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Is it okay that i'm wearing 3 sports bras right now??

well i can’t tell everything from behind the screen and i’m not a doc, but what to check on would be 

-are they at least your size if not larger? wearing more than one binding bra has to be done carefully but if even one is too small, that could be dangerous. 

-are you exercising at all? not ok in that case. 

-are you feeling shortness of breath, back pain, sharp pains, tense muscles, lightheadedness? if so please remove one or more layers of sports bras immediately. 

either way i would seriously advise wearing no more than two sports bras for binding. do whatever you need to to make up for what you were using the third bra for- add another bulky layer of clothing, change your posture, do something else that helps to lessen dysphoria/helps with passing, whatever. we can validate you on this blog too if you need it.

this is your own healthcare and so many of us COMPLETELY understand the need to bind, but we want you to be safe- no fainting, no broken ribs, etc! please stay safe and uninjured. 

i hope you’re alright, sending good wishes! 


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How in the holy sweet cheese do you draw Levi's body? He's so small and has a very little waist yet he's muscle and just how? Please bestow upon me how you do it!

OK LISTEN, NONNIE. Levi is a shorty (make sure not to draw his legs too long) but that body of his is definitely packed with a lot of muscle. He’s the same height as me but 12kg heavier and I’m not super skinny or anything…. which means he’s bound to be RIPPED.

Official anime art made shudder in horror more than once tbh, gimme buff Levi and not this scrawny 13-year-old child….. here’s how not to do it fjslghsfjl


Characters: Steve Rogers x Reader

Request: @itsanerdlife​ said she wanted bathtub smut based on that one gifset of clark getting in the bath with lois, and i was happy to deliver <3 (I hope you like it!)

A/N: so this was fun guys…ALSO the nerf gun thing in this is based on a real video i saw but i can’t find it for the life of me and i’m so mad…so if you know where it is i will literally love you forever…that’s all. also sorry this is so late…. :( also (also) pls ignore the awful title i am shit at them

Warnings: nsfw, bathtub smut, nerf guns

Words: 2668

Tags:@yourtropegirl @daybreak96

The front door to your and Steve’s shared apartment slams shut behind you, and you lean against it for a second.  “Fuck,” you curse quietly, pulling the disgustingly uncomfortable shoes off and tossing them into the middle of the floor.  You drop your purse and jacket on the floor, knowing Steve will give you those “eyebrows of disappointment,” but you were honestly too tired to care.  You trudge through the living room, dead on your feet and cursing Stark for being so demanding.  Working with the Avengers was exciting, but God was it hard on your feet.

You finally reach your room, where Steve is sitting against the headboard of your bed, files and papers spread out around him. He glances up at you and smiles. “Hey, Princess.  How was your day?”

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Eight (Daveed Diggs x Reader)

AN: I fucked myself up writing this lmao

Warnings: smut

Request: Anonymous- Are you still doing requests? Cause I would like to request a Daveed Diggs x female reader where it’s the reader’s birthday and he gives her a (sexy) gift? Thanks 😊

Word Count: 2,375


“Good morning,” Daveed murmured, his voice thick with sleep. You groaned quietly and turned your head in his direction, keeping your eyes closed.

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Show Her

A/N: So this is my first Marvel imagine and of course the first had to be Bucky bc who doesn’t love some Bucky. I’m going to warn you right now, it’s probably terrible so shoot me if I don’t do him justice. Okay :) (Credits to gif owners!)

All everybody had been saying for the past few months was ‘show her’ and now the words were repeating in his head among other things non-stop. He cared for her oh so much. Maybe she never noticed how he felt but she did always reciprocate the love he showed. When he couldn’t sleep, or when he just needed advice to ask a girl out that wasn’t her, maybe even when he was insecure and even asked her what to wear the next day because he didn’t know what color looked best on him.

Yep…she was there. For the stupid little things and all the way to cleaning him up when he got home from a mission. Bruised and battered, a split lip or a bloody nose. She’d even patched up a gash on his last living arm, the 'good one’ he called it. The one that made him stand out unlike the rest and the glob of metal for an arm on the opposing side of his body made it harder to go undercover with Steve. Y/N even helped scrape dirt out of the crevices in the monster of an apendage.

