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request! mccree and hanzo arm-wrestle... who wins?

it was rlly hard to pick a winner but..

i talked to @overdrivecow who figured out that theres more to arm wrestling than just pure strength; a lot of it is in the technique, which mccree certainly learned somewhere at some point!! 

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Kannst du mal ein paar Beispiele geben was ihr für Spitznamen für einander habt? (Also Pi, Ardy, Luna und du)

Hier eine Liste der Spitznamen, die uns jetzt auf die Schnelle eingefallen sind. Das werden lange nicht alle sein, aber man bekommt ein Gefühl für die ganzen Variationen, die über die Zeit entstanden sind!

Pipi - Pi, Pieps, Pipo, Baby, Pipoli, Pipan, Beboli, Kleini, Beuli, Penelope, Piposs, Schniepsi, Piepsi, Bebilon, Pipes, Schnaufi, Babykopf, Apfelkopf, Kleinod

Ardy - Ards, Dizzy, Dizzman, Dizzmaster, Dizzbert, Dizzler, Ardizzle, Mister P, RD, Bubi, Ardymardy

Luna - Lunes, Ploo, Ploom, Plooms, Ploomara, Lumara, Limbo, Lumi, Lu, Lumos, Lumix

Mary - Mary The Muscle Murphy Man, Mary The Mixing Monk, Murph, Murphy, Mary Murphy, DJ Leygay, Marley, Mary Man, Mary The Man, Belly Mary, Maurice, Mary The Larryharry

Taddl - T, T-Brick, Brickler, Brick, T-Bird, T-Dog, T-Man, T-Rizzle, TJ, Tebert, Brickmaster, Brickminister, Bricky, Bricklord, Mr T

13 Reasons Why (Tape 5)

Characters: sister!reader, Dean, Sam, John, Mary, Ketch, Gabriel

Warnings: swearing, lying, discomfort, overall angst

Word count: 5535

Summary: as he begins to resolve things with Ketch, Dean realises that the tapes need to be kept safe and hidden. He continues on to listen to tape 5 and finds out more about why you decided to take your life.

Series: Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6

“I can’t let these tapes get out, it would be the end of me working for the Men of Letters,” Ketch snapped.

“You’re worried that these tapes will be the end of your job? They were the end of Y/N’s life!” Dean screamed. He didn’t care that so many guns were pointed towards him. He was tired of everyone making these tapes about them, they were about you! “Look, I don’t care about your damn job, OK? But those tapes aren’t going anywhere, no one you work for is going to find them and there’s not a chance in hell that you are burning them!”

“I have to,” Ketch replied with a calm voice. “I can not let these get out, your word means nothing to me. You Winchesters have screwed me over more times than I can count.”

“Right back at ya, buddy,” Dean replied. “How do we know you’re not gonna take them back to the Men of Letters for some weird analysation crap?!”

“We can burn them here if we must,” Ketch complained. He didn’t understand, Dean was not letting him take them.

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I have a plan. I need help. I have been trying to research my new symptoms (thag have popped up since I lost insurance) with the old symptoms my doctors were aware of, butI keep getting confused when I try to use Google or differential diagnosis apps.

I need help. I don’t have insurance any more but I have lab results and pathology reports. I can’t keep everything straight or formulate a plan for what I’m looking for. But I think they’re missing something. Mayo says I have Charcot Marie Tooth disease AND vasculitis. KU Med Center disagrees. KU want to do a muscle biopsy to gather additional information. But I am now uninsured until January, so it is obviously delayed. I have had new symptoms develop since I lost insurance 3 weeks ago and I am so scared they have missed something. If you have any ideas or are capable of using a differential diagnosis app, please help me. I need to know if I will make it till January.

