muscles yay!

And I shall call it: Headless Heda! Lol no but, nice experiment. Thanks for pushing me to pick up drawing again Aus, even though u probs just did it for the prospect of bare abs haha. xD but if this is the product after a 7 year hiatus from drawing then fuck, I’ll fucking take it. Will try to provide a visual for my kickbox fic (that was the idea behind this one), but maybe I’ll have her raise her gloves in front of her face or smth. The paper is now so smudged from fuck ups that Lexa has a perennial beard lol, no matter how I place the face. But! Abs! Muscles! So yay. Hopefully next time it’ll be completely perfect.

Oh and the pencil is a note to self, bc I did myself ZERO favors by drawing this small. Next time: bigger paper and hopefully a fucking face. Would be nice.

Anyway, sharing for the off change other people don’t mind headless Heda either. ^^


I wat to start doing some drabbles because I need something to do which short just to get me into the writing mood. So please choose up to three of the statements and any member from BTS, GOT7, BigBang, Astro, SF9 and Monsta X.

1) “Miss me with that warm shit”

2) “In the immortal words of Mark Tuan, “Why you gotta be like this?””

3) “And muscles on muscles, yay!”

4) “Physical contact is the best”

5) “Can we do it quietly?”

6) “I don’t quite know how to say how I feel”

7) “Why hurt a girl who never hurt you?”

8) “Don’t touch me”

8) “Maybe I came on to strong”

9) “Are you sure you’re okay?”

10) “Please stay”

11) “Why pickles?”

12) “You’ve lost me”

13) “Just turn around”

14) “I may have accidentally brought a dog”

15) “Don’t kill me”

16) “They made me do it”

17) “Don’t call me baby unless you mean it”

18) “Talk me down”

19) “You cause so much pain”

20) “So you just get up and leave!?”

21) “We were just kids when we fell in love”

22) “Am I being spontaneous?”

23) “Just kiss me slow”

24) “Dance with me at midnight”

25) “You’re a bad liar”

26) “You’re not the same person anymore”

27) “You looked so beautiful in that dress”

28) “All I want is her”

29) “I would kill to go back to that night”

30) “I’m in the same place but it looks so different”

31) “You are the human version of the sun”

32) “Happiness must be contagious”

33) “Your smile makes my day”

34) “I would do anything for you”

35) “I love you so much”

36) “No body hurt you like I did and I’m sorry”

37) “You look happier now i’m not with you”

38) “Everything you do is cute”

39) “You’re good at pretending you care”

40) “I knew you’d find someone new but that doesn’t stop the pain”

41) “I’m sorry for everything”

42) “Of all the things I’ve learnt to fear, I’ve learnt fear me the most”

43) “You can’t drink away the pain”

44) “Can we at least stay friends?”

45) “Love always finds away”

46) “Sometimes things don’t always happen how we want them too”

47) “Puppies and kittens are better than you anyday”

48) “Your child wants you”

49) “How did it get stuck to the ceiling?”

50) “Remind me why I married you”

Please request thank you!

-Admin Kira

Don’t assume that I’m always with you
It’s just where my mortal body happens to be

Obligatory art of evil future Danny now that we are in the future. Hurray! Happy Ten Year Anniversary! I remember when Danny Phantom premiered ten years ago. I was actually afraid (don’t laugh) to watch it because I have a fear of ghosts, but I did anyway because I was a big fan of Fairly Oddparents. Glad I did. Probably my most favorite cartoon ever. And I love this evil little a-hole. ♥

  • Older brother: So what do you think is really important in life?
  • Me: Jawlines. Jawlines all the way. I love jawlines. They are a little more important than back muscles so there's that. Yeah. I'd go with jawlines. So sharp they'd cut my finger. Jawlines. Hola.
Washboard Wednesday. Now.

Because the angst-level is pretty freaking high I thought I’d try this new thing. Also, because @dettiot requested an Ab Day. 

Let’s enjoy the delicious fruits of Oliver Queen’s sweaty labors. 

Here is Oliver Queen. He is a serious dude with a big stick. Right now he’s thinking dark thoughts. So are you. 

His muscles are really special, aren’t they? He can’t even resist touching them.

Salmon ladder is a gift to us from a benevolent deity. 

And don’t get me started about that towel. Oh, lucky cloth. 

No matter how dark things may get during the winter finale, think good thoughts. Think happy thoughts. Heck, think impure thoughts. 


You’re welcome. 

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