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Pairing: EXO Baekhyun X Reader

Genre: Smut, Fluff

Trigger Warning: smut af

Word Count: 1711

A/N lol I was so stressed about my exams I went and cried in my bed. then wrote some smut. That’s how you deal with school problems 

Also sorry it literally took me 9 years to write this


A groan escaped Baekhyun’s lips as he lowered himself into the sofa chair opposite you. You looked up from your phone that sat between your fingers. 

“You alright there?” He landed stiffly in the chair, sighing again once the cushion seemed to wrap around him. 

“I’m so sore…” he grumbled. “We practised endlessly today.”

“Oh dear. They really do work you hard, don’t they?” You mused. Baekhyun shifted slightly in his seat, his eyes crinkling and brows furrowing as he winced at the pain. 

“Ahh, it’s my back.” He looked up at you, his eyes drooping in self sympathy. 

“Do we have any pain killers or something?” you asked, standing up from your seat. “I’ll go and look.” You began to turn away but Baekhyun stopped you. 

“Wait. Maybe you could… possibly…” he began. 


"Give me a massage?” His eyes shone pleadingly and you couldn’t help but agree. 

“Okay. Let’s go to the bedroom then." 

After taking a good couple of minutes for Baekhyun to heave himself out of the couch, he lay down on his front, his chest sinking into the mattress of the double bed.

"Be gentle,” he said, his voice cracking. You chuckled. 

“Don’t worry, I will.” You couldn’t help but smile at his innocence, positioning yourself adjacent to him. You kneeled on the bed next to him, stretching out your knuckles and testing your hands’ flexibility. You placed your hands on the cotton of his t-shirt, gently rubbing circles towards the top of his back. Almost instantly, Baekhyun let out a content sigh. You gradually moved further down his back, continuing the same gentle motion. 

You caught glances at his face, tipped on its side. His eyes were shut, often squeezing together in satisfaction.  

“Jagiii…” he mumbled, reaching for the hem of his t-shirt and pulling it up to expose his skin. You couldn’t help but feel distracted by his voice, his sensual sounds igniting something in the pit of your stomach. You tried to ignore it, assuming he was too tense for what you had in mind. 

He stayed in the same position; you presumed he’d wanted the contact of your hands against his skin. He let out a hiss as your fingers pressed into his back. “Your hands are cold,” he stated. 

“Sorry." You worked your hands over his flexing muscles, pleasing Baekhyun with each movement.

As you continued massaging him, he continued to produce unforgivable moans and groans that you tried desperately to distract yourself from. His lips were parted and his eyebrows were furrowed, as if he were concentrating on something. While you were examining his features, he suddenly turned in your grasp, rolling into his back. His eyes gazed up at you, any sense of tranquillity disappearing as a dangerous and cheeky glint seemed to replace them. He half smiled, a cocky grin playing on his lips. 

"Why don’t we do something we can both get pleasure from?” You mirrored his devilish smile. Taking that as a yes, his arms snaked round your waist as he pulled you atop him. Your lips connected and your long forgotten massage turned into a fiery kiss full of passion and want. 

Baekhyun took control and rolled you both over, so your back was lying pressed against the mattress while he held himself above you.

This time, moans escaped your lips as his hands roamed over your body. At your voice, you felt his crotch harden against you. His fingers crept up your t-shirt, cupping your bra. He smiled and gently pulled it upwards, revealing you only in your bra. His hard stomach pressed against yours as he dipped downwards and connected your lips together again. Both his hands found their way behind your back and unclasped your bra, exposing your chest completely.

His lips moved from yours to wander against your cheek, then your jawline and your neck. All the while, his hands were working at ridding your body from your remaining clothes.

“You feeling better now then?” you murmured, soon followed by a gasp into his hair. He was still sucking at your neck, leaving beautiful marks that claimed you as his own. He held his body up with his hands planted heavily either side of you, locking you into his own personal prison.

“Much better,” he breathed against your neck. You arched your back into his body as one hand came to circle your core. His finger coiled around your clit before entering it inside you. You shivered and pressed your hands into his back, feeling your nails indent small curves into his smooth skin. You melted into his touch, your eyes rolling back and your eyelids fluttering shut in pleasure.

Baekhyun’s lips finished sucking your skin and he began gently nibbling on it. You shuddered in response. You began to feel a line of sweat glistening on your forehead as Baekhyun’s arm movements seemed to go quicker and quicker – now two fingers buried inside you. You moaned and whined out breathlessly, repeating his name like a chant.

