Currently exploring Cinque Terre - Monterosso, northern Italy!
(mainly sleeping on the beach)
Officially 3 shades darker w/13+ mosquito bites.

I have been DEEPLY missing my crew in Muscle Beach - Santa Monica back in California, but this will have to do 😜

One last thing… €10 massages on the beach, the end.

Too Short To Ride has revealed some really interesting facts about gems and Homeworld that I feel can be used for gemsonas. It’s gotten me really excited!

Firstly, it’s been revealed by Peridot that Homeworld is running out of resources, thus most gems are made shorter and even getting rid of common gem abilities (like shapeshifting). Peridot has also mentioned that she’s an ERA 2 Peridot, meaning she’s a newer gem model. This confirms that there are other, older gem models existing in gem society. (I’ve always had this gem model theory and I’m so happy it’s true!). 

Another key thing to note is that gem heights are indicative of their rarity and importance. This also makes sense since all gems of the same mineral family (like quartz and corundum) are all the same heights. Tallness also doesn’t always mean they’re above smaller gems in terms of rank either (as Pearls are a servant class and Sapphires are aristocrats). 

With this information, I’m sure people can be more flexible with their gemsona designs and don’t automatically have to say they’re defective!