-Extreme weakness. Gowers’ sign present. Cannot lift 4 pounds with one hand. Cannot stand on toes or walk on heels. Unable to sit upright without either leaning back against something or supporting myself with my arms for more than 2 or 3 minutes.
-Extreme fatigue. Bedbound aproximately 20 hours a day.
-abnormal gait marked by shuffling and foot drop
-cramping and uncontrollable muscle contractions
-Slurring and transposing words, misconjugating words in native language when speaking
-Confusion regarding spatial and temporal awareness and order of tasks. Sensation of time moving extremely quickly. Possible difficulty regulating emotions, but clinical depression is co-occuring
-Poor balance, stumbles often, becoming less able to catch myself
-Peripheral neuropathy. Severe neuropathy in legs, feet, and anogenital region. Mild neuropathy in hands, arma, and face.
-Blurred vision or inability to focus vision, improved by shutting or covering the left eye
-Aspiration off food, water, and spit almost daily
-Cough with excessive phlegm. Occasional inability to breathe
-Motility issues, nausea, and digestive complaints
-Urinary urgency regardless of volume
-Orthostatic hypotension resulting in syncope
-That thing where your heart skips a beat or like does two in a row too fast or something, and then you cough once and it goes back to normal
-Loss of deep tendon reflexes
-Babinski reflex pleasent

Pathology report from biopsy of right sural nerve (in the calf/ ankle):
-Decreased density of myelinated fibers in a multifocal pattern
-Approximately 60% of nerve strands were empty. Additionally, 2% exhibited axonal degeneration and 8% exhibited segmented remyelination.
-Shift in nerve fiber size distribution to small
-Increased number of epineurial blood vessels
-Multiple small-to-moderate collections of epineurial perivascular mononuclear cells

Lab results:
-abnormal electromyograph x3
-abnormal nerve velocity conduction test x3
-elevated creatine kinase levels, between 179 and 600
-elevated anti-nuclear antibodies
-elevated alpha 1 globulin, alpha 2 globulin, and beta globulin
-low albumin
-elevated lymphocytes
-p-anca was elevated for several months but resolved spontaneously
-CT scans of brain, cervical spine, thoracic spine, and lumbar spine were all initially normal. Lumbar spine later showed spondylosis and bulging discs.

Ok… I know this is a lot of information and I don’t expect most people to even know what they’re looking at. But if you have a friend in med school who’s really into medical mysteriea, do me a favor and share this with them? Please? If someone could just tell me if I will make it till January I would really really appreciate the help.

Final note, this is what I’m having so much difficult understanding/ googligng/ explaining: Peripheral neuropathy can be caused by either brain damage, CNS damage, or peripheral nerve damage, correct? Well, my peripheral neuropathy is absolutely definitely caused by peripheral nerve damage. Not CNS damage. Are they any diseases that exist that cause BOTH CNS damage and peripheral nerve damage? I don’t know.

I’m also tagging the hell out of this and feel free to share if you know anyone interested in medical mysteries or just misery. Thank you for reading.

Soirée Muscle à Marseille

Quelques images de la soirée Muscle, à Manifesten pour le lancement des numéros 15 (Eugène Savitzkaya, Marie de Quatrebarbes et Maël Guesdon) 16 (Franz Kafka et Martin Högström). Avec Vincent Tholomé, Simon Allonneau, Yuhang Li.

volleyball au

“Dia, this is Mari! She rides horseback.”

Ah, Mari. Dia knows (that Kanan should know that she knows) Ohara Mari, the transfer student from the States who never really talked much in or out of class. The one that always seemed to be ahead of her academically even if it looked like she watched clouds and birds out the window more than half the day. The one Kanan had been actively hunting down after classes recently.

Now Dia knows why. “I trust you, Kanan-san,” she says, “so tell me – How does horseback riding make her appeal to me as another spiker?”

“Make a fist for me,” Kanan says. Dia does so, albeit slowly and as she glances at Mari’s mildly-interested expression before her, then Kanan holds her wrist and makes Dia’s knuckles connect with Mari’s abdomen.

Hm. The resistance is… palpable.

“What is this?” Dia says. “Why did you just make me do that?”

“Don’t pretend we couldn’t see your eyes get wide back there.” Like an idiot, Kanan makes Dia bump Mari’s abdomen a few more times. “You feel that? They’re abs, Dia. From horseback riding.”

“I know what they are.”

“No, not ‘abdominal musculature’ like some kind of boring old physician. Abs. Like mine.”

“Kanan-san, I don’t care how good you think she’ll look in a jersey. What’s important is whether or not she can spike well.”

