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Laurent: small yellow kitten thinks of nothing but murder all day

Damen: overly muscled murder puppy king

Nikandros: mom friend not so secretly wondering if it’s time for new friends

Jord: hufflepuff friend continues to try to defend slytherin bff

Charls: dad at teen girl concert just happy to be included

Vannes: lesbian friend getting shit down and staying in her lane

Jokaste: local super villain just trying to get superhero to ask them out

Erasmus: tiny fluffy woodland creature

Lazar: local frat bro surprised that line actually worked

Nicaise: soap opera character on desert island until plot calls for their return

Pallas: sudden burst of confidence not sure the hell it came from either

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  • Damen: *throws a fucking sword at a guy while on horseback and it actually works out*
  • Laurent internally: The program has encountered an unexpected error.
  • Laurent internally: A problem has been detected and Laurent has been shut down to protect it from Damen's nonsense.
  • Laurent internally: Rebooting

A Fine Bromance by Lee Faircloth
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A recent shoot with Diego Barrueco and Chris Millington

Owner of a 1970 Dodge Super Bee since 1979 Dennis Szarzynski has been taking great care of his iconic Mopar and proudly shares its story. Just after he graduated from high school he was introduced to this muscle car and it was love at first sight. With its gorgeous Lemon Twist Yellow paint, beautiful classic styling and snarling 440 six pack under the hood this sharp 1970 Dodge Super Bee will…


I’m so bad at this Tumblr thing 😅! I keep forgetting to post this here! @sam-flash-bashor as The Flash fan art ☇. Featuring current and past Baby-face versions. Digital with photography collage. Had so much fun on this one, and be sure to watch out for a new “cosplay” piece I’m working on, coming out soon of Maude Garrett 👀!

smallbirdboy  asked:

Matt loves to say surprising and horrific things casually and describes human culture to aliens he's in prison with using wording meant to shock them. "Oh yeah we like to take sharp slivers of mental and pierce them into our flesh for a variety of things. Sometimes its to make a hole to hold gems and metals. Some get millions of stabs to inject ink so we can have pictures imbedded into our skin. Its for the purpose of body decorations" And he cackles at the facial expressions of any onlookers

he definitely takes advantage of this more often then he should. then one day, he’s doing the usual shtick, trying to make humans seem more impressive than they really are, when heavily-muscled yellow alien goes “oh yeah? watch this” and stabs a fukcing knife through his own arm. matt may or may not pass out.

he learns a valuable lesson that day…no matter how weird humans may be…there is always a weirder alien.