You could feel his grin against your skin. His teeth grazed across your collarbones as he cockily smiled at the reaction he’d caught from you. You threw your head back as you were dissolved in pleasure – your first orgasm fast approaching. “Baek… Stop…” you gasped. “I want to cum with you-“ you attempted to stop him, you’d wanted to share your orgasm with him. But he ignored your efforts, his right hand coming to lay gently across your lips.

You moaned into his hand as your high suddenly shook through you – a bold of electricity shattering through your veins. Your heart beat incredibly fast while time seemed to slow down around you. You cried out Baekhyun’s name, your nails pressing deeply into his skin even further. You wondered if you’d left deep marks behind.

As your orgasm finally died down, you were left lying breathless on the sheet. Baekhyun pulled his fingers out of you, bringing them up to your lips and letting you clean them for him. You gazed at him adoringly, sweat glistening all over your body. Your legs unconsciously crossed themselves, protecting your burning heat from over stimulation.

While regaining your stability, your fingers found their way to Baekhyun’s belt and undid the clasp. You pushed them down his thighs, pulling his boxers down with them. As his rock hard member slapped against his muscular torso, you smiled hungrily, arousal making its appearance once again.

You wrapped your fingers around him, stroking a finger over the head and running your hand up and down. You started to pull yourself out from underneath Baekhyun, expecting you both to change positions so that you could pleasure him yourself, but his hands flew to your shoulders, his iron grip keeping you in place.

“No, I want you too much. Now,” he stated huskily. Happy to comply, you felt his arms return to your thighs, pulling them apart again. He positioned his hips readily, his cock pressing lewdly against your entrance. He was further away from you now, instead of lying directly atop you he was half kneeling lower down. He looked carefully at you, eyebrows raised in question. It was one of the sexiest things a man could do – you thought – showing they’re asking for consent. You reached forward, wrapping your hands around his neck and pulling him down to kiss him.

With this movement forwards, he entered you. You moaned simultaneously into one another’s mouths, saliva mixing between the two of you. He started slow, thrusting at a consistent pace until quickly he began to charge into you. His hips moved so suddenly against you that neither of you could commit or concentrate on kissing, your lips just lying parted against each other. They both sung each other’s names.

“Oh my god,” you rasped, his dick brushing against your one spot of pleasure. His eyes clamped tightly shut as he repeatedly hit that same place inside you, your moans only increasing. His skin shone with sweat, drops even occasionally falling onto your skin as he continued to rhythmically slam into you.

His pace was soon so fast it was almost unbearable. At this point, you’d become putty in his hands and you were an item for Baekhyun to fuck. He’d moved his head to bury it in your shoulder, growling against your skin as he pounded into you relentlessly and unforgivingly. One of your hands buried its way into Baekhyun’s hair, holding him closely while his hips rolled against you. You felt his breath against your collarbone, ragged and erratic as you could feel he wasn’t going to last much longer. You couldn’t help but wonder if he was in pain – the movement probably being ten times more intense than the dance moves he’d performed earlier on in the studio.

A pool of fire flickered in your stomach, your second orgasm igniting in your body. Baekhyun’s thrusts never ceased to slow down, although the steadiness began to falter as he had almost caught up with his end. He panted and groaned, almost as if he were annoyed at himself, until he thrust into you with so much force that you ended up coming together – one another’s fluids mixing and combining as one. Stars dotted your vision as your voice was stolen from you; you bathed silently in bliss while he repeated your name over and over as if it were a hymn.

He sighed out in exhaustion and pleasure, jerking and crashing his chest against yours, lying still against you. For a few moments you both lay there, catching your breaths and gasping for air. It took a few minutes for the room to stop spinning and Baekhyun rolled to the side, falling onto the mattress beside you.

You both continued to stare at ceiling above you. Satisfied and spent.

“Well,” Baekhyun began, “that was definitely one way to loosen me up.”


tumblr messed up the quality im smad

i drew them when i was really upset i hope it doesnt show too much lmao

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"I might have had a few shots" "Make me" "Are you wearing my shirt?" "Those things you said yesterday... did you mean them?" Nessian! (Obviously Cass is drunk one) (YouarealsoafantasticwriterandIwishIcouldwritelikeyoudoandImveryjealousandwouldprobablyreadyourshoppinglists)


Alcohol can just go fuck itself in the gutter. So can Cassian, as far as Nesta’s concerned.

