muscle maker

Masculine Maker

Chris had been trying to impress me for months. It was starting to get annoying because we were already a couple. For some reason he’d been afraid that I was going to leave him for some bigger guy. However I always liked his cute energetic attitude. He’d always had such a bright smile it was hard not to like him.

However, it didn’t matter how much I told him I loved him, Chris was still worried that I would want to leave him. All I could do is support the current change. It just sucked. I hated watching him struggle to lift the 20 pound weights. His body wasn’t built for working out. But he tried hard. Even if I couldn’t wrap my head around why he wanted to prove this to me so badly; I had to give him credit for trying. His very thin 120 pound body was working itself to the max. That’s why I felt so bad when nothing seemed to be working. Despite working out consistently and at an intense pace he wasn’t gaining the weight he wanted.

I tried serving him bigger meals and he’d started to take some protein supplements but he was still stuck at the 135 mark. “I think I should just give up on this,” he said one night before bed.

I hated hearing this. He seemed so motivated. “Oh I don’t think so. I think I can see a little bit of a change. It probably just takes longer. You haven’t been training yourself for very long.” He sighed and turned his body away from mine. “Just give it a couple more months. I’m sure you’ll start gaining more weight.” I put my arm over his body letting him know I was there. His body tensed unexpectedly. He rolled forward off the bed, “Chris! Are you ok?”

Chris started groaning unexpectedly. I was scared as he rolled around on the floor. “Damn it,” he uttered, “I’m fine though. It must have been a reaction to the new supplement I bought. It was stupid of me. Something as dumb as Masculine Maker had to be bad for you.” He got up from the floor and walked over to the bathroom. He examined his face in the mirror checking for anything that could have hurt him. “Man, my stomach hurts though. And my whole body feels like I just worked out really hard.” He brought his hand up to his face rubbing his hand against his chin. “Hey did I forget to shave this morning?”

The question caught me off guard. I thought he had shaved but when he looked at me his face was full of hair. It seemed so weird. Besides the facial hair he didn’t exactly have the same face as my husband. It was obviously still my husband but his face seemed to be more ‘masculine’. His jaw was wider with a thick chin. His brow jut further out making him look a little more primal. Before I was able to answer, Chris’s body seized up again. He gripped the bathroom sink tightly with both hands.

I watched completely confused. His skinny body was changing right before my eyes. The medium shirt that he always wore to bed was stretching tightly across his shoulders and chest. It was always so loose on him but now it was ripping at the seams. I watched as pound after pound of muscle added to his upper frame. His biceps flexed tightly showing off their huge round nature. His shoulders completely burst the sleeves. They must have been close to the size of soccer balls. His chest exploded outward. It was bigger than what most women dreamed of. However this chest was filled to the brim with dense muscle. His neck widened and tore through the remaining fabric covering his upper body. It seemed like his upper body was finished growing however his body thrust randomly. I thought he was going to tear the sink from the wall.

The transformation was quickly making its way to his legs. The skinny twigs filled out quickly. His legs quickly tore through the fabric of his shorts and underwear. His balance shifted slightly as his feet grew bigger. They needed to adjust themselves to fit his new weight and height. He must have been several inches taller.

As his body stopped growing his dick sprung to life. It was building up as the transformation took hold. The four incher perked up. Chris grabbed it with one hand and started to massage it. Pleasure was shooting through his system as the penis started to grow. Longer and longer it grew. Chris’s pleasure rod was getting too big for just one hand. His other hand went straight to work. He worked the entire shaft. A sudden jolt shook his body as large amounts of cum shot onto the mirror in front of him. He slowly opened his eyes and gazed toward me.

“Sorry honey,” his voice so much deeper. “Got myself a little too excited. I still have quite a bit of energy though,” He strolled over to my side of the bed. His massive body shifted all his weight above me. He suddenly had so much more confidence than I’d ever seen before. His muscular body held up above me by two thick meaty arms. “Hopefully you don’t mind that you’ll be round 2,” he whispered into my ear.

