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Hey. I'm an overweight trans guy and I feel like because of my size and my trans status I'll never find someone who wants to date me. I also feel like I don't fit into the community because all of the trans guys I see are skinny and fit. But my biggest worry is that my weight may effect whether or not I'll be eligible for top surgery. Do you guys have any advice?

Same as the last ask, being trans, or bigger, does not mean you are ‘undateable’. There will be plenty of people who will. Just because skinny and/or muscly trans guys are a stereotypical norm does not mean that is the only way to look or that you must look that way to be one of them. They are probably more likely to post pictures of themselves because they are happier with how they look. If someone is uncomfortable or self conscious of how they look they are less likely to post images, therefore you see more and more of the same sort of looking people and less representation of others. If you’re trans you’re trans regardless of what you look like. I dont fit that ‘norm’ either. At my first surgery consultation my BMI was 37. I had to get it below 30 before they would operate. It took a few years and a lot of work but that was my driving force. I still have a long way to go so do not fit that image. That doesnt exclude me from anything though, I am the same as them whether I look identical or not. Same as cis people we come in all shapes and sizes. None are less valid than another

In terms of surgery, it can depend on the surgeon. If you are in the US as far as Im aware most will operate under informed consent so it shouldnt matter and shouldnt be a barrier. Maybe unless it was an extremely high BMI to the point surgery would have greatly increased risks due to having to use more anaesthesia but I’ve seen plenty bigger trans guys undergo surgery with no problems. Here it varies a bit by surgeon, a few dont have any limit while others have a strict limit and wont operate until you are on or below it. It does depend on the surgeon but in general its not really a barrier. Its always worth trying to lose what you can though if you are able to. It can help to prevent against dog ears as well

Teacher: Okay class. Write an essay about your favorite superhero.
  • me: *raises hand*
  • Teacher: Yes?
  • me: Can it be someone who doesn't have powers or a costume?
  • Teacher: Yes, it's okay.
  • Teacher's brain: She must be thinking of her relatives.
  • my brain: Loud cursing, Irishman. A muscly idiot. 2 guys with emo hairs. A blond diva but is a boy and has a girlfriend. 2 dads with more than 1 kid. Bunch of other older men who plays games for a living.
Sarah's gym adventures #72651826

So today in the gym I saw a very muscly guy watch a YouTube video of an exercise before doing it and suddenly I felt a lil better about being a complete noob in the gym

I imagine grown up Neville to built like a body builder. No, hear me out. So imagine there’s a muggleborn kid in Gryffindor, and they’re looking up at the teacher’s table, and they see this huge, imposing, muscly guy with burn scars and a confident smile talking to the headmistress. Then they turn to one of the older years, figuring this must be their defense teacher, and they’re like, “No, mate, that’s Professor Longbottom, he teaches Herbology. Real softy, he is. Has bluebells on his desk and everything. He’s our Head of House by the way.” And the kid is just flabbergasted, because this intimidating man is a plant nerd, a plant nerd with flowers that mean kindness on his desk. (By the way, Alice also means kind, so I’m going to try not to think about that.)

ok but team sports contribute nothing to society why watch a bunch of muscly sweaty guys attack each other when you can watch this dude on 5ft long sticks do like three flips above an icy slope like…

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9, 12, 17 for ur favorite character c:

But they’re all my favourite!!!!

9) Would they ever use magic to gain love? 

Margo (human eldritch knight) absolutely would not. She’d consider it a betrayal of trust. And also wonder why you’d want fake love anyway?

Ava (halfling jester bard) definitely would. She’s do absolutely anything for love, and to gain the attention of the one she loves. She might feel guilty about it later though.

Bigbird (ridiculous kenku cleric) doesn’t care much for love, aside from the love of her goddess. She’d absolutely use magic to acquire gifts and physical affection though. Bitch is greedy. 

12) Do they have a type

Margo is literally 18 and knows jack shit about herself in that respect. Probably stereotypical hot muscly guys and sly women. She’s gone on some dates with some beautiful hot oiled up dudes that the party rescued from a succubus one time and found it generally a fun experience. 

