which made Curie blush from where she was seated on their shared bed. The song he was dancing to seemed to go on for forever and ever, not that Curie was complaining, but when it finally did end she giggled in anticipation for what comes next. Sex was always enjoyable for her, the feeling of her lover touching her body with his lips, fingers and tongue was like no other feeling she had ever experienced in either of her lives as a robot turned synth. She eagerly spread her legs for him, trusting in Sole to cherish the most sacred part of her being and when he finally entered her and let out a soft groan of his own, Curie pulled him down and kissed him so she could revel in all of him as they passionately made love.

Danse – He was always reluctant to let anyone into his personal quarters on board the Prydwen, but Sole was an exception, the one and only exception at that. He tried to keep their time together quiet but sometimes neither of them could really help that. Especially when Sole pulled things like he was doing now, standing right in front of Danse wearing the tight standard issue BOS flight suit with a prominent bulge at the apex of his legs as he danced to the music coming out of the radio. To top it off – and to Danse’s odd surge of arousal – Sole had somehow managed to score Elder Maxson’s battle coat which now hung open from Sole’s muscular shoulders as he danced even closer to Danse’s bare lap. His throbbing cock stood at attention as his eyes greedily took in Sole’s body, eagerly awaiting the final verse of the song on the radio so that he can finally touch him. Yet Sole wanted to prolong the torture by mounting Danse’s lap, effectively trapping his cock between his own abdomen and Sole’s junk. He then grasped Danse’s shoulders and ground himself up and down his thick shaft, making the Paladin groan quietly as they eyes locked and held until the song finally ended. “Soldier, take off the suit and get on your knees.” Danse demanded and added in afterthought. “Leave on the coat.”

Deacon – Getting some time to themselves was a real rarity for Deacon and Sole, what with the insanely close quarter setup in the HQ and the fact that if they were anywhere else, more often than not it would be a mission where canoodling and the like proved far too dangerous given the circumstances. So when Sole suggested to him a detour to a neighbouring settlement for some well needed R&R, Deacon was quick to jump on board. He did not however expect just what kind of rest Sole had in mind, that is until he was seated on the bed and Sole was prancing around half naked with a devious grin on his face. Oh this kind of rest he could get behind for sure. Deacon was grinning from ear to ear as Sole put on a show for him, that ass he had been eyeing for a while was now bare and very touchable. It was when Sole had turned around to wave it in front of him when Deacon decided he would wait no longer. He grabbed Sole’s hips and pulled him down onto his lap, working himself inside that tight hole until he was in and up to his hilt. He then reached around with both hands to grasp Sole’s own throbbing member which he stroked as Sole’s hips gyrated in such a way that Deacon couldn’t help but bite down on Sole’s shoulder to stifle his groan. It was when Sole beat him to the finish line and covered his hands in his cum that Deacon himself unloaded, bucking into Sole wildly until they both collapsed back onto the bed panting.

Hancock – When Sole entered their room dressed as the Silver Shroud, Hancock thought for a moment that he must have been huffing on too much Jet. But when Sole turned on the radio and pushed him down onto the bed, Hancock couldn’t help but grin like an idiot. His favourite person stood smirking before him, slowly undoing the belt around his waist as he began dancing to the music coming out of their radio. Gradually, his movements and the lack of restraint around the coat slowly revealed a bare, muscled chest, then nipples and then a muscular abdomen. Hancock’s eyes followed further downwards until he saw what really got his ghoul blood pumping. “Like what you see, Mr Mayor?” Sole murmured with a casual wink. Hancock swallowed but nodded nonetheless, feeling his own throbbing member lengthen and expand in his now too tight pants. He fought the urge to touch himself as Sole continued to dance for him, knowing that time for that will come soon enough. Pun intended. When the song did finally end, Sole was on his knees between Hancock’s spread legs and had raised an eyebrow at the prominent bulge in his pants. With another one of his cheeky grins, Sole released Hancock from the confines of his pants and took him into his mouth, keeping eye contact as he deep-throated the Mayor of Goodneighbour until he came with a shuddering groan.

MacCready – He walked into the room they were sharing at Hotel Rexford and did a double take when he spotted Sole casually leaning against the far wall wearing green military fatigues. He had a glint in his eye which was what had made MacCready stop dead in his tracks. “Sole, what are you up to?” Instead of replying, Sole gestured to the bed with a nod of his chin as he flicked on the radio. Somewhat confused, MacCready sat down on the bed and realised what that look was when Sole started unbuttoning his shirt right in front of him. His mouth went dry when his eyes found the dogtags that rested between Sole’s prominent pectoral muscles, a strange thing to be aroused from yes but now was not the time for MacCready to reflect on it. Instead, now was the time to fight the urge to grope between Sole’s legs as he danced to some pre-war song that filtered out of the radio. An urge he ultimately failed in resisting merely a minute into the song. MacCready needed to get inside Sole and when he finally did and the muscles were clenching around his throbbing self, it only took a couple of thrusts for him to blow his load deep inside with a long groan.

