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Just a fun little character game. fill in the below categories with 3-5 things that your character can be identified by. repost & tag away !

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  • 001.  Wrath
  • 002.  Aggressive
  • 003.  Resolute
  • 004.  Longing
  • 005.  Loneliness


  • 001.  Black
  • 002.  Grey
  • 003.  Red
  • 004.  Brown
  • 005.  White


  • 001.  Blood
  • 002.  Sweat
  • 003.  Leather
  • 004.  Gunpowder
  • 005.  Earth and soil


  • 001.  Blood-rusted blades
  • 002.  Well-worn armour
  • 003.  Bloody bandages
  • 004.  Tattered cloak
  • 005.  Campfires


  • 001.  Snarling
  • 002.  Clenched jaw and fists
  • 003.  Muscle tension
  • 004.  Cracking joints
  • 005.  Wrinkled brows


  • 001.  Bruised, wrapped knuckles
  • 002.  Excessive bleeding, scars and burns
  • 003.  Ominous forestry
  • 004.  Whispers in the dark
  • 005.  Sunrise
Quick Tips for Relieving Stress

1. Go for a walk around the block – and even longer if you have the time.

2. Make faces in a mirror to reduce the muscle tension (and the chances are it will make you laugh as well).

3. Stretch – and loosen the muscles in the shoulders, neck and jaw

4. Make a thankfulness list.

5. Find a place to withdraw from everyone. Five minutes on your own can really make a world of difference!

6. Turn off your phone and any message notifications.

7. Switch off the inner critic in your head.

8. Look for humour in the situation.

9. Have a cup of herbal tea.

10. Eat a banana. It increases your levels of potassium (which are depleted in times of stress) and gives an immediate boost in energy.

✜ Nurse Cherry

subtle signs of distress, unprocessed emotion, nerves and exhaustion

aries/moon in aries: headaches, pain behind the eyes, hot flashes, restlessness, the feeling of ‘losing control’

taurus/moon in taurus: sore throat and pain on swallowing, changed appetite, lethargy, withdrawal, saturating sense of tension and cement inside

gemini/moon in gemini: breathing irregularities (quickening, shortness), chest tightness, fluttering heart, nerves

cancer/moon in cancer: stomach cramps and experience mimicking menstrual discomfort, appetite changes, hypersomnia

leo/moon in leo: lower back pain and tightness, hair loss, feeling like ‘their heart is in their mouth’, dependency

virgo/moon in virgo: digestive changes and distress, increased nervous energy, cravings for fresh fruits and vegetables, jaw clenching and muscle tension, easily agitated

libra/moon in libra: lower back aching and the sense of bladder fullness, sleepiness, withdrawal, sugar cravings, feeling like they need a ‘detox’

scorpio/moon in scorpio: pelvic aches and pain, increased compulsions and suspicions, violent mood swings, migraines, irritable bowels and digestion

sagittarius/moon in sagittarius: hip, lower back and thigh pain and soreness, eye pain, inactivity, muscle spasms

capricorn/moon in capricorn: dry, flaky and irritated skin and eyes, joint and bone soreness, jaw tightness and clenching, melancholy, acne

aquarius/moon in aquarius: calf tightness, breathing irregularities and feeling like they ‘can’t catch a breath’ or suddenly stop breathing momentarily, allergies

pisces/pisces moon: hypersomnia, foot cramps and pain, spiritual disengagement, nerves upon waking, destructive addictions/habits


Tarot and Spirits

Doing a tarot reading through channelling a spirit’s intent:

  1. Spread out your deck, in 2-3 rows, preferably on a bed or floor, or some surface you can sit on as well

  2. Get yourself into a meditative and amenable state for spirit communication, make sure your muscles are relaxed/tension gone

  3. Hold the vessel or signifying item of the spirit close to your most active chakra, sense and focus on their energy, let them know you wish them to channel a reading through you

  4. If you have a specific question or a topic for the spirit, let them know the first one and give them a moment to contemplate

  5. Hold the spirit’s vessel in your palm, using the grip of your thumb to keep it lightly perched there

  6. Hold your arm out straight, palm face down, hovering in the center of the center row of cards. About 15-20cm’s above the cards should do.