Ava is into Queens. One queen in particular. So beautiful, benevolent, elegant women with lots of power and respect. Also they’ve gotta be taller than her, but she’s a halfling so it ain’t hard

Bigbird is into people who wear shiny things. 

17) How do they dress? 

Margo takes comfort and function over style any day. Loose trousers, red tunic. Everything has pockets. 

Ava wears jester clothes wherever she goes. Her hat is constantly jingling.

Bigbird has like a priest outfit thingy that she barely ever takes off. She also wears anything shiny she comes across

Number One

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Jungkook was tense, running on adrenaline. His muscles ached, groaned as he jogged through the dark streets to your apartment. He stood at your door, unsure if he should knock, it was late but the shaking in his knees decided for him. After three strong raps on the door, you answered, surprised to see a sweaty, panting Jungkook practically falling into you with a huge smile on his face.

“I take it you did well?” you smiled, wrapping your arms around his broad back. Jungkook was jumping slightly, clearly excited but it made it awkward to hold onto him. You pulled back and he beamed at you as you let him into your apartment.

“Number 1 men’s track and field!” he giggled, jumping on the spot. How could such a tall, muscly guy be such an adorable like bun?

“That’s so great!” you grinned, jumping with him until you focused on his features. His eyes were tired, hands shaking, sweaty. Had he rested yet? Your eyes grazed over his clothes, still in his running shoes and athletic skins.
Damn, you thought, he is probably jumping because he can’t calm down. You sighed, he was such an idiot, and he should’ve rested his muscles before coming here. You left Jungkook alone for a moment, walking into your kitchen to fill up a rather large water bottle. You made your way back to him, and he smiled brightly at you again but you saw the tiredness in his eyes.

“Come here you idiot,” you grabbed his hand, pulling him through your apartment and into your bathroom.

“What are we doing?” he asked as you handed him the water bottle and turned on the faucet to fill the tub.

“You’re,” you emphasised, “Going to take a bath and relax for a minute while I make you something to eat,”

“You’re not going to join me?” he frowned.

“No, you need to calm down,” you unzipped his jacket, pushing the sweaty material from his shoulders, “dear god stop jumping,”

You quickly helped Jungkook out of his clothes, throwing him in the shower for a second to rinse off the sweat before pushing him down into the tub. He grabbed your wrist as you turned to walk away.

“Join me?” he asked.

“Jungkook no you-”

“Please?” he cut you off, finally starting to slow down, “Just for a moment?”

“Fine,” you sighed, quickly stripping off your pyjamas, “but sit forward; I’ll massage your shoulders,”

You steadied yourself on Jungkook’s back as you slid in behind him and he leant into your touch as you rubbed his broad shoulders. The two of you were silent, and Jungkook leant his head back to rest against your chest, your legs tangled together at the end of the tub. You felt his breath even out and you peaked over to see he had fallen asleep and you were glad, but he was heavy against your chest. Trying to be quiet and move him as little as possible, which was easy because he could sleep through anything, you wrapped yourself in a towel before walking into the kitchen to make some tea. You didn’t make it very far before strong arms wrapped around your waist.

“Don’t leave,”

You didn’t need to turn around to know that he was pouting. Before you could say anything he was pulling you back to the bathroom, he tossed your towel to the side and slipped back into the tub, holding your hand as he guided you in to sit in front of his this time. Your back was pressed to his chest with his arms around your waist and you enjoyed the closeness. He let out a long, hot breath against your neck as he trailed his hands over your tummy, waist, thighs.

“J-Jungkook,” you gasped, “no, relaxing time,”

“This is relaxing,” his voice was soft in your ear and you arched you back as he pressed two fingers to your clit, not moving them just holding them there so long that you’d worried he’d fallen asleep again.

“Jungkook,” you moaned, “please,” your breath was ragged in comparison to his even breath in your ear.

“What do you want, baby?” he spun you around in the tub so you were straddling his hips and he pressed his lips to yours. The hand he had placed on your waist moved south as you gasped into his mouth, giving him the opportunity to wind his tongue around yours. He easily slid two fingers into you, curling them, moving them in a way that had you moaning in frustration.

