ALRIGHT SO - to start this off, i want to say sorry. i know i’ve made posts like this before in the past and i’ve still been hella mia, but i really am sorry for the inactivity. sorry for saying i’d have the time to spruce up this blog, and then get sucked back into the black hole that is my rl. i do miss all of you so much and think about you guys all the time. i miss my friends, my talented writing partners, the memories. none of you have been forgotten. that being said, i really do want to get back into writing, but i know i have to be more realistic of the expectations i set. i work 10+ hours a day monday-thursday, and then i’ve been busy and/or out of town most weekends, making it near impossible to have time to log on. not to mention my life has been a complete and utter shitshow that i’m trying to figure out along the way. 

as much as i’d like to keep all of my blogs and try to be active on as many of them as possible, i just know that’s not something i’ll be able to manage at this time. my return is probably going to be a slow process, as i’ll be pretty busy through the end of november, but it is something i’m working on. now here’s the thing - i know i’ll only be able to handle one blog. i’m leaning towards walt ofc but i’m open to trying to different muses/writing as an old muse again. i also think it may be beneficial to me to have some ‘main’ rp partners, as in even if your character is from a different fandom than mine (which is probably the case since the brba fandom is nonexistent rifp) we can work something out where your character is ‘’’’canon’’’’ to mine’s main storyline. i’m also going to be redoing my theme and icons to spice it up a bit. all messages and drafts will be deleted; i would just make a new blog altogether but lazy so this is the closest thing i can think of. if anyone has any other suggestions for charas for me to rp/interested in being mains/anything at all, please do not hesitate to reach out to me. i’ll be heading out of town this afternoon to go to harry potter world for the weekend, but i may have time to get started on revamping this blog or making a new one tonight. thanks for reading this. have an a1 day my dudes

This week has not been good for the sex parts in my fics...

“That’s it. So beautiful and gorgeous. My good boy, that’s it.”

Sherlock shivered, closing his eyes as Greg’s lips explored his neck and chest. He was already panting, hands grabbing the sheets to try and ground himself and they’d only just started.

Greg looked glorious naked, brought shoulders, tanned skin, nipples standing out against the soft, dark brown hairs. Sherlock couldn’t stop looking at him, the way the muscles flexed and twitched with every move Greg made. He was amazing.

Sherlock moaned loudly as Greg scrapped his teeth gently across his right nipple, he arched his back of the bed, knuckles turning white as he kept hold of the sheet. It was perfect torture. He took a deep breath before slowly releasing it. Greg’s hands slid up and down his sides, soothing him and Sherlock nearly wanted to cry. How does he do that?

“Greg. Greg, please.”


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( This is the beginning of the sex scene for the Daddy Sherstrade fic I talked about earlier… Okay… haven’t stopped talking about.)