the last time i did a ff was back in december when i hit 1k and here i am in april making my follow forever for 6.5k?! this is so so crazy and to celebrate that, i’d like to thank my mutuals who are listed down below! Give them a follow because i love all of them :)

(i was gonna do a ff for 5k but i put it off and then ka blam i have 6.5k)
(this took me three hours) (again)

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FATRAT - Resp. Distress Acronym

There are a few signs you’ll see when it comes to sever respiratory distress. This is an acronym I use to know what to look for and I will help you by showing what this just might look like to!

F - Flaring (Nasal)

A - Anxiety

T - Tachypnea

R - Retractions

A - Accessory Muscles

T - Tracheal Tugging

These are a few signs of severe respiratory distress. If you have a patient with any of these, you might want to pay attention to them. This means they need help NOW.

One more time the acronym is:

F- flaring nasal

A - anxiety

T - tachypnea

R - retraction

A - accessory muscles

T - tracheal tugging

holy shit, thank you guys so much for 1.5k!! I never thought i’d even get to a ‘k’, and from all the loving messages and asks i get about people saying how much they love my blog, and i like giving back and celebrating my milestones with you guys, cause i love you guys a lot. 

Life gets hard, but being on here even for a half the day makes me smile and interacting with all of you whenever dnp do anything is just a great time and i am so happy to have pals through a couple of dads ahem dudes on Youtube. 

so, for this ff i wanna shout out specifically mutuals i interact with a lot / blogs i thoroughly enjoy seeing on my dash!! don’t take it wrong if you’re not in this, i still love you vv much <333 

mutuals from my gc’s - you guys are all wonderful, beautiful beings and i love you with my whole heart. (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

(blacklist as 1.5ff is you don’t want to see this, you get the gist)

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wow what an awful banner kgjfdc

so i hit 1k followers the other day which is so awesome and i really never thought i’d ever get to this point; i never thought i’d get 5, much less 1000 followers so thank you guys so much fkdfrkd

i’ve met some super nice people on here in the time ive been around and everyone is so lovely that it makes me happy to be part of this community a majority of the time

i wanna give a big shoutout to @singaporeditl before i start tho because she’s been such a lovely friend and is all around so wonderful :( the things we’ve talked about and ranted about the the moodboards we made together make me so happy so thanks for being my friend and i’m so glad we clicked immediately

without further ado, here we go

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yall wtf

guess who used the same banner twice in a row hahaha not me

anyways idk how the shit i hit 1.5k asfasdgsd i have no words other than thank you guys sm!!!

first im gonna shout out all super cool people im in a gc with and people ive chatted with in the past

@ogrelordsnet - @birbhowell @aforeverhome @spacekiddan @emotionanalphil @phanniehtml @intertwned @malonesmemes @galaxyphil @cluelesslester @devilester @dearlylester @pugjumper @lilgaybee @danisnotahobbit @peachykeenlesty @randomleighann @bumbledan

@anxiednpnet (i got messaged i was in as i was making this)- @lestersdog @sharkdan @aestheitcly @fondan @dantea

@bumblebeednp (yall why do we never talk)- @sadboysjumper @lestersdog @pepperminthowell @thisguydan @roseyboys @doddle-phan @sorcererphil @starryhtml @gloaminghowell @dantea @sunkissedlester

@this-is-not-a-forever-home (@caffeine-howell @dodiescupoftea @dorky-hufflepuff @lavenderdodie @nancyelsnerlovesgiraffes @youcouldgoswimminginthoseeyes


@asleepyphilly @amazingaveru @alwaysfob @agastopiaphan @articulatehowell @awoohowell @asoftboye @artistphil @adorablephilly @bookwormgerard @blackparadehowell @blushinlester @bookishlester @colormephan @colorlester @crescendohowell @conventionalbullets @curlyprincedan @chillphann @celestialesters @cuddlesphan @childishphannie @camiilaxo


@downinthememes @dxntasies @dqnhowell @daintyhowell @dogdnp @dangoghs @edgyeggos @eucalyptusdan @furryphil @falloutmaze @fringepov @firstgay @ginassf @galaxydnp @gloomylesterr @garbagedaniel @goddesslester @hazyphil @httpsdaniel @hellointrnet @httpsoftdan @hellcrafts @halcyonhowelll @htmlpinof @https-dan @howellscrunchynuts