“Not at all,” I smiled looking down as his dick started to harden again. Chris grabbed me with his hands. They were so strong. I don’t know why this muscle stud thought I’d ever be satisfied by another man. He was clearly all I’d ever need.

A hugely built man surveys the rent boys on the street corner. He points at the skinniest one to come with him. In the hotel room, the man preps a syringe and asks the kid to inject it into his thick ass. The brute roars in pleasure at the hit, shaking, flexing and shouting all sorts of dumb slogans about being a BEAST and an ALPHA DAWG. He offers the kid a dose, which the kid accepts, thinking that it’s just some sorta upper. He bends over and feels the cold metal prick his bottom.

It goes straight to his balls, making them clench and churn in pleasure as his dick tents up past his rolled-down briefs. His muscles become engorged in blood as well. His head starts swimming in all the pleasure and power. There’s no better feeling than this. Than being a BEAST. Than being an ALPHA DAWG. When the Beast breeds him and fills him up with cum, the kid knows he’s been reborn into the MEATHEAD tribe. He follows the Beast to a 24 hour gym, where he learns what it means to be a muscle beast like his maker. He’ll still make money with his body, but only by getting worshiped.

Lighten The Load

Written for @frenchybell‘s Birthday and 500 Follower celebration! Congrats and Happy Birthday Girl! My prompt was “I feel like I’ve had marathon sex all weekend, only without the gratification” and the gif (not mine) below. 

Word Count: 1765

Warnings: Language, talk of injuries

This hunt was grueling, exhausting and completely fucked up. What should have been a milk run turned sideways when it turned out to be more than one vengeful spirit and we were all hurting. The three of us took turns stitching one another up. There was whiskey and ice packs littering the small table in the dingy motel room you were holed up in.

Dean had a dislocated shoulder, a couple bruised or possibly broken ribs and needed five stitches in his side and another eleven in his left leg. Sam had a sprained ankle, possibly his knee as well and also required stitches to his left eyebrow.  I wasn’t fairing much better. I did not require any stitches like the brothers, but I think my left wrist may be broken and I might have a concussion. My head hurt like a bitch, but so did everything else.

We each pulled ourselves into the crappy beds, Sam on one, Dean and I on the other. We had used all the pillows we had plus the cushions off the couch to make ourselves as comfortable as possible, and settled in to watch a couple of bad movies.  We kept passing the whiskey to dull the pain and before I knew it, Sam was asleep. I felt myself getting sleepy and my head fell against Dean’s good shoulder.

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<< 1.2 Deep Throat  —————————————- 1.4 Conduit >>

Once more with feeling! In an effort to remind myself why I love this fandom and why I keep punishing myself with all things X-File, DD & GA related I’m back with another instalment of my gif heavy, sarcasm infused X-Files reviews. Prepare to be whelmed (is that the correct word for exactly the correct balance of over/underwhelming? Thoughts?)

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Scans cr; @My sweet Suga (DON’T EDIT THE SCANS)

Trans cr; Iraide @ bts-trans



Jimin, who onstage he has the “beauty” of muscles. The aggressive performance who makes you be fascinated with him.

How do you train? “I train at a gym in Seoul (laughs). Since the debut was decided I’ve practiced every morning, and I’m still training so (the abs) were made naturally. Not only me, I think that all the member’s great efforts can be connected our perfect performances”

Contrary to his muscles, he’s a mood maker full of loveliness. “when it comes to love/affection maybe J-HOPE is the best! I’m rather manly”. Then, after asking him to show us his manliness he said “it’s embarrassing to do it here (laughs). But these eyes that become thin when I laugh might be filled with charismatic fire when I’m onstage (laughs). Don’t overlook me when I’m onstage please.”



In order to know BTS better, we asked them!

We’re going to tell you their charms with their full of personality answers!



JIMIN: Black! It’s the color I like the most and I also think it suits hip hop the best.