“You don’t spike in the air, Dia – you wouldn’t know!” Kanan kind of tosses control of Dia’s arm back to her. “But they’re important for adding power to a spike! Also, look how tall she is!” She gestures to the five centimeter difference between herself and Mari. “And she can jump, too – punch her thighs if you want–”

“I need no further convincing,” Dia says, holding a hand up for Kanan to stop. “I told you, I trust your judgement. However, Mari-san herself…”

Mari isn’t standing straight in front of Dia, with her weight on one leg, and her attention seemed to have quietly drifted away from her and Kanan a little earlier. Dia clears her throat meaningfully to call it back. It barely makes Mari look. “Kanan-san wouldn’t have brought you here if you didn’t agree to join us, but are you willing to learn how to spike?” Dia expects the usual, short, one-word reply, but–

“It depends,” Mari says, giving Dia an odd smile. “Are you going to coach me? I don’t know if I can perform so well under your tutelage, Miss Setter.”

Dia’s brow twitches. There’s more to Mari than she thought. Seems they’re both due to learn quite a bit more about each other on court.

Vietnam’s Gay Scene

Vietnam’s gay scenes may be lacking in nightlife, but as David Mann reports, things are (slowly) changing for the better.

It’s Saturday night and the boys are ready to hit the town. Binh, 25, is a personal trainer, Alex, 23, is a mixed-race marketing executive and Duong, 26, is a successful Viet Kieu entrepreneur.

Our destination is the suggestively named Golden Cock “G.C” Bar. It lays claim to being the oldest gay bar in Vietnam. It’s also the only gay bar in Hanoi. Just steps from Hoan Kiem Lake, G.C. Bar is pretty much empty during the week except for two hours each Saturday night, when it’s packed to the rafters with gentlemen seeking the company of other gentlemen.

Gay rights supporters cycle through Hanoi as part of the city’s annual Viet Pride festival. 

Inside we join a scrum of sweaty bodies waiting in line for drinks as Kesha’s We R Who We R blares on the speakers. The bar occupies the first floor of a traditional Hanoi tube house: long and narrow, with no dance floor and a lone pool table.

After collecting our reasonably priced G&Ts, the boys and I head to a corner where we can safely peruse the local talent. “Do any of these look familiar?” I ask watching Binh’s eyes scan the room, which is filled predominately with locals and a handful of expats.

“Yeah, most of them I’ve seen before, either here or on Grindr,” he says, referring to the popular gay dating app. “But I prefer to go out. I like meeting guys in person and talking with them out in the open — this is really the only place to do that.”

Soon enough, it’s standing only as more boys pack into the already crammed bar to navigate the safari of twinks, muscle Marys and the odd bear. No dancing, though, which is immensely frustrating given the music is perhaps the most, ahem, fabulous in all of Hanoi.

But then at 12am the curfew hits, the lights come on and the bar closes. Some pack into cabs bound for all-night bars, the rest hop on their motorcycles and head home.

Hanoi’s Emerging Scene

Coming from Sydney, widely considered one of the great gay capitals of the world, I initially found myself disappointed with the absence of a vibrant gay scene in Hanoi. Back home, my Saturday nights were happily spent bouncing between the half-a-dozen or so gay bars on Sydney’s iconic Oxford Street.

Indeed, the more time I spent in Hanoi, the more I realised that Vietnam’s conservative social mores had resulted in same-sex people fraternising mostly behind closed doors, rather than out in the open, in the kinds of bars and trendy gaybourhoods that I was accustomed to.

“There has been a gay boom in Vietnam — in both cities,” says Minh. “Twenty years ago, you would have struggled to see openly gay people or couples walking down the street, or even in bars.”

“People are still very discreet because of the community environment. They’re worried about what people think,” Duong tells me over coffee. “Probably like how Sydney or London was 30 years ago.”

An image from “The Pink Choice” a compilation of photos of same-sex couples in Vietnam compiled by Vietnamese photographer Maika Elan.

However, none of this is to say that Hanoi has nothing to offer its gay residents and visitors. In fact, Minh, 35, says that compared with when he first came out 20 years ago, things have improved dramatically.

“There has been a gay boom in Vietnam — in both cities,” he says. “20 years ago, you would have struggled to see openly gay people or couples walking down the street, or even in bars.”

Indeed, there’s a lot of evidence to show that Hanoi’s gay scene is developing. At Com Ga Café in Hanoi’s Old Quarter, owner Anh-Thuan Nguyen has dedicated the fourth floor to The Closet, a gay-friendly café and lounge that hosts bi-monthly events.

