What your body does, what it is, is amazing.

In fitness and health, people have this tendency to despise what their body does, or what their body looks like.
We want you to take a minute right here to remember that your body is incredible.
Women and men alike have lots of self confidence issues about how their body looks, or what their body does. It’s important though, that despite all of your perceived negatives, there’s a very specific reason your body does that.
If you are vascular… (read more)

The Fitness Industry, the Health Industry, the Cosmetic Industry — it’s the Happiness Industry.

The other day I was looking through our dash. Now as I scrolled through, I came to a sudden realization. The names of so many people’s blogs on here correlated fitness, or health, or beauty directly to happiness. Like there’s this implication that if you get healthy, or get good looking, that you are going to be happy.

Hate to burst your bubble

But that is not the case. There is plenty of misery to be had for healthy people, long living people, fit people and beautiful people all the same. In fact, if you’re doing fitness and get a great body purely for superficial reasons to get external validation from others about how good you look, we promise you will be miserable. Some of the most miserable people we’ve ever met in our lives looked incredible. Being measured just by your physical attractiveness your whole life is no way to live. If you do this and keep it up because you want to look good for anybody else, let us tell you, you will fail. Even if your body becomes a body people idolize, you will never be happy like that. Good looks and fitness do not just make you happy once you achieve some fantasized goal.

What’s the good news?

An Announcement!

We’ve started a new blog!

From now on, this current blog will be almost purely motivation and awesome pictures to look at. 

Our new blog, BodyBySci will focus on advice, tips, and overall education on muscle building, fitness, health and essentially everything that has to do with your body. There will be a lot of arguing with people giving bad information and there will be a lot of helpful advice. 

And don’t worry! It won’t all be text posts! We’ll be making nice looking pictures for simple tips to follow in your journey. So head over and take a look, then maybe give us a follow or ask some questions!