Maxson (gender neutral Sole) - Leading the Brotherhood of Steel was a large and oftentimes tiresome task, not that Maxson was one to complain of course. However he greatly appreciated it when Sole decides to take it upon themselves to show him their thanks. One such time is when they decided to give him a lapdance in his quarters onboard the Prydwen after a particularly tiresome day addressing the new recruits. He had walked in to see Sole sitting naked on his bed wearing nothing but the Brotherhood of Steel flag, grinning up at him as he locked the door. Maxson was normally a man who sees what he likes and takes it, but with Sole, they had this knack of making him wait and it drives him mad. This time they pushed him down onto the bed when they stood and turned on the radio, the flag around their shoulders dipping just slightly so Maxson could see plains of skin and muscle that further made his pants tighten. Finally, when a song filtered through the radio Sole dropped the flag and began to dance suggestively, taking care to get closer and closer without actually touching him. If he could light something on fire with one look, Sole would be aflame from the amount of heat in Maxson’s gaze as they finally mounted his lap. They knew it was only a matter of time now. They locked gazes with him as they grinded on his lap, their hands moving to push off the large battlecoat and unzip his flightsuit so they could free the beast. Within seconds he was inside them and pounding hard and fast, scowling in concentration until finally he came inside them with a growl, his periodic spurts sending Sole over the edge soon after.

Nick Valentine – When Nick walked into Homeplate after a long day working hard on cracking a month-long case, he didn’t expect in the slightest that Sole would be waiting for him on top of the bed with nothing but a blanket covering him. With a cheeky grin, Sole beckoned Nick with a ‘come hither’ motion of his hand. The synth swallowed and arched a brow, but nevertheless did what Sole wanted who pushed Nick down onto the bed and strode over to the radio. He flicked it on and turned back around, beginning a dance for Nick who watched on in amusement. “Got some nice moves, kid.” Sole wouldn’t reply, instead he’d keep going, drawing out the moment and making Nick wait until the rise in his pants was at its peak. When the song finally ended, a sheen of sweat on Sole’s naked body making Nick even more eager to get down and dirty, Sole finally went down to his knees and released the synth’s erect shaft before eagerly taking the full length of him into his throat. The feeling of warm wet flesh on his prosthetic dick made Nick shudder and was quick to drive him to a circuit shortening climax.

Piper Wright – Piper was a blushing mess when she saw Sole stride into their shared room at Homeplate with nothing but Grognak’s loincloth on. She was sitting on the bed waiting for him and a ‘surprise’ but did not expect this. Bare skin and toned muscle on that tight body she knew so well then began to do some kind of a dance for her that made her blush even harder. “Blue, is this for me?” She asks, barely containing a giggle. Piper reached out a hand to touch him but he caught it with his own, a cheeky grin on his face as he softly kissed her knuckles. “Uh uh, no touching little lady. Not yet.” She sighed playfully and leant back to watch the show, her eyes devouring her lover’s muscled frame as an ache deep within her began to grow. She bit her lip when he turned, showing off a prominent bulge and knowing it was all for her made that ache grow into a raging fire. All it took was for them to lock eyes and Blue was upon her. She had her arms wrapped around his neck as he finally entered her, spreading her walls with his girth and reaching so deep inside her legs nearly went numb from the pleasure it induced. He bit lightly at her pulse point in her neck, eliciting her soft groan and the arch of her back as he slowly began pumping into her, building up his pace until both of them were a shuddering, trembling mess.

Preston Garvey – He and Sole were bunkered down in the General’s quarters at the Castle, a wicked radstorm blowing in from the Glowing Sea and crackled overhead. He could tell Sole was up to something as soon as the big heavy doors were closed and locked behind him. Before he could even say ‘Minuteman’ the General’s lips were upon his own, his clothes being swiftly removed from his body as Sole guided him over to the bed. He expected Sole to follow him down but was surprised when Sole instead turned on the radio and offered a cheeky smile as he slowly peeled off his blue coat. Preston’s mouth went dry as he watched show before him, his eyes eagerly following the path of the zipper and hungrily taking in all that it revealed. A bare chest, muscular torso and sculptured shoulders. He shivered in anticipation, his erection hardening until it could no more and was practically aching to be touched as Sole continued his show with a cocky grin. It got to the point where he had to touch it and so Preston did, the first flesh on hard flesh contact making his muscles twitch in pleasure as Sole ran his hands down his own body, gazing down at Preston’s own little show. For the both of them, the song couldn’t end soon enough and when it finally did, Sole had his mouth around Preston’s shaft and was sucking and licking him in just the right ways to tip him over the edge, his gasps and groans being drowned out by the rumbling radstorm.