  7. Relax. Breath. Ground yourself. Let all tension go. Close your eyes.

  8. Let your arm move in the direction it wants to go, be patient

  9. When your hand starts to hover above a certain card, the vessel may or may not vibrate in your hand. When it wants to fall, let it drop naturally. This will be the spirit’s chosen card

  10. If the vessel doesn’t drop, but your hand has stopped moving, that can happen too, let your fingers fall naturally to the card instead

  11. Once a card has been chosen, you can open your eyes, and either look at the card, or continue from the start again with your next question

Some things to keep in mind:

  • Be as specific as possible with your questions when doing a reading with a spirit, to avoid it being interpreted incorrectly or to avoid an answer that is vague or unclear.

  • Don’t ask things like, “what are you feeling?” As the answer to this sort of question can come back to mean a huge variety of things that might not even relate to what the spirit is personally feeling, and might just be what they are witnessing or experiencing from you or their surroundings

  • Make sure to give the spirit time to mull over the question and to actually choose a card to answer it, otherwise risk getting an incomplete or completely invalid reading

  • Keep in mind that when doing a reading with a spirit, often it is a fraction of their thought that is channelled into the card, it may or may not be a direct answer to your question, and is often merely an observation in regards to something related, so make sure to listen to your gut instinct and intuition 

  • Stay away from traditional card meanings as much as possible, and try to intuitively read each card the spirit pulls. They may choose a card for it’s appearance, or some small bit of symbolism that they feel best relates to the message they want to relay to you, which may or may not be visibly relevant to the question you have asked. This is by far the most challenging part, and why I always back up tarot readings with pendulum and astral work

  • Don’t get hung up on the “negative” cards, generally in my work with spirits I find they tend to pull cards of observation and guidance pertaining to you, and less about them personally, and especially if they are a spirit companion, they are very in tune with your emotions and energy and will wish to assist and support you best they can

  • Another thing to note is how highly aware spirits are, above our awareness, they are not privy to the sort of emotional ups and downs that humans are, for the most part. That’s not to say they don’t experience emotions, or strong emotions, just that they are generally more stable and clear headed about things

  • Also it is a good idea to back up the results with another form of spirit communication, to make sure the reading was as valid and true as possible. Sometimes the readings don’t come through true at all, or are weak, or the spirit is new or not fully there to channel the reading 

  • Another word of advice is to do the readings yourself this way if this is a spirit you personally work with, another diviner might not be able to channel their energy as accurately, or even be so welcome to do so

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What do you think of facial massages?

Big, big fan.

First, you always want to start a facial massage with clean skin and hands and use an oil to lubricate everything. I usually do my whole skin care routine up to my serum and the final step is using a facial oil to do the massage and you do the facial massage until the oil has almost completely absorbed. You can use a facial oil like rose hip, jojoba, etc or just use olive oil which is a classic and apparently how people have combated aging for centuries… facial massages and olive oil. I wouldn’t recommend coconut oil because it has a 50/50 chance of breaking you out, if you’re already an avid user then it’s fine!

Facial massages do a few things,

Relieve muscle tension in the face. This is good for headaches and just makes you feel so relaxed. I find after I finish a facial massage my face just feels… loose? Relaxed. Like i’m not subconsciously clenching my jaw muscles or frown muscles. Great for before bed.

Drain the lymph nodes. I do this when i’m congested and it really helps. This also helps slim a bloated face. This helps flush toxins and fluid build up in the face. If you’re congested you’ll actually feel all the nasal build up drain away, gross yet satisfying. 

Anti aging purposes. Facial massages help stimulate collagen, stimulate blood circulation and strengthens muscle memory. Keeps your skin firm, toned and contoured. 

When I first started doing this I watched a bunch of youtube videos about it and watched everyone’s techniques. You can customize this for your face and focus mainly on the forehead if that’s your main concern or on your cheeks if you’re worried about sagging/firmness. There are a bunch of techniques for all different parts of the face.

My favorite videos are here, here and here.

Lastly, always massage up and out. You don’t want to massage downwards because that’s counterproductive for anti aging.

Best of luck, XO!

Rating: Mature / PG-13 through NC-17
TImeline: Season 7
Summary:  Fresh off a particularly brutal case, Mulder tries to finally make good on his promise to take Scully on a nice trip to the forest, only to stumble onto evidence that there may be more to a local urban legend than just rumor and superstition.

