muscle mary

volleyball au

“Dia, this is Mari! She rides horseback.”

Ah, Mari. Dia knows (that Kanan should know that she knows) Ohara Mari, the transfer student from the States who never really talked much in or out of class. The one that always seemed to be ahead of her academically even if it looked like she watched clouds and birds out the window more than half the day. The one Kanan had been actively hunting down after classes recently.

Now Dia knows why. “I trust you, Kanan-san,” she says, “so tell me – How does horseback riding make her appeal to me as another spiker?”

“Make a fist for me,” Kanan says. Dia does so, albeit slowly and as she glances at Mari’s mildly-interested expression before her, then Kanan holds her wrist and makes Dia’s knuckles connect with Mari’s abdomen.

Hm. The resistance is… palpable.

“What is this?” Dia says. “Why did you just make me do that?”

“Don’t pretend we couldn’t see your eyes get wide back there.” Like an idiot, Kanan makes Dia bump Mari’s abdomen a few more times. “You feel that? They’re abs, Dia. From horseback riding.”

“I know what they are.”

“No, not ‘abdominal musculature’ like some kind of boring old physician. Abs. Like mine.”

“Kanan-san, I don’t care how good you think she’ll look in a jersey. What’s important is whether or not she can spike well.”

“You don’t spike in the air, Dia – you wouldn’t know!” Kanan kind of tosses control of Dia’s arm back to her. “But they’re important for adding power to a spike! Also, look how tall she is!” She gestures to the five centimeter difference between herself and Mari. “And she can jump, too – punch her thighs if you want–”

“I need no further convincing,” Dia says, holding a hand up for Kanan to stop. “I told you, I trust your judgement. However, Mari-san herself…”

Mari isn’t standing straight in front of Dia, with her weight on one leg, and her attention seemed to have quietly drifted away from her and Kanan a little earlier. Dia clears her throat meaningfully to call it back. It barely makes Mari look. “Kanan-san wouldn’t have brought you here if you didn’t agree to join us, but are you willing to learn how to spike?” Dia expects the usual, short, one-word reply, but–

“It depends,” Mari says, giving Dia an odd smile. “Are you going to coach me? I don’t know if I can perform so well under your tutelage, Miss Setter.”

Dia’s brow twitches. There’s more to Mari than she thought. Seems they’re both due to learn quite a bit more about each other on court.
  • Anal assassin (United Kingdom) or anal astronaut[21]
  • Backgammon player (late 18th century Britain)[24]
  • Bone smuggler[30]
  • Bumhole engineer[35]
  • Cockstruction worker (referring to a gay man who is a construction worker)[41]
  • Cockpipe cosmonaut[43]
  • Crafty butcher[44]
  • Meat Masseuse[41]
  • Muscle Mary (see Gym Bunny)
  • Scat queen, gay man into coprophilia[80]
  • Ring raider[21]
  • Shirt lifter[82]
  • Uphill/upstairs gardener, referring to the logistics of anal intercourse[85]
First Date Kanamari Headcanons

* Dia is the one who pushes Kanan to ask Mari out. She sees how they look at each other, and she’s tired of no progress happening between them. Dia has invested too much in their potential relationship (and written too much fic for Aqours fans) for it to not kick off, so she tells Kanan that Mari has been pining over her since they were kids. Feeling confident bc of that information, Kanan asks Mari out to see a movie during the weekend.

* Kanan is super nervous the day before, like to the point where people are noticing her act more jittery than usual. In order to calm her down, Dia puts her hands on Kanan’s shoulders, looks her straight in the eye, and says “If everything feels like it’s failing, remember you have muscles. No one can resist the muscles.” Kanan feels better.

* Mari gets weirdly insecure about how she smells? She assumes she’ll get an opportunity to be closer to Kanan, and she’s scared of smelling bad, so she takes like two showers before leaving. Mari’s almost late to the date because she puts on like four different brands of perfume and when she walks by one of the households maids, the woman almost passes out. She has to take a third shower.

* Kanan wears a tank top and a loose tie to the date. The tank top is to show off her biceps. The tie is to give her that extra lesbian edge.

* Mari wears the most expensive maxi dress money could buy in order to swoon Kanan with her ethereal aura. It pays off because Kanan practically drools all over the floor when she sees her.

* Neither of them really discussed what movie they wanted to see. Kanan thinks she’s being all smooth when she says Mari can pick, but she’s unaware of Mari’s more….particular movie tastes until the blonde comes back with two tickets to the newest slasher film

* During the movie, Kanan is stressed for two reasons. One, she’s really bad with scary movies. Two, she wants to make a move but she doesn’t know how. Well, not until she realizes she can use her fear for good. When the time is right, she exaggerates a scream and grabs Mari’s hand. Mari interlocks their fingers and leans in closer. Just as Kanan thinks she might get a cuddle or maybe a kiss, Mari whispers “your hands are really sweaty” in Kanan’s ear.

* The date passes by mostly uneventful, much to Kanan’s disappointment. She had been too scared to make a real move during the movie, and Mari had been too busy laughing at the more gruesome scenes. Kanan walks Mari home, afraid she had made a bad impression, and as soon as she’s ready to slink back to her house to mope, Mari cups Kanan’s face in her hands and kisses her right on the mouth to thank her for taking her out. Mari brushes it off as a “European custom” she picked up while abroad. As she’s leaving, Kanan swears she can here Dia’s excited voice followed by high-pitched shushes coming from the bushes nearby