Kenichi Mightiest Disciple Training | Tough Like The Toonz: EP 20

New video for those who happen to give a F*ck
Kenichi Shirahama

Pathetic scrawny Boy 

to LEGENDARY MARTIAL ARTIST! The Mightiest Disciple of Ryozanpaku’s Dojo. 

Today’s Training will help you get a NICE LEAN MUSCUALR and CONDITIONED Body like Kenichi developed from training with these Brutal Masters.


anonymous asked:

Pride Pair and Lust Pair HeadCanons: When their Eve is going though puberty? (Asking where babies come form, questioning sexuality,etc?

Oh my, the dreaded question.  Are Lily and Hugh ready?  (probably not):

Pride Pair

  • Hugh is very through in all of his explanations and answers to Tetsu’s questions; he’s armed with diagrams and everything.
  • He doesn’t lie to Tetsu at all.  If Tetsu’s gonna ask, he’s gonna get the full explanation.  Hugh has no shame.  It’s just biology, after all.
  • Hugh’s supportive of whatever sexuality Tetsu thinks he may be, not that he’s put a lot of thought into it.  Romance isn’t high up on his list, still being in middle school and all that.
  • Tetsu’s already so muscualr and well built, that puberty just enhances this for him.  Hugh is lowkey jealous of how big and strong his Eve is, but also proud of the young man he is.
  • It’s hard to say who’s more surprised when Tetsu’s voice cracks for the first time; thankfully, Tetsu isn’t overly sensitive, so he’s able to shrug it off quickly enough while Hugh is mildly amused over it all.

Lust Pair

  • Lily’s torn: on the one hand, he wants to keep Misono innocent and pure for as long as possible and, on the other, he wants his Eve to be as well educated as possible.
  • He explains that males tend to go through a growth spurt when they hit puberty, and Misono just.  He gets so excited.
  • Misono gets whacked by the acne stick pretty hard, and he’s so embarrassed by it.  Lily is the supportive mom he is deep down, and assures his Eve that this is only natural and that everyone goes though it.  He’s also ready with the cover-up and foundation, for which Misono is very grateful.
  • Lily is probably the type of person to break out the puppets and play out the “When a boy and a girl love each very much…” schtick, and Misono just is so unprepared.
  • Lily is always available if Misono needs to talk or to vent or whatever; he’s like the best listener in the world, and always has solid advice or comforting words for his Eve.