A/N: Special thank yous to @kateyes224​ for being the best friend and beta extraordinaire for this beast, @2momsmakearight​ for the non-stop brainstorming, and @gilliansboobs​ for the unwavering support through my late night meltdowns while writing this and the amazing gif and banner.  I couldn’t have done this without you guys xo


Her shoulder muscles screamed at the tension that had twisted into them, the hours of hunching over the paperwork of the case and his profile notes etched out sloppily across lined sheets.  The rolling of her neck did little to pacify the muscles, instead they coiled tighter and burned like fire up to base of her skull.

The keypad above the doorknob beeped twice and flashed a green light as Mulder swiped the card and unlocked the door to their motel room, then stepped aside, allowing her to cross the threshold first.

“I’m exhausted,” she said as she dropped her coat onto the chair.  Neither of them made a move towards the lamp, content in the quiet that the darkness offered.   Instead, he pressed his chest to her back, his arms wrapping around her waist, and a deep sigh reverberated through her signaling to him that her eyes had drifted closed and she was finally allowing herself to relax.  The past few days had gotten to her just as much as him, though she’d never admit that to him.  Always the strong one.  Always ‘fine.’

“I’m sorry you got as wrapped up in this case as you did,” he whispered in her ear, his arms tightened around her.  “As much as I appreciate that you were there, I hate that you had to see me that way.”

She turned in his arms, running her hands up the length of them to the back of his neck, pulling his face close enough so that she could press a kiss to the tip of his nose.

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Stretching Right: The Secret is in the Sarcomeres

Stretching a muscle is not like stretching an elastic band or taffy. When you feel a stretch in your muscle, what you’re feeling is that you have reached the limit of elasticity for that muscle.

A muscle is not one big stretchy thing; it is a chain of several elastic units (sarcomeres) each of which only stretches so much. To get more length and decrease tension in a muscle you need more sarcomeres.

Stretching is what gets your body to produce more sarcomeres…. but only if you do it right.

Tendons attach muscles to bones. Sensors in tendons register tension in a muscle and signal your brain that you need more sarcomeres. 

Here’s how it works:

When you hold a stretch, the sensors in that muscle’s tendons communicate with the command center in your brain. Your brain registers that there is a need for more sarcomeres. In response, the brain’s command center puts out orders to the body’s tissue building mechanism to manufacture and install additional sarcomeres.

Be aware that it takes time for the body to produce sarcomeres. That is why you may feel just as tight when you wake up in the morning even though you stretched the day before. You haven’t had any sarcomeres added yet. Over time, daily stretching will result in longer and less restricted muscles.

If you only stretch now and then, your brain won’t be convinced that you really need more muscle length. To convince your brain that you do, you must put tensions on muscles (stretch) every day. Miss a day and your brain ignores your request and assumes you weren’t serious about needing more links.

Stretching each and every day is more important than holding a stretch for a long time. Studies have shown that holding a stretch for 30 seconds is the ideal time to stimulate the production of more sarcomeres. Less than 30 seconds is comparable to not stretching at all and stretching more than 30 seconds has no greater effect.

Stretching right is easy: Once a day, everyday, for at least 30 seconds. That’s it!

Be aware that this method is applicable only to muscle tissue. Mobilizing joints by lengthening ligaments or loosening a joint capsule is a very different problem. Ligaments are tough, inelastic “straps” that hold joints together and are not intended to stretch. That is why a sudden strong outside force will strain, tear or rupture a ligament  rather than lengthen it.

Releasing ligaments requires sustained tension and possibly taping or hands-on manual therapy by a physical therapist.

Also, it should be noted that there are times when muscles are tight because they are protecting unstable joints.  In that case, you need the expertise of a physical therapist to determine whether or not you should be stretching or if you need to work on joint stabilization.

Ask your doctor for a prescription for physical therapy and find a therapist skilled in manual therapy. 

I meant to add this to the author’s comments, but I’ll post them here now too:

Some strategies to use when having an anxiety attack:

1) Remind yourself that you are having an anxiety attack. Knowledge is power and understanding your body can go a long way…during an anxiety attack your “fight or flight” system is turned on. Remember that your body WILL calm down…~*homeostasis*~

 2) Belly-breathing. Breathe in through your nose, hold your breath, and breathe out through your mouth. Helps to bring down the “fight or flight” response and turn on the ~*MELLOW*~ response…both systems cannot be on at the same time! (for more scientific names, these systems are your sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems).