“I want you to fuck me,”

“I thought you’d never ask,” he pulled his fingers away, groaning as he slipped the head of his cock inside of you. You placed your hands on his shoulders as you sank down on is, a low moan emitting from Jungkook as he stared at himself entering you.

“Do you feel that? Do you feel how hard you make me?”

“Fuck Jungkook, you feel so good,” you rolled your hips, adjusting to the size, “It feels so good to have your thick cock inside of me,”

Water splashed over the side of the tub as you lifted his hips until only the tip of his cock was inside you and slammed yourself back down, rapidly bouncing up and down on his length. He gripped your hips, thrusting up into you hard, rolling his hips so your clit rubbed against him. You pressed your head into the crook of his neck, unable to control the high-pitched moans of pleasure erupting from your mouth.

“Oppa,” you whimpered, biting down on his neck as he hit deep inside of you. Jungkook growled, speeding up his thrusts and your thighs began to tremble,“I’m close,” and judging by the way Jungkook’s thrusts were losing their rhythm, he was close too. You crashed your mouth to his is a sloppy kiss as he reached down to pinch your clit, sending you over the edge. You screamed his name as your pussy clenched around his length as you came. Jungkook pumped himself in you a few more times before pulling out and coming in the water between your chests and you fell against him, breathing hard.

“That’s not fair,” you pouted, “I just wanted you to relax,”

“And I did,” he smiled tiredly at you. You rolled your eyes, standing and reaching for you towel once again, legs weak.

“Get up,” your ordered softly, “you can’t sit in that water its gross,”

Jungkook pouted and you narrowed your eyes.

“You’re too sore, aren’t you?”  

Sexual Tension: Fitzsimmons Style

So a lot of our shippertrash excitement over Fitzsimmons comes from the real stuff - the sacrifices and understanding each other (or not) and stuff. A lot of it comes from the cute stuff. We are literally the holy shit they looked at each other fandom.

But the sexual tension isn’t often explored.

Recently, there’ve been gifsets going around of Fitz and Simmons checkin each other out and such. (Yas.) And let’s not forget that time Simmons lost her train of thought because she was staring at Fitz’ dusky pathetic adoring eyes.

imperfectlychaotic‘s awesome tags (I love her tags) about breaking the rules turning them on makes me laugh, but they also made me think:

- Simmons has a well known/widely interpreted preference for conventionally attractive, symmetrical and muscly guys. She’s checked out many an ab and pec in her time on the bus. Part of this is because (or at least seems that way) of the badass heroic image that comes with that. Jemma Simmons doesn’t need a hero, but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t want one.

- Fitz had a lil crush (read: massive pathetic soul crushing crush come on you precious cinnamon roll) on Skye before he realised he was in love with Jemma, or maybe before he even fell. Part of this, I think, is because of Skye’s defiance. Jemma is sweet, but at that point she hadn’t had much chance to be brave or take risks in the same aggressive(ish) way Skye did.

- Fitz is becoming physically stronger, and more willing to take risks. He’s becoming more conventionally brave. And he would save her and protect her, whatever it took, and sometimes he might even get OTT with it, but Simmons would entirely conceivably find that endearing if not straight up sexy. Has she even seen him in combat gear yet? because that is a thing that has to happen.

- When yelling at Simmons about how she dragged him into the field, Fitz is forced to realised that Simmons has been a risk-taker all along. When she hits him with the fire extinguisher and sacrifices herself, he realises that she is just as defiant and strong in her own right. It’s not that he didn’t think she could be these things, it’s that it never occured to him to think of her like that. And that’s only increased as time goes on.

Whether it’s part of their make-up, their own attractions, themselves, or part of being conditioned by society and/or the Academy/SHIELD ethos to heroise those types of people, Fitzsimmons do. They admire those things but they also find them physically attractive.

And they are becoming those things to each other.

On top of the real stuff, and the cute stuff, there’s the sexy stuff.

It’s going to be glorious.