X6-88 – Ever since he and Sole first had sex, X6 knew that he liked it. A lot. It was not only the physical stimuli that pleased him but it was also due to the fact that his pleasure also pleased Sole greatly, which in turn made it all the more pleasurable for X6. When alone in their Institute quarters together they could go at it for hours, most of which taken up by Sole’s relentless teasing and his desire to make X6 wait for some reason that was lost on the Courser. It was one such time that Sole decided to put on a little bit of a show for X6, but didn’t end up lasting long. He was sick of waiting and just wanted Sole in the most intimate ways possible, even though the dancing did please him greatly. When Sole turned X6 got up from the bed and pushed Sole against the wall, pinning him there while X6 slowly pushed his hips forward and entered him, pressing his chest against Sole’s back whose breathing grew ragged. “You either can’t possibly hold yourself back, or you deliberately choose not to.” Sole breathed but nevertheless pushed his rear harder against X6’s crotch who by then had a firm grasp on Sole’s hips. He didn’t reply, not verbally anyway, and instead began pumping into Sole who was still pinioned against the wall until they were both shuddering and groaning each other’s name while Sole’s cum spattered the pristine blue wall, X6’s own load filling Sole’s ass until it dripped.


Anon prompt: “A imagine where you love to see Owen walk around shirtless but he doesn’t do it often enough so you steal all his shirts while he’s asleep on his off day please”

A/n: Mmmm Shirtless Owen…

“It’s not a big deal.” Owen says, shrugging off his shirt. You really didn’t mean to spill your drink on him, but you can’t deny that watching him peel off his shirt in the breakroom is extremely attractive. Of course, you see him shirtless in bed, but you just wish it could be more often; his body is quite amazing. You continue to apologize until he’s finished putting on a white t-shirt he found in the uniform closet.

“Y/n, relax it was an accident.” He wraps an arm around you and pulls you close, planting a sweet kiss on your forehead. “Come on, we need to get out there and start training.”

You follow him out of the trailer and watch form behind as he walks up the stairs to the catwalk. You notice how tight the t-shirt is and the way it hugs his muscular torso just right. He may not be shirtless, but at least this is close.


“No! The water is freezing; I’m not going in!” You can’t believe he even wants to get in the lake this time of year, but he seems adamant.

“Oh, come on. Live a little!” He throws an arm behind your legs and the other at your back and sweeps you off your feet, headed towards the small wooden dock.

“Owen! Put me down!” You squeal at him, desperately not wanting to be thrown in fully clothed. You knew you weren’t going to get out of it; you should have just jumped in yourself. You cling to his shirt collar as he stands on the edge, holding you just over the water. You whine softly, wondering why he hasn’t thrown you in already and look up at him, seeing that wicked glint in his eyes; he just wants to make the anticipation worse. He leans his head down and gives you a chaste kiss.

“I love you.” He says sweetly, before shifting his weight slightly and tossing you into the water. You scream in the air and feel your body shiver as you hit the cold water. Popping up to the surface, you shout at him through clenched teeth.

“I’m going to kill you!” He just laughs and looks down at you as he reaches for the buttons on his shirt. He quickly undoes them and tosses his shirt to the side, before smirking as he takes a step back and then runs forward, jumping into the water and making a huge splash next to you. In that few seconds before he jumped in, you were practically drooling. There’s just something about his muscular chest and sculpted abdomen that makes you want to run your hands down it and memorize every inch. When he surfaces, he swims close to you and pulls you in for a wet kiss, water dripping down both of your faces. There’s just something about this man that you could never resist.


“Sorry,” You say, shaking your head to clear the less than decent thoughts from your mind, “What did you say?”

He chuckles, obviously knowing the effect he has on you, standing there with nothing but a towel around his waist. “I said I’m going to take a shower.” He gives you a smirk as your eyes travel down to his chest once more and rolls his eyes before turning away.

“Take a picture, Sweetheart. It will last longer.” He heads into the shower as you think about the idea of actually getting a picture; it does seem like a good call.

You try to concentrate back on the TV, but you can’t stop thinking about Owen in the shower, water running down his bare, delicious chest. That’s when you get an idea.

You get up from the couch and run into the bedroom quietly, opening his drawers. You grab all his shirts and undershirts in your arms and open the trunk at the foot of his bed, tossing them in. Then you open the closet, pulling out all of his button down shirts. You hand automatically grabs the hanger for his vest, but you get a wicked smile and replace it. That would actually look pretty sexy.