 3) Muscle tension exercises. Tense muscles around the body and hold it for 5 seconds, then release. Try it with your jaw, your fingers, hand, toes, feet, knee, stomach, etc…has same affect on the body as belly breathing. Also helps if you are having sensory overload, which means your body is taking in too much sensory info…you might crave pressure or the absence of certain stimuli like touch.

 4) Visualization techniques. Imagine yourself somewhere calm and add sensory details. Immerse yourself in this scene. For example, you are at a beach, you can feel the grainy sand crunch beneath your feet. The waves hitting up against the shoreline, coming up, going back down.

 What to do when someone is having an anxiety attack:

1) Remember that what is happening to this person is out of their control. Their muscle spasms, hyperventilating, screaming, repetitive speech, rocking…it is not something they can control and in fact for some people, these can be coping mechanisms. Remember that anxiety is a brain thing.

 2) Use limited language with the person. When anxiety is up, it is hard to process information. Use visual cues and body language to communicate.

 3) Be present for them. A person having anxiety is going to have more anxiety that you are witnessing them having the anxiety…let them know that you are not leaving them and that you do not judge them.

 4) Understand that mental illness in general is complicated…this person is a person and should not be reduced to “being crazy”…because they are NOT crazy. Everyone is different, with different backgrounds and biology: practice empathy and reduce judgement.

Thursday lunch is a bowl full of goodies! Roast sweet potato chips, roast brocolli, zuchinni noodles, green beans, tuna and avocado! Taught 2 classes at southport sharks gym and one at world gym this morning, trained my mum and tested out another recipe for the ebook! Coming soon!!! I’m off to go get a massage in an hour… And I don’t mean a relaxing one, I mean a more painful one using pressure points and other techniques to reduce muscle tension, promote flexibility and prevent injury! Wish me luck! 😂😂😂 hope you’re all having a great day x


Valentine’s Hunt

This year for Valentine’s Day Cas didn’t prepare anything too fancy. Dean’s not a big fan of fancy, after all. So they are just gonna eat whatever dinner Dean cooks, followed by the best pecan pie in town. Then a cuddling session in front of the TV with a movie of Dean’s choice.

Then, at last, there’ll come the gift for Dean from his Valentine. The fragrance of scented oils and the warmth of candlelights filling the room, Cas’s fingers working out the knots in Dean’s muscles, the tension he always carries on his back. Sounds exactly like something Dean could use and appreciate. Hopefully, it won’t turn into a greasy disaster.

Cas took the idea from the internet, one of the many—very many—lists of heartfelt gifts for the one that you love. He even practiced some massaging techniques with videos on YouTube. That paired with his knowledge of human anatomy and specifically of Dean’s anatomy, should be perfectly pleasurable and relaxing for both of them.

And, knowing Dean, it has a potential to turn into something even more pleasurable and relaxing, which Cas is completely okay with.

Cas bought the candles—a whole box of them—and the oils during their case last week, has kept them carefully hidden since. The oils were a tough product to buy; as tiny as the store was, it had a wide choice of scents and Cas had no idea which Dean would enjoy and which he’d despise. He probably should have known that about him by now, but he doesn’t, so he decided to buy as many as he could afford and hope for the best.

Turns out, the purchase was a complete waste of money. And Cas’s plan was a complete waste of hopes for a quiet, romantic afternoon. They don’t even get anywhere near the dinner part; Dean’s not in the kitchen when Cas comes back with the pie, still warm, straight from the bakery. He’s not in the main room, nor the library.

“Try hi— uh, your bedroom,” Sam offers, never taking his eyes off the laptop’s screen.

Cas furrows his brow and turns to the corridor. He knocks the door of their bedroom out of the habit and pushes them open.

Dean’s not there, but on the bed, there’s a different, dark shape. Cas feels for the light switch on the wall and as soon as the room goes bright, he wishes he never lit it in the first place. It’s Cas’s black suit—the nicer one—shirt, and even a blue tie, laid at the feet of their bed. On top of it, there’s a contrasting piece of paper. Cas knows what’s on it before he even lifts it.

Scribbled in Dean’s hasty handwriting, the message goes:

We’ve got a case. Suit up and meet me in the garage. Details on the way.