He’s sitting next to her at the bar and barely holding his balance. The only thing more plastered than that shit grin all over his face is his blood-alcohol level. Nesta stares flatly at him and groans, forcing herself to look away. It’s too painful otherwise.

“What’s the - hiccup - matter, sweetheart?” At this point, it’s beyond comical, shifting into the absurd. Nesta’s grip on her own beverage tightens.

“You’re drunk,” she says flatly, entirely unimpressed, but it doesn’t seem to register for Cassian who chuckles a bit deliriously.

“I might have had a few shots, yeah,” he grins. “Want one? We can take it,” the words slur as he motions for an annoyed looking bar tender to come over (he doesn’t), “together.”

“No.” And that’s all she offers, her irritation reaching peak levels.

“Why not?”

“You’ve had enough.” And damn this man, even half blind with alcohol, he still knows silence and another filthy smirk will bait Nesta into another snap more than a reply will. Which is exactly what he does. Nesta sighs swiveling on the stool to face him properly. “I think you need to call it, Cass.”

He giggles - giggles. “Heh heh, ‘Cass.’” Nesta’s chest deflates. “Cah-ass. Like my ass. Do you like my ass, Nesta?”

“I’m serious, you need to stop.”

Cassian leans off the stool and Nesta instinctively leans away, his breath alone enough to prompt her body into passing out. She feels it against her face as Cassian comes in close and says in what he certainly thinks is a sexy, alluring move, “Make me.”

“That’s enough.” Cassian is pulled out of Nesta’s face by a pair of mottled hands attached to a not so amused personage. Azriel is scowling by the time he’s got Cassian around to face him. “Shit - how many drinks have you had, man?”

“Too many,” Nesta says.

“Just a few.” Cassian hiccups again, much to Az’s chagrin.

Compared to Cassian, Azriel is a lot more manageable. He’s not exactly lively, but Nesta finds she can tolerate being around him the most out of anyone in the group for the single fact that he lives to get out of people’s way. She really ought to spend more time around him, Nesta sometimes thinks, if she’s going to be throwing in with this lot now that Feyre and Rhys are getting hitched. But for whatever reason, her stupid ass keeps finding itself taking seats next to Cassian night after night and she can’t figure out why.

“It’s late. I’ll take him home,” Az offers.

“He lives an hour away,” Nesta groans, gesturing at Cassian who is no longer paying any attention to either of them.

“My place is closer,” but Nesta notes the slight wince on Az’s face that suggests his flat isn’t that much closer. She sighs.

“I’m a five minute Uber away,” she says. “Just… ugh, help me get him in the car.”

“You sure?”

“No, but get me Rhys before I change my mind. I’m not helping you carry him.”

Azriel chuckles - just barely. And together, they find Rhys and shove Cassian still laughing and grinning his face off into a car and somehow up the stairs into Nesta’s apartment a few miles over. Immediately, he stumbles for the bedroom.

“Oh no you don’t,” Nesta says, shoving him squarely at the couch and onto her clean white cushions. At least she has enough strength to overpower him in that.

Cass tumbles down easily and smiles sweetly getting cozy at once. Azriel and Rhys make sure Nesta’s okay and take off to head back to the rest of their party at the bar. It’s late, past midnight, and the apartment feels dark despite the pale lamp light. Nesta’s tempted to leave it on just to spite Cassian and what’s sure to be a killer headache the following morning, but she clicks it off in the end.

This wasn’t how this night was supposed to go, she thinks, striding for the bathroom to fetch a washcloth and some aspirin. When she reaches the kitchen to snag a glass of water, it’s more at herself than the man in her living room that she mentally curses.

“Here,” she says slamming the pills and the water onto the table. “You can take it yourself. Goodnight.”

She walks away, but a warm touch grabs her wrist holding her put even as the huge frame connected to it remains solid and still nestled on the couch. Nesta registers that she didn’t give him any blankets. She also registers that she hardly cares. Hardly.

It’s a too long while before Cassian still hasn’t said anything and Nesta’s so fed up, so horrified by how shit he’s treated her all night and how much she hates that his hand is on her wrist and that she loves the way it feels and that she wishes he was holding it under any other circumstance than this, that she snaps, “What?!”

Cassian doesn’t register the anger in her voice. He just stares at her, eyes heavy, and releases her hand. “You’re beautiful, when you’re mad, Ness.”