You toss those into the chest along with the others as you hear the shower shut off and you run back to the couch. When he opens the first draw in his dresser, he makes a confused noise. When he gets to his closet, you can hear the heavy sigh he lets out just as he walks into the living room, once again clad in only a towel.

“You got something to tell me?” He asks, leaning against the door frame, arms crossed.

You try to hide your smile but fail miserably, grinning as you answer him. “I don’t know what you’re talking about, Owen.”

“Hmm, right. Sure.” He nods his head unbelievingly and heads back into the bedroom. You wait patiently until he walks back out, in just his board shorts and no shirt. He sits down next to you on the couch nonchalantly and you can’t keep your eyes off of him.  You lean against his chest, fingertips softly trailing down it as you bite your lip. He is just too sexy for his own good. You draw your nails down his chest, all the way down to the top of his shorts and you hear him let out a soft moan. You look up, surprised, and your eyes widen. You catch him with his head thrown back and his eyes closed and it’s just a perfect sight. When he doesn’t feel your movements anymore, he opens his eyes and sees you staring at him. He lifts his head up and looks at you sexily.

“You know, if wanted me to walk around shirtless you could have just asked. You didn’t have to put them all in the trunk.” You furrow your eyebrows and are surprised that he knows exactly where they are.

“Wait. If you know where they are, why didn’t you put one on?” You ask him, curious.

“Well, you obviously didn’t want me to wear one.” He smirks down at you and moves his hand to cover yours on his chest. “Besides, that felt good. Didn’t know that’s what I was missing out on.” He gives you a wink and shifts his body, pushing you down onto your back on the couch.

“Although,” He starts, lips going to your neck, hand sliding under the hem of your shirt. “It’s not very fair if I’m the only one who goes topless.”

anonymous asked:

Just came back from a small holiday by the beach! Last night I was enjoying the sea and sand one last time... Suddenly dirty thoughts came to mind of Thranduil on the beach... And being all mine for just one night! Sigh... ;-)

Thranduil’s arm is tight around your waist as the ocean breeze whips at your faces. His glows gold in the gleam of the setting sun, the light etching shadows against his defined chest, his muscular abdomen. You lean against his chest, feeling the warm rise and fall against your cheek.

“…It calls to me. The ocean.”

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For You ~ pt. 20

| all parts up to date |

~ You ~

Slowly I regain consciousness, when I feel my hair being patted again and again in a soothing way.

‘’~Whenever I open my eyes in the morning, I think of you~’’ I open my eyes sleepily and smile lightly when I see Jungkook in the same position as me, head on his arms, singing lowly to himself.

‘’~Starting with a bright smile~’’ His gaze lands on my eyes, noticing that I had woken up, he himself looks flustered for a second, but nonetheless he continues singing a little bit louder. ‘’~Even after a tiresome day again, I think of you~’’

I actually recognize the song as my mother used to listen to it all the time.

‘’~I’m the happiest person alive. Now I’m not sad, now I don’t cry~’’ Whenever he throws all his emotions into the lyrics with the combination of him giving me his undivided attention, I realize it’s one of his ways to convey his feelings. ‘’~I give my all to you~’’

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Kai: Badass-ery

(Request from anon)

You’re getting used to the idea of it all.  Hanging out in an abandoned warehouse turned into the coolest hangout around, listening to the constant hip hop music playing over the stereo at full blast, spending all your free time with 12 incredibly good looking juveniles and having a drop-dead gorgeous, bad boy for a boyfriend.  You don’t exactly know how you ended up with this guy, but what you do know is that there is something about his darkness that pulls you in and holds you prisoner to his will.

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Wiggle Room

Sam smut requested by celestial-sam! “sam smut?? i always love the idea that the reader and sam are like running from something and get squished in a small space and obviously sam gets a raging boner?? that would be awesome :3” I LOVE THIS UGH AWKWARD SMUT I’VE WAITED SO LONG TO WRITE SOMETHING LIKE THIS. Hope you like it!