@ikki-phan-music-depression @izzzy-dnb @internetfathers @iuminouslester @japhanz @kissdjh @lcssamazingphil @lesterdreams @lolzr @lstcr @litraleehowell @lesterslovebite @little-lester @lynzisnothere @macaronidan @moonbeamphil @musclester @memefuck @nonbinary-lester @nutinof


@pmvstump @phanwhom @phandum @plantpotphil @pityhowell @phaked @pasteldoothowell @philop @philpancakes @phantastic-tay  @philwithlove @singaporeditl @sleeplessphilip @serenehowell @starmadephan @starhowell @softrosehowell @stargazing-lester @starboydan @savagelester @squidyphan @snazzy-lester @saltwaterphil


@twinskeletns @trohmann @trashcandan @thebookofmadison @tooscaredtobeme @valentinephil @vojd @vloggery @wavydanrises @wisehowell @zazzedhtml

if i forgot you please tell me!!

hi!! so i just hit 1.5k which is c r a z y???? it’s barely been any time????? thank u????

i’ve made a lot of lovely friends along the way and i wanna show my appreciation for yall so i did a follow forever! if you’re italicized you’re a gc buddy and i’m not bolding for faves bc you’re all my faves :(

under a cut bc its a long one!!

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i don’t even have words. i made this blog just out of boredom about half a year ago and i never would’ve thought that people would actually care about me and my content here. it feels surreal to imagine a number of people like 800, y'know irl and it truly means the world so thank u all sm for sticking around. i did do a ff when i reached 300 too, but i just rly felt like i wanted to show my gratitude somehow so yeah. enough being sappy so here r some of my favs (my lovly mutuals are bolded):


@aforeverhome 💞 @angelicboylester 💞  @arcticlester  💞 @asleepyphilly 💞 @astronautdan 💞 @birbhowell 💞 @birdphil 💞 @boncasphan 💞  @buttercuplester 💞 @celestialesters 💞 @creamphilled 💞 @crescendohowell 💞 @cringe-attacks 💞 @crisshowell 💞 @dangoghs 💞 @danieldaily 💞 @danisnotoffice 💞 @dannyhowell 💞 @danslester 💞 @dansucc 💞  @dantichrist 💞 @dantlers 💞 @dawniel 💞 @demondannie 💞 @doinganap  


@forgetfullittleguy 💞 @fuckinlester 💞 @furryphil 💞 @gloaminghowell 💞  @glowinghowell 💞 @goincrazyfast 💞 @heckdan 💞 @howellscrunchynuts 💞 @huphilpuffs 💞 @incaseyouart 💞 @just-a-touch-of-phan 💞 @kissmyphan 💞 @lcssamazingphil 💞 @lesterz 💞 @loveablehowell 


@musclester 💞 @okiwillleavenow 💞 @oops-phan 💞 @peachou 💞 @phanarchy 💞 @phantasyprone 💞 @philester 💞 @philipslester 💞 @phillesterdaily 💞 @philslesters 💞 @phiru 💞 @phtl 💞 @phursonas 💞 @pseudophan 💞 @pugjumper 💞 @qanhowell 💞 @ratinof


@sadimples 💞 @serenehowell 💞 @shinyphan 💞 @singaporeditl 💞 @softdan 💞 @starcatcherphan 💞 @sunflowerphilip 💞 @theanomex 💞 @themostfuniveverhad 💞 @useernamesuck 💞 @writerdan 

hey look at this shitty banner that ava made on paint! at least she actually made an attempt to make one this time!!!

so somehow i have 1k followers (and idk why?? i’m literally the uncoolest person to exist asdfhjsdh thankyouguyssomuch

but anyways here is a list of all my lovely mutuals that you should definitely go follow because they’re all quality blogs and i love them with my whole hort :’( <3


@aestheitcly @articulatehowell @awoohowell @asoftboye @artistphil @adorablephilly @agastopiaphan @bookwormgerard @blackparadehowell @blushinlester @bookishlester @bumbledan @blanket-howell @bloomingphil @conventionalbullets @curlyprincedan @chillphann @celestialesters @cuddlesphan @childishphannie @camiilaxo @colormephan @colorlester