His eyes flutter shut.

Nesta remains still for far too long, her turn to stare. She knows if she leaves to go get that blanket, she’ll never come back. Won’t have the nerve. But the longer she stands, the more idiotic she feels.

“You weren’t supposed to be drunk,” she says, into Cassian. Into the room. Into silence. And then the words don’t stop. “You were supposed to see me turn up at the bar, straighten the lapels of that stupid red velvet suit you insist on wearing, and grin at me like a hellcat. You were supposed to single me out like you always do and talk to me. You were supposed to… listen.” Nesta perches herself on the edge of the couch, brow furrowed. She’s never been so unsure of herself before as she reaches out towards the small curls that have fallen over his face. “I was supposed to tell you I love you.” Her hand falls, stopping just short of touching him. “But you got shit-faced instead.”

Nesta leaves for her room, finding the blankets waiting on her bed, and doesn’t come back.

“Fuck me - it’s bright in here.”

Nesta smirks to herself from where she stands in the kitchen stirring her coffee, listening to Cassian whine from the couch. She take a sip that’s black as night and leans smugly against the door frame. Cassian squints up at her.

“Can’t you turn these damn lights off?“

“Those ‘damn lights’ as you call them,” Nesta replies evenly. “That’s called the sun.” She nods toward the window, the blinds of which she conveniently forgot to shut before going to bed last night, where brilliant rays of sunlight are flooding the room and landing right where Cassian’s head had hit the pillow.

He scowls, but nods his head. And then takes her in and Nesta knows it’s only because his head is pounding that his eyes aren’t as wide as his voice is shocked. “Are you wearing my shirt?!”

Nesta rolls her eyes and takes another sip, the burn of the coffee matching her mood. “You must still be drunk if you think this is your shirt.” Indeed the green blouse looks nothing like the red velvet he still has on. Nesta motions to it and Cassian frowns at himself.

“Oh,” he says, picking at a random button.

Oh indeed. That seems to be her entire reaction to what had happened last night. Just… oh.

“I’ll call you a cab,” she says and doesn’t bother to hide her frustration.

“You’re kicking me out already?” He looks and sounds genuinely… not surprised, but something like hurt. Nesta tries not to let it pull at her as she takes her phone out of her pocket.

“Seems fair to me.”


She cuts him off by walking back to the kitchen, not paying attention to another word he says until his car is waiting downstairs and she’s shoving him out the door.

“Can we talk?” Cassian asks, straightening up his jacket.

“No.” She just wants him gone. She feels stupid for having waited this long. Why didn’t she just let Azriel drag him back across town to his own place last night? That would have been so much easier than early morning cabs and unrequited midnight confessions.

She holds the door open, her movements a bit frenzied now, and pushes his hard muscles through the gap.

“Please. Nesta-”

“What?” And it comes out an utter snap. Cassian’s startled hazel eyes meet hers, so much clearer than they had been when he’d looked at her last night and decided he’d rather drink than deal with her shoving him away for the dozenth time. Maybe this was all her own doing, she muses, and hates herself for that thought too.

“Those things you said yesterday…” Cassian begins softly. Nesta freezes at the drop in Cassian’s timbre, the sincerity in his words, meanwhile her heart is pounding away rapidly in her chest. She’s glad he can’t hear it. Cassian takes a tense breath. “Did you mean them?”

It’s a moment of stumbling through the fog before Nesta finds a reply biting enough to put him off. “I don’t spill secrets to men too hungover to tell the difference between the lamp and a ball of gas and fire in the sky.”

A small tug at the corners of his lips. She forces herself not to look. “I knew it,” he says and Nesta’s pulse cringes because surely - surely - he’d been asleep. Hadn’t heard her say that he was supposed to be with her last night. Hadn’t listened to her say she loved him. Nesta can no longer stand the thought, but the longer her silence lingers in answer, the longer Cassian stares knowingly at her and starts to lean forward, the rogue come back to mock her for being so stupid.

“I knew it,” he says again, this time a whisper. “You do like the red velvet.”

The world crashes. And Nesta is grabbing a fistful of that very same velvet and shoving it backward forcefully into the hallway watching all her secrets go with that arrogant, ignorant smirk of his. Cassian chuckles, thinking it another joke between them. “You’ll never know,” Nesta says before slamming the door.

And truly, she promises herself watching Cassian make for the car from her window above, he never will.

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