Music and cocktail venue CAMA ATK, tucked away on Mai Hac De Street in Hanoi’s Hai Ba Trung District, hosts a monthly Queer Disco where gay icons Beyonce, Kylie, Lady Gaga and Madonna are the main soundtrack and drag queens proudly strut their stuff for the audience. May’s Queer Disco also saw the launch of Hanoi’s first LGBT zine (hipster speak for “magazine”), Hanoi Panic, which is now stocked at cafes Joma, Daluva and La Bicicleta. The publication’s founders have also, as of September, opened the Hanoi Panic Bar, hosting everything from after parties to speaker events and weekly themed parties. 

“I think more spaces to meet other gay people would really improve the scene here,” he says. “Especially another bar or club with a dance floor to go dancing with friends — that would be amazing.”

There is also the US Embassy-sponsored ASEAN Pride Festival, which for the second consecutive year, saw around 5000 Hanoians gather to watch queer-friendly live music acts from around Southeast Asia perform to raise awareness of LGBT issues and celebrate sexual diversity. [Openly gay U.S. Ambassador - the first openly gay U.S. Ambassador to be posted to Southeast Asia - Ted Osius and husband Clayton Bond also attended the event, accompanied by other members of the diplomatic community.]

Revellers at this year’s Halloween Queer Disco Party at Club CAMA ATK in Hanoi. 

Of course, there are plenty of LGBT-friendly cafés found throughout Hanoi. In Tay Ho District, Maison de Tet Décor is popular with the brunching crowd, while Puku, Boo Cafe and the Hanoi Social Club show their fervent support of gay clientele with rainbow flags on the walls as a sign of proud solidarity.

But for Alex, an American expat who moved to Hanoi six months ago from Phnom Penh, the capital’s gay scene still lags behind other parts of Asia, including neighbouring Cambodia and Thailand.

“I think more spaces to meet other gay people would really improve the scene here,” he says. “Especially another bar or club with a dance floor to go dancing with friends — that would be amazing.”

Meanwhile, in Saigon

Down south, however, a slightly different story emerges. More developed, wealthier and with a larger contingent of expats and openly gay Vietnamese, Ho Chi Minh City flies the rainbow flag moderately higher than its northern sister.

In comparison with Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City boasts a marginally more developed scene. Its comparatively high concentration of LGBT residents, including those who have relocated from the countryside or overseas, has also helped the tolerance levels, creating a more open and liberal environment where locals can be more open about their sexual preference.

“It’s not really hard to meet guys or girls here — whether it’s at the office, mixed bars or gyms like California Wow. People are less discreet here than they are in Hanoi,” he says.

“Ho Chi Minh City is more happening and open in terms of gay venues and the visibility of the gay community,” says Huy, an executive at a hip digital marketing agency in Ho Chi Minh City’s District 1.

For the younger crowds, Saturday nights are typically split between Centro Lounge, near Lam Son Square, the Republic Lounge in District 1, or Papa Café, a café-cum-double-storey-club overlooking Turtle Lake.

“Older guys tend to go to Apocalypse, a gay-straight bar, but overall the scene is pretty mixed in terms of where different tribes — twinks, jocks, bears — hang out. It’s not really that segregated.”

Huy also says that Le Pub and THI Lounge in District 1 cater to mixed gay-straight crowds, with a strong patronage from gay clientele on weekends.

“It’s not really hard to meet guys or girls here — whether it’s at the office, mixed bars or gyms like California Wow. People are less discreet here than they are in Hanoi,” he says.

Of course, not everyone likes to be scene queen. “I don’t really frequent the ‘scene’ anymore,” explains former Saigon scenester Josh Nguyen. “I did get into it at one point but soon got tired of the stereotypical attitudes. The music is also a terrible mix between Vinahouse and Top 40.”

Wanted: More Lesbians

But while the gay fellas of Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City might bemoan their lack of romantic options, women have it even harder.

“I did notice that it’s much, much easier to meet gay men in Ho Chi Minh City, and that the bigger expat community and maybe more outgoing locals meant I was meeting more gay people in general,” says Karen Hewell, an American expat who arrived in Vietnam nearly three years ago, and has lived in both cities.

“Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City are not far apart in terms of a community for women,” she says, adding that after some fruitless searches online and asking around, she posted something on The New Hanoian, an English language community site in Vietnam.