WARNING- SMUT (begins paragraph 3)

Your pulse raced in your ears like aggravated tribal war drums as you ran, your muscles crying out in heated agony, a dry, dull-bladed ache settling in as your quads strained against the urge to slow your sprint. Your desire to live, however, fueled your movement even after your adrenaline lines spluttered out like a candle, the padding of distant clawed feet reverberating around the halls, the source of the animalistic grumblings unknown, your direction leading you to a possible confrontation similar to that which you had narrowly avoided. Your blood was void of sufficient amounts of oxygen, your breathing shallow and ragged as you fled from battle, unable to replenish your supply, cramps digging into your lungs with intent to puncture. Sam was hot on your heels, his stride matching yours as he ran, the concrete corridors echoing with the feral snarls of the werewolf you had been hunting. Even hunters as experienced as you (not to mention the track record of the Winchester at your back) saved room for underestimation, your unblooded wolf turning out to be a tad more ambitious than previously thought, chasing after you without a trace of human sympathy left over to plead for assistance. You whipped around a corner, traction lost against the unused, unswept flooring as you skid across the foundation of the warehouse basement, your palm sliding along the porous walls as you fought for your stability. Sam’s hands flashed to your waist, closing around your hips, preventing you from toppling to the ground, shoving you forward as the ferocious growling intensified, the beast following the noise of your wheezing lungs, tracking you through the labyrinth with an almost admirable conviction. Luckily for you, you had managed to slash the humanoid canine with the flatter edge of your silver dagger, leaving a clean mark to fester and bubble along the center of the woman’s face, an attack likening acid as the silver burned the wound, an act that surely hindered her sense of smell, boosting your chances of a successful escape. After all, the wolf would now rely only on her sense of sight and hearing, the latter of which was assisting her in locating your small hunting party, your frantic footfall ricocheting from the poorly illuminated corridors, naked bulbs spluttering to darkness overhead. You whizzed around another corner, Sam’s shoulder ramming into the wall seconds after you turned, his momentum too high to avoid the inevitable collision, his hand wrapping around your wrist, tugging you off-balance as he guided you to follow him through a darkened sliver in the wall, your eyes swimming in sweat. You stumbled backwards, your body bent as he hauled you to the chasm, most likely the former home to a sturdy copper pipe, the shadowy indent barely spacious enough to house the Winchester, let alone your tumbling form, Sam spinning you into his chest, your spine flush against his muscular abdomen, his expanding lungs pressing your chest to the wall. His calloused palm pressed against your lips, silencing your grunt as you squeezed into the enclosure, rationing each painfully shallow breath, the room provided for breathing allowing only for the smallest slivers of oxygen to slip between your lips, Sam’s rising chest crushing yours closer to the concrete, his arm wrenching away from you inch by tedious inch, the both of you waiting, anxious as the snarls faded, the beast tracking another more delectable scent.

The only illumination was emitted by a bare light at the end of the hall, casting the air pockets in the stone before you into hazy contrast, Sam’s heartbeat thundering against your back, your hands pressed to your sides, his fingers remaining wrapped around your wrist, securing you to his side, his breath disheveling the strands of hair atop your head with each laboured, yet measured, exhale. You gathered your breath, your heart slowing at the absence of a threat (at least for the time being), your lips parting over a barely audible whisper, breathing into the concrete, as your range of motion was limited. Eye contact was out of the question.

“Are you okay?” you hissed, Sam nodding, his movement translating to your body, pressed against each other as you were. You turned your face, gaining a slice of vision into the hall, iron bars protruding from the broken concrete around the ceiling, your eyes shifting along the passageway, your gaze locking on what appeared to be metal, the material rusted over from lack of use or management, bolts riveted into the edge. You inched closer to the light with very little success, craning your neck as you scoped out the area, your position unfortunately prohibiting you from seeing much more of the picture. You sighed, squirming as you attempted to rotate yourself, Sam’s grip releasing your wrist, his hands pressing against his portion of the wall, your struggles proving in vain. One muted groan of exasperation later, you found enough voice to vocalize your intentions, twisting your hips as you tried for a better angle, anything to increase your expanse of sight. “Sam, I think I can see a door. We might be able to hid-” you began, your voice trailing off at the muffled grunt behind you, Sam’s chest going rigid before deflating, his breath blowing over your scalp. Your first instinct was to assume he had been injured, or that you movement was cutting off his airways… all thoughts fading to a single explanation as you felt something prod against your tailbone, your body locking up, eyes opening wide in the darkness, your jaw going slack as you connected the uncomfortable dots; Sam Winchester had a boner pressed against your back. You made a little sound of shock, a half-gurgle, half strangled shriek, somehow reminding yourself to keep your volume level low so as not to attract the attention of your hairy friend, Sam’s head leaning back to smack against the concrete. You began to shift away from him, your cheeks blazing scarlet in the darkness, the shadow your only savior from the blatant display of colour, Sam’s teeth grinding audibly.