@dxntasies @doddle-phan @dantea @danffodils @dqnhowell @dorky-hufflepuff @daintyhowell @dodiescupoftea @dearlylester @dogdnp  @dangoghs @edgyeggos @energeticwarrior @earlgreyphil @eucalyptusdan @falloutmaze @fondan @firstgay @galaxydnp @ginassf @gloaminghowell @gloomylesterr @garbagedaniel @goddesslester


@httpsdaniel @hellointrnet @httpsoftdan @hellcrafts @halcyonhowelll @htmlpinof @https-dan @howellscrunchynuts @ikki-phan-music-depression @iuminouslester @kissdjh @kitten-kiah @lolzr @litraleehowell @lestersdog @lesterslovebite @little-lester @latte-howell @lstcr


@macaronidan @moonbeamphil @musclester @memefuck @nancyelsnerlovesgiraffes @nonbinary-lester @phantastic-tay @philwithlove @phandum @plantpotphil @philpov @pityhowell @phaked @pasteldoothowell @pugjumper @pepperminthowell @pansexualphil @philop @philpancakes @phanwhom @rebranddaniel @roseyboys


@softrosehowell @stylishphil @stefisnothere @stargazing-lester @savagelester @starboydan @squidyphan @snazzy-lester @saltwaterphil @sorcererphil @sunkissedlester @starryhtml @sprjnkles @serenehowell @starmadephan @starhowell @sharkdan @trohmann @trashcandan @thebookofmadison @theamazingpersonwhoisnotonfire @this-is-not-a-forever-home @tooscaredtobeme


@wavydanrises @winedan @wisehowell @youcouldgoswimminginthoseeyes @vloggery @zazzedhtml

thanks again, and please yell at me if i forgot you

Hey guys! I just reached 300 followers which is insane to me (seriously why are you all here) so I’m being basic and doing a follow forever 💛

Shoutout to the lovely phandom net members: @florallylester@sleeplessphilip@macaronidan@princephil@blanket-howell@wintermoonlights@daintyhowell@bumbledan@huilens@twinklelightlester@phanniehtml@blushinlester@lstcr@howlterlove
@philester : yall are so beautiful and amazing

The 420 squad:
@vloggery @suchphanmuchtrash

My irl beans: @obsessivegeek1910 @ugh-middle @time-travelling-professor @wolftogame @voidcastieljacksonpotter

My other mutuals: @adorablephilly @allmyfriendsarephil @celestialesters
@cloudyphilip @clouds-howell @cornspiracy @danandphilandthestars @desperatefrenchwriter @eros-howell @fairy-light-phantasy @fanderfritos @forgetsanity-forgetsalary @golddustphan @herecomesthesunflower (why isnt it tagging you?) @howellingatthestars @howellscrunchynuts @internet-tea-and-love @infernohowell @izadorablog @just-a-huffle-puffle @lasvegasunicorn @latte-howell @liquifiedlester @odetododie @moonbeamphil @musclester @nonbinary-lester @phandom-fandom @phantastic-times @phanicornundertherainbow @probablythinkingofphan @rhapsodichowell @rosegoldan @snow-phan @stars-and-anxiety

Thank you so much! 💛

hey guys ! (pls excuse the shitty banner once again i can’t edit or anything pls show mercy i’m untalented) i just hit 300 and i don’t want to do another ff and be unoriginal so i’m just gonna mention some of the pals and some of the people i wish i was cool enough to be pals with.

the best buds

@angelusautemdomini kate is my v best internet friend and if it wasn’t for tumblr we would never know each other ???? and i lob her a lot, you should give kate a cheeky follow (also she convinced me to get a kettle and i 10/10 recommend a kettle)

@blazing-eyes he’s a v good friend and i’m glad we get to talk every day he’s actually the sweetest??? ily

@galaxylestrr i lob cam a lot, we bond over cereal and music and he’s just overall an amazing and positive person

@hearcomesthesunflower mary is so sweet and will automatically cheer literally anyone up with her niceness! we bond over tea and she’s just one of the nicest people you could ever know, ily!

@clarabears we aren’t able to talk that much but i still lob u and clara is hilarious and quirky and cute and aesthetic,, give her a cheeky follow

the pals

here’s to all my mutuals which i love but never actually have talked to personally other than asks,reblogs, and replies ???