Cas gives out a loud, frustrated growl and barely stops himself from kicking the bed, as illogical and fruitless as the reaction would be. He’s not even angry about all the preparations that go to waste, or the box filled with fake chocolate, fake roots and other fragrances - those they can use at some other time. He’s not angry about working case on Valentine’s - Dean doesn’t care for the occasion and neither should Cas.

He’s just spent too much time on imagining Dean laying on top of their bed, half-naked, skin glistening with the oils, muscles loosening, one by one, under Cas’s touch, hums of pleasure escaping his lips. How is he supposed to wait even a day longer for that, now?

But that’s the job, isn’t it? Ghost and monsters don’t take breaks for Valentine’s and people keep on dying. Cas shrugs his clothes off and puts on the FBI attire Dean prepared for him and the coat from the back of a chair, throws the last, longing look towards the bed, and runs for the garage.

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Urgent Prayers!

I really need your prayers, I’m in a difficult situation battling with sleepless nights/anxiety/panic attac depression
Muscle tensions emotional pain.. And with my mom’s health against cancer, diabetic, Please pray for her healing I know the Lord will hear our prayers keep her in your prayers please 🙏🏽🙏🏽Godbless you and I Love ya’ll In Christ

Patrick watches Jonny sleep.

It’s the only time that crease erases from the bridge of his nose, his eyelashes gentle against his cheeks and his lips parted and relaxed. He’s always curled up on his side with the blanket tucked across his chest. His bare back rises and falls so softly despite the tension in the muscles, tension that Patrick wants to melt away with his fingertips.

Jonny’s eyes still move when he’s sleeping, darting around ceaselessly as if he’s rewinding and observing plays even in his dreams. Sometimes he mumbles, but Patrick can never make out what he’s saying. He likes to pretend it’s something about him, a good show, Peeks or a pass it to me, motherfucker. It makes Patrick smile, makes him want to thumb across Jonny’s cheek or run his fingers against his scalp.

When Jonny’s hair gets a little long, it’s tight up against his neck in delicate curls, mussed from the pillow. He’s generally still, one leg kicked out from the comforter while the other stays tucked up underneath him. Patrick knows that he wakes up sore sometimes from being in the same position for too long. He wants to reach out and unfurl Jonny’s fingers, straighten out his leg, trace the curve of his hip.

In the dark, Jonny’s face is only illuminated by the stark red of the bedside clock that rests between them. It’s set for dawn, so Jonny can wake up slowly and stretch, get in the shower before Patrick, and study. Patrick rarely sees this Jonny, because he dozes off attempting to match their breathing.

Jonny watches Pat sleep.

The sunlight is kind to him in the morning, peeking in from the blinds Jonny insists on leaving parted. It casts a glow across Pat’s light skin, shadows licking underneath his lips and across the soft definition of his chest. Patrick’s blankets end up at the bottom of the bed, always, rumpled into a little ball.

Patrick is always on his back. Jonny can see the little white indents where the band of his boxers have dug into his hips, and he wishes he could press them away. Pat smiles in his sleep, still and content, and waking up to it gives Jonny the courage to slide out of bed.

Sometimes, in certain hotel rooms, the air is cold and Patrick’s skin is covered in goosebumps. Jonny wants to take the arm that rests heavy across Pat’s stomach and move between it, press himself up against Patrick’s side and feed him warmth.

By the time Patrick wakes up, Jonny is dressed and sitting at the hotel room desk. He glances over his shoulder to watch Patrick rustle, watch him blink the sleep away from his eyes.

“Morning,” Jonny says, instead of everything he’d like to.

“You snored,” Patrick lies, instead of telling the truth.

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Hi!! I was wondering your favorite ways to use essential oils? Thank you lovely💕

Hi there lovely! I use essential oils in a lot of ways! My most common ways are:

✿ I make an essential oil mixture for my face to combat acne and help my skin. 2 tbs rose hip-seed oil, 2 tsp. jojoba oil, 3 drops of cypress oil, 3 drops of germanium oil, and 1 drop of frankincense oil. My roommate and I both put it on at night before we go to bed.

✿ I mix essential oils into salves to rub on my skin (I have a lavender salve that’s my favorite. It reduces anxiety, helps me sleep and relieves muscle tension).