“Meeting queer women can be difficult because of local traditions that stipulate children live with their parents until marriage. Had I not met her, I could imagine I would have reached a point of dire frustration”

“I had two ladies respond saying they also had a hard time finding places to meet like-minded women, and we sort of bonded over that.”

Karen, who now lives with her Vietnamese girlfriend in Hanoi, says the two met on a blind date set up by a mutual friend. She says that initially cultural barriers made it tricky to meet other women, regardless of whether they were open about their sexuality or not.

“Meeting queer women can be difficult because of local traditions that stipulate children live with their parents until marriage. Had I not met her, I could imagine I would have reached a point of dire frustration.

“I know that people also use apps like Brenda and OkCupid, and Le Pub attracts a decent crowd of women on weekends, same with trendy coffee shops — but it moves around.”

However, in spite of the challenges, she’s optimistic that a shift in attitudes, along with bigger pride events, will deliver a more open and active gay scene for both men and women.

“Having now moved back to Hanoi after doing a long stint in Ho Chi Minh City, it’s so refreshing to see things like Queer Disco — that gays actually go to — pop up.”

The Apps

While Hanoi may be a little behind the times in regards to gay nightlife, it’s right on cue with its use of high-tech dating apps such as Grindr, Tindr, Jack’d and Her (for women) that employ GPS-tracking to connect you with other like-minded people nearby. Since arriving on the market around four years ago, use of the apps has skyrocketed along with the purchase of smartphones.

“In the past, people would have gone to gyms or saunas to meet people. Now, the apps mean you can meet other LGBT people even more discreetly — whether it’s other Vietnamese, tourists or expats,” says Tuan

“In the past, people would have gone to gyms or saunas to meet people. Now, the apps mean you can meet other LGBT people even more discreetly — whether it’s other Vietnamese, tourists or expats,” says Tuan, a 29-year-old business development manager.

But while the emergence of networking apps such as Grindr and Jack’d means Tuan has no trouble finding dates, he says it’s been harder to find someone to settle down with.

“Most people on networking apps, whether it’s hookup apps like Grindr or matchmaking apps like Tinder, aren’t really interested in a relationship,” says Tuan.

“I don’t like using the apps. But I still know a lot of people enjoy using them.”

Whether you’re heading out for the night or searching for love, it seems like there are increasingly more options on the table for gay people in Vietnam. For young guys like Binh, Alex and Duong, the current trends are encouraging.

“We know things are changing. And it’s definitely changing for the better — albeit slowly.

“As Vietnam develops and becomes more open, we know the gay scene will, too.”

**Disclaimer: This article was originally slated to run in the June edition of Word magazine but was pulled by Vietnam’s censors. 

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Being a superhero is a huge workout, right? But the spandex suits don't really reveal much of that muscle that Mari and Adrien have gotten. Can we see your take on the first time that Adrien sees Mari's toned arms please? (Because honestly, who doesn't swoon at an obviously physically strong woman?) P.S. Your fics are absolute gold 💙 Thank you for sharing your ideas with us.

It was 39 degrees Celsius, one of the hottest days that most of the people in Paris had ever experienced.

The students of College Franciose Dupont make adjustments to their wardrobe.

The students show up in clothes similar to their own, but with shorts and t-shirts instead of their usual attire.

Adrien paid this no mind as he walked into the classroom, wearing his usual shirt without his white over-shirt. He sat down in his chair as he pulled out a water bottle which he drank from to cool off.

“Quite a hot day, even for the cool model.” said a voice that belonged to Adrien’s best friend.

“I am surprised you aren’t melting Nino.” Adrien remarks as his friend sits in his seat.

“Believe me I thought of it. But thank goodness for air conditioning and gelato.” Nino smirked as he reveals a small cup of coffee gelato which he hands to his friend.

“Thanks, I owe you one.” Adrien spoke as he began to take a bite of the delicious frozen treat.

Nino began pulling out his school supplies as he noticed a text message from Alya on his phone. He picked up his phone and smirked as he read the text.

“You are about to owe me even more in about ten seconds. Look at the door.” Nino said as he nudged his friend.

Adrien looked at the door, seeing Alya and Marinette walk through the door. Adrien felt his face turn bright red as he noticed what marinette was wearing. Her normal black overskirt was gone, wearing a sleeve white t-shirt and pink shorts.

The two girls walked to their seats and greeted the two boys.