@takeachillphill @cloudyphilip @shutupsam @softrosehowell @yikesimsam @musclester @sleeplessphilip@lesterdreams  @princephil @devilester

m u t u a l s

here’s to the mutuals that i’ve never talked to but still love and appreciate their blog

@smol-beans-world @charmphil @bork-borf-boof-heck @dansblobfish @bookishlester @agastopiaphan @warmdnp @hornedhoodie @demondannie @beautyboyphil @halcyonhowelll @vloggery @dunspirational  @adorablephilly


um these are the mutuals that are probably way 2 cool to be following me but are anyway, thanks and ily

@lstcr @energeticwarrior @dannylwster @boncasphan @macaronidan @rebranddaniel @philop @lala-phan @gaykery (and also @princephil & @devilester what are y’all doing here um)

um anyway thank you all so much and to all my other mutuals that i didn’t have time to mention i made this vv fast

500 follow forever!!!

aaaa thank you guys so much for 500!!! i’ve only had this blog since the beginning of march and just hit 100 four weeks ago! i know its probably cliché to say that i never even thought i’d get 20, but its true lmao, i honestly never even thought i’d get 10. again, thank you all so much! anyways, here we go… :0

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anonymous asked:

What are some good really underrated Dan and Phil blogs? Like maybe one of your followers who you think is underrated?

i’ve included a mixture, most of these blogs post purely dan and phil but some post other stuff as well, they’re all amazing though and i love them entirely!!!

@philester  ♡ @boncasphan  ♡ @devilester  ♡ @lstcr  ♡ @palephantom  ♡ @glitternailshowell  ♡ @rosegolddan  ♡  @writerlester  ♡  @leftsharklester  ♡  @shouldturnt  ♡  @twinklelightlester  ♡  @mwgan  ♡ @sarcrisis  ♡ @phandaya@phanlegs (this blog is my kink) ♡ @daintyhowell@phanielphil@musclester@friendzonedlester ♡ @bloomingphil  ♡ @lestersoup  ♡ @kristines-galaxy-of-blackholes  ♡ @heyamy  ♡ @sarcasticdragoness  ♡ @softlestell  ♡ @glitterdjh  ♡ @queermusicfanatic

riding Peter’s thigh would include

A/N: I know i said i wouldn’t write this but since i’m already going to hell, this won’t change much. This is a small collab between me and @prosiyat. Thank you sunshine, love you :)

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  • being alone in his room cause aunt May has gone to shop
  • you’re there with him to study for your math test
  • random songs on his ipod are playing in the background
  • him just sitting there being the hot cutie that he is
  • and oblivious to the looks that you’re giving him
  • being turned on by how smart (and obsolutely alluring) he is (bc let’s face it, intelligence is the biggest turn on)
  • then  “she makes dirty words sound pretty” by ptv starts to play
  • it starting out as you jokingly giving him a lap dance
  • he’s blushing too much at your terrible lap dance skills
  • mouthing the lyrics to him while he’s sitting there all doe-eyed staring at the way your hips move
  • you kinda grind too low and frot against his thighs a lil accidentally
  • it feels good so you just go for it
  • a small moan escapes his lips
  • “d-doll w-what are y-you doing?”
  • shutting him up by kissing his luscious lips
  • “pete, do you want me to stop?”
  • “god, never, please never stop”
  • peter nervously stammering when he realizes what you’re going for
  • moaning into each others mouths
  • playing with the short hairs on his neck
  • a lot of lip biting
  • his thigh is solid, he has like 0 fat and very little give to his muscles
  • tentative hands on you waist sliding down to grope your butt
  • him encouraging you to go faster
  • “peter i am-
  • “shh don’t talk, just ride”
  • him helping you come with his fingers
  • seeing some precum soaking into his pants 

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🌻 + who I should follow

heck i have lots of people you should follow bc all my mutuals are so gr889
@halcyonhowelll @vloggery (their acc is literally always active which i lov???) @dunspirational @lstcr @cloudyphilip @ethereal-artem @energeticwarrior @danisnotatoaster @boncasphan @musclester @sleeplessphilip @galaxylestrr @lesterdreams @philledwithpuns @devilester @angelusautemdomini @philop @lala-phan @clarabears @princephil @gaykery @smol-beans-world