SUGA: Red. I think that it’s similar to the passion that BTS has onstage.

J-HOPE:  Green. Since it’s full of hope.



JIMIN: A sleeping lion who still hasn’t showed all his coolness.

V: Panda, since it also has the member’s playful appearance.

JUNGKOOK: A tiger, a savage beast’s image.

SUGA: Puppies.



JIN: Thunder, because if we’re together there’s isn’t any quiet day (laughs).

JUNGKOOK: Fall. Because even if it’s warm it’s still a bit cold, but the sunlight feels good.



V: A seductive smell that makes you faint once you smell it.

JIN: Like flowers. A refreshing and lively smell.

RAP MONSTER: Like jazmin. Because it’s a smell I personally like (laughs).

JIMIN: An addictive smell.

JUNGKOOK: Like baked bread.



JUNGKOOK: As you can see, V is a fashionista. He as sense.

JIMIN: Rap Monster-hyung! He’s very detailed when it comes to fashion, and he has sense even wearing his everyday clothes.

RAP MONSTER: Me, who likes fashion… maybe? (laughs)



RAP MONSTER: Jungkook’s talents. Jimin’s acrobatic abilities. V’s sense.

JIMIN:  Rap Monster’s spirit. No matter how hard it is, he always knows which direction to go and finally achieves it.

JIN: Rap Monster’s memory and sense.



V: “Advancing of Bangtan”. Because it’s a song we all get pumped up with.

J-HOPE: “Satoori Rap” (Paldogasan), because it has a rap with Korean dialects. Please feel a different charm.

JIMIN: “We On” I like the vocal part.



JIN: Muscle training. Since Jungkook started we’re all on fire.

RAP MONSTER: Thinking about the fans.

V: Eomma-ya! (mom), more than all of us being into it I’m the only one who says it a lot (laughs).



JIN: The children’s big park (A park in Gwangjin distric). I think the park’s playful atmosphere is good.

J-HOPE: When we’re completely exhausted after the lessons we all go to Han river to chat.

JUNGKOOK: Han river and Lotte world!



RAP MONSTER: I’m really thankful for the warm welcome. Let’s meet soon again!

SUGA:  we’ll go to Japan frequently from now on too! I love you.

JIMIN: Please, wait for Bangtan from now on, expect a lot. Also, love us!

anonymous asked:

cullen/trevelyan prompt: cullen and bull are sparring, and the inquisitor stops to watch. "quick, commander, the boss is watching, take your shirt off," "maker's breath, bull," "fine, she can just stare at me," "now that you mention it, i am feeling sort of warm"

Here you go, Nonny. I hope you like it! I hope you don’t mind that I made your supplied dialogue a bit ambiguous from Trevelyan’s POV (I also added a bit where Bull says ‘I know you’ve been making eyes at each other’). 

If anyone would like to submit a prompt to me, you can do so here

A Lighthearted Bet

Rated T.


Elena Trevelyan strolled through Skyhold’s courtyard, theearly morning light warming her skin. Around her, the people of the Inquisition were going about the beginning of their day, and every now and then someone would pause to nod in her direction with a soft “Inquisitor”. As she walked up the stairs from the lower level, the sounds of soldiers practicing in the yard became louder, and over that, cheers. Approaching the practice ring set up in front of the Herald’s Rest, she could see a large crowd of people gathered. 

“Morning, Sunshine,” Varric greeted as Elena drew nearer to the ruckus. 

“Morning Varric. What’s going on?” She asked, standing on tiptoe to see around the mob. 

A loud cheer rose up, muffling the dwarf’s reply at first.


“Tiny and Curly, they’re having at it. Here,” Varric started pushing through the crowd. “Make way, make way, Herald of Andraste coming through, Maker’s chosen coming through!”

Elena scrambled after him, finally pushing her way through a throng of elbows to the wooden ring. 

“Oh,” she murmured, eyes wide. 

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MMG TV profiles our Englewood, NJ location.