“Y/n, you, uh… you have to st-stop moving.” he whispered, his voice gravelly both from humiliation as well as, well… the obvious reason. You froze, your hands stiff at your sides, his breath slowing at the lack of friction. This scenario would have been your worst nightmare, were you to be indifferent towards the man struggling to control his primal instincts behind you, but the raging smear of red across your cheekbones also derived from excitement. Sure, the awkward discomfort was still potent enough to knock you out cold, were you to inject it into your vein, but you couldn’t help but notice the squealing in the back of your head. Trying once more for freedom, you shifted your hips, inching toward the hall, Sam’s hands snapping to your hips, holding you in place before falling slack, his mumbled apology flowing quickly, hoping to distract from the agitated whimpering of your name. Holy Hell, he wanted you. You spent the next fifteen seconds battling with yourself, internal debate silenced by the hunter’s own movement towards the exit, his erection pressing against the bottom of your spine. He sucked in through his nose, a sharper breath than before, at the contact, your brain rewiring itself to eliminate any lack of confidence… you rolled your hips backwards, the hunter grunting in surprise. “What… what are you doing?” he mumbled through gritted teeth, your body alight with sparks. In response, you shifted your weight, leaning back against his hardness, his hands clutching at your waist, breathing a warning, tagged to the last syllable of your name, his moan stifled by a bitten lip, or so you assumed. You ground your hips back once more before Sam shoved his way to the hallway, an effort that took a full minutes, reaching back into the crevice for you, dragging you along to the door you had spotted, heaving the metal against the hinges, leading you inside before he gingerly closed the door, his hands gravitating to your body in a… less gentle fashion.

His lips were pressing into your neck, fingers tearing at your buttons as he sloppily pushed each plastic circle through the fabric loop, your pulse wild once more, your own hands roaming over his chest, peeling his jacket from his shoulders as his mouth sucked splotches into your skin, moving closer to your lips. Through the haze of his kissing, the falling of clothing to the grimy cellar floor, and the rush of his hands trailing over your body, you hardly noticed your hand tracing down to his exposed hardness, your mind snapping back to reality as you stroked along his length, his face nuzzling into your collar, his eyes screwing shut as his hands tightened on your torso, swinging you around, your back colliding with the wall, his hands ravaging your sides, ghosting along beneath your breasts as you moved yourself along him, his teeth nipping at your earlobe before crushing his lips to yours, his rough hands guiding your legs around his waist before ducking between his legs to position himself over your folds, thumb working down your slit before rocking forward into you, your head tipping backwards as he thrust again, his hands gliding over your breasts. His breath was ragged in your ear, his lips swallowing your every moan, your fingers tangling in his overgrown hair as his motions heightened your pleasure, the coil within your stomach tightening with each jerk of his hips. He swore into your neck, his breath lapping fire against your already feverish skin, biting down on your lip to prevent yourself from making to much noise, Sam’s pace quickening as you both drew nearer to your release. He sunk to the floor, hands ensuring your legs remained securely behind his back before twisting your body away from the wall, pressing you into the floor, his abdomen clenching against yours as he slowed his thrusts, concentrating his strength into his last moments of carnal contact, hazel eyes blooming with lust as he came, fingers massaging your clit, his unraveling soon sparking your own, your neck craning as your mind went blank. Your breathing slowed with his, his lips pressing sloppy, damp kisses to your flesh, your fingers sliding from his skin, heart pumping excitedly in your chest.

If this was the product of your teamwork, you doubted you would ever hunt without Sam again.

Head Games  (Pietro Maximoff x reader)

Request:  Can you do something where Pietro and the reader are in a playful friendly relationship, but it isn’t until Pietro begs Wanda to play a mind game on the reader, to make her fall in love with him, and the reader doesn’t find out until a few days later, and the team is really suspicious because the reader just wanted to be friends with Pietro. By the way, I really really like your blog!

Here you go, love!  Hope it turned out okay!!  

“Stop, stop!  Piet, stop!”  Your laughter filled the gym as Pietro pinned you to the mat and dug his fingers into your sides, tickling you unrelentingly.  “We’re supposed to be training for the mission tomorrow!  We don’t have time for this!”

His hands stopped and you tried to catch your breath, pushing his chest with both hands to finally escape from his grasp.  He pouted playfully as you pushed him to the side.

“What’s wrong with having some fun while we work?  You have become far too serious, (Y/N).”  Pietro stood, wiping the sweat from his brow with the end of his shirt, exposing his muscular abdomen.

“Oh my god, stop flexing. You know that doesn’t impress me.” Proving your point, you lifted the bottom of your shirt too, pointing at your equally defined muscles with a smirk. “I’ve got ‘em too, hot shot.”

He swallowed hard, his eyes fixed on you.  Running his fingers thru his disheveled, silver hair, he cleared his throat and hurried to grab his gear.  “Yes, you certainly do, (Y/N).”  Before you could reply, he had made his way to the exit, mumbling as he left.  “I have to go.”