“And what have you two been up to.” Alya says as she begins placing her stuff on her desk.

“Just enjoying the hot weather, which isn’t nearly as hot as you two ladies.” Nino flirted with an eyebrow raised.

“Is that gelato?” Marinette asked, her eyes fixated on the icy treat.

Adrien was unable to answer, his mind was racing a mile a minute as he looked closely at Marinette’s arms. Adrien had never noticed that the blunette had such strong arms, they were very defined. But thankfully a nudge from Nino snapped him back to reality.

“Uh.. Yeah. It is gelato. Do you want some?”  Adrien extended the cup towards the girl, who happily took the cup, Nino jumped back almost causing Marinette to almost drop the sweet treat.

“Careful! You could have killed me!” Nino exclaimed clearly over the top.

“What are you talking about?” Alya question with her eyebrow raised.

“I am just saying that there is no safety on those guns.” Nino explained as he gestured to Marinette’s arms. “That is impressive girl, how arm your arms so toned?”

Marinette felt a blush of embarrassment appear on her face.

“Oh stop, they aren’t that great. I just help my dad with moving some of the shipments we get at the bakery, and I do help with the baking which takes some arm strength.” Marinette muttered.

The whole class had heard Nino’s outburst and decided to check out what the DJ was talking about. The class had to agree, Marinette had some nice defined arms.

But of course, a certain blonde diva had to ruin everything.

“Wow Marinette, you do have some impressive Gorilla arms. I guess if the designer route doesn’t go as planned, you could always help move the crates of clothing for the shows.” Chloe mocked as she cackled at her own joke.

Marinette took a calm breathe and tried not to let the comment bother her.

“I wouldn’t worry about that Chloe, perhaps you should start working out. If your ego gets any bigger, your body will snap from trying to hold it.” Alya shot back before Marinette could respond.

Chloe simply huffed as she went to sit in her seat. Marinette could have easily taken care of the snob herself, but Alya couldn’t help herself.

As everyone took their seats, Marinette couldn’t help but think of the cold comment. ‘Gorilla arms’ echoed in her mind.

When the class broke for lunch, Adrien noticed Marinette looked a little down. The blonde model figured it was because of Chloe’s mean comment, and decided to try and cheer up his crush.

He managed to catch her by her locker, where he noticed Marinette pulling out her normal over-shirt.

“Are you feeling cold?” Adrien asked, Marinette turned to see the blonde right next to her.

“Oh, hey Adrien. Yeah, my arms get cold pretty quick. I am just going to…”

“What Chloe said wasn’t true. You have great arms. They aren’t gorilla like at all. In fact, I think they look really nice.” Adrien blabbed a bit too much.

Marinette felt a little tint of red from the blonde’s compliment.

“Thanks Adrien. I appreciate that. You know what, I think it is a bit hotter in her. I might have to change into a tang top.” Marinette smiled with confidence. She put her over-shirt back in her locker, not noticing the blonde boy whose mind was short circuiting at the thought of her in a tang top.

Later that night, Chat noir was patrolling the city. He found out that Plagg can adjust his costume for different climate. His costume was very similar to his original, except that his suit was sleeveless and his pants were more like bicycle shorts. He enjoyed the nice breeze on his exposed skin as he jumped from rooftop to rooftop.

“Not bad kitty.” A voice from behind the cat called out. Chat noir turned to see Ladybug in her adjusted costume. She her costume was also sleeveless and also sporting similar shorts.

“Well you look absolutely fetching My lady.” Chat noir flirted as he approached Ladybug.

Ladybug felt her face heat up at Chat noir’s compliment.

As Chat noir got closer he noticed Ladybug’s toned arms.

“I must say, your arms are quite tone.” Chat noir stated very impressed.

“It must be from carrying you all this time.” Ladybug sassed.

“Meow-ch! That hurts My lady.” Chat noir responded fake hurt.

“Though I appreciate you noticing. Are you sure you don’t think it is ladylike to have muscles?”

“I don’t see why Ladies can’t have muscles. Personally, I find it toned muscles very attractive.” Chat noir purred.

Ladybug felt her heart beat like crazy at the comment. She was glad to know he liked her muscles.

“Though I would be carful my Lady.”

“Oh, and why is that Chat?”

“There appears to be no safety on those guns.”

I hope you liked it anon.

Sorry this took so long