✿ I add a drop into an herbal-water infusion and spray it around the house to cleanse the place. 3 parts water, 1 part olive oil, rosemary, some himalayan salt, and a drop or so lavender oil (for peace) or eucalyptus oil (for healing and emotional balance) or rose geranium oil (for home blessings). It makes the home smell great!

✿ Rose geranium oil is actually one of my favorites. It’s great for new home and new altar blessings; I either burn it or rub it on windowsills and door hinges to protect my home.

✿ I burn them, depending on my purpose and their properties. For instance, I often burn lemon essential oil when I need to focus.

✿ I put a couple drops into a bowl of water if I want to use water to scry.

**Please be mindful of essential oil properties. Some aren’t great to put on your skin or put in the tub (lemon oil comes to mind). Stay safe! But have fun, and enjoy your essential oils!!!

Do I Have Misophonia?

Misophonia affects about 10% of the general population. However, misophonia is drastically different from simply being annoyed at a sound. This is not to say misophonia does not result in very, very strong annoyance from sound; annoyance is not the only symptom. Misophonia elicits a physical response, such as flinching (at its most drastic), muscle tension, and/or increase in heart rate. Misophonia also results in a strong emotional response, such as hatred, anxiety (fear of sound is known as phonophobia and is a related, but separate, disorder), wish to harm the source of the sound, and/or anger. 

See where you rank on the scale below:


Otherkin Meditation

This meditation will help one to connect to past lives and their true self.

           Begin by setting up a conducive environment. Make sure your space is quiet and comfortable, you’ll want the room to be clean. You may wish to light some incense, and put on some relaxing music.

           Sit in a comfortable position. I recommend a straight backed chair. Close your eyes and relax.

If you have a preferred trance induction technique, use it now. My favorite is as follows.

You may wish to record yourself reading the rest of the exercise and play it back as a guided meditation.

“Focus on your breathing, deep slow breaths. In… and out. In… and out. Let your muscles relax, beginning at your toes, moving up into your feet. Each muscle slowly relaxing as you move your attention up into your legs. Muscles relaxing, tension easing away. Into your thighs as you move slowly deeper in a calm, relaxed state. Up into your torso, muscles relaxing, thoughts drifting by. Nothing to worry about, nothing to think about but relaxing as you move up into your shoulders, deeper and deeper into relaxation. Down into your arms, muscles relaxing and coming to rest. Into your hands and your fingers, strain and stress fading away. Now up into your neck, muscles unknotting, stress dissipating and fading away as we move up into your head and your face. The last of your stress melting away, and your thoughts drifting into a deep calm

The darkness behind your eyes begins to resolve into a forest. The night surrounds you, warm and comforting. A soft fog drifts between the trees, so that you can hardly see more than a few feet in any direction. There is something familiar and welcoming about this place. Crickets and frogs chirp all around you, and in the distance the call of an owl. The air is just the right temperature, and a bed of moss is soft beneath your bare feet. There is a scent of night air, the loamy aroma of leaf litter, and a vague hint of wild flowers.

You hear footsteps crunching through the leaves. You find that you know intuitively that whatever’s approaching is yourself. Another you. Someone that you have been once upon a time. At first you see only a shadow approaching, but they slowly come into view. Your past self stops in front of you, and waits for you to speak.

Have your conversation, and when you’re done, your other self steps forward and into you, and you remember that you are one. The forest fades into the darkness, and you slowly return to the physical world.

Steps for Upper Limb Tension Test 1 (ULTT1, Median nerve bias):

With the patient in supine, the examiner performs the following movement in sequence:

  1. Scapular depression
  2. Shoulder abduction
  3. Forearm supination, wrist and finger extension
  4. Shoulder lateral rotation
  5. Elbow extension
  6. Contralateral cervical side bending

Also known in some sources as ULTTA , the Upper Limb Tension Test one is one of the neurodynamic assessment technique to test for the presence of cervical radiculopathy (in particular, the Median Nerve).

At each stage/step of the movement sequence, ask the patient is any symptom is reproduced. A positive test is indicated by pain, tingling sensations or numbness at any stage.

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reminder for people with chronic headaches/migraines that rubbing your temples does fuck all half the time

your brain physically can not feel things so its usually caused by muscle tension around the back of your neck/head so massage there instead

also reduce light/noise if you feel pain in your eyes or in the front of your head