Pietro charged into his room, pitching his bag into the wall and spilling its contents across the floor. Whenever he felt angry or frustrated, his first instinct was to run, to burn off the emotions that plagued him. He had left you in the gym, so he couldn’t go there, and running thru the New York streets was frowned upon by Steve. Sprinting from one side of his room to the other and back again barely fed his need to move, but it was his only option at the moment.  Having his fill of the cramped quarters and needing more freedom for speed, he ran thru the halls of the tower until he found his sister, resting in the library.

It was hard for him to disturb her, but he knew that she had already sensed his arrival.  As he stood quietly in the doorway, she slowly closed her book and looked up at him.  

“Sister, I think I need your help.”

“Yes.  Do you have anything new that I might not already know?”

“You know,” he laughed, “you aren’t so smart.  You think you know it all, but there are things that I have yet to share.”

Wanda scoffed at this, standing to face him.  “Your feelings for (Y/N) have become too strong for you to handle on your own. You love her, but she doesn’t reciprocate.  You have been friends for a long time, and want to be more, but at the same time you are scared to ruin your friendship and push her away.  You would be left with nothing at all.”  She moved closer to him, placing a hand on his cheek.  “Did I miss anything?”

“Yes.”  Pietro pulled her hand away from his face, instead holding it in both of his.  “How you are going to help make her love me, my darling sister.”


Pietro moved his hands up your back and into your hair, weaving it around his fingers, pulling your head back so he could hungrily kiss your neck. Pressing his firm body against yours, he held you to the wall, an animalistic growl from his throat as his lips desperately connected with yours.  He reached down to grab your hands, pulled them up over your head and frantically removed your shirt.  You trembled as his mouth traced its way over your skin, moving down your body—

“What the hell?!”  You shot up in bed, startled awake by your dream. Putting your hand to your chest, you felt your heart pounding, and your shirt was wet with sweat.  

Stumbling thru the darkness of your room, you managed to find your pajama pants, hastily throwing them on.  You didn’t know where you were going, but you were awake now; the clock read only 3am, and there was no way to get back to sleep now.  Your mind was stuck in the space between dream and reality, hazy and groggy.  You made your way to your door, opening it to a dimly lit hallway, silence filling the tower.

Good.  Everyone’s asleep.  

Quietly shuffling your feet along the hall, you made your way to Pietro’s door.  You had to see him, hoping it would clear your head and snap you back into reality.  Gently knocking on the door, you hoped it was enough to wake him, but at the same time you hoped that he hadn’t heard you.  You weren’t even sure what this visit would do for you.  Something inside you had brought you here.  

This is a bad idea.  I’m just going to go back.  Yeah, bad idea.  

As you turned to return to your own room, the door cracked open.   Pietro’s silver hair glowed with the moonlight from the windows behind him, giving him an almost angelic glow.  His eyes were sleepy, but livened once he saw you, then quickly changed to concern as he realized the time of day.

“(Y/N), what’s wrong?”

Your heart began to race again; the same familiar feeling from your dream.  You could feel your knees weaken and nerves build in your stomach. He was the most beautiful as you had ever seen him.  Rushing forward, you grabbed his face and pulled him to you, urgently kissing him and fulfilling a need to touch him.  

As his arms wrapped tightly around your waist, you pushed him back into the room, kicking the door closed behind you.


“Hey, Maximoff! You’re late!  We need to move out.  Have you seen (Y/N)?”  Steve was knocking on the door as he spoke, and the realization of his voice nearby thrust you from sleep.  

“Shit!”  You shook Pietro’s arm, trying to wake him.  Trying to keep your voice low, you whispered just enough so that the Captain wouldn’t hear you.  “Piet, wake up!  We need to go!”

Once his mind caught up to what was happening, he jumped from the bed and threw on whatever clothes were nearby.  “I’m sorry, Captain!  I will be right there!  I overslept, but I will be on my way in one minute!”  When he was done, he grabbed you and planted a passionate kiss on your lips, then scooped you up and ran to your room.  Steve was none the wiser, not seeing him speed by.  

“Hurry, my love.  Get dressed and meet us in the hangar.  I will tell them you are on the way.”  With one more kiss, he left you to prepare. Throwing on your uniform as quickly as you could, you grabbed your gear and ran for the jet.

Slightly out of breath, you landed in your seat and secured your safety harness.  “Sorry guys, I overslept.  Won’t happen again.”

“Seems to be a common problem today.”  Steve closed the door and took his own seat, giving Clint the signal to take off. “Maybe a new alarm clock is in order?”

“Yes, sir.”


The mission was bumpy, with a few injuries, but overall a success.  Upon return to the tower, you could finally find time with Pietro again, after your abrupt separation that morning.  The team had gathered in the common room, relaxing after the long day, enjoying a few drinks and a movie before calling it a night.  

“Scoot.”  You tapped Pietro on the knee so that he would make room for you on the couch, but instead he grabbed you and pulled you onto his lap. It startled you for a moment, but you laughed and gently kissed him, forgetting that the entire team was right behind you.

“Ahem.”  Tony interrupted you, bringing you back into the moment.  “When did this start, can I ask?  And why did no one tell me?”

You groaned as you squeezed your eyes shut, not wanting to discuss this in front of everyone. Pietro took a deep breath and squeezed your hand.  “Last night.”

Steve smirked at his realization that this was why you were both late to the jet.

Oh, no.  Oh, no you didn’t just say that.  A few whistles and comments came from the group, turning your face red.  You couldn’t believe that Pietro was so casual about telling them, especially since it hadn’t been even a full day yet.  

“Wait, wait, wait.” Tony stood, shaking his hands in front of him.  “I’m confused.”

“That’s a new one.” Bruce mumbled under his breath.

“(Y/N), you’ve always been vocal about relationships within the team.  Something about affecting teamwork, friendship, blah, blah, blah.” His arms were now folded, looking to you for clarification.  “What happened to all that?  Pheromones get in the way?”  

Your thoughts suddenly became cloudy as Tony’s words played and replayed in your head.  They felt true.  It had been only a day, and you had never thought of him this way before.  Before that dream, he was one of your closest friends, and you would never consider crossing that line as teammates.  It now seemed out of character for you to suddenly make such a shift in your feelings for him, after only one dream.  He sure went along with your new approach to him rather quickly, never even questioning it.  Come to think of it, he was looking at you strangely after the gym yesterday.  Isn’t that a strange coincidence?  

Pietro was looking at you intensely, trying to keep you focused on him.  You stood and stepped back , your expression filled with hurt and confusion.      

“What did you do?”


“This is unforgivable! This is a violation, Pietro!  How could you possibly think that this is ok?”

“I’m sorry, (Y/N), I’m so sorry!  I only wanted to be with you because I love you.  I’ve loved you for so long.”  He took a step towards you, his hands out in front of him.

“That doesn’t make it okay to play with people’s minds!  I can’t believe Wanda would help you with this!  You had her plant that dream in my head!”  Your hand shot up and slapped him swiftly across his face.  He didn’t startle or attempt to stop it.  “I can never trust you again, Piet.  I just can’t.”

“Oh, damn.”  Tony cringed as he saw your hand connect.  The team was sitting silently as they watched you fight with Pietro in the lab.  “She’s really pissed.”

“Guys, I don’t think we should watch this.”  Steve said.

“Yeah, you’re right.” Tony said, but kept his eyes on you. “But that’s never stopped us before.”

Pietro stood motionless as you stormed from the room and towards the bar.  No one spoke as you grabbed a bottle of wine and an opener. Popping the cork and throwing it carelessly to the side, you took a long drink from the bottle and coughed a bit at the burning sensation down your throat.  Glancing back at the group, you walked towards the elevator, heading to your room to be alone.

“Show’s over, kids.”

Part 2

Title: Unexpected
Prompt: “You’re drunk” - NaruHina Month Day 20
Words: 1742

A/N: This was so much fun to write :3 It’s also not as fluffy as the others and I tried to make it at least a little bit funny. I apologize for errors, it takes a little to get used to writing in english. I don’t know if it’s any good but I still hope you enjoy reading it. Happy 20th NaruHina Day!

[other entries]

“You’re drunk!“ Naruto had one arm around the shoulder of his wife and tried to support her while he pressed her against his chest. Her head rested contently against him and she mumbled something incomprehensible in his jacket. 
She seesawed a little bit and watching her for even just a short time made him dizzy.
He had been surprised to see her like this, since drinking alcohol had never been something she really desired to do.

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Imagine #11 Aiden [Personal for allfeckingfandoms]

The pungent aroma of coffee beans wafted throughout the air in the subtly lit coffeehouse; the appetizing sweetness of banana devouring the taste buds of your tongue. Isaac’s deep voice rambled about the flourishing infatuation between him and Allison Argent; despite the numerous warnings on treading the fine line between friendship and romance he just refused to accept the advice. He’s going to end up having to choose between his friendship with Scott and the ‘romance’ with Allison; no matter how many times Scott put on a poker face, he’d never admit that it wasn’t okay. He was too nice. “Isaac, no offense.” You mumbled, shifting in the cherry stained wooden chair, nimble fingers picking at the banana nut muffin. “But you can’t complain about a situation you’re putting yourself in.”

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